Monday, 27 June 2016

Brexit. A brittle Britain and Kent, and Common Ground

What a mess. An utter and utter mess.

A few days into Brexit and it couldn’t be much worse if you tried could it?

A 52:48 voting split so close as to be an irrelevance. I say that as a Remainer – and if the vote had gone the other way. The narrowness of the vote means nothing has been decided: many people like the EU and many people don’t.

While the turnout was high at c.70% but that still leaves a third of the nation(s) who haven’t expressed an opinion.

So rather than a 50:50 split we have a 30:30:30 split – and a split that hasn’t changed significantly in almost 6 months of campaigning - if not since the2013 promise of referendum. Certainly the vote wasn’t on the weak as water February 2016 reforms – can you remember those, I can’t.

The people and parties have spoken – and said not very much at all.

The vote also creates Generation Split with the elderly voting against the EU and the young overwhelmingly in favour of it. Research I’ve seen suggests that age 43 is the crossover point.

While the referendum (for either vote) was deeply flawed in not having the Vote16 group as did the Scottish independence referendum –and will certainly be a voting age change in future.

Even without the EU vote we have the UK disintegrating with fundamental differences in Scotland such as tuition fees and dynamic leaders as Sturgeon and Salmond likely to create a tartan version of the Laos Project as Britain’s Battery (as well as education, STEM and agricultural trade) with an emphasis on renewable wind and wave technology.

Speaking of tartan, the new wave of export-led Scottish designers such as can only enrich an autonomous or independent Scotland.
Even I would suggest, Scotland develops Eire links of its own – Celtic Tigers if you will - with a Glasgow-Belfast-Dublin-Cork bridge and hispeed rail speeding up freight. The Institution of Engineers estimated 30% of UK HGV’s are travelling empty - and gridlocked in the Southern ports around Southampton, delaying trade to Scotland and Ireland.

Scotland voted IN and is already seeking an independence referendum again after barely a year – so as to remain in the EU. Silence on whether Brexit would mean border controls at Hadrians Wall again.

While Northern Ireland, the only UK region with a land border with the EU and Eire, (unless you count Kent and its Euroregion as well as Calais Jungle/Chunnel)) is raising the prospect of a reunification referendum with Eire. In the anniversary year of the Easter Rising that led to Irish independence, and the year ahead of the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement that created peace from the Troubles, perhaps that’s fitting.

Those Brits with Irish and Scottish heritage, such as myself, might well be considering an Eire or Scottish passport and citizenship to retain access to the EU along with close and friendly relations with our family of nations.

Britain’s expats in the EU are already questioning the value of freedom to work, travel, live, study and do business from Brexit. For example, will the E111 free healthcare be revoked as with other non-EU nations?

Spain – mired in a similar electoral quandary - with another election in 6 months, no doubt keen to prop up 50% youth unemployment and Med refugees costs, with savings on the 1M Brit expat healthcare, and already moving to urge reunification with Gibraltar and considering tighter border control again rather than say an open Gibraltar and road-rail bridges and links to Morocco and the rest of North Africa as part of the Med Partnership raised by Sarkozy.

Certainly Brexit has resolved the question of the economic value of the EU to UK:

• the worst one day fall in the pound in 30 years
• a stock market crash in France and Italy
• Britain plc downgraded to negative credit ratings for investment
• main banks such as HSBC suffering a 30% fall in shares
• the Bank of England rushing to implement a £250BN(!) emergency fund – handy to know there’s money to prop up the banks again as Britain, and possibly Europe, slides into a deeper recession or at the very least continued recession
Politically, though the Brexit has turned into a farce.
Within minutes of the Pyrrhic announcement Brexit began to unravel:
• the resignation of PM Cameron - with Europe claiming yet another Tory PM scalp
• Boris and Gove declaring victory but looking as if they’d lost – and the horrifying prospect of explaining there is no plan for Brexit. Nothing.
• astonishing infighting within Labour with the sacking of Hilary Benn Shadow foreign secretary and wave upon wave of c.20 shadow cabinet resignations ahead of a vote of no confidence in Corbyn
• the Greens facing a leadership election anyway with the quiet resignation of Bennett a few weeks ago
• Libdems invisible in the campaign and already shrunken to just 8 MP’s
• questions over the continued existence of UKIP after Brexit – and the new Chair dispute unresolved

While the UKIP-led Brexit platform unravelled within minutes: no £350M of funds to the NHS – indeed funds to the EU may well continue as before in a Single Market arrangement, Hannan MEP confirming immigration won’t be reversed and unlikely to be slowed or halted, Farage changing his mind that he’s lost and now won again and that there’s likely to be a recession but it’s OK, and Carswell, holding his nose at having to deal with Farage, confirming that with 13% of the vote in the last election UKIP is unlikely to have much influence in a new election.

While if that wasn’t enough, within a weekend calls for a 2nd referendum (originally created by Leave when they thought they’d lost) gathered almost 3M votes to Remain.

Britain in week 1 of Brexit looks divided and incompetently governed. Moving from First World to Third World: tipping from the 5th largest economy to the 6th largest in days, with a weaker economy, losing the trust of major corporations such as Nissan and Hitachi for investment. HSBC already preparing to relocate 1,000 workers on the Euro markets to Paris or Frankfurt. And the Tata Steel deal for Wales placed on hold and so on.

While the Chancellor has disappeared and likely to be involved in the caretaker cabinet reshuffle with delays if not paralysis on any new budget, decisions on Heathrow 3rd runway, Northern Powerhouse, HS2/3 and even Operation Stack.

For, in Kent, Brexit follows much the same pattern as the rest of the UK. The percentage of pensioners voting is slightly higher but to be expected in a retirement region already stagnating, and the vote for Remain is higher around the 60% mark. But still the same massive Generation Split with the younger generations (the future of Kent after all) wanting to remain.

While the absence of a Brexit Plan and new PM and new general election (gone are the days of UK PM’s being appointed by the party and simply continuing) will deepen and extend any recession and affect key industries such as tourism. Why would European tourists want to risk visiting a destabilised UK and Kent and possibly currency and ATM problems? UK expats are already seeing one pound to one euro exchange rates and Greek ATM controls on sterling for UK tourists.
The Calais Jungle could well be moved to Dover. Why would France want to cooperate with a non-EU nation?

Although a UK recession may well reduce immigration - and increase emigration.

Kent would face calls such as the absurd situation in Cornwall where a Leave vote instantly leads to the county council calling for more UK funds to replace the lost EU funds! Cornwall, as with Kent and Newcastle and Liverpool and Hull being one of the regions that has consistently befitted from EU funds – whether that’s the Sea2Sea ferries or Channel Tunnel or more local projects such as Thames Crossing or Paramount or Thames Gateway.

Even Crossrail in London benefitted from a £1BN EU loan of the sort that’s important for cross-Europe transport links whether the autobahns to Moscow or Istanbul or hispeed rail or airport overhaul and safety.

Kent Police may well want to consider the purchase of an armoured car already – less as a command and control vehicle than riot control - for what could well a long, hot, summer of discontent and confusion through to a new Tory Leader by the Tory conference in October. And simultaneous Labour and Green leadership elections. And then a new general election in late 2016 or early 2017.

Certainly Kent's universities and languages and schools would be bracing for the decline in international students - why wouldn't say Scottish universities scoop up more candidates?

Undoubtedly rejecting the EU referendum (the vote isn’t binding or law without Parliament’s approval) so to remain in the EU will be a key policy of many if not most of the political parties. Even a Brexit policy is likely to be fluff and facesaving quibbles meaning no real change in UK membership of the EU.
There’s even an argument, given rather silly calls for London independence, that East Kent despite being a hotbed of UKIP support would eventually seek an autonomous arrangement as a part of Europe’s only cross-border county. Certainly that’s no more absurd than claims of Gibraltar or the Falklands as British territory or the jerrymandered sectarian fudge of the truncated Six Counties of Ulster.

Brexit has exposed the value of Europe to many people, the danger of losing the close political, diplomatic and economic and cultural ties. And Generation Split with younger people wanting to remain in Europe.

The damage is already incalculable with weeks and months if not years of delay and incompetence to be revealed.

The USA and John Kerry are already signalling support for the Special Relationship…with Germany. Why wouldn’t USA focus on Europe’s largest economy, the political and trade links, and in the heart of Europe and the EU?

They even speak good English.

While with Operation Anakonda16 and Rapid Trident (and the USA bases and troops for Europe and Africa in Germany) from the Channel ports to the Ukraine and Crimean borders is a US-EU focus, prior to Russian and Turkish accession to the EU.

