Thursday, 23 October 2014

Corrupt Kent fails: October Public Sector Review

As Kent collapses here's my October review of the various public sector organisations performance:

1. Kent Ambulance: excellent 7 minute response from target of 15 minutes and paramedics forward-positioned in the towns for the Dead Pensioners of Winter. No doubt another bumper crop this Winter: 20,000 pensioner excess deaths last year. Excessive private ambulances though.

2. Post Office: rather excellent postal service from postbox to postoffice. The occasional whistling Great British Posty too. Second Class but almost First Class.

3. Kent Fire: developing Road Accidents review and Coastguard merger. More effort needed on smoke alarms. Excessive trouser crease but does disguise the soot.

4. Kent Police: scared to make arrests with Infratil, Glick QC, KCC etc. Some successes on drug dens hauls and people trafficking. Wasteful uniforms and guns policy. CPS and Courts and Undercover Police/Special Branch beyond democratic scrutiny. The latter no doubt wiretapping MP's rather than catching drug dealers. Prisons and Most Wanted: too many escapees/not arrested.

5. Education: patchy schools and universities - dismal asbestos policy and truanting. Paying tuition fees on top of tax-salaries. Must try harder.

6. NHS: dirty hospitals and shockingly incompetent Ebola response. Quietly effective GP's and Dentists. Would be lower but for Ambulances: see point 1. Sweden far better under 1's survival and child road deaths and cancer survival. A sickly health service.

7. KCC: idle and wasteful. Most £100k salaries in local government. £2BN budget the GDP of an African nation. Failure of Pfizer, Road to Nowhere, Top Temps fraud and Tobacco shares. TDC corruption/airport monitors coverup. No economic policy at all: a hobby-council for pensioners.

8. TDC: improving. Cancellation of Manston airport and Pleasurama and beginning of Dreamland. Shocking abuse of Cllr Driver chased down streets for supposedly secret documents.

9. Coastguard: shit. RNLI doing all the work - and a charity. Should be merged with Fire to save on pretty uniforms for clerks. Danger of air pollution form shipping and removal of air monitors at Dover Port.

10. Southern Water. Very shit. As usual. Jail.

11. Electricity/Nuclear/TV/Wifi: unknown. Shoddy reception/notspots/Belgian mobile/Dungeness contamination.

12. Quangos/individual depts/Military: unknown. Although which idiot would put an MOD fire training centre on the water supply? And duplicate it with one in Hampshire and the civilian Fire service training centres? Excessive 500 drones and 600 armoured cars new purchases.

Next week a review of Central government depts. Few surprises: DFID best, DECC worst.

You're paying for this lot through 44% of UK GDP on tax(!). What do you think?

Time for Change

Monday, 20 October 2014

Kent Governance by Corrupt Cardigans

Kent Police crumbles.

A Force on the run scared to make corruption arrests whether 0% fraud or EKO or Infratil corporate manslaughter or Environment Agency cancer sites at Thor and Sericol and MOD Fire.

Kent Council Governance crumbles with elderly council cardigans covering up the mess through inaction and bumf and waste.

Yet another Kent hospital in Special Measures. Unable to provide basic hygiene never mind deal with Ebola or TB or the UK's 20,000 dead Winter pensioners.

£20M in TDC salaries for one of Britain's worst councils. £2.3BN (that's billion with a b - a Third World GDP budget) for potholes and teacher's salaries and allowing asbestos and tobacco shares and Top Temps fraud.

Disastrous regeneration from the collapse of Pfizer one of Western Europe's largest employers to the destruction of Dreamland a top ten UK tourist attraction.

RTC reissuing the empty Town Plan again: 3-5 years of inaction.


As Mayor and MP I will ask Greater Manchester Police to investigate the fraud and failure that Pughley's Fashion Police and Kent CPS are unable to.

A NancyBoys in Blue service on the rates scared to arrest Macgonigal or Glick QC or Fitzgerald.

I will cancel Pleasurama tax haven seafront fraud and consult on start-again.

I will close Manston MOD Fire and demolish Arlington House.

I will dig up the Manston runway and end Parkway cement waste and create Manston Park.

I will cancel all double-hatter and excessive family seats.

I will introduce a 70 year and 3-term age limit.

I will direct TDC and KCC Council tax to the relevant Town Council for approval and reallocation to ensure reform.

With every party working to 44% of GDP in tax there is no impetus for reform in a bloated and corrupt Kent governance.

The cardigans have failed us. A mess of corruption and cretinism and coverup and contamination.

As they sicken and die off the future is reform.

Time for Cleaner, Greener, Cheaper and Younger Kent Governance.

The corrupt cardigans have failed us.

Time for Change

Manifesto #1 completed: see Manifesto #2 and #3:

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Lazy Kent Police. Scared Kent Police.

