Monday, 20 February 2012

Infratil: Kiwi Killers - letter to CEO

Letter to Marko Bogieveski, CEO of Infratil:

Hi Marko

I wanted to write to you as Chief Executive of Infratil regarding Manston airport.

As you know noise and air monitors have been removed since 2006 by Rowland Gunn under Steve Fitzgerald's management and supervision by Lloyd Morrison - from a school and tower block - and monitoring information delayed or denied to the council and public.

Independent monitoring and reporting has shown air pollution levels 4x EU safe levels and concerns over noise levels and measurement.

Clearly this is an issue for an airport slated for expansion with several million passengers.

There have also been problems with polluting a UNESCO wetland, banned EU flights, illegal overflights, missing fines, ludicrous business forecasts etc - and several sackings of council staff.

This could well be an issue of corporate manslaughter now - with fines, disqualification as Directors and extradition and criminal proceedings of Infratil Directors.

There are already calls to "Bring the Kiwi Killers back in Chains": yourself, Humphry, David, Steve and Matt.

It does look as though you have acted as a rogue corporation repeatedly jeopardising staff and public health and UK-NZ relations.

Can you advise when you and your colleagues knew of these matters and how they have been remedied or not.

The only remaining scheduled flight at Manston is Cargolux twice a week, which illegally and repeatedly breaches the flight routes - presumably you'd personally now act promptly to ensure this doesn't happen after this week.

Many thanks and condolences on Lloyd Morrison's death from leukaemia - sad but perhaps not unexpected given the dangers of airport pollution.

I've copied my Parliamentary representatives, UK/EU airspace and NZ colleagues as this matter - as you'd expect - has already been raised in Parliament.

Please advise.


And only silence and payoffs from the RTC, KCC and TDC officials that participated in this deliberate pollution of the public since 2006.

Never mentioned in the RTC council chamber.
Never mentioned in the TDC council chamber.
Never mentioned in the KCC council chamber.
Never mentioned in Parliament.

Time for Change.

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wakey Wakey Cancer Copper it's half past pension on Thor

Chief Constable Ian Learmonth’s webchat yesterday and here’s my question and his response:

Question from Tim Garbutt
Are Kent Police endangering the public through inaction over Infratil and Thor's illegal activities?

My response
The Norse god?

Lazy Copper. Trying a smart-arse answer rather checking the Thor mercury in Margate (it’s just next to Hornby and BandQ if he’s too bone-idle to check the map himself).
And a smart-arse answer? It’s certainly not funny. A mercury factory banned in 1988 but remains open. And one that he’s fully aware of.

And silence on Infratil. Again that he’s fully aware of.

Maybe he’s the sort of copper that switches the tape recorder in the interview room on and off to get the answers he wants.

Or maybe the Chief Constable’s getting into the swing of just safeguarding his pension and eking out his time and tasering old ladies and not doing the difficult stuff like raiding the council offices and handcuffing some civil servants for fraud.

Or raiding Infratil.

Or sending some guinea-pig policeman in to have a poke around the oil barrels at Thor and see what sticks to their fingers or the wetspots on their face. Like their eyes. Lips. Nostrils. Skin.

Their pension payoff as they sicken and die can always come from increased tax. And they won’t mind will they?

An aside on asbestos (which is slightly less dangerous than mercury): a cement works called Eternit near Turin in Italy (remember Guerra?) with the company directors jailed for 16 years today for failing to ensure adequate safety measures and a string of asbestos-tumours among their staff, families and people around the factory breathing in the asbestos-laden air.

How is this different from Infratil?

How is this different from Thor?

Or Richboro?

Or the dozens of schools with asbestos? Described by Parliament as "a national scandal"

Maybe the Turin Police Chief could give us a better answer. Probably retired with his pension – it has taken 20 years and 3,000 asbestos deaths to come to Court.

Wakey Wakey Cancer Copper time to get your trousers and boots on and get some policing done.

It’s Thor. T-H-O-R. Mercury. M-E-R-C-U-R-Y. Yes, like the Norse God but it's a factory. A big building that makes stuff.

You know Infratil. They’re at the airport-thingy.

You know KCC and TDC and the Environment Agency. They’re like the Police except they’re causing crime.

And today we have Paul Carter refusing an inquiry inot how KCC's vulnerbale children were not safeguarded - by simply changing the paperwork to downgrade any threats.

Maybe our politicians are elected to fund our civil servants and then cover up with them.