Brexit Britain looks brittle and confused, even before Article 50 is invoked, in comparison as EU27 and USA concentrates on a united Europe with Bosnia and Serbia and Albania.

After a year of Corbyn nothing has been done and I was astonished at how few of the Shadow Cabinet I actually knew.

Certainly wiser and more capable heads such as May and Fox, or Benn (who didn't then stand against Corbyn for Leader), Hodge, Onwurah, Blackman-Woods and Creasy, and Lucas and the aforementioned Sturgeon and Salmond could be surer hands on the tiller than the sinking hulk left by Boris and Gove and Corbyn and Farage.

While a revitalised Cameron focus from the Lords on trade could help stop some of the damage that will ripple outwards for years.

Trending on Twitter is the hashtag #whathavewedone and you might well ask.

Time for Garbutt KCC leader 2017 and MP 2020 – or is that 2016 or 2017?

What an utter, utter mess.

Time for Change

Tim’s titbits:

• Who should pop up last week in the BHS pension scandal with Philip Green and Chappell…Lord Grabiner of Britain’s most corrupt barristers One Essex Court with Glick QC and Hollingworth. Grabiner it seems was Chair of BHS (appointed by his brother the CEO – you couldn’t make this up could you) although didn’t turn up for many of the Board meetings when the pensions black hole was created. Frank Field referred to his diminishing reputation while Private Eye described him as “a boiled old sausage” for the previous LIBOR scandal he led for the Bank of England while the Financial Times described him as “Lord Grabafee”. More later, but as Vince Cable stated, what an advertisement for British business – and now the rather rancid High court these scoundrels make.

• Common Ground: a superb initiative by advertising supremo Martin Sorrell and Climate/Presidential expert Al Gore with Ban Ki-Moon the outgoing UN Secretary-general for the 6 main advertising groups to take on the UNSDG30 goals with broad themes:
o WPP: Gender (quite an easy one both strategically and creatively for agencies of the scale and skill of WPP – whether the Norway 40% role, or a Woman on Mars by 2030 under the UN flag or FGM/Child Marriage)
o Havas- Climate
o IPG - Water
o Omnicom – Education
o Dentsu - Health
o Publicis – Food (waste/source/share)
o And a cluster of other issues for other agencies such as Refugees and Immigration and Isolation/Separation
• I’ve already raised Surin School Charity with Omnicom as ideal for case study and promotion
• And, without, unravelling all the UNSDG30 goals and c.170 sub-goals, certainly goals 8-12 are omitted so far but ideal for agency consideration, whether Sincerity or not, in terms of consumption, sustainable economies and cities etc
• Common Ground is a massive initiative that the ad agencies – with their clients - are leading on and need your support over the next 15 years: more later
• While, as I’ve written before, there are some major gaps in the UNDG30 goals: Space, War and more effort needed on killers such as tobacco: 5M deaths every year and Cancer: 8M deaths every year and 39M blind people globally. Issues I’ve highlighted with Discovery Science Park and all 130 University Chairs for Cancer, Cataracts, DNA etc required

• A really superb effort though by WPP and the main ad agencies: more later but look out for dynamic brands in UK supermarkets near you such as Lucky Iron Fish in Cambodia and Unilever’s Lifebuoy soap and handwashing in Ethiopia

• Interesting research on #STEM that physics is boys’ 4th most favourite subject and 19th for girls, while 46% of UK schools don’t send any girls to study physics (never mind brain surgeons or rocket scientists) – a massive failure for education and pharma #STEM

Time for Change

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

RapeNation. RapeKent. What a fucking disgrace.

114 rapes reported in 2015 in Thanet.

3 convictions.

What a fucking disgrace.

A detection rate of around 2.5%.

What a fucking disgrace.

One Rape Crisis Maidstone, c.2 hours’ drive away.

What a fucking disgrace.

The West Kentification of KCC by Leader Carter. No wonder Maidstone has appalling traffic jams - all the public sector offices are there. A basic failure that the Whitehall out of Whitehall programme is overcoming nationally with Salford Media City etc.

East Kent funds it and West Kent gets it. Whether it’s roads or schools or hospitals or bumf jobs. What have our elderly kippers such as Latchford and Heales and Shonk achieved except Cancer Victim coverups at Manston and Thor?

442 rapes in East Kent in 2015 – and 65 still being investigated over a year later.

What a fucking disgrace.

100,000 rapes in RapeNation UK last year – the highest ever.

What a fucking disgrace.

A national detection rate of 5% - unchanged in almost 30 years.

What a fucking disgrace.

The Broadstairs rape lawyer writing to a victim to call her a liar…then their client admits in court they raped her after all. Who is that lawyer and law firm?
DCI Max “Minimum” Davidson of Kent Sex Crime Division says rape is a very difficult crime to solve. Gosh. Well I never. You don’t say. And water is wet.
You don’t need to go to Hendon, or get Paul “Marlon” Brandon’s PredPol Cops back from Vegas to give their crystal balls a rub, to work that one out.
Appalling rape statistics. Who is running Kent Police? Chief Pughsley or Peter Sutcliffe?

What a fucking disgrace.

And what is The Boy Police Commissioner Matthew Scott doing in his first few weeks? We have gun-nuts in Orlando with USA’s worst massacre given the loose gun controls, and now the first killing of an MP, since the IRA in 1990, with another gun-nut, and Kent awash with machineguns in the UK’s largest hauls.
Yet The Boy PCC is crumbling to the gun lobby in handing over £39,000…to speed up issuing gun licences rather than ensuring tighter controls and that all Kent’s population have rapid access to a Rape Crisis Centre near them.

What a fucking disgrace.

The same with Mental Health units and Orphan/OAP Care Homes and Homeless hostels. Een hospitals that aren’t filthy would be a start.
The Boy PCC needs to raise his game if that’s the best he can do, swanning in as a Tory MP teaboy rather than making sure the police perform.
And it would be interesting to detail the number of cop-on-cop incidents ie the police suing each other on the public dime and time? Whether it’s tripping over the kerb or stung by bumblebees or words of advice shifting them onto non-jobs for the pension?

When I stood as PCC before refusing to support the Kent corruption of Infratil and TDC monitors and Thor mercury contamination, the gun lobby was the main vociferous lobbying voice. The Boy PCC is kow-towing to them already.

Kent Police aren’t corrupt, like many of Kent’s councils and politicians, with being involved in the Infratil and Thor crimes – but they’ re stood on the sidelines preferring inaction.

And with Hillsboro (2 S.Yorks Chiefs resigning in a day – one being investigated by Kent Police), Deepcut-Surrey Police and now Orgreave and Birmingham Six retrials it’s hardly a good year for policing. Never mind the Goldfinger shotgun-heart attack or CementMixerDrowning or Manston-Ostend IranAir and gunrunning/drugs flights, or Essex Police affiliated with Kent through the Serious Crime Squad.

Will Kent Police be cooking up a Hillsboroesque story about the Infratil and TDC monitors and cancer victims caused by Berry and Button and Sproates?
Maybe drunk Scousers removed the pollution monitors and faked the data for years?

Maybe helping TDC and legal beagle Howes to shred the evidence?

Maybe investing in some wipe-clean Met notebooks to fix the Thor pollution data too?

Maybe Beggs QC for Surrey Police at Deepcut could be funded on the rates with support from crooked barristers and lawyers like Hollingworth and Glick QC at One Essex Court and Palmer Biggs and Downs Law?

Maybe some tame or best mate judges such as Lord Grabiner QC of One Essex Court could dismiss these crimes all as stuff and nonsense?
But for £300M budget a year and 6,000 cops and clerks (and more with the CPS and Courts), maybe the Kent Police Rape Cops should be back handing out parking tickets or picking up litter, if a 5% detection rate is the best they can do.

Certainly Special Branch could be doing more than putting elected councillors on a mysterious Domestic Extremist Database or wiretapping MP’s such as Caroline Lucas. What are the Burberry Boys of Special Branch doing? Follow councillors back from the town hall or MP’s from parliament?

They’d be better off following the Kent Police Rape Cops and see what they’re doing.

The sooner this Domestic Extremist Database is revealed the better, and Kent Police and Special Branch’s role in it. Which councillors and MP’s knew of it and saw it?

That’s a lot of Burberry overcoats and The Sex Cops trailing after elected councillors and shagging demonstrators.

