Monday, 27 April 2015

Broken Election. Hold your nose vote Farage if you must

Obviously your vote is for you to choose who to vote for.

But people ask me who we should vote for or avoid.

Here’s my views:

1. The first point is don’t vote or register to vote and spoil your ballot. Don’t fall into the assumption that you have to vote for the main parties. By refusing to vote you are in effect doing NOTA: None of the Above. This means the parties will, when faced with falling turnouts, have to come up with better politics. All of a sudden for example despite publishing their manifesto Labour suddenly announce rent controls just 10 days before an election – desperately casting around for popular policies. The Tories like Farage simply do these weird activist closed meetings for photoshoots and slogans.

2. It’s even worse in South Thanet with the nonentities we have from the main parties: laughable that both Mackinlay a Chatham councillor or Scobie the Younger the Margate Mayor say they are local to Ramsgate And somewhat fraudulent suddenly – as Sandys did – renting properties in the area to appear local. Farage of Downe/Orpington at least has made no bones about having no real interest in Thanet

Indeed your national vote is largely irrelevant anyway as you can see in two areas:

A. Come May 8th the backroom deals to form a coalition government can be anything - and Thanet’s 2 MP’s would be even more irrelevant.
B. The manifestos as they stand have no great earth-shattering policies: tweaks on tax is about it. Even the Greens are struggling to emphasise Climate Change in the election.

3. Vote for the minor/challenger parties: again this will mean not just the end of two party politics in Thanet and 3 party politics in UK as that’s already happened. But the cosy deals and corruption of Labour/Tory TDC is now definitely over.

4. In North Thanet it’s as bad with the election in danger of being null and void with Cunningham of the LibDems being a banned civil servant and as laughably giving his home address as Brussels(!). Some Thanet representative. You couldn’t make it up. Madeline Homer as Returning Officer seems to have lost her grip and is keeping her head down so soon into her £100K CEO job – and the £62K Returning Officer fee that goes with it. Why are we paying council execs so much for election night? Especially when the candidates have to pay £500 or £5k for MEP elections.

5. Some wider principles for District/Town candidates (not one manifesto):

a. Avoid doublehatter candidates: desperately trying to crowd out dissent by standing in multiple seats
b. Avoid candidates who aren’t standing in their own town
c. Avoid turncoats – scraping around just to be elected
d. Avoid candidates who’ve served 10 years or more: they’ve had their chance
e. Avoid candidates without a manifesto for Thanet – you’ll struggle on that one again just 10 days to go
f. Vote Other ie Green/Reality/Ind/Lib to end Corrupt TDC

g. Rascals to vote out:

i. Latchford – repulsive and failure at KCC. Our Little Corporal is likely to defeated either by General Winter or in KCC 2017 – by me
ii. Heale – repulsive and failure at KCC
iii. Everitt – the Port and Pleasurama secrecy/fraud
iv. Bayford – silent on Pleasurama and Painter
v. Negro Roz
vi. Eileen the civil servant

But here’s the key thing: Vote Farage in South Thanet and Ed Targett in North Thanet.

What I hear you cry? Tim says vote Farage?

Yes. With one proviso: vote out Latchford and Heale.

Why hold your nose and vote Farage? UKIP are a spent force with or without him of perhaps 3 or so MP’s and some polls say as low as 1 ie Carswell. And along with Cameron a leadership election before 2020.

We may even have a collapsed parliament and election before 2020 due to gridlock and inaction – it was already the Empty Parliament for 2 years before 2015.

UK politics is largely regional now: SNP in Scotland, Labour in the South, Tory in the South and Plaid Cymru in Wales and DUP in Ireland. And a sprinkling of Libs, Greens and Inds.

So let’s get Farage elected as unpleasant as he is.

And every television or newspaper interview will be about Manston – and Latchford and the Infratil removed monitors - and the contaminated aquifer.

Indeed you can see my emails to him in March 2012 on that issue from his public meeting in Broadstairs.

He’ll bumble and stumble along into irrelevance – even before the EU vote fizzles out.

Without immigrants and the EU the UKIP manifesto could almost be Tory: no great seachange in politics.

He’s never mentioned Manston since 2012 and only now to hoover up a few votes – perhaps mistaken that the Save Manson crew represent a majority in Thanet.