Go on Chief Learmonth. Impress us with some policing.

Or tell us if you’re too idle or scared and we’ll ask the Italian Police to do it for you on their day off.

Or the public as a volunteer police force and redirect the budget to buy them hats and uniforms and cars. Paying pensions is optional.

Wakey Wakey Cancer Copper.

Time for Change.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Infratil Cancer Victim: CEO Lloyd Morrison Dies from Leukaemia.

Infratil’s Chief Executive Lloyd Morrison died last week aged 54 from leukaemia.

No doubt Messrs Buchanan, Fitzgerald, Clarke, Gunn etc will blame this on seagull droppings or some such nothing to do with an airport rationale.

Clearly any death is sad. Especially leukaemia.

But with Infratil we have not only a pattern of denying the noise and air pollution around their airports – check put their consultation document on Whenuapai airport in New Zealand that dismisses air pollution completely.

Or at Infratil removing the noise and air pollution monitors – and now the scratching around of our councillors and civil servants to cover up their involvement.

It’s too late though isn’t it?

The Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild remained shtum throughout the airport development process – even as late as last year heading off to Whitehall with Buchanan for more public funds for a fantasy airport and Parkway – to sit alongside the $80M Road to Nowhere, $3M cargo border post, $9M cargo warehouses and $3M car park.

The KCC Cabinet of Murphy, Carillion, Balfour, Beatty and Jacobs must be rubbing their hands with glee and urging Tarmac and JCB and Serco to join in – and easy work for SEEDA, KCC and TDC: only phone call and simply rubber-stamp each others’ decisions.

Meanwhile Buchanan and his cancer crew continue their practice of denying any wrongdoing, a complaints process with the complaints system removed and mere porkies.

Even two more quick and vague consultations amongst themselves of CAA permits for a new airspace pattern and Olympic flights.

Perhaps new jobs await them in the Infratil cancer empire – I doubt many other airlines will be seeking their services. Maybe not. Maybe their skills are exactly what’s required.

Although like Lloyd Morrison the cancer around airports may hasten them onwards.

Dead at 54 from leukaemia. A lesson to every aviation worker.

Few airlines provide the facemasks and gloves and leukaemia testing that they may need.

The Silent Seven of Gale, Sandys, McGonigal, Button, Sproates. Pierce of the Environment Agency and Harrison remain silent on when they knew the monitors were removed – and more importantly what they have done about it.

With the aquifer and Thor they simply remain extra-silent. As do Cancer Bob and now Cancer Clive and toothless KIACC.

Keep shtum, Blame the other rosettes. Keep more shtum. Some payoffs. Quibble on some technicalities. Delay. Bury the bodies. Deny. Drag it through the Courts.

The only question now is who’ll be sending flowers to Mr Morrison casket from Thanet?

And why haven’t Kent Police raided Infratil and made arrests?

Gee whiz talk about an open and shut case. Maybe the Police are too cosy with the Public Sector rather than protecting and serving the public?

And coppers get cancer.

Civil servants get cancer.

Airport Chief Executives get cancer.

As Mayor I will call for arrests not just of Buchanan and Carter but the Infratil operatives – only following orders hasn’t worked since 1945.

Recall of Sandys and Gale as not fit for purpose and Gale to be stripped of his knighthood with a parliamentary enquiry.

Extradition warrants for Infratil from NZ – the first Kiwi Killers brought back in chains.

Recall of the shtum payments for Samuel and White - no payoffs or pensions for poisoning your own citizens.

A CAA cancer fund for shoddy regulation of airports.

A Police enquiry and P45’s and jail sentences for the Silent Seven and Toxic Three.

Cargolux to have its aviation permits refused and an EU inquiry into the regulation of UK airspace.

A whole year lost last year with cancer flights and a lost decade at Manston with the corporate manslaughter crime of removing the monitors since 2006.

From a school and a tower block.

When Manston closes what happens with the clean-up? The clean up of Thor hasn’t gone very well. Nor has the clean-up of the Hoverport. Nor Richboro.

An ever dirtier Manston may well be Lloyd Morrison’s legacy from beyond the grave.

And KCC and TDC and Environment Agency's today.

Time for Change

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Asbestos Kent and Killer Roads and Pfizer

An article which geuinely horrifies me on asbestis in schools and public buildings: 4,000 deaths year of workmen, teachers and children. That's more than traffic accidents.

Now confirmed as a "national scandal":

KCC confirmed they have no central register of asbestos sites - and schools only have to log the contamination and then file it away.