And 1:1 cops and clerks is an outrageously high backoffice skew, ripe for Kent, Surrey, Sussex mergers to reduce the 43 forces. And another 43 Fire Office-Police mergers needed given only 400 UK fire deaths a year (a dozen or so in Kent and South East?).

We already have an ineffective desk-bound Coastguard wasting budget on expensive offices and pretty uniforms on the rates - and calling out the charitable RNLI to do the work.
While FOI Finchy and Million dollar Millington’s fancy fire station garage instead of a swimming pool is absurd waste.

The Courts granting a year’s extension (and at least 3 years in prosecuting Steve Uncles of the English Democrats for the previous election(!) and voterigging scandal) after last year’s Tory election fraud with LocalCraig (and him a Chatham magistrate as well as an MP) etc bussing in rent-a-crowd supporters from Central Office due to inaction suggests a police force and Courts asleep at the wheel – or rather scared to put their senior pensions in harm’s way.

While 5% is unbelievably feeble - even worse than random or fitup – almost as if they’re trying to let rapists wander free.

What will it take to get an arrest? A rapist wandering into a police station with his pants round his ankles, and wiping his cock on The Desk Sergeant’s shirt-tails?

So many tasers and trousers and cars and helicopters and pensions and forensic kits and guns and salaries and bodycameras yet so few rapists arrested.

RapeNation. RapeKent. A fucking disgrace.

Time for Carter to Go.

Garbutt for KCC Leader 2017
Time for Change

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- Surin Thai restaurant the best Thai restaurant in Kent and one of only 45 of any cuisine in Kent according to KM:

* The Bridges of Battambang to follow

1. Broken Kent Elections #1: at last a reply from Nadeem Aziz the Dover Council CEO and PCC Returning officer some 6 weeks (and with a £60k fee remember for what mot would describe as a basic election task of a council CEO) after raising the issue of henry Bolton the leaky borders UKIPper illegally standing as a serving civil servant and why Fergus’ forms were rejected for not being hand-delivered(!). It only took the Electoral Commission and OESCE observers to raise it too…
2. Broken Kent Elections #2: the increasingly slippery and incompetent Tim Howes legal beagle at TDC making up excuses for using in the EU referendum illegal letterheads – as specified by the Electoral Commission. A basic lack of competence that only P45 reform can resolve…
3. Broken Kent Election #3: no news as yet from the TDC Election Clerk (as point 2) on why the TDC/RTC election forms were only notified an hour before the deadline(!)
4. Breaking news: Broken Election #3.1 – my spies tell me there is after all a separate RTC election with a handwritten(!) notice of 9th June and deadline of 24th June for 21st July election (via Madeline Homer Returning Officer at TDC again). Who knew? And why only 2 weeks’ notice for candidates yet then 4 weeks before the election? Surely it should be the other way round – and detailed on the RTC and TDC websites? A medieval muddle and shambles. At least we know the TDC and RTC (and KCC) elections are separate not just a tool for doublehatters to crowd out democracy. The public should refuse to vote for any doublehatter. Indeed, any candidate without a written manifesto.
5. Broken Election #4: no news from TDC CEO and Returning Officer Madeline Homer on why/how non-national elections ballot boxes are stored overnight without being counted? Maybe it’s not important.
6. Quite frankly we need OESCE election observers in Kent given these feeble performances – maybe from another Third World nation like Chad?
7. Too corrupt Kent councils: OLAF EU fraud silence, White Finger Scandal Silence, Sands Hotel Dreamland court cases silence, 100SE Rd garden grabbing silence – why haven’t councillors insisted all these details are released? They’re all funded by the taxpayer so why should they be hidden. If they’re court cases then the documents need to be checked the council isn’t making things up…I doubt the councillors have even seen or approved any of these cases. Or even the accounts and salaries and pensions and expenses…
8. Remain is the only sensible choice in the Brexit debate with over 90% of economists, businesses, banks, Bank of England, organisations such as IMF etc all citing Britain being worse off with Leave. But especially feeble of George Osborne in Kent to cite Operation Stack being cancelled if Britain leaves. Is that it? Supposedly no impact on science or university research and exchanges? Or on Kent’s language schools and tourism industries?
9. While the Out arguments on immigration are laughable racism. UK expats in EU are almost the same as EU immigrants at c.2-3M. I was surprised there’s only c.50k EU bureaucrats – about the same as at KCC. While its desperation to be PC rather than Racist, to suggest that Jamaican or Indian rocket scientists are being banned from Britain from because of an EU priority. Where are the hordes of Jamaican rocket scientists when you need them? As feeble as the scare tactic of every Romanian or Bulgarian and now Turk moving to UK. Much of UKIP such as TDC’s NegroRoz or GolliwogBertie would want them all banned anyway. And City trader Farage all too willing to divert from quibbles on the Euro to descend to racist depravity with hatred of HIV patients previously and now the Breaking Point poster of Syrian refugees. Rightly condemned by politicians of all sides and even the Archbishop of Canterbury – with Farage sidelined throughout the Brexit debates. Vote IN – and for massive EU reform ie Sarajevo Shift to support and fund prosperity in the Balkans, and end wasteful symbolism such as the Strasbourg Shuffle. Or don’t bother – the debates have been weak and the result will be within a percentage point or two, so no great victory either way, and rather ho-hum after almost 6 months of nothing much.
10. Rather it’s the end of Boris as a mainstream politician, and no doubt we’ll have resignation countdowns from Farage and Cameron for successors. Probably Corbyn too in a few months. The 2015 election and now EU Referendum has shown the weakness of the current crop of UK politicians. Probably only John Major and Michael Gove have had anything approaching a competent election.
11. Astonishing research by former Cllr Driver on the Parkway-Manston railstation, bizarrely still being discussed at KCC some 2 years after Manston closed? What must the conversation be each month when that appears again on the agenda given there is no airport? Where is the £17M on the Parkway being spent? Tea and talking shop biscuits for bureaucrats? Abysmal County Planning as usual nothing more than vanity projects involving pouring cement.
12. Dismal too that former RoboCop now RoboGob Mallon and SHP Stone Hill Park is trundling along – again with the Gloag missing fines and contamination information and aquifer protection, and half-empty/nonpharma jobs at Discovery Park. An idiotic New Town overbuild project worthy of KCC Leader Carter’s last days... before the May 2017 KCC election. And all the more appalling that the next-door Thanet Earth greenhouses are the second-worst light polluter in UK(!) narrowly pipped to that unwanted prize by Tata Rotherham steelworks(!). They don’t have blackout blinds at Thanet Earth? And interesting from aerial photos, they seem to have dug into the (polluted) drinking water aquifer for reservoirs for their tomatos…
13. On talking shops: astonishing that the Commonwealth hasn’t already specified the end of the death penalty in Commonwealth for all crimes, and for gay and disabled rights in Africa and FGM Female Genital Mutilation mainly in East Africa and modern slavery/trafficking. Why are the Commonwealth and African Union dragging their heels? These are minimal problems now to be swept away along with the half-dozen Last Dictators of Africa and Central Asia – and UK and EU sanctions and DFID aid should be leading the way and with a tax havens ban in UK overseas colonies.
14. Terrific the Space buzz around Tim Peake’s mission – and well done to the East Kent schools involved in Space #STEM research and Space foods/seeds. Superb as UK seeks to develop its Space Industries such as Space Junk clearance, weather satellites and Space Ladder. How astonishing that over 60 years of satellites still hasn’t yet girdled the Sun and every planet with dozens of sensors?
15. The P53 genome causes most (about 50%) cancers and tumours – where is the NHS DNA rollout, cyberknives in hospitals (I’ve written on this before, but also detailed now in The Sunday Times with the Imperial College Hamlyn Centre), and globally coordinated research programme to fix this, and thus most of the 8M cancer deaths a year? When are these RoboDocs and iKnives rolled out to NHS hospitals rather than noodling around forever on research?
16. Surely soda/sugar manufacturers would speed up introduction of diet sodas (about 50% of the market already) if the half-dozen supermarkets eg Tesco etc that make up 90% of the food sales market in UK specified it as a SKU/shelf stocking policy? All sodas should be the diet versions within a year. The taste differences are minimal and diabetes/obesity benefits massive. And the supermarkets could easily draw up and publicise and label a list of their highest fat etc products for public review? It would take a matter of moments. Breakfast cereals and health bars seem notorious for hidden sugar. Just as the pressure is on for the UK supermarkets to be the first to end tobacco sales as did Walgreens in USA. One for the good folks at Waitrose? While schools and vending machines in sports centres and hospitals should only stock diet soda.
17. The good folks at Venomtech at Discovery Park could be developing #STEM vaccines for 40k deaths from Rabies in India as well as supplies for UK hospitals. One too for the good folks at Rotary and Lions (still a horrifying 39M blind globally for lack of specs and cataract expertise/vaccines) after the massive success of polio vaccination. 2015 the first year ever for polio-free Africa. And only Pakistan and Afghanistan left with a few dozen polio cases.
18. Just as the good folks at Panasonic, as part of the Kent-Benelux Strategy, could be developing P53 genome technology in bathroom mirrors and electric toothbrushes, or toilets and sinks and handheld devices.
19. Cambodia Rail: PhnomPenh-Sihanoukville route to the coast/port now open and I understand work commencing on an HCMC route although I have no details as yet. 2 years for links through to Bangkok? And then the Kwai-Yangon link again?
20. Riots in Papua New Guinea over calls for more democracy and prosperity. And calls for an EU-ASEAN trade focus, and defence overhaul, given the EU HQ in BKK and the first US-ASEAN Summit in April with a tech focus from Microsoft etc. Another reason why Brexit would create a diminished and underperforming Little England.
21. Astonishing statistics on the debate over a Hong Kong handover of the Falklands: only 570 children under 15 (and only 144 people in all of West Falkland) – I’m no demographics expert but surely this is both massively unsustainable, and likely to lead to problems of inbreeding and incest that plagued the Pitcairns?
22. Bizarre an RNLI quad bike driving up and down Ramsgate Blue Flag beach: noisy and dangerous and pointless, and part of the syndrome of beach and prom becoming roads and carparks: reg no. WG63 HCL and NippersNook W445 YSB – best to clamp then and tow them away.
23. Similarly with Pleasurama best to tear the wall down: it will never be built and it’s just an eyesore while the Pavilion and Wetherspoons (notorious for Tesco-style chain pubs and zero hours contracts) is mere rigged sales as with the Slipways and Dreamland. Same Old Corrupt and Coverup TDC under Wells and Shonk and Homer. Weren’t they meant to be a breath of fresh air and new broom rather than the same stale pensioners letting East Kent stagnate and rot?

