Monday, 28 February 2011

Manston: Sunday illegal flight

Manston: an unmarked 747 from Ostend direction.

Yesterday at 2pm. A Sunday. Illegal overflights of the towns as routine. Presumably no Customs or Police inspections. Presumably no radar and onto the drinking water supply.

Aren’t they meant to have serial numbers and file flight logs and cargo manifests? What was it? What was on it? Why overflying the towns? Who's in the radar tower?

It looks as if TDC have simply given up even trying to regulate Manston: no KIACC, no air or noise monitoring, no flight route details, no fines. Nothing.

Simply waiting for the airport to close or crash.

Keeping their heads down while Carter and Buchanan and Gale cosy upto to each other on the Parkway something-or-other from public funds.

 £10M Parkway – just for the planning stage.
 £80M New Road to Manston
 £1M EKO million-pound-memo to develop Manston Business park
 0% salary fraud – after the failures of Manston etc
 ChinaGate Manston mystery development and plans and £25k dual bungs
 Missing Manston fines for air and noise pollution.
 SEEDA tax-carpark at Manston.
 Junkyard Manston of dumped jets – who’ll be funding the cleanup?
 Vattenfall paying for Manston’s radar from windfarm tax subsidy

With no VAT at all on anything associated with the airline industry, Infratil seem to be operating by getting the public authorities to remove all the safety measures and costs to the public.

Abysmal aren’t they.

Silence from our MP’s

Silence from our councillors.

Silence from our civil servants.

Silence from KCC and TDC.

Silence from East Kent NHS.

Silence from Environment Agency.

Nobody’s fault.

Salaries and careers to protect.

When will Carter and Gale speak up?

When will we hear from Sandys?

When will we hear from Andrew Ogden at the Kent Environment Agency?

When will we hear from the Gang of Four?

Are they still standing for election? Still being paid?


Worthwhile paying the rates and voting in elections isn't it?

No wonder turnout falls each year: vague or no manifestos, FOI secrecy, Party robots and delay and silence.

No FOI requests as yet for:

 0% salary slips
 EKO contracts and invoices
 Manston flight logs
 MP salaries and diaries
 TDC costs over £500: even KCC now providing most of those - 5 years after FOI
 Parkway, ChinaGate and New Road costs and contracts
 Manston, Thor, MODFire pollution

Shouldn’t these be reinvoiced back to the relevant political party head office and MP?

Maybe Infratil would pick up the tab then.

What will they be doing at Prestwick? At Sydney?

And what have KCC and TDC been doing allowing the poisoning of Kent citizens?

Senior airport directors like Charles Buchanan of City Airport, London, Steve Fitzgerald now at Sydney and juniors like Matt Clarke at Whenuapai.

4 times the EU emission levels at Manston.

Clearly a regulated industry like airlines has a pattern of working: tax funds, tax rebates, claims of jobs and growth, avoiding safety measures and so on.

And relying on compliant councils and politicians to go along with them.

When Manston collapses all that will be left will be the cancer and pollution.

Policemen with cancer.

Lawyers with cancer.

Councillors with cancer.

Barristers with cancer.

Doctors with cancer.

Accountants with cancer.

Builders with cancer.

Journalists with cancer.

Why haven’t KCC invoiced Infratil for the cleanup, the cost of civil servant time? The cost of public time?

But why bother. It’s only a little bit of cancer. A little bit of pollution. Only a few deaths. Dying at 63 rather than 81.

If there’s cancer to be had let’s have it as cheap as possible.

And to be fair, some people think an airport’s a good idea. Jobs. Not far to travel.

But how many more days will Manston remain open for cancer and glory projects on the rates?

And on the water supply.

Time for Change.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

After the collapse of Manston and Infratil

The collapse of the night flights consultation on Manston airport in November means more farce – following on from the 2008 BAWC non-consultation and EUJet in 2005 when the planes were already flying.

Perhaps it’s best to take stock of the future of Manston – given at least two of the Infratil Chiefs describe the loss-making venture as unviable.

Clearly Infratil and TDC deliberately removing noise and air monitors makes them little more than the IG Farben of the skies.

Neither a multinational airport company nor a council could be unaware of the dangers of not just removing them but repeatedly failing to replace them.

Nor can Messrs Carter and Gale, working with Infratil rather than jailing them, with the rather absurd glory scheme for another train station in Thanet to somehow serve a derelict airport.

How will KCC and the Environment Agency manage the cleanup of Manston after Infratil collapses? There's been no investment beyond the Kent taxpayer propping up 10 years of failure.

Good companies such as Vattenfall gouged for some radar funding and the aviation businesses misled by Manston's safety measures.

Perhaps greater stock should be taken of political and public sector reform from the waste and public health danger.

While Manston built on the East Kent drinking water supply for 250,000 people simply beggars belief.

