Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Garbutt for South Thanet MP: an ASEAN Yorktown for UK. Or Meji Kent?

I was absolutely horrified to read the latest ASEAN-US report from the EastWest Center.

Horrified at the superb level of detail in the report and extent of US-ASEAN activity:

Frankly, Britain has more than a few kilometres to travel to improve on both those aspects.

In my politics role for South Thanet MP in the 8th June election I've urged a Meiji Kent series of reforms for UK and Kent given the ongoing 2008 Great Recession and almost a year of Brexit silliness.

UK and Kent are in danger of becoming moribund and slipping further into stagnation and drift.

Especially with both Thailand and Vietnam as UK top 5 growth economies:

•$2TN in infrastructure investment in ASEAN forecast by 2030 - about the size of the whole UK economy
•500% (!) growth in ASEAN Digital Economy to $200BN by 2025
•US-ASEAN SME support already training 5,000 SME businesses in Asia

And with the fledgling Commonwealth Asia Group including Singapore, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands and Australia and New Zealand.

And even Cambodia was seeking membership in previous years and potentially Myanmar under Aung San's leadership.

But the US-ASEAN activity is something else - not just the glitz of a Presidential visit or Summit here and there but the weft and weave of extensive and detailed and consistent strategy.

You’d expect differences in trade volumes given USA's 350M population compared to UK's 65M - but even so.

US investment to ASEAN is more than US investment to China, Japan, South Korea and India combined.

You'd expect say California or New York with ASEAN investments and activity.

You'd expect Hawaii and California with Sister Cities in ASEAN.

And you'd expect ASEAN expat communities from Philippines or Vietnam.

But the US-ASEAN activity is strength in depth through national, state and local levels and across private and public sectors.

And ASEAN forecast to become the world's 4th largest economy by 2050 displacing Japan and EU.

A few examples picked almost at random from the report:

* Wyoming is Indonesia's 3rd largest trade partner. Wyoming(!). Landlocked Wyoming with just 500k population to Indonesia's 250M and UK’s 65M and Kent's 1.3M.

* South Carolina's exports to ASEAN have doubled since 2012

* Disaster Resilience aid from US of c.$160M

* Climate Change 500MW renewable energy for Mekong Delta nations

* USAid grants protecting 64M acres of forest since 2012 - an area the size of Oregon

* All 50 states export to ASEAN supporting 500k jobs - and 20 states export over $1BN

* 50% of all Congress districts each export over $100M to ASEAN

* ASEAN students contribute $1.7BN to US economy each year with 55k students - and c.6k US students to ASEAN

* 78 US and ASEAN head of states visits since 2000

* 25 USA colleges with SE Asian Studies

It's horrifyingly excellent.

And that's not to downplay UK efforts: establishment of a UK-ASEAN government group, UKTI/DIT efforts, both before and after Brexit referendum, on UK exports in general, and British Council for cultural activity. Individual initiatives such as British Embassy Cambodia's Skypods STEM Girls work. A G7 lead on the UN target of 0.7% GNI aid.

And UK tourism to ASEAN easily matches US efforts. And trebling of Chevening scholarships compares favourably to Fulbright, Marshall and YSEALI scholarships. UK Creative Industries efforts with new offices in South Carolina and San Diego and dedicated Hollywood office.

But it all pales into insignificance with US results in ASEAN: UK exports to Indonesia only £500M. Indeed India only £6BN. And UK efforts only kickstarted after lacklustre China exports.

And in Kent though there are the green shoots of revived efforts: Kent International Business, excellent reports by both Kent University and Canterbury Christchurch University in Canterbury on the value of international students to East Kent economy. Robust tourism efforts too from Visit Kent and Visit Thanet.

But that contrasted with weak efforts on Virginia links: the Jamestown efforts dusty and Kent-Virginia links through Manston best ignored until the Infratil directors extradition from NZ.

But astonishingly weak efforts on Pfizer/Discovery Park losing 5k jobs out of 7k: the largest US inward investment in Europe.

A lack of common sense action all the more worrying with East Kent's Tom Paine one of the founders of USA.