Time for Change

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Queen's 90th. Time for Royal Reform in UK.

Tim Garbutt, KCC Leader 2017 and MP2020 candidate said:

"The Queen's 90th Birthday today marks the end of era.

With Queen Elizabeth as one of the world's longest-reigning monarchs, beaten only by the King of Thailand now in his 70th Anniversary of reign, it's time to reflect on Royal reform.

Clearly the sycophantic delight in the Queen walking and talking and breathing harks back to a medieval Britain that ended in 1649 and 1688, if not earlier with Magna Carta, rather than the 21st century.

It's time for 21st century Royal reforms:

* end the Military Oath to the Royals for an Oath to Parliament and Public - the Royals have no roles except ceremony ie the Queen-in-Parliament. The military reports to Parliament.

* end the last Hereditary Lords: how absurd that the only Lords election as it becomes a Senate since 1999's reforms is for the last 92 Hereditary Lords to elect their replacement as they die off

* end the Empire designation in medals and all Royal titles eg Baron etc - Prince Charles has already called for this. Britain has no Empire, and hasn't for decades, except tax havens and fragments of colonies such as the Falklands and Gibraltar

* reduce the Civil List to 5 Royals (and reduce the hundreds of butlers and courtiers on the rates) as in Spain and open all royal palaces/houses eg Sandringham to the National Trust and public

* end Royal sinecures such as the Lords Lieutenants and 70(!) Deputies tripping over each other in each of the counties - ceremonial bloat along with the Council Chairmen etc

* replace the Royal Dieu et mon droit crest etc, in public buildings with Union Jack and Parliamentary portcullis

Britain's Royals have minimal, if any roles, in a modern nation - while Commonwealth, and charitable and tourism functions such as Princess Diana and landmines or Prince Charles and Climate Change, and faces on coins and stamps, are useful but not essential as most nations have found.

And the Royals funded from Kent's public purse have no practical function on say Infratil corporate manslaughter at Manston or Thor mercury cancer victim contamination, or even fraudulent Kent elections and crooked barristers and lawyer and judges such as Lord Grabiner and One Essex Court or Dungeness and Belgian nuclear contamination. Their subjects have no role except funding waving and patting corgis.

While the variances now on UK law whether Scottish votes at 16, free tuition fees or Caribbean Commonwealth death penalties or even the continuation of the Union Jack for the Scottish saltire make a mockery of the Royals as a uniting institution.

Perhaps Scandinavian bicycling Royals are nearer the mark for a modern nation.

A Royal rubberstamp to perpetuate themselves is an irrelevance in 21st century Britain.

Time for Royal reform."

Time for Change.


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- Surin Thai restaurant the best Thai restaurant in Kent and one of only 45 of any cuisine in Kent according to KM:

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

An EU Army – again? And Kent Corrupt elections.

One of the more interesting scare tactics to emerge in the last month from the Brexit debate was the fear of an EU Army. Strangely both sides, Remain and Out, rushed to deny such a thing, and they‘d be against it anyway even if it did exist. No doubt amidst fears of British Tommies being goosestepped around by the Hun.

Or wave after wave of Eurocrats in tanks landing at the White Cliffs of Dover to take over completely. Perhaps only presaged by a scouting force of Albanians at Dymchurch.

But, such silliness aside (and isn't the debate dull, and Boris increasingly ludicrous with his silly gags?), an EU Army not only exists already, but has done for decades - if not for centuries.

An EU Franco-German Brigade of 5,000 troops exists in Strasbourg, although admittedly that’s largely for ceremonial symbolism and show. But rather that, than another hundred years of the tribalism, with France and Germany at each other’s throats. That's what a fledgling European Union was designed to prevent with a Coal and Steel Union after the carnage of both World War 1 and 2 that destroyed most of Europe and North Africa.

Perhaps now a Solar and Wave Union would be more relevant, with even Saudi Arabia’s 2030 plan downplaying oil for the likes of Desertec solar. Even oil-rich Norway moving to electric cars only by 2025.

Yet with the EU Army, there’s also the EU BattleGroups with 18 Brigades each of 1,500 troops from at least two EU nations in rotation every 6 months – including British troops serving as of 2005, 2008 and 2010.

And the British Commander at one point was David Leakey now Black Rod in Parliament so an EU Army can hardly be a surprise to any UK politician.

The current 6 month tour of duty for the EU BattleGroups is the Visegrad Group of Hungary, Czech, Slovak and Ukraine. And then for the rest of 2016 there’s the Central Group of Germany, Czech, Belgium, Eire, Luxembourg and Croatia.

And yes, you read two of those nations correctly: Croatia the most recent EU member already taking part in its military functions. As is Ukraine although not yet an EU member – and nonEU members such as Norway and Turkey also take part in the Groups as does Macedonia. The latter, as with Ukraine not even a NATO member yet.

And the EU Army also has the EuroForce of c.2-4,000 troops deployed since 2002 in Macedonia, Congo, Chad and Central African Republic.

And all that is without the rather arcane distinction of whether NATO forces in action, without a USA or even Canadian component, are an EU force. Certainly USA troop and bases cutbacks in Europe and the new US Central Command for Africa are designed to encourage Europe to take on more of its defence and planning.

There’s even a EUGendarmerie force, since 2006, of c.3,000 riot police/troops from at least 5 nations – handy for the collapse of Greece, Spain and Southern Italy after both the Recession and Refugee failures.

And there‘s the EU Navy, primarily coordinating individual nation’s ships, for the Mediterranean now and Somalia before that. An EU Airforce seems the only main element missing, albeit with ship-borne helicopters filling that role and NATO again.

Indeed the only EU nations that don’t take part in the EU Army at all are Denmark and Malta, although both are in NATO.

With Germany seeking to end its conscription of troops as wasteful and pointless, there’s an argument that Europe requires only the 3,000 BattleGroup troops and Riot gendarmerie for internal security, and the EuroForce for MENA deployment. The question then being why is Europe funding an extra 1M troops in its various militaries to sit in barracks with little to do beyond Europe, and nothing to do in Europe?

Brexit would raise the prospect of the UK having no oversight of an EU Army – and bearing a fuller cost for the UK's own military. The Cold War peace dividend took decades, if all to occur, while recent NATO claims of requiring 2% of GDP looks weak if even Germany is around the 1.3% mark and seeking to reduce its costs.

NATO specifying NATO'as tax-take is of course fraught with difficulties...