Again not so much that it’s happened but that so little has been done to rectify the problem.

While every day with banned overflights simply allows the public health danger to the public to continue.

Thanet already has a death rate differential of 25%: the population dying at 63 years old rather than the Kent average of 81 years old. Perhaps 400 or more unnecessary deaths each year.

Too much public funds have been wasted in foolish bloat schemes such as Manston’s SEEDA tax-carpark, KCC airlines-USA and EUJet, EKO’s million pound council bloat or pseudo-0% payrises.

The collapse of night flights and Infratil means that Manston airport can once again be a meadow.

A meadow?

Surely these must be calls for more housing. An industrial estate. A combined bypass/dual carriageway/underpass/train station. Maybe one-hit wonder regeneration programmes such as a multinational cargo airport just isn’t big enough?

If Kent is collapsing under the weight of tarmac with bureaucrat-building industry grand schemes surely a meadow is rather feeble.

Except of course it’s required to clean and replenish the already depleted underground reservoir.

In fact all of Thanet is essentially built on the drinking water supply.

All under your feet.

Take a look around your streets: the removal of trees, grass verges, flowerbeds, paved gardens and driveways, roadside hedgerows and hedgerows from the fields around Thanet all reduce the water catchment for the water supply.

Never mind a cargo airport. Or industrial estate. Or Thanet Earth.

The creeping infill and backfill of pointless housing projects – Thanet already has 3,000 empty homes: perhaps a population shortfall of 10,000 people – adds to the problem.

And should we be spending £80M in Thnaet on a road rather than regeneration? How can a new road provide any opportunities except for Kent Highways and the road-builders?

Major pollution sites such as Manston, Thor mercury banned 20 years ago, a plethora of petrol stations, and Richboro derelict power station add fuel to the problem. Often directly into Pegwell Bay and the sea.

While with Climate Change of hotter summers and the risk of flooding and overflowing or broken sewers, the preservation of the aquifer is more crucial than ever.

Thanet’s glorious microclimate of sunshine and dry spells already means that along with South East England we have less drinking water than Syria.

Yet the collapse of night flights and Manston means something better than a cargo airport.

A real future for Thanet for new generations.

An emphasis again on tourism and a year-round economy.

Vigorous support for progressive companies such as Pfizer and Viiv.

Building programmes for specialist skills and refurb rather than pointless new build.

Town renovation programmes for ongoing investment and jobs.

An overhaul of the KCC construction-cabal of Jacobs, Murphy, Balfour, Land Securities et al, and Party brown-nosing between Maidstone and Thanet.

Rejuvenated farmscapes and new creative industries.

A night-time economy beyond pollution, gun-runners and banned 747’s.

A sustainable future in fact.

The collapse of night flights if anything heralds a new sunrise over Thanet.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

NZ quake

Very sad to see the earthquake in Christchurch, NZ - hopefully there'll be a fundraiser in Canterbury at some point.

It was 112 Day last Friday emphasising one co-ordinated emergency number across the EU.

National numbers such as 999 tap into that for the EU – I think the NZ number is 111.

But there isn’t a standard non-emergency number: whether it’s a cat up a tree or info on an earthquake. Again specific local numbers would filter into that.

Discussions around 101 or 106 have faltered.

Surely there should be such a standard info number across the globe – along with text/web.

And these should be free from mobiles or phoneboxes which I don’t think they are at the moment.

"British nationals concerned about relatives or friends affected by the quake can contact 020 7008 1500."

Monday, 21 February 2011

Cargolux and fines for cancer

Cargolux statement:

Cargolux, has never received any complaints on breaching flight routes, and be assured that if this had been the case the company would have taken all necessary actions.

For your information our 4 weekly flights to Manston operate as follows:

Flight CV7172 on Tuesday: Accra-Manston: dep ACC 05.50 Arr MSE: 12.20
Flight CV7194 on Thursday: Nairobi-Manston: dep NBO 03.05 Arr MSE: 08.55
Flight CV7195 on Friday: Nairobi-Manston: dep NBO 05.35 Arr MSE: 12.00
Flight CV7191 on Tuesday: Nairobi-Manston: dep 03.15 Arr MSE: 12.20

Why no complaint from Infratil? For years.

Making the airport viable by breaching al the rules.

Why no complaint from KCC and TDC?

Making the airport viable by endangering the public now and in the future.

Why no complaint from our MP’s?

Keeping schtum to avoid opening the can of worms on the failures and dangers and utter incompetence.

And why are KCC even now working with Infratil to secure £10M public funds for a Parkway station – after SEEDA public funds for a car park, KCC funds for EUJet and Planestation and KCC-USA funds.


£80M New Road.

The EKO million pound memo.

All failed.

At the very least it’s ludicrous business decision: 4 cargo flights per week for a 24 hour cargo airport.