While Virginia's smooth as silk efforts on ASEAN stand in stark contrast to Kent:

* $153M in food and agriculture exports to ASEAN

* 10k jobs supported by ASEAN exports: a top 20 state

* 1,089 international students from ASEAN - Oregon with similar student numbers recording £38M in direct income

* 2 Sister Cities with Norfolk and Virginia Beach - interestingly out of the way Stockton California and Reno Nevada linked with Battambang and Udon Thani

There are UK quick-wins for comparatively little effort and funds:

* Digital Kent rollout from Wired Sussex

* Expand UK-ASEAN groups: trade and cultural and NGO etc etc

* Expand UK-ASEAN embassy/trade links and targets – a China-Britain Council but no equivalent for ASEAN nations

* Kent-ASEAN a template for Benelux and USA activity

* Develop similar EastWest Center documents and reports - no Kent GDP document for example exists and disparate national reports

* Expand UK-ASEAN Studies and Languages in colleges: less than 5 in UK?

* Develop ASEAN banks and universities in UK

* Develop Creative Industries exchanges: publishing, film, television

* Develop consistent timetables of visits, summits and exchanges

* Release DFID funds from World Bank deepfreeze eg for Resilience activity, Malnutrition in KH and Laos and Myanmar and PNG

* Formalise a Commonwealth-ASEAN Group, and EU Partnerships with EU embassy reviews

And more worryingly there are four other EastWest Center reports on USA in Asia, Japan, Australia and Korea that are must-reads.

UK should even be capitalising on US efforts in UK and ASEAN synergies - with USA as UK's main trade partner - not just Pfizer in Kent, but Microsoft in Reading and Ford in Bridgend and CocaCola, Starbucks and Proctor and Gamble in London. Companies already with key ASEAN case studies.

Britain is in danger - especially with the Brexit silliness: what must foreign nations think of us? - in following Turkey down the path of the Sick Man of Europe.

American can-do seems to be trumping British tea-and-biscuits tinkering.

And only in Britain could not picking winners be considered a viable Industrial Strategy.

And why shouldn't UK be a Top 3 trade partner with every ASEAN nation as a minimum through the decades?

So far though it's looking like just an ASEAN Yorktown disaster rather than a Meiji revival for Kent and UK.

Time for Change


Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Garbutt for South Thanet MP. Mackinlay busted - and weak candidates again

The election is fully on in East Kent.

Candidates for South and North Thanet below:

Thanet South:

Thanet North:

Obviously your vote is yours to use or not as you choose and I hope you vote for me in South Thanet.

And a few quick points:

* absurd Craig Mackinlay is claiming to live at Sion Court in Ramsgate - he lives and works in Chatham and Chatham KCC councillor. Chatham hardly a success story for Kent regeneration
* astonishing too a North Thanet candidate lives in London - both prime cases of parachute candidates
* never heard of Christian Alliance but seems anti- abortion and antiMoslem
* national party manifestos only just emerging and rather dull - and no EK manifestos except mine
* I've lived in South Thanet for c.15 years and have never heard of most of the candidates at all - again exactly what's wrong with party politics: parachute candidates and vague/no manifestos/ mere handraisers and seatwarmers

South Thanet Candidates in detail:

* Tim Garbutt (Ind) - vote for me (!): detailed manifesto and previous track record eg closing Manston. Richboro demolition etc

* Craig Mackinlay (Con) - busted after election expenses/Battlebus scandal and inane manifesto (insert constituency name) prepared by Nick Timothy, Theresa May's beard. Nothing doe in 2 years since 2015.

* Raushan Ara (Lab) - nice lady and runs Harbour St Indian restaurant and ideal for Town Centre/seafront reform, but in the nicest way unlikely to be MP and certainly not until the expected Labour defeat and Corbyn ousted

* Stuart Piper (UKIP) - never heard of him and UKIP wipeout. But bizarre conversation on Manston cancer and aquifer while I was canvassing on Friday - more later

* Trevor Roper (Green) - never heard of him

* Jordan Williams (libdem0 - never heard of him

* Faith Fisher (Christian Alliance - never heard of her and points above

In North Thanet - Ed Targett (Green) by far the best of the candidates: Roger Gale too old and stale and failed on Manston yet again except by dodgy deals.