Kent in freefall.

Year Zero. Ground Zero. Third World Thanet.

There's really no excuse for it.

Sure there's mistakes and mishaps but the collapse of governance and the economy in Kent and East Kent goes beyond that.

The corruption and incompetence is rampant and blatant.

And Kent Police are simply too scared or too lazy to do anything.

So are the CPS.

Both established by the public to preserve law and order - and justice.

And funded to the tune of over £300M. Plus the costs of the Courts and Prisons.

And what do we have?

A Police force running scared.

Scared to investigate TDC corruption.

Scared to investigate the 0% fraud by Macgonigal and Moores.

Scared to investigate the Pleasurama tax haven fraud.

Scared to investigate banned Thor mercury.

Scared to investigate polluting Southern Water.

Scared to investigate the Infratil and Gloag missing monitors and fines.

Scared to investigate Glick QC and BSB fraud.

Scared to investigate the KCC Jimmy Savile care homes.

Curling up in the Police stations and Headquarters or venturing out to roll a few drunks and tramps.

A nod and a wink to hope it'll be cleared up after months and years.

A CPS and Courts beyond democratic oversight.

And just too lazy to deal with car parking or publishing FOI or even machete crime.

Even the Police Commissioner and driving without insurance now. Never mind the banned Manston planes or Ostend gunrunning or Dungeness leaks.


Lazy at best.

Relying on the public to raise and deal with the problems.

Someone else's job.

3,000 police and £300M and the most blatant crimes.

They seem to think that civil servants and councillors and lawyers are above the law.

As Mayor and MP I will insist on:

* daily drug den raids and the haul published
* monthly routine FOI on guns and bullets and tasers and hiding in the backoffice
* CPS, Courts and Crime Commissioner FOI: trials and results. Jail for shoplifters but not civil service fraud?
* Clementi lawyer permits to end light and fraudulent self-regulation
* no Queens Police or Long Service medals without a drugs den tally
* standard uniform procurement for catalogue trousers
* ban the Police Xmas panto on the rates - oh yes I will
* extradite Infratil for corporate manslaughter
* begin Operation Banzai to ban and seize machetes and samurai swords without a permit
* begin the SW and EA investigation and trial
* investigate the KCC paedo care homes
* zero drink driving and road deaths
* effective pandemic policies and TB/Flu vaccine stocks
* begin Costa del Crime exchange programmes with foreign police forces from Mexico to South Africa to Myanmar

Time for Learmonth's Learjet and UK prisoners abroad like Joshua French in Congo Death Row and extraditions/European arrest warrant.

Time for 112 and 101 global emergency response numbers.

We have a Nancyboys in Blue service too scared or too lazy to make arrests.

Time for Pughsley to begin proper policing and kick a few doors in whether drug dens or council offices or barrister chambers.

Time for Change

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Who Lost Kent?

Utter collapse in East Kent after the farce of Manston and Pleasurama corruption and destruction of Dreamland. Utter decay in the rest of Kent with hospitals in Special Measures, sink estate schools riddled with asbestos and dozens of broken towns - with or without Portas. Contamination at Thor mercury covered up - a factory banned in 1988. Broken sewers and shit on the beaches. Time for Change. Time for Carter and Gale to resign. Failed. 30 years of failure. £2B in tax funds every year. Tens of thousands of civil servants. Nothing done. Failed. Failed. Failed. As MP and Mayor I will declare the area broken in need of Emergency Special Measures across all the organisations. We now have Third World Thanet. Enterprise Zones are sticking plasters for decades of rot and stagnation. The same old faces failing and continuing. We need a clearout. Time for demolition of Arlington House. Time for Zero Landfill. Time for Solar. Time for the end of doublehatters and parachute candidates. Time for Infratil extraditions: corporate manslaughter with KCC and TDC. Carter and Gale must go. Time for Change

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kent's rubbish MP candidates speak...

With thanks to Private Eye here's the all-purpose "politician-parachuting-into-seat" statement our rubbish MP candidates Kent may as well use:

"I can confirm today that I will be standing in (insert name of seat here) at the 2015 General Election. I have long had an affinity with the good people of (wherever the place is) with its (Wikipedia some facts about it and insert them here). I will strive to be a good local MP concerned with local issues close to voters' hearts such as (find something they're all moaning about in the local paper eg A&E ward closures or bin collections or something).

In no way do I see representing (insert place name here) as some sort of stepping stone for greater political ambitions; all I want is the opportunity to represent the people of (make sure you spell the bloody place right) to the best of my abilities and to be a powerful voice in Westminster for their concerns about (insert some guff about jobs and immigrants as that usually plays well). Together we shall put(place name don't forget to buy a map) on the map. Thank you."