And no night flights now.

I presume these are simply the minimum required for the air control tower license.

And at the worst a deliberate abuse of the public duty of care.


Missing fines for Infratil and Cargolux.

Air and noise monitors removed.

Drinking water under the runway.

Simply ignoring the cancer effect.

And then continuing to do business with the Infratil criminals.

When will we hear from KCC on public funds and fines?

76 KCC lawyers on the rates and silence.

Why hasn’t the Gang of Four been sacked and pensions reclaimed? Instead of SchtumGate and even now clinging on for more salary and payoffs.

Expanding an airport by removing the safety measures.

Cancer drugs?

Water cleanup?

Airport cleanup?

Only silence.

Clearly when Manston closes it can’t be an airport. But it can be left derelict.

How will the water supply be opened and cleaned? The only construction opportunity for KCC Construction is removing the runway and buildings.

Why hasn’t it been closed and cleaned already?

I presume there's simply no minjotirng and no fines collected at all now.

Manston and TDC have collapsed and simply waiting for the next election.

What fools and knaves we’ve elected and funded.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Infratil, Thor and a poisoned Kent public service

2 years on for Leader Carter - some empty bumf on monitoring the problems at Thor etc plops out of the EA.

I was told almost exactly 2 years ago the Thor toxic plume had spread beyond the factory – but apparently it hasn’t now.

2 years for a leaflet of bumf and flannel.

Thor was banned in 1988 but remained open and expanding for 20 years.

Manston removing noise and air monitors and now Paul’s Parkway with the Infratil criminals.

Cargolux last week confirming repeated overflights of the towns – with never a complaint from Infratil or TDC.

MOD Fire confirming thousands of chemicals for fires lit on the water supply.

The EA and Roger Gale talking of problems due to “paint down the sink”.

Thanet Earth greenhouses the size of 80 football fields built on farmland.

And all the above built on the East Kent drinking water supply.

Leukaemia. Strange cancers. Air pollution 400% more than acceptable EU emission levels.

When will the NHS be alerted. The Police. Where are the toxin results. Where is the Cabinet review of this info. Where are the site visits.

Why the farce of now discussing building sewers and drains.

When will criminal charges and fines and rebates be discussed?

And Thanet with a mortality rate 18 years lower than the rest of Kent: dying at 63 not 81.

A £2Bn County Council must have a view on Third World Thanet – as you say the money’s only ever gone North: to Maidstone though.


The Vattenfall consultation on expanding the windfarms from Whitstable to Ramsgate: the previous sites were built with only £100k provided to the council and public. Just enough for Brian White’s payrise and SchtumGate council payoffs.

Free electricity should be provided. Compensation for loss of views. And cleanup and removal costs in the future.

Have your say:

We seem to be selling Thanet for bargain basement prices and cancer.

More expansion at Westwood Cross – where are the business rates levies and pollution charges?


Why are oil tankers berthed off Margate rather than in ports - ship's captains seem to have more priority than the Kent public. ANd now pumping oil between ships.


When will our politicians and civil servants and EA speak up?

An airport on the drinking water – why hasn’t it been closed already? Why does Thor remain open – with Thor in charge of cleanup?

Paint down the sink and Cargolux never receiving a complaint for Infratil or TDC in 5years for banned overflights. And 4 flights a week from Ostend/Luxembourg the last scheduled cargo.

No flight logs as yet form the radar tower. And Infratil having the cheek to gouge Vattenfall to buy their missing radar

And Paul’s Parkway for taxfunds with the very Kiwi criminals poisoning Kent’s citizens.

And the 0% salary fraud for Samuel and White. Why haven’t they been sacked yet?


Keep quiet.

Don’t tell the public.

Political and civil service careers to protect.

A poisoned Kent.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Time for Change

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Has Leader Carter lost control of costs as well as cancer at Kent’s Cement Hall?

Let’s forget about Carter in cahoots with Infratil for the moment: removing monitors, airports on the drinking water supply etc.

Here’s the latest KCC structure reform.

Personally I think it’s not bad as these things go.

But two points:

1. Here’s the salaries -

Aren’t we all in this together: reducing costs etc – and more importantly at least two of these pay grades are over the £150k cap on salaries recommended by George Osborne only last May.

And this on top of the new KCC CEO on £200k – one of the top 20 largest council salaries in the UK according to the Sunday Times.

And what happens next year with inflation – a further rise?

It looks as if the civil servants are simply writing their own salaries willy-nilly and Carter has no control over budgets whatsoever. And putting up council tax to cover these bloat costs.

And no plan or vision for the Garden of England except as London’s Patio. And a public sector tax-economy. Or at best a Tesco economy of minimum wage, shift jobs and retail sheds.