Certainly those jobs aren’t coming back indeed none at all.

Manston can only be a $1 CPO as a park: demolish the buildings, remove the dumped jet dig up the runway and let the aquifer be cleaned.

The £1BN Gloag in the Sunday Times Rich list can hardly claim poverty in not cleaning it up especially after only a $1 purchase. Just another Thanet farce like the Parkway or Chinagate.

Can you imagine Paxman or Sackur or Neil questioning him on Manston and Infratil?:

• When did you know the aquifer was contaminated?
• Why did your KCC deputy remove the monitors with KCC and TDC?
• Why haven’t you replaced them etc etc

In effect Farage in 2015 and Garbutt in 2020.

In North Thanet vote Targett as Green to remove Gale. Labour have never seriously tried to do so and are just too old now.

Thanet’s future is cleaner, greener and younger. Corrupt labour and Tory TDC has failed and elderly racists around Farage have peaked.

The EU will be reformed - and expansion continue to Turkey, Caspian, Russia and Mediterranean.

If Farage wanted to change that - like Gale with Manston - he's simply too late. And had every opportunity as an MEP. If the EU is so all-powerful why does Farage want to be an MP to change it?

But like the Ku Klux Klan or Negro Roz or Tingtong Janice let's give him a platform and no doubt laugh as he's hoist by his own petard.

TDC can’t even sort out blatant garden-grabbing as at 100 South Eastern Road: 20 apartments welded onto a 5 bed house and the garden dug out for dozens of car park spaces – that was previously rejected. Madeline is silent so far. I’m beginning to suspect we have a Macgonigal2.

Thanet’s problems are not the EU or immigrants (rather these are positives for the area - whether tourists, language students, uni students, EU grants etc etc - but corrupt councillors and civil servants and lazy cops and contamination as Manston and Thor and MOD Fire and the collapse of Pfizer and the Parkway and Manston housing nonsense.

Time for Change
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Monday, 13 April 2015

Broken Election. And toxic questions for Farage

Thanks to the many wellwishers but I refuse to stand as MP or Mayor in this election.

My blog post below on the illegal Cunningham nomination and Press Complaint to the Gazette on my manifesto provide details.

But interesting and pleasing to see the District candidates list of those who have stood down: Harrison, Nicholson, Moores, Hart and of course CEO Macgonigal after the shocking corruption and fraud and incompetence at TDC.

But where are the Police for say the 0% fraud or are civil servants above the law or it most be covered up to preserve the reputation oft he council we vote for and fund?

Which of our new councillors and MP's will be calling for a Police investigation of the Ancient Regime?

The last scoundrels are Everitt, Bayford, Campbell and Latchford and Heale (bizarrely the last 2 already KCC councillors but desperate to be District doublehatters and stifle debate).

Vote for anyone but them.

Bizarrely you can't actually vote for Ramsgate Town Council it seems as there seems to be a random assumption that TDC councillors would fill RTC seats too? Perhaps a legacy of the charter trustees farce that still operates for Margate.

An RTC seat is certainly not linked to a TDC seat - so where is the election for it?

And 3 questions for Farage now supporting Manston - although equivocating as to whether he can actually reopen it.

1. Nigel, when did you know the aquifer was under the runway and was contaminated and how will you clean it up?

2. And when did you question Latchford, as TDC Deputy Leader, when TDC and Infratil removed the monitors?

3. How contaminated is Thor and how will you clean it up?

It seems to me absentee MP's and won't be putting any effort into improving the towns and contamination sites.

Why would they?

Time for Change

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Broken Election. I refuse to stand as MP and Mayor.

We have another corrupted election here in Kent.

And I refuse to stand to condone this shambles of an election.

A couple of points as to why:

1. The absolutely blatant rewriting of my manifesto by the Gazette is detailed below. A newspaper criticising a manifesto is one thing but rewriting it is quite another. How can you vote for me if you don’t know what my manifesto says – or if it’s rewritten to say something else?

2. I received only today the final day for nomination papers(!) a reply from Madeline Homer the Returning Officer and Glenn Back from my letter last week requesting the actual nomination papers(!). Plenty of background verbiage was sent but not the actual papers nor are they online for anyone to read and download and mail or email. Shambolic.

