Monday, 20 February 2012

Infratil: Kiwi Killers - letter to CEO

Letter to Marko Bogieveski, CEO of Infratil:

Hi Marko

I wanted to write to you as Chief Executive of Infratil regarding Manston airport.

As you know noise and air monitors have been removed since 2006 by Rowland Gunn under Steve Fitzgerald's management and supervision by Lloyd Morrison - from a school and tower block - and monitoring information delayed or denied to the council and public.

Independent monitoring and reporting has shown air pollution levels 4x EU safe levels and concerns over noise levels and measurement.

Clearly this is an issue for an airport slated for expansion with several million passengers.

There have also been problems with polluting a UNESCO wetland, banned EU flights, illegal overflights, missing fines, ludicrous business forecasts etc - and several sackings of council staff.

This could well be an issue of corporate manslaughter now - with fines, disqualification as Directors and extradition and criminal proceedings of Infratil Directors.

There are already calls to "Bring the Kiwi Killers back in Chains": yourself, Humphry, David, Steve and Matt.

It does look as though you have acted as a rogue corporation repeatedly jeopardising staff and public health and UK-NZ relations.

Can you advise when you and your colleagues knew of these matters and how they have been remedied or not.

The only remaining scheduled flight at Manston is Cargolux twice a week, which illegally and repeatedly breaches the flight routes - presumably you'd personally now act promptly to ensure this doesn't happen after this week.

Many thanks and condolences on Lloyd Morrison's death from leukaemia - sad but perhaps not unexpected given the dangers of airport pollution.

I've copied my Parliamentary representatives, UK/EU airspace and NZ colleagues as this matter - as you'd expect - has already been raised in Parliament.

Please advise.


And only silence and payoffs from the RTC, KCC and TDC officials that participated in this deliberate pollution of the public since 2006.

Never mentioned in the RTC council chamber.
Never mentioned in the TDC council chamber.
Never mentioned in the KCC council chamber.
Never mentioned in Parliament.

Time for Change.

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