2. A more detailed point. The KCC structure refers to the “top tier” of KCC management but I may make it at least 4 and upto 7 tiers – all paid much the same. Have they no idea of what encompasses a tier? Are we to assume the announced tiers simply have layers and layers of tiers or “bloat” within them? Just bureaucrats and all the way down until the tax pips are squeaked? And the Treasury has to print more promissory notes and debt? And this for a top 3 UK council. What are the other 30 like?

As I say leave aside cancer and pointless building and Carter seems to have lost control of basic cost management. This only 8 months after the Austerity election. And some 3 years after the recession has bit deepest into Kent.

Innovative companies like Pfizer that struggle now somehow have to join the end of the queue while Murphy and Jacobs and Land Securities dip their trowels in the tax-bucket for pointless tarmacking of the Garden of England’s farmland and greenbelt.

Anywhere except the brownfield and contaminated land sites or cleanup construction.

Builders’ children walk along main roads past empty houses to asbestos schools and portakabin lessons.

Past business parks stand empty while tarmac is poured for more empty office blocks.

Past dumptrucks of topsoil and landfill rubbish.

Past a derelict power station as some sort of cancerous tourist attraction.

And back home calling into queue for the eco-cancer ward for their eco-asbestos vaccines.

And not a solar panel or water meter or wifi or flood defence in sight.

And Carter wants more tax-tarmac.

Not only have there been almost no cuts. But now layers of increase and salary bloat in direct contradiction of election policy.

It’s as if it’s just empty nonsense made up at the time.

And still nothing on publishing every cost over £500 as required by DCLG by last week. And some 5 years after FOI.

The reality is KCC public services are simply run for the economic benefit of the cosy monopoly of senior civil servants and politicians and construction cronyism:

• hush over, deny or lie about any scandals
• increase council tax regardless
• staff up and pay rise up regardless
• reserves for failures
• lavish benefits
• rejigs rather than P45 for failure
• FOI for secrecy rather than transparency

Why not? It’s not their money. It’s simply given to them.

Why doesn’t Carter speak out on:

1. Infratil, Thor, Manston and Richboro
2. The civil service corruption at TDC with 0% salary fraud, EKO million pound memo
3. EA permits to pollute at Thor and Manston
4. All KCC costs over £500 – they must have them and be paying them already. It takes tow minutes to upload them to a website
5. Call in the Met and Fraud Squad for any hidden costs and cancer costs

We have councils confusing building a road or a new public sector building with that somehow creating jobs or meaningful long-term industries.

Even in Canterbury with the Uni tax-building another glass stump hall of residence with an attached hotel(! – presumably the equivalent of the developers few extra rooms or attached stump for profit). Why? Canterbury’s hardly short of halls of residences. Private sector landlords would lose out. The greenbelt required would disappear. Less budget for lecturers and books. And Cliftonville sits derelict 30 minutes away for the sale of a student bus and being zoned as student digs.

As always it’s simply slathering cement on cheap public land on the cheap. Paid for by the public’s tax. And in direct contradiction or ignorance of public manifestos and elections.

Take Infratil – if they’re such a wonderful multimillion pound aviation company how come they’re bust - and everything requires a public land permit or waiver and tax-funds for construction.

And property consultant Carter comes running pulling on his wellies to start the cement mixers?

And the KCC Cabinet and councillors wipe the tarmac off the permits and sign away like so many nodding dogs.

We might have needed roads and public buildings in the 1970’s. Whatever happened to refurb and repair? Aren’t these buildings supposed to last 50 years rather than build and knock down.

In the Austerity Age and Climate Change Age it makes no sense – except for feeding the likes of Balfour, Murphy, Land Securities and the bitumen-bureaucrats that rely on more white elephant schemes such as bridges, airports, roads, dual carriageways – all on cheap public land and cheap tax funds.

The taxpayer owes them no duty.

And the silent Gang of Four of SchtumGate should be in jail not Coutts. When will the Police inquiry begin? Wasting public money is one thing. Deliberately removing aiprot moniotrs and failing to replace them is another. Allowing tax haven corruption with fake or non-existent consultations another.

It's impressive though to have it funded by the public themselves.

And with genetic birth defects or land lost or debt piled up not just this generation but the next and the next.

A little cancerous gift from the council that keeps giving.

Where are the coucnil contracts, the office opening hours, the public costs charged -and the money wasted for rebate. With the internet it's simple to total and rebate costs wasted or lost. Why should the publci pay top dollar for substandard services. Why pay for future debt for civil service failure to secure grants?

And while KCC may be wasting money on bumf and bloat, it might be better used on cancer drugs.

When will Carter speak up?

When will the KCC 84 speak up?

The TDC 56?

The 3 silent MP's.

Only the Election Ferry has resurfaced. When will Kent democracy?

Or is it shut up, pay up and cough up.

Council monkey busienss as usual.