Funny yet sad isn't it. For the motley collection of candidates we have are:

* Nigel Farage UKIP from Sevenoaks. Perhaps two speeches in the area since the last election and never seen before or since his candidature
* Craig Mackinlay from Chatham. never see in the area until selected last month. Hilarious mention of berthing his yacht in Ramsgate as some sort of affection for the area.
* George Cunnignham Lib Dems - sort of in the catchment area but never heard of. Bizarrely a serving EU civil servant which is illegal ie jiggerypokery over steering the Taiwan visit to Manston as he represents Taiwan in Brussels(!)
* Russ Thingy the other LibDem - again sort of in the catchment area but never heard of. Loses marks for claiming to be an aviation expert without realising Manston was one of many airports with a junkyard licence.
* Will Scobie Labour local but Margate/North Thanet. An astonishing range of political jobs via his councillor father. Silver spoon socialism really.
* Ian Driver, Greens. Fair enough, and worked on animal exports and TDC corruption. But bizarrely supporting Manston airport despite the pollution and corruption.

A mixed bag of party careerists and chancers really. The serious point is the undermining of democracy: the whole point of an MP is to represent their area not to be parachuted in to climb the Party greasy pole.

Why would someone from Chatham or Sevenoaks care about Thanet other than as a paycheque? And given say jobs or grants for an area why would they not prefer their home patch?


A dismal lot of rubbish candidates.

Not one policy between them.

And it's certainly no the fault of the Romanians or the EU. Thanet's problems are Thanet's fault.

We have elected fools and failures.

And as with the TDC doublehatters and triplehatters undermining democracy.

We need a ban on parachute candidates by law and party selection. And the same on doublehatters.

We need full monthly FOI: why are councillors not seeing the report and accounts or the candidates? Even the crooked ones?

Why are expenses etc not published?

Where are the manifestos?

Where is Margate Town Council?

Where is MP recall and Direct Leader elections at KCC?

I will stand as MP and Mayor candidate to deliver these.

We need a Police investigation into Pleasurama and Pavilion corruption and Manston/Infratil monitors and Thor mercury and Southern Water contamination.

Carter and Wilde of the Toxic Three stay silent.

Fitzgerald and Clarke and Pearce and GlickQC and Hollingworth stay silent.

Clive has resigned and Moores and Macgonigal - but they cling on for the paycheque.

Port Everitt and Bint Harrison and Aids Gregory lower Thanet's reputation further.

Farage stays silent as does Sandys and Gale and Latchford.

Pointless granny councillors failing now to even pretend to do something on the councils.

We pay these fools but their loyalty is only cover up for their party and civil servants.

Mere bickering gutter trash.

Yet the contamination continues.

Even hospitals in Special Measures Failure again and no Pandemic policies at all.

Not one public statement.

Silence on the aquifer and dumped jets.

Even the farce of Parkway white elephant funding as Manston is closed.

And the Police are too scared and feeble to do anything beyond rolling a few drunks and shoplifters.

We have our Boys in Blue nancying around on the rates aiding and abetting our corrupt and incompetent elected and unelected public servants and failing on knife crime - even on parking crime.

I say No.


Our towns are broken.

Our governance is broken.

Bring the Infratil Bastards Back.

It's time for a proper Police investigation.

It's time for electoral reform.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption.Stop the Construction.

Time for Change. - Manifesto #1 is almost completed now

Garbutt for MP and Ramsgate Mayor 2015

Monday, 18 August 2014

Infratil. Bring the Bastards Back.

The Bastard Fitzgerald. Bring Him Back.

The Bastard Clarke. Bring Him Back.

The Bastard Baker. Bring Him Back.

The Bastard Bogoievski. Bring Him Back.

Time for Corporate Manslaughter charges for Infratil and TDC and KCC for removing the airport monitors at Manston.

No doubt doing the same at their last airport in Wellington.

The Kent Bastards are here - no need for extradition.

The Bastard Latchford.
The Bastard Macgonigal.
The Bastard Carter.
The Bastard Wild.
The Bastard Pearce at the Environment Agency.

All silent on the 0% fraud and pollution monitoring.

Deliberately polluting Kent's citizens and covering it up. Silent on Thor mercury closed but open.

Put 'em on trial. Bring 'em Back.

$1 Gloag is here from Stagecoach NZ with Infratil. She can testify on the monitoring under her reign at Manston.

It's zero.

With Farage standing in Thanet South and in favour of Manston we can hear his grubby views on the Kiwi Killers instead of Romanians.

Or corrupt lawyers and judges like Glick and Hollingworth at One Essex Court. Feeble lawyers at the NZ Stock Exchange hushing it up.

Bring the Bastards Back.