3. I have had no reply for the Returning Officer as yet on the George Cunningham/LibDems issue of a banned civil servant standing for election. An illegal farce.

4. I see no reason to pay £500 for the privilege of condoning this shambles. Whatever happened to free and fair British elections? How can an 18 year old- or 16 year old in future - pay that, and why should they? The elections are run by paid civil servants on overtime or volunteers for one day in 5 years - why should we pay to enter the election for our own governance?

5. The nomination support for the Town Mayor seems different to other towns: random allocations of 8 or 10 people

6. While the Town Council elections don’t allow you to stand against a candidate you want to oust but merely a clutch of seats per ward which are then randomly allocated

7. No reply has been received on the issue of the Parachute Candidates: we have almost every candidate not just being from somewhere else - but actually being councillors for somewhere else! Will they be allocating Thanet funds to their hometowns? Have they/will they resign those roles?

8. With 28 days to go to an election not one manifesto has been released by the other 10 candidates and presumably none will be by the Town Candidates: electing chumps and party handraisers to do something or other once elected. And – unlikely I know – but if their manifesto was released say 6 months in advance I or anyone else may agree with it and not seek to stand

9. Zero FOI available – such as the Pleasurama secret valuation and tax haven fraud or Thor and Manston contamination levels. How can I or anyone else stand for Parliament or a Council if the FOI is not routinely issued for salaries, staffing etc? How can reforms be made if there is such secrecy? Why are budgets reduced by secret payoffs and write-offs for crimes such as 0% fraud or Thor negligence or Manston corporate manslaughter?

And we wonder why we have turnouts less than 65% for national elections and as low as 15% for local elections in Kent and the lowest-ever party memberships: barely 300k in total across all the parties - less than the RSPB or National Trust.

And TDC in the bottom 10% of failed councils by the Government itself eg the potential farce of Macgonigal as Returning Officer counting the votes after the 0% salary fraud or Moores selecting Tory candidates to keep schtum!

I say no.

I refuse to stand and condone this Broken Election and will consider whether it should be declared null and void and rerun.

This Broken Election contaminates us all.

I say no.

We need A Clearout of the same faces and fraudsters who have made Thanet a mess. Everitt and the secret Port or Bayford's silence on Painter/Keegan/SFP seem beyond the pale.

It is a shambles – and a disgrace whereby the corruption of the Infratil/Manston monitors, ignored by Farage and Latchford, and 0% fraud and contamination of Thor and MODFire and Manston to the aquifer has to be highlighted in an election as the civil servants and politicians and police are too corrupted and idle to act.

My manifesto still stands with its successes so far of closing Manston, demolishing Richboro power station, sacking the Gang of Four and $1 criminals.

I say no to this election.

I will consider whether the 2017 KCC election standing against Carter and the Toxic Three on a Water Protection Order for Manston with digging up the runway and demolishing the buildings, or the 2020 MP election are worth considering.

This election is broken.

Time for Change

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Gazette complaint: Thanet corruption and contamination

Dear Editor

I wanted to write to complain in the strongest terms about your feeble General Election and nonexistent Town Council/District coverage for South Thanet and North Thanet.

As you know I am standing as an Independent Green to “Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.” as South Thanet MP and Ramsgate directly elected Mayor.

I supplied – at your request – a 100 word summary of details of my manifesto eg close Manston, Police investigation into the removal of Manston monitors by Infratil and TDC and KCC, Thor mercury contamination etc etc.

These are also detailed in full at my website and Twitter @timg33 and campaign leaflets – all of which I have provided to you.

I was horrified to then see in last week’s Gazette your bizarre bowdlerised version of my manifesto rewritten as:

“Key Pledge: seeking to launch investigations into various incidents of what he sees as corruption on the isle by representatives of the local authorities.”

I distance myself completely from this tripe.

Can you explain this please, as criticising or not a manifesto is part of free speech and a free press, but rewriting the thing to this vague twaddle seems to veer down the path of Pravda or Signal.

The Gazette is in danger of being a toothless tiger simply hyping the latest nonsense from TDC or the declining main parties, and the only marker of the TDC corruption being the trail of forced resignations from the Gang of Four etc, and contamination marked in the line of cancer victims and tumour sufferers at the hospital.