Time for Change.

Monday, 14 February 2011

Thor mercury: safeguard the Chief Constable's pension

Why has Thor remained open since 1987? It should have been banned and closed and cleaned up for the last 20 years. Why was Thor continuing to operate the plant – and expand it – with EA supervision? Why have EA and KCC and TDC simply remained silent ever since?

The Chief Constable’s pension needs to be protected to allow him to conduct an investigation into Thor and our civil servants and politicians.

“The workers first realised something was seriously wrong when three men were taken into hospital in 1992, suffering from severe mercury poisoning.
Peter Cele, 21, died seven months later. Englebert Ngcobo, 55, was in hospital for three years before he slipped into a coma and died.
They had all worked at Thor's mercury plant at Cato Ridge in Natal. The operation had been set up by the English parent company using technology and systems of operation which had been developed in Britain.
Thor had operated a mercury plant at Margate which, during the 1980s, was repeatedly criticised by the Health and Safety Executive for bad working practices and the over-exposure of British workers to mercury.
Under pressure from the HSE, Thor closed down its mercury operations in Britain in 1987 and expanded them in South Africa, where the plant relied on Zulu-speaking casual, untrained and unskilled labour.
In bringing their claim, which was also made against the Thor chairman Desmond Cowley, the workers enlisted the support of experts in occupational medicine and toxicology.
In their evidence, the workers testified that rather than trying to reduce mercury levels in the environment, the company adopted a policy of trying to control mercury exposure by replacing workers who had high levels of mercury with new casual employees. Others, they said, were sent to work in the garden until their mercury levels dropped.”

And at least 2 years of inaction from KCC and TDC and EA and Kent Police:

Where are the toxin reports?

Where are the site visit reports?

Where are the permits to continue to operate?

Or are we funding civil servants to protect each other form Police investigations – and a Police force too feeble to investigate beyond “close your windows, nothing to see, move along, contribute to the Police Cancer Fund”?

And only silence from our MP’s and councillors. Nothing mentioned in the council chambers. Nothing mentioned in parliament.

Shush. Keep schtum. Payoffs for silence if needs be. Documents shredded or lost if possible. Deny and delay at all stages.

And with Infratil and Manston, why is Leader Carter of KCC working with Infratil to secure a further £10M of public funds given Infratil removed air and noise monitors endangering the public?

Shouldn’t Leader Carter be calling for a Police investigation and opening the KCC and TDC files and Infratil flight logs from Manston and Ostend and Luxembourg for a Police investigation?

That’s a lot of banned overflights, a lot of banned flights and a lot of cancer on the rates. All deliberate and repeated for months and years.

We seem to have expanding an airport with dodgy if not simply incompetent plans – and deliberate deceit and fraud to endanger the public.

That's jail time and heavy fines. Corporate manslaughter. Endagerment. Dereliction of duty. Misuse of public funds.

Just as with Thor in South Africa. Or is Margate somehow less problematic?

And less regulation for Infratil in Kent compared to Scotlands or New Zealand - even to building on the East Kent drinking water supply.

And where are Kent’s journalists? Where are the lawyers? Where are the doctors?

Too busy to investigate one of the world’s most notorious polluters on their own doorstep?

Time for Change.

Roger Gale for the House of Lords?

I wouldn’t send him to House of Fraser.

Calls for him to be booted upstairs to remove his parliamentary seat in the reshuffles.

I still don’t understand how the Electoral Commission jerrymandered Cliftonville into a boundary change – the 10 year census isn’t until this year. How can they claim the population has changed?

Why not? At least his silence would be cheaper.

Buit what would he do in the Lords that he hasn’t done in the Commons? An ermine dressing gown would loosen his tongue? Dozing on red benches not green benches would make him more useful?

When will this pointless old man explain 30 years watching Margate burn down?

When will this pointless old man speak up on Thor mercury – a problem of contamination and remaining open despite being banned in 1988 he claims as “the public pouring paint down the sink”.

When will he speak up on the Environment Agency’s dismal performance and lies: paint down the sink, Manston on the drinking water, dumping fuel into Pegwell Bay

When will this pointless old man speak up on night flights –no night flights? Which is it? And why the sudden change after the election – and support now for Manston Parkway?

When will this pointless old man publish every penny of his expenses on his website? He’s submitting the claims – how difficult can it be to show his constituents? Why not his diary too? They do it in USA. If there’s the usual MP claim for £300 as secret wages or flipping houses for decoration I’d like to see it.

When will Sandys publish hers? It can’t be difficult. Publish every penny.

When will this pointless old man speak up on Infratil and the removed noise monitors and missing fines and flight breaches and fake TDC consultations?

When will this pointless old man speak up on the Gang of Four and SchtumGate?

When will this pointless old man speak up on the cancer rate and mortality rate in East Kent: dying at 63 not 81 as in the rest of Kent?