And it certainly raises questions why UK is already paying 2.5% of GDP for the UK military.

And even predating the formation of NATO in 1949 (and some years before a fully-fledged EU) is the WEU Western European Union formed from 1948 and comprised of 7 nations including UK. The WEU as an EU Army in effect came into being before the EU itself.

And the WEU lasted from until in 2011 when it was subsumed into the new EU Security Policy. And it certainly was active in 1999 for the only use of military force in Europe over Kosovo.

So as you can see an EU Army (and one of several components) not only exists but has done for decades and has been deployed in Europe mainly for training and abroad for peacekeeping.

While EU peacekeeping forces are active as both a police and military function in Somalia and Sudan along with UN peacekeeping troops – now augmented by UK troops for the first time in decade.

It may well be post-Putin, given the Georgia and Ukraine conflicts and Baltic threats, that Russia joins the EU (as well as Turkey and Ukraine) but certainly not impossible, and again likely to require another wave of disarmament in Europe.

While the North African and Levant nations are likely candidates for EU Accession too as part of the Mediterranean Partnership and as with the Chad and Kony war crimes, a resurgent African Union and EU-ICC must crackdown on the last few dictators such as Bashir, Assad and Obiang and the last few Presidents-for Life in Africa and Central Asia.

And even before WEU it’s worth remembering the very real contribution of the Brexiters main enemy of the moment, the Poles. Not for nothing is Polish the main foreign language in UK now or the recent Polish blood donations amidst the scaremongering of first 19M Romanians or 7M Bulgarians and now 75M Turks – the whole populations for those countries supposedly shifting to Brent or Bradford.

British troops landing at Sword Beach in June 1944 did so under the watchful eye of not one but five Polish Navy warships: ORP Blyskewica, ORP Dragon, ORP Krakowiak, ORP Piorun and ORP Slazak. And alongside the troops of the 1st Polish Armoured Division. Polish troops that would also launch into the air over Arnhem knowing the battle was in danger of being lost.

Those Polish troops carried the same insignia of eagle’s wings on their uniforms as 300 years previously in resisting the Turkish advance on Vienna, that as with D-Day itself formed the basis of modern Europe.

While the troops that relieved the tremendously brave airborne assault on the Merville Battery and Orne Pegasus Bridge were 3 Troop of 6 Commando. A vital task in preventing (as with Kent’s role in Operation Fortitude with General Patton) a tsunami of the 22 divisions of German panzers held in reserve, sweeping down from Calais and across the invasion beaches.

3 Troop were an EU army in microcosm of Belgians, Dutch, Norwegians and Poles again and the X Troop of German Jewish refugees given English names and CofE religious disks in case of capture.

And overhead the Spitfire pilots of Czechoslavakia and Poland - and of course French, American and Canadian soldiers and sailors and pilots. How very different in that June 6th, compared to now, was the perception of a proto-NATO and an European Army Allied to liberation and freedom, not one of fear and hatred.

While a European army of alliances goes back even further, whether in the killing fields of the Somme and French and British and Canadian troops – the latter based in Ramsgate, with the Canadian Red Army Cross hospitals in the converted tourist hotels and secret Richboro Port.

And all across Flanders fields the soldiers and sailors from USA, Japan, Thailand, China, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Vietnam, Italy, Cambodia, Morocco, India, Senegal and Algeria.

Or further back, there’s the French and British and Turkish alliance for another war in Crimea.

And perhaps the most European Army of all, under the Duke of Wellington, launching from Ramsgate to Spain and Portugal and France, to stand with the Dutch and Germans and Russians to twice defeat Napoleon.

Another June day in 1815 that celebrated a European Army and European unity rather than the petty and divisive nationalism veering into racism of Farage’s Blackshirts that at worst besmirch Kent and Europe. Or at best prove to be a laughable saloon-bar Roderick Spode in French cuffs.

Indeed it’s not so outrageous to argue that an EU Army works best in restraining the USA in acting alone, given the wreckage of Iraq and Afghanistan and Libya and Yemen and Somalia and now Syria.

And perhaps the greatest failing of the Brexit debate is the case not being made for a Stronger Britain in a united Europe – certainly an EU reformed – and one looking out beyond a Fortress Europe and Fear of The Other drawbridge mentality, to unity with Turkey and Russia and the Levant and North African nations.

Time for Change

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* Surin restaurant review: top Thai restaurant in Kent:

- Surin Thai restaurant the best Thai restaurant in Kent and one of only 45 of any cuisine in Kent according to KM:

• A footnote on the appalling Little Ships remembrance in Ramsgate last week by Our Council of Duffers: interesting article by the Kent Messenger on the Dunkirk movie by Christopher Nolan I’d mentioned as relevant for my EKFOS project: the East Kent Film Office and Studio – why should all Kent film activity be centred on Maidstone Studios and Chatham Dockyard? And certainly with regeneration tanking we need a more diverse economy in East Kent than just tarmacking fields. but beyond that the KM highlighted, I’d forgotten to mention the horrific German war crimes of the Wormhoult barn massacre as well as the Le Paradis executions and Vinkt – British troops as well as Belgian civilians

• Good to see Margate High St having its pedestrian zone enforced by Kent Police: over 20 cars cluttering up the High St and endangering the public. As with Ramsgate pedzone and seafront and prom there’s no excuse (bizarrely the main culprits the TDC binvans and the kiosk owners) and ticketing/fines and then clamps/fines are needed. There’s no excuse I seaside towns

• Deepcut Scandal coroners ruling now issued for Cheryl James (one of 4 murder-suicides what were Surrey police and the Military Police doing, except coverup?)– the Army’s Shame BBC2 documentary - features in my previous manifesto (point 30, page 9 in the A5 version) if you want to doublecheck the details)
• Good to see the Chilcot inquiry report scheduled for publication

• Also 24/7 London tube services this Autumn – a very nice Royal Mint celebratory £1 Tube coin too and terrific plastic banknote designs of Churchill and Turner etc – increasingly I think Kent Orchid flowers should be recognised by the Royal Mint or GPO whether coins or stamps (fab Pink Floyd music stamps)

• Good too to see UK UN Peacekeeping now expanded in Somalia and Sudan. Time too for the UN police as those broken nations move beyond conflict to working together

• Similarly no excuse from TDC on delays to the Mo Leys TDC and RTC election: it seems the civil servants don’t believe in free and fair elections: reminders below for your view- I refuse to stand in this farce of an election a d rampant corruption - details later. All the more abysmal with Roger Gale MP having the brass neck to lecture Africans on their elections.

• My manifesto you can't vote for it: (blog post below) – and good to see Rotary and Lions with their fridge bottles/stickers for emergencies and Specsavers programme for specs to the Third World: 39M people blind and most of it avoidable with either vitamins, specs or cataracts. Where is the NHS and RN programme of hospital ships? I was astonished at an Africa conference that here is no specific programme for African doctors or nurses or those with an interest in Africa to coordinate with hospitals/NGO’s etc

• Dreamland: what a mess. Bust twice in 6 months – after being purchased by TDC taxfunds of £28M or more – who knows with TDC's dodgy figures and reports. Down to TDC’s usual incompetence and dodgy dealings – the same as Pleasurama BVI and Wetherspoons/Pav

• I often raise the issues of malaria nets: bought for $3 retail almost anywhere in the world – so with 600k deaths that would only be about $2M in nets needed – double or treble it if you like. It’s still peanuts when DFDI now has $20BN in funds?

• On that point, Discovery Park needs to focus its STEM work on AMR antibiotics as well as TB or malaria drugs – and East Kent need sot consider jobs beyond the labcoat in malaria net production and Kent University-CCU research programmes

• A Times article that the Dymchurch dinghy of smugglers was previously owned by….Kent Police. You couldn’t make it up could you? Their Princess Alexandra dinghy (a Royal navy-type RIB boat) had £350k spent on it then auctioned off for £100k then eventually bought by the smugglers….