Perp walk Infratil's corporate criminals: orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.

PM Key will send them back.

Let's see if they can bribe the UK courts.

Bring 'em Back.

Time for Change

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Toxic Manston. Toxic Gloag. Toxic Kent.

I admire Infratil and Gloag for polluting and poisoning you.

Don't you? You must do. You accept it. You pay for it.

You certainly will.

And your children.

And your grandchildren.

Cancer and mercury are not just for Xmas.

Or this generation.

For years they've persuaded KCC and TDC to help them remove the monitors, fake the flight statistics and avoid the pollution fines.

And get you to pay for their tax breaks and infrastructure investments.

And then when the corporate manslaughter charges tighten, Infratil up sticks and do the same at Rotorua and Wellington airports and dance around the NZ Stock Exchange investigation.

And throw Manston to their friend Gloag for $1 and walk away. Maybe sort the costs out behind closed doors. Maybe a tax rebate here and there.

A council described as toxic and corrupt by the Local Government Association(!)- a Rotten Borough down there with Tower Hamlets and Birmingham(!)and Scarborough rotten councils.

What have the BriNylon Boys been doing on the rates?

I doubt there's been one fine issued or any pollution notices for contamination or dumped jets yet.

Manston's only future is a park and Water Protection Zone for the aquifer.

And KCC and TDC and Environment Agency now dance around the possibility of 700 acres of yet more pointless housing? Why? No reason. Sounds good in the council plan.

But they poisoned and polluted you.

Your councillors are silent. Your MP's are silent. A few resignations here and there and kick it all into the long grass and blame someone else. Silence on Thor.

Late at night you'll remember. The tightening of the chest. A cough.

During the day you'll remember. Cancer drugs too expensive. Queues at the hospital.

Pay your tax. Stay silent. Maybe you won't get cancer.

Gloag and Infratil and KCC and TDC and Environment Agency are to be admired. They're picking up a pay cheque and a pension and a payoff.

Carter. King and Wild. Pierce at EA. Macgonigal. Gloag and Fitzgerald and Clarke and Baker and Bogoievski in NZ.

Even banned from EU aircraft: gunrunners and blood diamonds ushered into UK airspace from Ostend and Luxembourg and Frankfurt-hahn via war-torn Africa.

You have to admire them don't you?


Next year is the 125th Anniversary of Van Gogh's death - who of course lived and worked in Ramsgate with the letters in a superb British Museum exhibition about 2 years ago. The last part of my 1st manifesto not yet done is to establish the Van Gogh Gallery in Ramsgate with a display of Vincent's paintings and the Ramsgate Vincent Letters all 7 of them.

Impossible though. Can't be done. Certainly not the 15 year farce and £50M cost of the Turner by The Ancient Regime.

Bako Van Man and cars on the Prom are too difficult for Kent Police. They'll never manage Deepcut or Glick or AlYamamah.


The WW1 Centenary is nearing with Ramsgate's role as a Canadian army base and Canadian Red Cross important. The Canucks will be there. First to call first to fall.

The WW1 Centenary is not just a blip this summer but ongoing for the next 4 years 0- already Mons is City of Culture and important with Flanders Tourism.

Little has been done on Japan's role in WW1 as a UK ally in defeating the Germans in the Pacific and supporting UK ships in the Med and Channel with Japanese war graves in Malta.

Time for Meiji reforms: Margate Town council, vote at 16, no double-hatters, corruption clearout of Macgonigal and Moores, term limits and politician exams. Full FOI. The first Kiwis brought back in chains for trial. Fast-forward EU and Asian languages in schools. Cancel EKO expenses-quango and white elephant vanity projects and tarmac splodge like International Airports and New Town and Road to Nowhere.

Council tax strike from TDC to fund RTC and the other towns and depts split and reformed by town. An East Kent Council of Mayors quarterly and emphasising East Kent not Maidstone with the £1.2BN budget for EK and £60M per town so far wasted.

A nation forged in bureaucracy and secrecy and pollution. Government of the people by the bureaucrats for the bureaucrats.

Nothing done for D-Day or Dunkirk by The Ancient Regime. A price paid in blood and the lazy pensioners on our councils can't be bothered.

The contrast with a recent Nghe An development team for Vietnam was astonishing or the DaNang Project and KwaiRail.

And nothing done for Climate Change Kent: more floods, colder winters for pensioners and hotter summers.


Nothing on OneGov: point 9.

Nothing on UNMDG2 reform: point 13.

Nothing on Thailand's Yingluck School PC: point 28.

Nothing on the Pav or East Kent Film: point 5/Kent

I admire Infratil and Kent Council don't you? You must do.

Time for Change - details of my 2nd manifesto for Meiji reform and Manston $1 Wanted leaflet to download and pass on.