When will this pointless old man speak up on Carter and the KCC Tarmac Cartel of Balfour, Murphy, Jacobs, Land Securities etc - with Infratil for the DofT £80M Empty Road to Nowhere, the SEEDA car park on the rates and the £10M Parkway?

Silence on business parks, airport parks, trade parks, car parks, retail parks and industrial parks – no park parks just the destruction of farmland, greenbelt and the town centres under a slathering of tarmac and tripe form our politicians and developers.

When will this pointless old man say or do anything that isn’t mere Party pap?

Silence on Council bloat.

Silence on tax n’waste.

Silence on tax rises for failure.

Silence on bitumen-bureaucrats and salaries of excess.

Silence on KCC investing in tobacco, booze and guns.

Silence on TDC and KCC funding civil servant trade organisations and trade unions on the rates.


Maybe the House of Lords would be best for Gale.

Or toilet attendant at House of Fraser.

I bet he couldn’t keep their bogs open either.

Stop the Cancer.

Stop the Corruption.

Stop the Construction.

Will Roger Gale not call for:

1. Safeguard the Chief Constable's pension to investigate the Infratil and civil service and political frauds around Infratil?

2. Investigate the pollution hazards and Environment Agency for Thor etc?

3. Will he not visit Thor if it is just paint down the sink? Chemhazard suit optional?

A pointless old man watching his constituency burn down or go up in flames.

Time for Change.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Airport cancer: Daily Mail

Today's Daily Mail on airport cancer.

Why the silence from TDC and KCC on cancer?

Not one public statement?

Why the silence on genetic birth defects?

Why the silence on Infratil and TDC removing noise and air monitors - from a school and tower block.

Fron an airport slated for expansion.

What did you expect from banned overflights, removing monitors and lowlevel kerosene fuel droplets on the population?

Silence from the Gang of Four: Latchford, Ezekile, Samuel and White.

Cling on as long as possible. Payoffs for silence. Pick up a pension. 0% salary frauds in the meantime.

Silence from Carter and King and Kerswell.

Silence from Leinster and Ogden at the Environment Agency.

Silence from Sandys and Gale - nothing mentioned in Parliament.

Nothing mentioned at all.

An airport on the East Kent drinking water supply.

And Carter and Gale working with Infratil to secure more tax funds for a ludicrous Parkway for Murphy, Balfour, Beatty, Jacobs, Land Securities et al.

Mere construction councils for silence, tarmac, land sales and cancer.

Silence from 84 and 56 and 16 councillors.

Shuffling around the deckchairs in the Parties for silence.

Only silence.

And genetic birth defects.

Time for a Police inquiry into Manston and Thor

Time for a fair trial for Carter and the Gang of Four and Infratil.

Time for a council tax strike and rebates for failure.

Time for Recall of politicians.

Where were the journalists? The doctors? The lawyers? The Police?

An airport on the drinking water supply.

Monitors removed for years.

A mercury factory banned for 20 years remaining open: "paint down the sink".


This shame of Kent. In the 21st century.

Time for Change.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Cancer for Air quality East Kent

Air quality Canterbury - newspaper article: way over emission levels with road traffic and Manston over 4x EU emission levels.

The article calls for emission levels across East Kent to be published in the newspapers – where are the journalists? Where are the interviews with councillors and civil servants on emission levels? Where are the Manston and Ostend and Luxembourg flight logs? Where are the inspections of Thor mercury?

Is Kent medieval or simply a construction council funding cheap public land sales for roadbuilding, housing estates and shopping malls in the absence of any other ideas?

Why is Paul Carter the Leader of KCC supporting Infratil and Charles Buchanan to build a Parkway station in East Kent – with £10 millions of tax-funds?

Shouldn’t Carter and Gale as the Parkway’s only supporters rather be recommending Infratil’s Directors be jailed and fined for public health breaches, corporate manslaughter, an aviation blacklist and endangering the Kent public?

Shouldn’t this be raised in Parliament? Or keep schtum and hope for delay and silence?

Looks like a cosy cabal of construction for Murphy, Balfour Beatty, Jacobs and the like for motorways and roads.

Why are we funding council officials to poison their own citizens?

When will our TDC and KCC councillors speak up?

Or is it just SchtumGate and council payoffs for silence?

Surely with an election only 3 months away they must have something to say if only for naked self-interest to remain in power?

A council tax strike reduces the funds available for glory projects – and salaries and pensions. Refuse to pay. Cancel council tax direct debits. Short-pay. Agree to pay. Cancel payment again.

If councils want to play the game of fake, repeated or non-existent consultations then the public can do the same.

Why would they want to be in power? They’ve failed haven’t they? Bottom 10% area. Bottom 10% council. Again. Year after year. Another lost decade.