Some newspapers would be active in exposing these crimes. Maybe the Gazette reporters are breathing different air or drinking and bathing in different water from the rest of their readers?

It’s worth noting that TDC is highlighted as one of the worst councils in Britain by the government itself, so why you should choose to downplay the horrific corruption such as the 0% fraud of Messrs Moores and Macgonigal (the latter would even have counted the votes in the election), Pleasurama tax haven and Port £3M secrecy, or appalling Manston corporate manslaughter affecting your readers by Infratil seems unbelievable.

It’s also worth noting that I have written to you before pointing out that election coverage should cover all the candidates and fairly equally. So far we have had almost no mention of the smaller parties and full page articles only for the larger parties. All parties are equal until May 7th especially in an era of massively low turnout and tiny party memberships.

You even mention outrageous guff such as Roger Gale: “a vastly experienced MP and..something of a high flier” rather than an elderly party hack with 30 years of failure for Thanet, or even George Cunningham who is a civil servant and therefore ineligible as MP, or why our parachute candidates are now drawn to Thanet despite being Medway or Tunbridge councillors/residents?

And you refuse to question the candidates as to why Manston should reopen given its repeated failures and position on the polluted drinking water supply.

Is this an East Kent or an East German election as your reporting seems geared towards the latter?

I’ve forwarded a copy of this letter to the Press Complaint Commission and for the sake of better and more balanced coverage during a British General Election, that only happens every 5 years, politely request it could also be printed in the Gazette with an apology and my correct manifesto.

This letter is also placed on my website at for the public to make up their own mind on my policies (they still have to wait for any of the other parties to issue their manifestos even just 30 days before the election) and your election coverage.

Kindest regards
Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate

Sunday, 29 March 2015

Forlorn Margate and Farage fail in Sunday Times

A devastating and accurate criticism of both Farage and collapse of Margate in The Sunday Times today: "what has Margate done to deserve Farage" and "UKIP a party of anger and small mindednesss".

Read it for yourself on Twitter: @timg33

And ever more bizarre UKIP with Martyn Heale refusing to give his name despite wearing a KCC name badge in the Ramsgate UKIP office: "don't tell 'em your name Pike"!

Cue the politicians lining up to blame the journalist rather than their own failed policies.

And extraordinary UKIP policy stickers on the railings on Ramsgate beach: I can't upload the photos off my camera phone to here, but they are on Twitter: @timg33 and say:

* Privatise the NHS
* Licence (sic) mosques
* Freeze pensions
* Increase fuel tax
* Lower the age of consent
* Compulsary (sic) sex education
* Ban foreign food
* No taxpayers money for Manston
* Ban European imports

...and so on.

I kid you not. You couldn't make it up.

Who at UKIP wrote these policies?

All the more weird as The Spectator interview with Farage confirms he won't issue a manifesto until 10 days(!) before the election after months of failure to produce anything.

As with Negro Rozanne and TingTong Janice and Godfrey "women in the pantry" Bloom and even Neil "cash for questions" Hamilton as Chair(!) along with so many others you just can't make UKIP up how ghastly UKIP actually is in its kneejerk racism and saloonbar idiocy.

And unfortunately will drag Kent and Thanet further down, as in the Sunday Times article.

For example, Saturday's largely favourable feature on Dreamland in The Independent pales into insignificance with the latest UKIP froth.

And Farage refuses to explain his deputy Latchford's role in Manston and the aquifer pollution and Infratil removed monitors or Pleasurama corruption or Thor mercury.

As with so many of our councillors hoping for re-election by saying nothing.

With parachute candidates and falling turnouts, the parties are the problem in the failure of democracy.

The Sunday Times article mentioned the farce of a UKIP hustings with 8 councillors and only 6 members of the public as a sad reflection of Kent politics. Obviously not aware of the Ramsgate Town council meeting of zero members of the public as in the blog below.

Zero. Not one. Nobody.

Rather if elected Farage will disappear so it will be a case of vote Farage and get Heale and his couldn't possibly comment idiocy or Latchford and more silence.

Hardly Thanet on the up.

And in national politics with anther weak Coalition and the end of national parties with SNP in Scotland, Labour in the North and Tory in the South we may have the unusual situation of every party leader resigning or being voted out!

And Westminster being run from Edinburgh by SNP. Perhaps rather better than by most UK parties.