Ed and I highlighting Crime and Knife crime from the bizarre Police CounterTerror leaflet "be safe on ships at sea at night?": #MpFightclub And an outrageous slur on the good folks of Royal Mail: " A delivered item will probably have received fairly rough handling in the mail"!

The choice of vote of course is yours. But clearly both Thanet Labour and Thanet Tory and Thanet UKIP have provide corrupt and incompetent at every level for years with silence from their parties and others.

Already it seems like a two-horse race between mew and Mackinlay. Are you really going to vote for him again or give Garbutt a go?

I urge Tories and Labour and Greens and LibDems to vote for me - UKIPO wipeout means UKIP votes likely to switch to Tory and low turnout.

Craig will be another bland backbencher (and with a byelection if he is convicted) whereas as an Independent candidate exposing the Manston and Pleasurama crimes I will have the ear of the Cabinet and every Party Leader as an example of how party politics had failed in East Kent.

As the UK's ASEAN MP I will seek committee seats on Business, DFID and Foreign.

Time for Meiji Kent.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Time for Change

* Crowdfunding for donation sand volunteers: email

* KCC election: dull with low 31% turnout and expected Tory almost total majority. Good Leader Carter of Toxic Two Cabinet reshuffle largely the same but ousting John Simmonds as Deputy Leader but as the only KCC pensioner who can count, he's still Finance Director and in charge of Tobacco and Fossil Fuel investments.

* Disappointing elderly pig farmer Ken HIV Gregory elected but hopefully riding Percy his best pig upto the County Barn as an air freshener in the council chamber- highlighting Manston monitors and Pleasurama fraud or keeping his snout in the trough?

* UKIP wipeout with Wells and Fairbrss and Shonk a busted flush at TDC and RTC - another 2 years of them a dismal choice

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Garbutt standing for MP South Thanet. And Tory election fraud busted.

I'm delighted to confirm that I'm standing for MP in South Thanet here in East Kent and the 8th June election.

My manifesto is detailed in the "Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction" campaign eg:

But how outrageous for Craig Mackinlay busted in the Tory Election Fraud with 30 other Tory MP's, and 15 MP’s sent to the CPS for prosecution by the various police forces.

For the CPS to refuse to prosecute most of the cases - the day after MP nominations closed - is laughable given the Electoral Commission imposed it’s largest possible fine and the Tory Party admitted wrongdoing two months ago.

The CPS has been tamed by the Tory Party and left as a Party poodle.

Yet Mackinlay’s case remains open to be ruled on later – after the election.

All that aside, it’s an outrage for him to be selected by the local Thanet Tory party committee and to even consider standing.

The expenses fraud wasn’t a few costs here and there.

It was as blatant as the nose on his face: the whole campaign expenses of £15k spent in just one hotel.

While the Battle Bus delivered dozens of Tarquin’s and Fiona’s from Tory head office in the absence of any real local supporters.

Surely Mackinlay must have wondered who all these bussed-in supporters were? Perhaps not, as he’s merely a parachute candidate dropped in from Chatham where he lives and works.

He may as well be representing John O'Groats.

Certainly he’ll keep quiet on the Infratil crimes and Manston pollution or Thor mercury.

Even scoundrels like Lord Grabiner of BHS or Glick and Hollingworth of One Essex Court?

And what a farce with Jo Gideon of TDC the Manston Committee rascal now bussed out of Kent... to stand in in Rotherham and now Grimsby.

Mackinlay’s protestations he did nothing wrong are mealy-mouthed wriggles to try and prevent incriminating Nick Timothy Theresa May's election beard.

Mackinlay as an Accountant should know about expenses.

Mackinlay as a Magistrate should know about the law.

Mackinlay as a KCC Chatham councillor should know about election law.

Maybe we should have the puppet-master Nick Timothy rather than the puppet and his dynamic policies like “Reducing crime in (Insert constituency name)”

And in 2 years since the 2015 election Mackinlay achieved precisely nothing.

Nothing on reopening Manston: immediately after the election denying it was anything to do with him - and keeping quiet on the aquifer and Infratil crimes.