And asbestos was confirmed as a danger in the 1970's.

And yet we're spending 80m of DofT funds on vanity construction projects like Roads to Nowhere, or 4th Town Centre, EKO, Caffyns housing estate and so on - what a criminal waste.

And a programme on "Killer Roads": episode 3 is on the Goudhurst stretch of road in Kent as one of the most dangerous roads in Britain with unbelievable pictures of dozens of cars turned over and several deaths - for the sake of a few bollards, 20mph zone and pinch-points.

I presume there are no details of accident blackspots in Thanet.

6Bn quid at KCC, 60M quid at TDC and 300k at RTC plus all the budgets for Police, NHS, Education and so on and it's impossible to have healthy buildings or safe roads.

Just KCC's budget alone - your tax money - is the size of the whole GDP of Morocco.

There's plenty of money. We're wasting it on vanity projects and bloated layers of civil servant salaries and pensions telling us there is no money and they're working jolly hard and it's all just impossible. And better to close everything down - but staff up to do so. Or maybe an extra quango. Or a series of meetings.

A P45 never seems viable does it? Nor publishing FOI of salaries and pensions and benefits.

Government of the people by the civil service for the civil service. Rubberstamped by politicians.

No wonder turnout at elections is so feeble. Every piece of research points to the problem being dissatisfaction with the parties themselves. They're simply not representative any more. As old-fashioned as the fax or the Whigs.

And reports of a Yellow Fever outbreak in Cameroon - in the 21st century we seem unable to provide vaccination programmes or clean water for the Third World - as we've done in Britain for decades.

While Pfizer one of the largest pharma factories in the world is in danger of being closed down - or bizarrely bought by LMO - the people who built Bicester Shopping Village - Tshirts and flip flops among the bunsen burners? Knock it down and build another Westwood Cross with a Tesco this time? Locate in Kent the KCC regen organisation and KCC taking a year to get the estate agents involved?

Time for Change.

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Cancer coppers and cancer councillors and cancer civil servants

Kent on Sunday letter:

Tim Collins writes eloquently on the potential for reform at Kent Police as elected Commissioner. Aside from a Most Wanted, or removing criminals from the Force or even reform of procurement and weapons, surely Kent Police are simply a political tool?

What else explains the silence over Thor mercury and repeated flight breaches at Manston airport and the mix of blatant lies and misinformation over the removal of noise and air monitors by Messrs Carter and Buchanan and various TDC officials including the now sacked-with-shtum payments Gang Of Four senior TDC political and civil service leadership?

Perhaps Chief Constable Ian Learmonth needs to get his trousers on and get some arrests made for corporate manslaughter before Kent Police is completely discredited – and cancer cases rise amongst his coppers.

Or is he waiting for Buchanan and his Infratil directors to hand themselves in, or simply fly away – and then rely on Tim Collins and his mercenaries – sorry, counter-insurgency strategists - to bring them back from Down Under in chains?


Another drab budget from the Cancer Councillors. Merely staffing up on the rates with a 20% increase of c.100k.

And bizarrely raising the rates to then save it – presumably for mistakes, pensions and shtum payments.

Of more concern is that Dave as a District Councillor as well as a Town Councillor seems incapable of reforming RTC or TDC.

Simply staffing up both when they’re the worst councils in Britain is just tax n’ waste: 750 staff at TDC and now 4 at RTC each on #40k salaries and pensions and expenses.

If they’re staffing but not sacking then it’s the same stale duffers sloshing around doing less just as badly.

And why have the same councillors duplicated in each council – one of them seems redundant. It’s just Party fanatics trying to stifle democracy and pad out their expenses. As Mayor I would withhold TDC council tax and fund joint services and cuts with the other towns.

With Prime Minister salaries and 0% fraud our civil servants seem to be relying on simply remaining silent on fraud and incompetence and cashing in as long as possible.

And the councillors supposed to scrutinize them actually helping them to do so at public expense and in secrecy.

Why haven’t the Police been called in for an investigation of Manston, Thor and our civil servants – or would they be investigating the Town or District councillors when they’re one and the same?

Thanet’s cancer victims seem to be relying on the very councillors that covered up the removal of monitors in 2006 – and fake reports every month since.

And why hasn’t the FOI of salaries, pensions, benefits and contracts been published each month – it’s been law since 2005?

Time for Police arrests

Time for less cancer

Time for TDC reform

Time for Change