So 4 or 5 UKIP seats will be irrelevant - with the 40 or so SNP seats holding the balance of power in another weak Coalition - as will Thanet.

Rather the place has hit rock bottom. Ground Zero. Year Zero.

Farage won't change that.

He hasn't in 15 years as a Kent MEP.

Nor in his 2nd Ramsgate candidacy.

Indeed the only glimmer of hope is if Farage fails to win the MP seat he will resign.

Not so much removing Farage from politics as he's a loud but rather hollow figure now - but ensuring reform of Kent.

Electing me over Farage and the other parachute candidates will ensure Thanet has the ear of Westminster to help end the years and decades of failure and deliver the rest of my manifesto.

Tim's Titbits: a few random points:

* photos of illegal machetes on sale @timg33 - buy one for your kids or a drug dealer or do the job of the lazy police for them and hand it in at the cop shop
* good to see the Singapore flag at half-mast on Broadstairs seafront for Lee Kwan Yew's funeral, along with George Marshall, the greatest Prime Minister Britain never had and thoughts later on ONEUKASEAN
* tomorrow Kent Public Sector rankings and which councillors would you sack in A Clearout of KCC and TDC? Which departments would you close or reduce?
* letter to Homer on Cunningham electoral return and garden grabbing and Pleasurama corruption
* letter to Gazette on collapse of High St and Westwood Cross - the perfect retail storm of planning incompetence
* awful brick wall at Ramsgate Bandstand of Shame - a unique listed building but a wall like a suburban garden wall, what are TDC doing? Photo @timg33
* my thoughts later on Dunkirk, Channel Dash, Spanish Armada, Waterloo and Van Gogh tourism and 58M visitors to Kent
* photos of derelict seafront of sand, shit and blocked cholera drains to follow - what are TDC and RTC doing for £17M and KCC for £2BN and Southern Water for who knows how much
* collecting signatures and donations for MP and Mayor forms and fees: please email if you can help

Do read the Sunday Times article and UKIP stickers @timg33.

Quite extraordinary.

Time for Change

Friday, 27 March 2015

Ramsgate Town Council collapses

The final nail in the coffin for the wrinklies and doublehatters on Ramsgate Town Council as The Gazette newspaper reports that not one member of the public turned up to the required town meeting.

Not one.

I couldn't be bothered. You couldn't be bothered. Quite right too.

In previous years there was always a large turnout of about 100 people although often the councillors wouldn't attend.

And now not one person in a town of c.40,000.

Because the pensioners have nothing to say except excuses. Even trying to ban questions on TDC and KCC given most of them are doublehatters in those organisations, and RTC is funded by TDC to c.£350k and both TDC and KCC have some responsibilities in the RTC area.

Desperate coverup and whitewash.


Even now there are no council nomination papers on the RTC or TDC websites.


As RTC Mayor I will:

1. Instigate Direct Mayor elections at RTC and KCC: Carter must go before the 2017 KCC election
2. Publish all FOI costs etc each month: we seem to have 4 clerks now to do nothing on the rates - never mind the Macgonigal payoff costs or missing monitors fines
3. Cancel Ramsgate council tax payments to TDC and KCC: your c.£17M tax will be paid to RTC and we'll then decide how it's spent and what KCC and TDC should receive
4. Publish all air and water and soil pollution eg Thor and Manston dumped jets
5. Instigate Infratil arrest warrants for corporate manslaughter and NZ trade boycott in Kent and Police inquiries into Manston and Thor and Southern Water failures

We have empty party cardigans on the councils content to ride the decline down, and lazy and scared cops hiding behind their pensions rather than making arrests in our corrupt and useless councils.

Time for Change

Friday, 20 March 2015

Gazette letter #2: Third World Thanet needs A Clearout

Dear Editor

We know Kent is corrupt - whether the Pleasurama tax haven or ManstonGate £25k bung or Infratil and TDC removing the Manston monitors, or Environment Agency deliberately ignoring the Thor contamination.

And now the damning Parliament report on Manston and Carter and Gale. All the more damning that every politician – even now but expect the uturns and flipflops - except me supports Manston.

Parliament has detailed it: Carter and Gale must go before the 2016 KCC elections to avoid another wasted year. A cement council and stale MP doing nothing.