Nothing on reopening the Port - even the BrettGate cement proposals sprung upon him.


Perhaps all we can expect if there is no wrong doing – for Nick Timothy to appear again and perhaps another dozen Battle Buses? Maybe the Electoral Commission should repay back to the Tories the largest ever election fraud fine in UK history?

Maybe even his Robot Prime Minister appearing to prattle about Strong and Stable and Coalition Chaos?

May should take a machete to such abuses or like May be gone after June.

I urge Tory and Labour and LibDem and Greens and Independents to vote for me, and vote Mackinlay out.

The other candidates are feeble: Raushan of Labour a first-time candidate but good for a town centre focus.

And Rev Piper of UKIP a wipeout – and hardly very Christian with one of the most repulsive anti-Moslem manifestos I’ve read.

With Dutch and now French elections pro-Europe, and the German elections in Autumn, I urge the 48% Remainers and 70% Remain under 30 to vote for me and cancel the Brexit mess.

East Kent’s UKIP pensioners have failed their children and grandchildren and failed themselves – East Kent with its universities and tourism and STEM exports would be decimated by Brexit.

Even the KCC election was a damp squib of Tory majority and unknowns again – and Wells and Fairbrass at TDC lame ducks.

As an Independent South Thanet MP I will be able to raise East Kent and ASEAN issues in Parliament across all the parties not be a mere seatwarmer and puppet handraiser.

Nor the same-old same-old from the traditional parties that have failed us.

Mackinlay is a busted flush.

* I am at Ramsgate High St at noon most days to discuss my manifesto - come along.

* Vote out LocalCraig Tory election fraud and UKIP dragging East Kent down.

Volunteers and donations and office wanted: Crowdfunder page:

Vote Garbutt 8th June.

Time for Change

Friday, 5 May 2017

Gazette letter: KCC election and Garbutt for MP 8th June

Dear Editor

It‘s time for the MP election on 8th June now the KCC election is over.

Clearly LocalCraig being renominated despite the Tory election fraud from the 2015 election is an insult to the public. And that with nothing done in the last 2 years despite promises on Manston and the town centres and Port - and that with the BrettGate cement scandal.

While UKIP have had Farage refusing to stand and explain Manston and Thor mercury and TDC Leader Wells snubbed.

And Space Cadet LibDem Russ Timpson with his absurd NASA plans for Manston has refused to stand.

The Greens and Labour are invisible.

And perhaps the weakest Party Leaders since 1945 and probably another very low turnout.

The national parties have failed us with parachute candidates and cover-up councillors and corrupt civil servants.

If you want your local area to improve then it’s clear the best choice is me as an Independent Green: close Manston and dig up the runway and end the Pleasurama corruption and begin Climate Change policies.

Or would you vote LocalCraig or UKIP again?

Time for Change
Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate



* a dull KCC election - surely the last one with ballots stored overnight and no vote at 16

* UKIP wipeout: clearly a wasted vote on 8th June and the end of TDC UKIP and Wells: vote of no confidence overdue

* a strange Ramsgate result: one Tory and one Labour both unknown. Maybe they'll be brilliant? Certainly they must be keen to speak up on Manston and Pleasurama and Thor etc?

* turnouts in Kent seem to be around 30% - any lower and the elections should be void and rerun with better policies and candidates rather than just voting for the rosette? As with the Tory election fraud of supporters bussed in.

* Laughable announcement of possibly/maybe/perhaps £200M Manston investment from mystery DTD Consulting in Germany and mystery aviation company. And the day before the election very dodgy. An EIR/FOI request will flush out the documents and emails with TDC or KCC. And top think Infratil sold Manston for $1 given the removal of the pollution monitors with TDC and faking the data and fines.

Time for Change


Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Yawn. KCC election tomorrow: who'd know?

A few brief points:

* Who'd know the KCC election was on? Invisible candidates and no manifestos - certainly nothing of substance. Yawn.

* A laughable announcement of squillions of Manston investment by DTD consultancy with a mysterious unknown aviation company. Yawn.

