Tuesday, 29 April 2014

The end of Manston. The end of Gale.

Manston is already finished and Gale is not far behind.

The farce of last night's Parliamnentary debate by Gale calling for more tax-waste for a junkyard airport.

And rejected.

The end of Manston and Gale.

A NZ Stock Exchange investigation into the missing fines and pollution monitors.
Silence at KCC and TDC.

Gloag throwing away $1 to be rid of Manston. No planes at all now.

And Carter and Gale both gonged off now.

Sandys MP has resigned.

The Gang of Four has resigned.

Gale and Carter will go too.

30 years of failure and no votes for poisoning your own citizens.

90 deaths form air pollution in Thanet: Kent’s worst.

What a disgusting farce.

Time for a police investigation.

Manston will close. The runway will be dug up and the buildings dynamited.

A field. With the water supply underneath it.

And a future for Thanet:

1. Extradite Infratil Directors: Fitzgerald, Clarke etc: all Infratil airports now sold/closed except Wellington. That will go too.
2. Close and cleanup Thor mercury – banned in 1988 but still open
3. Create UN parliament and global vote at 16: the latter already for Scotland and Brazil, Austria etc. Britain falls behind.
4. Demolish Arlington House 1960’s tower block and reopen Dreamland
5. Create Margate Town Council with East Kent Council of Mayors
6. UNMDG2 reform: include Tobacco, Road Accidents, One Space Programme – and before 2020 not 2030
7. UN Women London office opened and 40% women minimum equality law
8. Protect Pegwell Bay with Canterbury UNESCO sites
9. Open Pavilion (not Wetherspoons) and East Kent Film Office and Studio
10. Foot passenger ferry for Ramsgate Port with no HGV’s

The Local Government Association report describes our councillors as “toxic” and “bullying” and “incompetent”. 0% fraud by the civil servants too. £60M in tax for one of Britain’s worst councils – rated by the Government itself!

Still no automatic FOI of council costs. No details of EKO or Chinagate.

Time for Garbutt for Mayor next week and MP in 2015 – with an early by-election and tax boycott if the council-fraudsters won’t quit.

The pensioners have failed us.

The doublehatters are corrupt and incompetent.

This nation’s shame.

Manston is finished so is Gale and the Ancient Regime.

Time for Change

Monday, 7 April 2014

Failed Kent. Garbutt for Mayor 2014. Time for Drug Dens Raids.

TDC and KCC have failed us. A council of corrupt pensioners scurrying around to hide the removal of the Manston monitors by Infratil and TDC. Simply denying the pollution at Thor mercury and the economic collapse of Kent whether Dreamland or Medway or Dover.

The disgrace of Airlines such as Saudicargo or KLM or Cargolux or My Cargo or MK flying in at night with Manston closed and Ostend gunrunners to Africa or banned EU aircraft.

The destruction of Kent is complete.

There is no Kent economic policy.

We have junky towns on the scrapheap while we fund our councils to the tune of £2BN.

The town centres taken over by tramps, junkies, Special Brew yobs and stagnant pensioner-councillors.

Time for Change.

As Mayor I will introduce daily drug den raids to secure our towns and prevent drug abuse and burglary. And a no-shame-no-blame policy for addicts.

If you are on illegal drugs now is the time to get off them or onto legal medication.

As Mayor I will ensure the drug den raids and arrests increase.

Go to your doctor, chemist, hospital, police or a friend. Ask for help now: it is no-blame-no shame and the the drug dens will be closed.

Drug dens will be identified and closed and the drugs network rolled back.

No more Junky Towns in Rape Nation in Failed Kent.

Frontline Kent faces 85% of illegal drugs seized on the Continent. And rogue airports like Ostend leaking like a sieve in dealing in arms, blood diamonds and drugs to African war-zones.

And pandemic zones like Ebola in Guinea or TB in Romania or London.

All Kent drug dens raids and arrests and drug seizures will be publicised. The drugs will be torched, and the money and cars and jewellery returned or placed in a community fund.

Kent's coastal towns will reverse the seachange of failure in drugs. With benchmark policing with Switzerland and Holland and Japan.

A crackdown on crack dens. A smack down on smack dens. No heroin, cocaine or crack in Kent.

No dealing or growing of marijuana or skunk or hash.

Time for Change.

A 24/7 arrest warrant from the Courts for drug den raids: a Judge will get out of bed and sign the raid warrant. No more drugs dens or drugs stashes.

No junk Judge's like Glick and his Bar cronies and liar-lawyers.

Drug dog searches in suspected drug dens in tower blocks, barns and warehouses and ships and ports.

Police raids on illegal flights and late flights at Kent's airports and shipping in ports or illegally berthed off Margate.

Drugs dealers cautioned and Special Branch surveillance.

International criminals abroad on the Costa Del Crime and Asia will be targeted: no hiding place and no drugs routes.

A crackdown on crack dens. A smackdown on smack dens. No heroin, cocaine or crack in Kent.

Time for Change

As Mayor every day I will be asking of Kent Police how many drug dens raids and how many arrests and how many drugs seized. And asking of the NHS Ambulance paramedic teams how many registered junkies and drugs use. And paramedic pub kits.

Day after day. How many drugs raids. Day after day. How many drugs arrests.

No white powder and no horse in The White Horse County.

Invicta on drugs in Kent.

The waiting is over.

The pensioners have failed us.

The Toxic Three of Carter, Gale and Wild have failed us.

Gale and Sandys have failed us.

Garbutt for Mayor in May 2014.

Time for Meiji Kent.

Time for Change.