• British Steel bumbling along: Scunthorpe now sold for £1 – a major UK strategic industry that needs better care, especially with the various towns’ reliance on just one industry – and concerning before the proper development of Graphene products

• An interesting Archbishop of Dover message on CofE and Buddhism: only 87 Buddhist temples in UK, an interesting BBCKent report too on Canterbury diocese with over 41% of priests over 60, the most in the CofE

• Bizarre decision of PCC Scott issuing £39k in funds for gun registration with Kent Police. Hardly a priority, with the onion ring or not. When I stood the gun lobby was by far the most vociferous, much as in USA. Yet Scotland now issues a ban/permit even on air rifles

• Silence on:

o 100 Se Rd – the Robert Fidler illegal planning castle now demolished so no excuse for illegal developments
o BVI Pleasurama and clearup
o Manston aquifer and Infratil/gloag-Stagecoach fines
o Howes censorship of councillor emails
o Port fraud police case
o HSE TDC White Finger scandal details
o Toni’s noisy newsagent and Amanda Button ASBO

• Misc points:

o Time for ASEAN expansion of Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and Solomons – desperate poverty in geographical and cultural proximity, and only c.8M population in total barely more than Laos or Singapore out of 600M, and no doubt precursors to formal Australia and New Zealand groupings with ASEAN

o Time for UK-Pacific Commonwealth Group too - whether part of G77 or not

o 33 Australian dead in the Vietnam War repatriated to Australia from graves in Malaysia and Singapore with CWG Commonwealth War Graves Commission – I was astonished at the shoddy care of the Long Thanh graves in Vietnam: presumably the Australian MOD (if all all) rather than the invariably excellent CWG

o A US-Vietnam arms treaty now reversing all the sanctions from the 1970’s onwards, and UK typhoon jets rotated to Japan and the new defence treaty given the tension over the Paracels and Spratlys and North Korea

Time for Change

Mega-Transport Projects and ASEAN:

Excellent news:

1. HS1 completed
2. HS2 and HS3 in planning
3. Crossrail completed
4. Crossrail #2 in planning
5. Shanghai-Madrid railway completed: c.10-12 day journey (upgrade to under 7 days)
6. Cambodia rail replacement underway; Poipet and Phnom Penh-Sihanoukville
7. BKK-PP-HCMC: the latter stretch to HCMC never built before WW2 and would link all the main ASEAN capitals through to Yangon(Kwai upgrade via Dawei/Tavoy) and India
8. ASEAN hispeed rail upgrade: all track in place but only single one-way track not double-track and not hispeed rail. Each of the main ASEAN nations is about the size of France
9. Vientiane-Vinh rail in Central Vietnam: links to DaNang port and Vinh as Haiphong #2 given the typhoons and large population of the Red River Delta, and to largest city in Laos and Northern Thailand. And links through to Pacific trade with Philippines and USA etc
10. Indonesia hispeed rail and bridges: 13,000 islands and a G20 nation of 250M and the length of London-Istanbul
11. Philippines: 7,107 islands
12. Australia hispeed rail: Cairns to Adelaide
13. Darwin to Timor-Leste road/rail bridge-tunnel
14. Cape York bridge to Papua New Guinea
15. Shanghai to Vancouver: overland via Baring Strait road/rail tunnel – linking London and New York and Santiago by land
16. Gibraltar road/rail bridge: lining London and Cape Town and Cairo by land
17. Cape Town to Cairo: last road/rail links through Sudan
18. Jeddah Red Sea bridge and Arabian hispeed rail (in progress): Kuwait to Cairo and Basra-Berlin again
19. Bari road/rail bridge: linking Southern Italy and Balkans/Istanbul
20. Space Ladder: Perth or Kazakhstan – link to ISS space station and Mars exploration/colonisation: first woman on Mars by 2030

ASEAN expansion: Timor-Leste, Papua New Guinea and Solomons, c.8M people
ASEAN-Pacific Commonwealth Group:
A. Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Solomons and Fiji
B. Myanmar and Timor-Leste – nb Cambodia previous unsuccessful application
C. Bangladesh, (Bhutan), Nepal, India and Sri Lanka
D. Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile, Nicaragua and Panama

Time for Eire-Scotland road rail: Cork-Dublin-Belfast-Glasgow: far faster freight route than via Southampton?

Time for Change

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Garbutt manifesto: RTC and TDC June 2016 election(s) - and Kent Public Sector Review to May (election update 3pm)

(A D-Day article to follow, but gremlins in the PC delaying it)

(Only TDC...: after two weeks of chasing, TDC say they sent an email last week and then resend it...with an election deadline an hour later at 4pm. Laughable but easier than stuffing the ballot boxes I suppose. Nothing of course on the TDC election. More later, although I've asked for an extension and notified Kent Police/Electoral Commission, but clearly Kent elections are weak if not corrupt with the Tory expenses, LibDems civil servants standing amongst many breaches. TDC are handling the RTC election and neither are sure if there is or isn't an election. Shambolic.)

The resignation of Cllr Mo Leys has opened up seats at RTC and TDC (no doubt soon the 2x Stolen Valour seats as well) and I will stand.

Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction. Stop the Pollution.

After the May 2015 election clearly TDC is still a disaster.

The UKIP majority has been lost with the non-starter farce of Manston. Neither Tories nor Labour have anything to say with resignations/switching to Independents loosening their roles.

Tory election expenses scandal and Manston now cancelled leaves no policies at all.

Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction. Stop the Pollution.

Homer the new CE has had no impact in over a year: yet more corruption with the Port dredging and silence on Infratil crimes.

Appalling delays and silence from TDC on how the elections will be run - a concern given the rampant corruption and coverup at TDC and now Kent Police investigation into Tory/LocalCraig electoral fraud - you can ask if you want to know:

A corrupt and incompetent set of councils wasting tax on themselves.

Nothing done.

A lost year.

Nothing will be done.

Another lost year next year.

The corpses pile up from the Manston and Thor coverups.

Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction. Stop the Pollution.

Time for Change:

1. Ramsgate’s £17M tax withheld from TDC for RTC spend, and review of TDC services/costs/performance
2. Police Cancer Victim inquiry into Thor, Manston removed monitors/fines, 0% salary fraud and BVI Pleasurama and Dreamland
3. Establish Margate Town Council: 3 towns with agreed shared services and East Kent council – leaner, cheaper, better
4. Ban on doublehatters and family teams restricted: one person, one council – especially Shonk’s absurd multiple roles at KCC, TDC and RTC roles – democratic roadblock and reduction and tax waste
5. Election reform: minimum of 30 days’ notice of election, ballot boxes opened and counted same day, civil servant ban and enforced, councillor phone, address and email published, party switcher: election, independent review
6. Dig up Manston runway and bulldoze buildings and cancel Stone Hill/Manston new town: aquifer replenish and protection, and cancel Stagecoach bus contracts without Manston fines
7. TDC/RTC silverware/artefacts review: insurance/lost/stolen
8. Asbestos review and cleanup all schools
9. Cancel TDC retyped-FOI policy and review costs
10. Review of civil servants locality: localism weakened
11. Cap public sector salaries at £80k and review staffing levels, pensions, expenses/benefits eg TDC-Margate car park and payoffs: 750 staff bloat for failure
12. Public Sector Tax/Performance review with c.44% of GDP in taxation: as a rule of thumb 30% of public sector seems bloat, and review Frontoffice to Backoffice ratio and funds
13. Full FOI: 30 days automatic update, minimal, if any, exemptions sought
14. #STEM focus Discovery Park: Third World vaccines eg TB, malaria nets etc
15. Elected Mayor: public control of council not councillor backroom deals
16. Ramsgate port review: cancel Slipways, publish Port dredging fraud names and seek foot passenger ferry to Ostend not HGV
17. Cancel and clear Pleasurama site and consultation
18. Thor mercury Cancer Victim review and Police inquiry: free blood tests, cancer tests and tissue/hair samples
19. Weekly events/festivals through Summer season and fortnightly for Winter season
20. Cancel Wetherspoons mega-boozer
21. Restore EastCliff Bandstand and Winterstoke gardens
22. Review Ramsgate pier, Pilgrims paths and Landings attraction
23. UNESCO shared listing: Pegwell Bay and Canterbury sites - cancel Shard aerial and National Grid Nemo
24. Cancel and reinstate 100SE Rd illegal garden-grabbing
25. Twin towns expansion: Pakse, Laos; Battambang, Cambodia; Danang, Vietnam; Loei, Thailand; Almeria, Spain; Tavoy, Myanmar; Cebu, Philippines; TBC: Congo, Algeria, USA, Indonesia, Canada
26. WW1 Ramsgate-Canada celebration: Medicine Hat, Red Cross etc
27. Create Education Commissioner Thanet/EK: 40xThanet schools, language schools and 4x universities – Broadstairs CCU campus – tourism focus, EK-College Creative Industries focus
28. Return x12 US Presidential missing medals: Northern Belle 1857
29. Create NHS Commissioner Thanet/EK: GP, hospitals, pharmacies, paramedics review – Pandemics early warning
30. Digital Kent: free school computers/smartphones, 3D printers, library tablet PC loan etc
31. Solar Kent: all public sector buildings switch to green electricity and then solar panels
32. North Sea/Channel: radar/flood/tsunami sensors
33. Free Economy review: utilities, transport fares - end appalling DSS benefit sanctions targets and Disabled welfare cuts etc

Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction. Stop the Pollution.