* In Ramsgate vote Ian Driver (Ind) and Rushan Ara (Lab) as the best chance to begin reform of KCC and East Kent

* Vote out Shonk and Heale and Wells - indeed any UKIP and doublehatters.

* Vote out Ken Gregory.

* You cannot vote for KCC Leader Paul Carter even if you wanted to: "planes fly out ot sea"

Time of ran investigation into TDC and Infratil removing Manston monitors and faking the pollution data.

Garbutt for MP 8th June:

* I am at the Comfort Inn polling station on Victoria Parade all day and Ramsgate high St at noon to discuss my manifesto - come along.

* Vote out LocalCraig Tory election fraud and UKIP dragging East Kent down.

Volunteers and donations and office wanted: Crowdfunder page:

Time for Change

Friday, 28 April 2017

KCC election next Thursday 4th May and MP election 8th June

Obviously your vote is yours to use or not as you wish.

I would add only my views on both the upcoming elections:

* Ramsgate has 2 KCC councillor seats and I would suggest you vote for Ian Driver (Ind) and Raushan Ara (Lab) both active in the town and free of the failure of the traditional parties whether Labour or Tory or now UKIP.

* In general non-parachute candidates and Green or Ind candidates are better: the Bayford and Iris Duffers and Crooks of Thanet Labour and Thanet Tory have failed us and Thanet Green and Libdem usually invisible.

* Vote out current KCC councilors (most of them seem not to be standing): nothing done in 5 years. Only silence: Shonk, Heale and candidates Wells, Boyd and Hillman. The latter a London council parachute candidate. Surely a TDC vote of no confidence due in the Summer too after the porkies and BS around reopening Manston.

* Vote out Paul Carter KCC Leader and John Simmonds KCC Finance councillor - if you can, given the odd local election structure. After the election you have no say in the KCC Leader or Cabinet - unless you specify reform for your vote.

* Vote out Roger Gale. Nothing done. A Manston fool.

* Garbutt for MP on 8th June - I would say that wouldn't I - but your only other choice would be Craig Mackinlay embroiled in the Tory election fraud so even if he did win possibly a byelection rerun in a few weeks. And nothing has been done since 2015 except Craig and Wells blaming each other for not reopening Manston and pretending there is no pollution.

Local Craig can hardly claim not to be aware of the biggest election fraud in UK history - with the largest Electoral Commission fine already issued - with dozens of strange Battle Bussers turning up or Nick Timothy writing his manifesto for him.

As an Accountant he must surely have realised £15k in expenses - the whole allowance - in just one Tory hotel was lavish if not downright fishy.

As a JP he must have realised the law.

And as a Chatham KCC councillor and previous candidate he must have realised the election process.

Perhaps not and like the other c.15 candidates up for prosecution he'll blame Tory HQ.

* Or there's Stuart Piper of UKIP as South Thanet MP? Never heard of him. But again nothing done by UKIP except BrettGate giant cement works.

* LibDem Space Cadet Russ Timpson has fallen to earth with his Manston Spaceport and refused to stand (check out the interesting Space Lab in Ramsgate Harbour St and Kent University Space dept though) and I've no idea on the Green or Labour or other candidates.

But UKIP have one of the most repulsive anti-Moslem manifestos I've seen: forced Female Genital Mutilation inpsections, ban the burka and some incoherent twaddle about polygamy. Repulsive.

And East Kent dragged into the UKIP mire as the only/last UKIP council. With only 6% of seats with UKIP candidates there's unlikely ever to be another. Nor scoundrels like Farage and Tingtong Janice lasting past the 2019 MEP election.

And with c.75% under 30 year olds in favour of Remain.

Another cold winter and the horrifying 30k OAP Winter Excess Deaths could see that rise further. No news yet on the latest grim tally for Kent OAP and homeless deaths?

With a pro-EU Macron victory in France and both Merkel and Schultz pro-EU in Germany's Autumn election I fully expect a screeching Uturn and cancellation on Brexit before Xmas. If not sooner given its incoherence and idiocy with every main Brexiteer now sacked or resigned.

Ask your councillers and candidates about Manston-Infratil monitors removed by TDC: Berry, Button and Sproates. And Thor mercury. And cancelling and clearing Pleasurama whether the ongoing corruption or odd new KCC StoppingUp order.
That's a lot of cancer victims with the last Manston air pollution being 4x EU safe levels.

