Sunday, 20 February 2011

Infratil, Thor and a poisoned Kent public service

2 years on for Leader Carter - some empty bumf on monitoring the problems at Thor etc plops out of the EA.

I was told almost exactly 2 years ago the Thor toxic plume had spread beyond the factory – but apparently it hasn’t now.

2 years for a leaflet of bumf and flannel.

Thor was banned in 1988 but remained open and expanding for 20 years.

Manston removing noise and air monitors and now Paul’s Parkway with the Infratil criminals.

Cargolux last week confirming repeated overflights of the towns – with never a complaint from Infratil or TDC.

MOD Fire confirming thousands of chemicals for fires lit on the water supply.

The EA and Roger Gale talking of problems due to “paint down the sink”.

Thanet Earth greenhouses the size of 80 football fields built on farmland.

And all the above built on the East Kent drinking water supply.

Leukaemia. Strange cancers. Air pollution 400% more than acceptable EU emission levels.

When will the NHS be alerted. The Police. Where are the toxin results. Where is the Cabinet review of this info. Where are the site visits.

Why the farce of now discussing building sewers and drains.

When will criminal charges and fines and rebates be discussed?

And Thanet with a mortality rate 18 years lower than the rest of Kent: dying at 63 not 81.

A £2Bn County Council must have a view on Third World Thanet – as you say the money’s only ever gone North: to Maidstone though.


The Vattenfall consultation on expanding the windfarms from Whitstable to Ramsgate: the previous sites were built with only £100k provided to the council and public. Just enough for Brian White’s payrise and SchtumGate council payoffs.

Free electricity should be provided. Compensation for loss of views. And cleanup and removal costs in the future.

Have your say:

We seem to be selling Thanet for bargain basement prices and cancer.

More expansion at Westwood Cross – where are the business rates levies and pollution charges?


Why are oil tankers berthed off Margate rather than in ports - ship's captains seem to have more priority than the Kent public. ANd now pumping oil between ships.


When will our politicians and civil servants and EA speak up?

An airport on the drinking water – why hasn’t it been closed already? Why does Thor remain open – with Thor in charge of cleanup?

Paint down the sink and Cargolux never receiving a complaint for Infratil or TDC in 5years for banned overflights. And 4 flights a week from Ostend/Luxembourg the last scheduled cargo.

No flight logs as yet form the radar tower. And Infratil having the cheek to gouge Vattenfall to buy their missing radar

And Paul’s Parkway for taxfunds with the very Kiwi criminals poisoning Kent’s citizens.

And the 0% salary fraud for Samuel and White. Why haven’t they been sacked yet?


Keep quiet.

Don’t tell the public.

Political and civil service careers to protect.

A poisoned Kent.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Time for Change

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