But isn’t the strange thing how none of the politicians or even journalists will speak up? Is this East Kent or East Germany? Surely enough members of the public have been contaminated or ripped off by the councils and parties they fund for someone to explain why?

Third World Thanet is silent on major policies such as Pandemics like Scarlet Fever never mind Flu or TB or Ebola, and Winter Pensioners or Dirty hospitals or Rape Nation with 85,000 UK rapes but only 1,000 arrests - and even silence on minor policies.

One example: we have the bizarre situation of Scobie the Younger rejecting the Parkway by Tory KCC – now accepting it in his campaign brochure.

A Parkway rail station for an airport without an airport – and next to the other rail stations. For £20M and counting.

Imagine £20M or a fraction of the KCC £2BN spent on our failed High Streets now officially the worst in the UK and Westwood Cross crumbling with no sight of the 4th town centre overbuild nonsense.

Or we have crooked civil servant policies such as chasing Cllr Driver down the street for secret council Pleasurama documents or non/fake consultations like Pleasurama again or the Pavilion now and Dreamland even failing to open.

Even the bizarre LibDem nomination of George Cunningham a serving civil servant – which is banned in UK. What were the LibDems thinking? They'd just ignore electoral law as it's only corrupt Thanet? Put a Eurocrat in?

And why do we have Cunningham's LibDem civil servant group in Brussels or Wauchope's barristers for UKIP? the civil service and courts are meant to be politically independent aren't they? Certainly not with formal groups no doubt pulling down tax for meetings etc.

And Farage silent on Latchford’s role in the aquifer and monitors.

TingTong Janice proving just another racist and corrupt Kipper fiddling her expenses. So much for a Purple Revolution.

As MP I will publish all my expenses - and diary as in USA - every month as routine. You can check them as I'll place them in the Library/internet and keep copies. It's not difficult.

Why have the Police not stepped in for a corruption inquiry at Thanet? TingTong Janice's £3k is the tip of the iceberg for Pleasurama, £25K ManstonGate or Infratil monitor fines.

The cops seem happy to stand by and put up their budget by the maximum 1.99% (or 2% if you believe your incoherent council tax bill). Lazy and scared Kent Police - easier to issue an incident number on the rates rather than a crime number and say try the coin-toss courts and pay for lawyers - at least they're not corrupt like the Met with their wipe-clean notebooks and 3,000 boxes(!) of police corruption files ignored.

No wonder horrific paedo crimes like Savile or now the Cyril Smith inquiry or KCC Care Homes or even Hillsboro get covered over by the cops. Too idle to even pick up illegal machetes on the High St or tramps.

Even Lord Grabiner of fraudsters One Essex Court and GlickQC in private Eye again refusing to properly investigate the LIBOR tax fiddle of your pension and savings and credit cards rates. And a 2nd secret inquiry and refusing to explain his six figure costs - Lords cost more it seems to do their job.

Maybe they need prettier trousers or more Gucci kit like body cameras or water cannons or drones to get off their backside and get out of the car or get out of the canteen?

My favourite though is the politicians citing purdah (even though it’s for civil servants major decisions) as why they can’t answer questions in the run-up to an election. Or RTC made up of KCC and TDC councillors refusing to accept questions on TDC or KCC.


We need A Clearout as part of Meiji reforms in Third World Thanet: Carter, Gale, Bayford, Iris, Edwina, Nicholson and Campbell.

My policies are clear in this Cancer and Corruption Election are clear: call in the Police (the Belgian Police if Kent Police are as incapable as the Met) over Infratil and Thor for arrests, dig up the Manston runway to protect the aquifer, end Pavilion mega-boozer, end Pleasurama and consult on a beach park, reopen Dreamland and end council tax payments to KCC and TDC.

And every day a drug den raid in Frontline Kent: 85% of illegal drugs in the EU seized here between London and Dover and Amsterdam and Paris and the drugs routes to Turkey and Afghanistan and Shan state and Morocco and Lebanon.

Our politicians and civil servants and corrupt and incompetent and have failed us.

We need A Clearout.

Next week The Garbutt Review of Kent Public Sector 2014. Which do you think is the worst organisation you fund?

Don't forget to work harder and longer to pay for it.

We need A Clearout.

Time for Change.

Tim Garbutt. Ramsgate