Even Phase One of Brettgate still in place or Ramsgate million quid fire station or derelict Eastcliff Bandstand.

Or cholera drains and sewers.

Or the laughable Manston parkway airport rail station without an airport and odd Riveroak UK Belize company. MIO: Manston Investment Opportunities? No doubt Roger Gale will explain who the secret directors are and so on.

And his view on the East Kent Drinking Water Aquifer under the runway.

Ask about Freedom of Information on documents and salaries and pensions and expenses, and filming council meetings that's more than variable or the 1.99% limit on tax increases without a public referendum that's already been broken.

Ask about c. £17M Ramsgate tax via a reformed Ramsgate town council and doublehatters and the Charter Trustees for Margate undemocratic Town Council.

Ask about £2BN in KCC council tax and East Kent's share.

The pensioners have failed us. East Kent's worst generation mired in incompetence and corruption and poisoning their friends and neighbours and children and grandchildren.

Time for a New East Kent.
Time for a New Ramsgate.
Time to Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Time for Change


* Time for cancellation of 100 SE Rd and Pav both - as with Slipways and Fire station/swimming pool - without any correct or coherent planning permission

* Good Thailand has issued Red Bull arrest warrant as per previous note

* Concerned at reports of naughty teens around KFC etc and rape arrest in Ramsgate and c.500 in EK

* A shame about the dusty Kent-Virginia links given the new Sky TV series on Jamestown a previous as with the Dunkirk movie and Spanish Armada and DDay-Fortitude - and even dusty Hungary links a bit of a KCC missed opportunity

* Excellent #BOM Battle of Medway Dutch event and Fireworks last Bank Hols, as with Japan's Will Adams and the Gills too ideal for Kent Orchids

* Surin Thai Restaurant in Ramsgate - try the sea bass this Bank Holiday weekend, rain or shine

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

UKIP Wipeout East Kent. The Cancer Victim and Corruption Election. Garbutt MP 8th June and 2x KCC

The refusal of Nigel Farage to stand again in South Thanet means the almost-total wipeout of UKIP in East Kent.

And the refusal of LibDem Russ Timpson to stand marks the end of his ludicrous nonsense about Manston being a Spaceport for NASA.

As with the Macron result in France we're seeing the collapse of the traditional parties in UK.

And good riddance too. Nothing has been done in 5 years by UKIppers at KCC and Leader Roger Latchford - formerly of the Gang of Four - has also resigned.

The UKIP national policy to reopen Manston has been a farce since the 2015 election under former Tory and Manston committee member Leader Chris Wells.

And now we have the air pollution statistics with Thanet over 90 air pollution deaths - double most of the rest of Kent.

As you'd expect with Infratil and TDC removing the air pollution monitors and faking the data for almost 10 years. And even now not one public statement form TDC or councilors on how this happened.

Keeping their heads down and taking the municipal pay cheque from those they've poisoned - and KCC with the most over £100k salaries in local government is absurd failure.

An outrageous crime by our councilors and civil servants resulting in deaths and ill-health that were totally avoidable.

The support of Roger Gale MP for the new Riveroak company with it's mysterious Belize company MIO (Manston Investment Opportunities?) is equally outrageous - but par for the course in Corrupt Thanet and Corrupt Kent.

As MP I will cancel any tax haven investment in Kent and cancel Pleasurama and Pav and Manston completely.

The Toxic Three now Two of Paul Carter and Geoff Wild remain silent.

The TDC senior civil servants of CE Madeline Homer and TDC lawyer Tim Howes remain trapped by their silence.

The Cancer Victims of East Kent deserve better than these pollution crimes and corruption.

For the KCC election Ramsgate has 2 seats and I urge the public to vote for Ian Driver and Raushan Ara: local candidates, new faces and not parachute candidates.

And I urge the public to reject Craig Mackinlay as MP -whether at the local Tory party AGM or not - given the Tory election fraud and inaction on Manston etc.

As with Laura Sandys before him, 2 years is enough failure from puppet candidates.

Time for Change