Where was Whitehall and Westminster? Substandard councils and services acceptable? Substandard depts. Like CAA acceptable?

In 10 years Manston has been a disastrous business escapade – without the tax-prop of the RAF - and several serious, blatant and brazen criminal acts: Planestation fines, EUJet tax haven nonsense and the Infratil Directors deliberate endangerment with overflights, missing fines for breaches etc.

And all supported by our councillors and civil servants.

And built on the drinking water supply.

Where are the doctors? Where are the cancer levels? Why do we have a Third World mortality rate: 18 years lower than the rest of Kent?

We seem to have a Nexus of Numpty with KCC, TDC and the Environment Agency telling us that everything’s fine or scurry around recommending more construction and permits to pollute.

When will they break their silence?

When will the Police take witness statements for an inquiry?

Where are the lawyers?

Close Manston.

Stop the Cancer.

Stop the Pollution.

Stop the Construction.

We seem to have councils that only function through land sales for glory and pointless construction projects.

With the DCLG requiring every council expenditure over £500 to be published as of last week – where is the info? It can’t be difficult. It already exists in an Excel spreadsheet for payroll and contracts.

Stop the Corruption.

Sop the Waste.

Stop the Bloat.

Publish the lot can we can see the ludicrous investments like tobacco. The absurd reserves for failure. The silly job titles. The bloat and duplication.

Or is it better to have silence and secrecy – for the funds the public provides or allows to be provided.

In Canterbury again we have a glory project of a glass stump halls of residence on greenbelt and farmland – with a hotel attached for developer profit – yet Cliftonville barely 20 minutes away sits empty for student bedsits.

We seem to have 3 small District councils in East Kent – and KCC replicating or rubberstamping those – simply to fund the civil servants and producing identical construction policies.

A Margate citizen jailed in the Congo.

Disabled grants used for office decoration.

A gangland shooting in Margate.

Oil tankers berthed off Blue Flag beaches.

Paint down the sink – for a banned mercury factory – for 20 years still operating.

A harbour filled with sand – for years.

Richboro’s cancer towers.

9,000 empty houses – and more construction.

The closure of Pfizer – and nothing on Viiv.

Lorries parked on the promenade next to a tax-car park.

Tax haven construction for public funds and public land.

District dumping: anywhere as long as it’s not Maidstone.

Third World mortality rates.

The “lowest ever tax increases”. Or one year’s minor tax reduction – for the deepest recession since 1920.

What has been going on?

This shame of England. This shame of Kent. This shame of Thanet.

And only SchtumGate.

Payoffs for silence.

Embarrassing for the Party. Embarrassing for Political and Civil service careers.


Better to let people get sick and die.

Too much fake democracy and failure.

Time to rate your councillor and civil servant.

Time to rate your public services.

Why are CargoLux still in 2011 overflying the towns?

The noise monitors were removed 4 years ago.

4 years without the required monitoring.

And 4 years of repeated breaches of the specified flight routes.

Simply flipping the route breaches over Ramsgate and Herne Bay when the pollution or complaints rise for “political reasons” is unacceptable.

An airport on the drinking water is unacceptable.

Cancer jobs are unacceptable.

Time for progressive councils.

Time for progressive policies.

Third World Thanet.

1. End doublehatters: one person, one, seat one cost – a hollowing out of democracy, tax duplication, and crowding out of democracy by the Party machine.
2. A Police inquiry into Infratil and KCC, TDC and EA
3. P45’s for KCC and TDC and EA
4. Publish all costs over £500 – they’re overdue by a week and 5 years since the FOI Act.
5. Repay the fake costs and waste of 0% fraud and EKO million pound memo: fines and tax rebates
6. Two consultation months a year, March and September – either end of the tourist season: end the “consultation until we get what we want”, and “we’ll consult over Xmas” and “the consultation’s tucked away in the basement or the website – did you miss it?”
7. Council tax strike, Business rates and VAT strike: delay payments, refuse payments – no taxation without effective representation, no taxation for substandard services, no taxation for corruption and waste.

Cancer and tarmac on the rates.

What has been going on?

Time for Change.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Manston Cancer and SchtumGate

What has been going on? How much more cancer?

Manston airport built on the East Kent drinking water supply.


10 out of 12 Kent Districts failing – according to KCC’s own figures.

Almost no prte-20102 activity and no post-2012 activity: the last Olympic Games in Britain for 100 years.

The Stour/Pegwell Bay and Medway 2 of the 3 most polluted rivers in the UK.

Richboro's cancer towers collapsing itno the soil and sea as some kind of toxic tourist attraction.

Roads to Nowhere with the KCC Property Group of Balfour, Jacobs, Murphy, Land Securities etc.

Pfizer collapses – the largest employer in Kent – aside from the public sector.

Margate – one of the UK’s most derelict and deserted High Streets.