Time for Change

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* Sincerity article on Coca-Cola:

* Surin restaurant review: top Thai restaurant in Kent: and one of only 45 of any cuisine in Kent according to KM:

* 21st century Britain agenda article:

* No Tobacco Day Smoking Sincerity article:

* EK Remedial points 2016:

* EK strategy 2016:

* Time for a Free Economy article:

Kent Public Sector Review: to May 2016

Briefer than usual but fairly self-explanatory and update later (thanks to those with comments/views):

1. GPO
2. Police-parking
3. Southern Trains
4. Univ
5. Ambulance

6. High schools
7. Pharmacies
8. GP’s surgeries
9. BT

10. Fire
11. KCC
12. Courts
13. CCC

14. Prison
15. CPS
16. PCC
17. Primary
18. Electricity/Gas

Special Measures: unfit for purpose
19. NHS hospital
20. Dover- DC
21. RTC- TC
22. Highways Agency
23. Env Agency
24. Southern Water
25. TDC- DC
26. Coastguard

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Operation Undynamic – Dunkirk forgotten in Kent amidst the corruption and now Dreamland collapse

What a dismal weekend for Ramsgate.

The Bank Holiday a mix of sunshine as you’d expect for a Great British Bank Holiday.

But the towns continue their decline.

First we have the shock news of Dreamland going bust again – at Xmas and now the Bank Holiday.

The knives will be out for the rascal Tim Howes the TDC lawyer-clerk who handled the shady handover(!) of Dreamland owned by TDC through compulsory purchase for the Godden’s housing estate. And then handed it to Sands Hotel. No information as to why or contracts.

And Sands even suing TDC –and winning a secret payout so undoubtedly more that Leader Wells is keeping secret this mess.

Howes even seems to be making Wells’ decisions for him in TDC refusing to search for other Manston buyers. I agree with the decision but it’s down for the elected Leader to make that call or not. Not the clerks. And if the clerks are making those decisions, either upfront or through backseat driving, then the Leader needs to sack them.

And then the disgusting farce of the remembrance and celebration of the Ramsgate Little Ships.

A steel thread that run through Britain with the Dunkirk Spirit and Miracle of Dunkirk as the stiff upper lip made real.

330,000 troops saved from the clutches of the Nazis in 10 says or so. Hundreds of ordinary boats some little more than dinghies heading across to Dunkirk from Ramsgate to ferry the soldiers from the beaches out to the warships and make the return journeys as well.

Usually it’s a major event in Ramsgate, as you’d expect, with the yacht club and Port and beer tents and so on.

And this year?


Nothing arranged at all.

No notices in the weeks running upto the Bank Holiday.


And I stumbled upon a religious service with 20 of the Mayor’s pensioners on the tatty promenade at 3pm on Bank Holiday Monday. Under the shadow of the derelict eastcliff bandstand and corrupt BVI Pleasurama site. Even cars parked on the prom and the RNLI driving around an empty beach on a quad bike.


Frankly the place looks as destroyed as Dunkirk in 1940.

Heads must roll at TDC and RTC.

All the more appalling as this week as the cameras were rolling in France and Belgium for…Dunkirk the movie. Starring Tom Hardy of Mad Max, Cillian Murphy of Peaky Blinders and Kenneth Branagh and one of the One Direction moptops, and directed by Christopher Nolan probably Britain’s greatest living film director: Inception, Batman Dark Knight and Interstellar.

I’ve already raised this with KCC as ideal for my Project EKFOS - the East Kent Film Office and Studio.

We need our own film office to work with Kent Film Office but bang the drum for East Kent rather than just Chatham Dockyard or Maidstone Studios yet again.

While our own film studio will drive regeneration with Dreamland and Paramount theme park as well as creating other jobs beyond the cement mixer. Ideal for that would be the BFI digitisation of old films before they literally rot into dust. The need is there, the money is there, we can and should do it in East Kent.
Clearly though with the Nolan movie, Dunkirk still resonates with younger generations in films and TV and books and websites, and even more so when the film is released this time in 2017.

One example I’m reading is Dunkirk Retreat to Victory and P.224:

“In all some 848 vessels served under Admiral Ramsay for Dunkirk…with meticulous organisation (of the) issue of charts to the skippers...many of whom had never crossed the Channel in their lives. Lieutenant George Grandage RNR working in the Naval Control Office at Ramsgate had three large boxes of charts delivered to his office by London taxi…1,500 charts in all covering the route from Ramsgate to Dunkirk…Grandage worked out the route and his typist produced 500 copies- one for each craft...he and one assistant laid off the courses and positions on about 1,000 of the charts. It took them all day and most of the night.”

He shouldn’t have bothered should he given the current Ramsgate council of duffers?

Just as the Ramsgate SAR naval teams based at the Oak Hotel rescuing 300 downed airmen shouldn’t have bothered. Or 1,700(!) Spitfires shot down over Dunkirk.
The beginning of disaster after disaster for two long years for the UK and Allies from Dunkirk, the Blitz, fall of Singapore – what Churchill considered a defeat even worse than Dunkirk - and sinking of UK aircraft carriers, Pearl Harbour, and greatest US Navy defeat in the Solomons, that only began to turn with Guadalcanal and El Alamein in 1942.

And for Kent didn’t really end until well after Operation Fortitude and DDay, and the V1 and V2 rockets through to March 1945. Frontline Kent indeed.

Just as with WW1 and Ramsgate as the main Canadian Army and Canadian Red Cross base.

We will not remember them.

Mayor Shonk is into this 2nd year as Mayor and sits on all 3 Kent councils: RTC, TDC and KCC and seems incapable of organising Bank Holiday events. Last August we had the amateurish damp bra event from Chief Clerk Styles that was literally a bag of washing and since then nothing.

The lazy pensioners can’t even keep cars off the pavement our out of the pedzone – and I’ve a lot of time for the RNLI but why on earth they are riding quad bikes around on the beach escapes me. More charity money than sense. RNLI money that could be spent on resiting the Margate Lifeboat or revamping the Ramsgate RNLI memorial boards or funding the TDC Beach Volleyball, Beach Soccer and Beach Polo events. Silly of them.

Even defibrillators in pubs and phone boxes and schools would be more useful than building on the beach.

While RTC has £400k in budget and even a fake 30% increase, TDC £16M if not more if they didn’t keep stealing or wasting it and KCC £2BN in tax funds. Each and every year...

Failing to put anything in place for Dunkirk and the Little Ships is disgusting.

In America they are celebrating Memorial Day for their troops – even in Belgium the Wereth 11 massacred in the Battle of Bulge (as the weather would almost certainly be too bad in December).

HMS Kent is even celebrating the WW1 battle of Jutland off Denmark. Why wasn’t here in Kent for Dunkirk? I watched one of the HitlerTV shows on Jutland and was horrified that only now some 100 years later has the royal navy worked out where the sunken ships war graves are. 6,000 British sailors without a recognised war grave. After 100 years. Unbelievable. In America the USS Arizona and other ships at Pearl Harbour are almost shrines after 70 years of preservation and protection.
Even on prime-time Saturday night television with Britain’s Got Talent we have a magic show celebrating some of the River Kwai prisoners.

And an interesting HitlerTV show on how well-treated were German prisoners of war of the Japanese in WW1. Perhaps before Japanese militarism took full effect and the brutality of Nanking and Kwai. Japan in WW1 was then an ally of UK and seized the German colonies in China and Marshall islands, and - after Jutland - the Japanese navy supported the UK in the Mediterranean and North Sea.

Reassuring that the CWG Commonwealth War Graves dept is repairing cemeteries from Flanders to Papua New Guinea and hopefully the Japanese graves of Malta and Anzac graves of Long Thanh.

But how shameful no memorial in UK or Europe to the thousands of Asian soldiers of WW1: Chinese and Vietnamese and Thai and Indian – yet there’s a memorial for animals.

The first VC paving stones are unveiled too in advance of Somme W1 remembrance: interesting to know of any in Kent?

And Turner on the £20 note to be issued before 2020 as one of the new plastic banknotes.