Westwood Cross: a Manchester-style out-of-town-shopping-centre-built-next-to the town centres: barely 30 minutes walk away and a 90% smaller population.

Bitumen-bureaucrats agreeing that every problem looks like a motorway or toll bridge or housing estate – but 9,000 empty houses in Kent.

Building on the flood plains – but neglecting the flood defences.

A mortality rate worse than the Third World: dying at 63 instead of 81 as in the rest of Kent.

Air pollution near Manston over 4x EU safe limits.

Banned overflights and missing fines.

The highest unemployment in Kent: 3% for Dover and 5% for Thanet – not including super-dole grants or quango and almo bureaucrat bailout schemes.

Oil tankers berthed off the Blue Flag beaches.

Faeces inn the water form Southern Water’s sewers.

Kent Environment Agency signing permits to pollute for Thor mercury banned 20 years ago and Manston drinking water.

What have our crumbly politicians and cement companies been doing on the rates?

Sielence form the TDC 56. Silence form the KCC 84. Silence from East kent's 3 MP's.

Are we moving to no taxation without (effective) representation - or back to shut up and pay up.

Kent with 90% Conservative politicians at County. Always Conservative since 1930. A Tunbridge cabal representing Maidstone. And none of the Cabinet directly elected?

No elected Police, NHS, Schools and GP chiefs - we might not have sub-standard politcies if they're directly elected and provide specifc manifestos.

Time to stop the cancer of Kent.

#Votes at 16: I’ll be calling on Kent schools to run elections this May for 16 and 17 year olds as a dry run for the County elections. Too many crumbly politicians and “councils for pensioners”.
#Close the Property Group cronyism: every problem looks like a motorway
#Cabinet seats for Districts: too many District and County politicians acting as Town councillors – for their constituents or Cement Groups not the County
#Deprived Region Cabinet seats
#Local Referenda on tarmac schemes: Manston, Dartford Bridge: too much pouring of tarmac for no need and no public desire
#Detailed Manifestos: “Growth without gridlock” or “more pointless roads”
#Publish all salaries, pensions and expenses: bureaucratic graft on the rates
#Council tax strike and rebates: £60M pa and £1.5Bn at KCC funding empty bureaucracy
#Criminal charges for Infratil and KCC: corporate manslaughter and failure of duty of care
#Repay civil service fraud and theft: 0% salary, missing Manston fines and Cargolux fines, EKO million pound memo, PleasuramaBungarama tax haven, ChinaGate donations for votes and pensions and payoffs for SchtumGate for silence on Manston, the drinking water and cancer rates.
#Safeguard the Chief Constable’s pension for a Police investigation and Public inquiry into CancerGate: missing monitors, fines and overflights
#KCC and TDC to sign upto UNMDG as public policy

Take Kent out of the Nineteenth century. Stop poisoning Kent’s citizens. Stop tarmacing Kent.

Speak up councillors and MP's. Cancer doesn't stay silent.

Too many foolish policies. Too many failed politicians. Too many bitumen-bureaucrats.

Too many empty glory projects. Too much tax n’waste.

Too much cancer.

Time for Change.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Pfizer and Viva Viiv

Pfizer supposedly closing in East Kent with 3,000 jobs lost.

There goes the area.

Unless they partner with Viiv

To help, it seems to me there’s an opportunity to expand – either with Pfizer or others as a joint venture – the existing Viiv portfolio which develops vaccines for HIV etc.

3 of the top 10 HIV drugs are by Viiv and clearly the potential for market growth in Africa and Asia is huge. Pfizer already own much of the portfolio.

I had some brief and positive conversations with Pfizer along these lines for my MP campaign: stop the pollution, stop the corruption, stop the construction.

Coupled with malaria vaccines and TB vaccines (London was recently described as the TB capital of Europe) there’s more than enough scope to secure the R&D jobs plus develop further manufacturing jobs.

To be blunt, some Government contracts via the UNMDG/World Bank or simply the Life Sciences Dept/new Taskforce would secure the jobs and site for the future – and more importantly be more than “super-dole” as they would be focusing on innovative and growing areas of medicine and UN Millennium Goals etc.

Pfizer was originally established as part of the post-WW2 Marshall Plan for Europe and this terrible situation could be the basis for a Marshall Plan for Africa and Asia in Kent.

Pfizer’s labs were also used for developing the polio vaccine so similar activity to ViiV is perfectly possible. Pfizer globally are only a $2Bn posted loss this year, while their JV partner in ViiV Glaxo is expanding by 1,500 jobs.

The opportunity doesn’t seem very complex or difficult given Pfizer has always been an excellent employer and shown real commitment to Kent.

Politicians empty blah-blah, civil servants delay and fudge and meaningless road-building could of course scupper the whole thing as for so many years.