And excellent Pink Floyd stamps as a part of the Great British Music campaign - how long before Dartford’s Rolling Stones or Ramsgate’s Van Gogh with the new Rijksmuseum is recognised?

But here in Ramsgate? Here in East Kent and the White Cliffs of Dover? For the miracle of Dunkirk?


Not just undynamic for Operation Dynamo but absolutely appalling.

* 21st century Britain agenda article:

* No Tobacco Day Smoking Sincerity article:

* EK Remedial points 2016:

* EK strategy 2016:

* Time for a Free Economy article:

Time for Change

Tim’s titbits:

1. The Dymchurch immigration scandal seems much ado about nothing: 2 Kent blokes trafficking a dozen or so Albanians is hardly the tsunami of immigration the Daily Mail would have us believe. And as anyone who reads my Kent Public Sector reviews knows how useless the Coastguard is: merely calling out the lifeboat for maritime problems. And they were fast of the blocks in calling for more money and ships for their failure. The sooner they’re merged with the coastal fire brigades the better – a saving of pretty uniforms and offices and effort. And the sooner Fire is merged with Police too. It’s worth noting that the public noticed the Dymchurch dinghy…and then the police turned up. The Coastguard no doubt in bed fast asleep with the RNLI telephone on speed-dial. Useless.

2. Pretty Uniform Watch – an occasional series – I may have actually dreamt it but I’m sure I saw on twitter (@timg33) some police with LGBT Gay epaulettes. You couldn’t make this up. They must have been sat there in the station or panda car sewing on some pretty rainbow epaulettes. The Royal Navy too it seem have another pretty shoulder badge of not the Union Jack but an ensign or St George flag with a Union jack in it. The Highways Agency are beyond parody for their pretty uniform to sit in the office watching CCTV. No wonder troops turn up in Afghanistan or wherever with little more than flip-flops. And invariably the wrong camouflage…Please send me examples of lavish public sector pretty uniforms:

3. 76 Sussex Police Most Wanted court warrants. What are they doing?

4. DDay Anniversary next week and we can expect little from Kent councils and the Military Covenant. Even the appalling lack of help for service men with homeless or mental health problems or in prison. But there’s DDay Kent playing an unsung role with General Patton and Operation Fortitude in making the Nazis believe the invasion would be at Calais not Normandy. So successful was the deception with blowup tanks and so on that not only were 22 German divisions held at Calais. But even after the invasion they remained there for another 4 weeks(!) waiting for Patton to land from Kent into Calais.

5. Silence from Cllr Lin Fairbrass and Shonk on 100Se RD

6. Silence on the fake Wetherspoons consultation etc

7. Kent Oriental Restaurant Association underway – a group for the Great British Chinese, the Great British Thai, the Great British Indian, the Great British Japanese restaurants of Kent

8. 2LB in progress

9. Silence on the Manston monitors and Infratil and Gloag and TDC contamination and missing fines

10. Silence from Cllr Jenny Matterface, labour leader on Howes switching off councillors emails

11. Silence from CEO Homer at TDC and RTC on the TDC/RTC Cllr Leys election: my manifesto below: later this week

12. A squadron of UK Typhoons to be based in Japan this Autumn as a part of the new defence treaty and North Korean nuclear exercises and Chinese Spratlys tensions – surely it’s time HMS Kent had a regular ASEAN sailing roster rather than random AmbreSolaire tours on the rates?

13. Spanish Armada July 1588 and 430th anniversary 2018: fought between Flanders and Margate with British sailors brought ashore to be left to die in the streets. They could no doubt expect the same again today. Perhaps it would be for the best with Kent’s dirty hospitals – almost all of them in special measures. The astonishing BBC report on Canterbury hospital having a DNR Do Not Resuscitate notice on a patient’s file without their permission. In effect a death sentence. Surely a monthly review is needed of all DNR notices along with blood supplies and pandemics? Lavish £300k salaries don’t seem to provide better public services do they?

14. Crimes against humanity #1: life sentences for the Argentine junta president in Operation Condor with most of the Latin American dictators such as Pinochet and Stroessner cooperating with the CIA and FBI in coordinating the death squads across the Latin American nations in the Dirty War. It’s the first court case to reveal the links with Kissinger, Fort Benning, the torturers training ground, and CIA-FBI coordination with the Latin American dictators, military and secret services, to kill off dissidents.

15. Crimes against humanity #2: Chad’s president jailed for genocide. How much longer for Bashir of Sudan under sentence by the ICC? And Assad of Syria using chemical weapons? Even the dictators-for-life in Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan and Zimbabwe’s Mugabe replacement. Or the monstrous Obiang of Equatorial Guinea or Cameroon. A toothless African Union failing to enforce rubbery-weak constitutions.

16. No Tobacco Day Tuesday: cigarettes almost completely banned now – I cannot understand how lighters, matches, and rolling papers and machines, and even bongs are so visible when cigarettes themselves are not just no longer on display but in uniform packaging? Shouldn’t they all be off-display in the tobacco cupboards? if elected I would ensure that as well as no outside table for smoking, and no more than one cigarette brand for prisons

17. Sincerity article on Coca-Cola:

18. Surin restaurant review: top Thai restaurant in Kent:

Surin Thai restaurant: the best Thai restaurant in Kent and one of only 45 of any cuisine in Kent according to KM:

Surin is recommended by KM newspaper, Kent's largest newspaper, as one of the top 45 restaurants in Kent.

Surin is one of only 3 Asian restaurants recommended in Kent (and the other two are Japanese), the only Thai restaurant in Kent, and one of only two restaurants in Thanet.

The Surin review is:


Thai restaurants may be two a penny, but the Surin offers astonishing bang to the baht. It’s cheap and cheerful but with a freshness and verve you’d expect from a high-end London establishment. Chef and owner Damrong Garbutt has West End training, but it’s her home cooking learnt from her mother and grandmother in north east Thailand, near the Cambodian border, that really hits the spot. Cambodian and Laotian dishes throw in an element of the unexpected and there are locally brewed house beers, blonde or dark, to complement the flavours. Among reviewers who have dug deep for sufficient superlatives to do justice to Surin is food writer Jay Rayner.

The full KM listing is:

Time for Change

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Kent Corruption: special TDC Tim Howes

This is funny.

Even for Kent corruption and incompetence.

I promise you, you won’t believe it at first then find it hilarious. Then be horrified.

And I thought I’d write a longer than usual blog post as it is the Bank holiday and there’s only a nothing to do event organised by RTC and TDC.

Anyway. It’s only a few million in tax to waste.

Tim Howes is the in-house lawyer at TDC.

Kent corruption at TDC you’re familiar with say the new Port £165k fraud and coverup:


But quickly a last-minute addition:

Surin Thai restaurant: the best Thai restaurant in Kent and one of only 45 of any cuisine in Kent according to KM:

Surin is recommended by KM newspaper, Kent's largest newspaper, as one of the top 45 restaurants in Kent.

Surin is one of only 3 Asian restaurants recommended in Kent (and the other two are Japanese), the only Thai restaurant in Kent, and one of only two restaurants in Thanet.

The Surin review is:


Thai restaurants may be two a penny, but the Surin offers astonishing bang to the baht. It’s cheap and cheerful but with a freshness and verve you’d expect from a high-end London establishment. Chef and owner Damrong Garbutt has West End training, but it’s her home cooking learnt from her mother and grandmother in north east Thailand, near the Cambodian border, that really hits the spot. Cambodian and Laotian dishes throw in an element of the unexpected and there are locally brewed house beers, blonde or dark, to complement the flavours. Among reviewers who have dug deep for sufficient superlatives to do justice to Surin is food writer Jay Rayner.

The full KM listing is:


Chris Wells is proving a gift: tax problems happen- but he claimed it was 2 months’ worth of problems and it’s actually 4 years(!) including bankruptcy(!).

Special. And do NOT mention his role in the Airport Committee at Manston as a Tory.

2008 Manston documents onwards available here:

Or even KCC corruption and the Toxic Three and the Manston monitors/fines illegally removed by TDC: more aiding and abetting in keeping shtum after financing much of Manston over the years as the jewel in the crown of Kent regeneration.

You may even remember Paul Carter’s infamous “the planes fly straight out to sea” comments as jumbo jets and banned planes illegally flew over the towns.

We never hear much from Pedro in the control tower any more do we? I wonder where he ended up?

Indeed the Egyptair crash in the Med is interesting (to lose a Malaysian airlines flight is careless but to lose an Egyptian one too suggests aviation radar and black boxes etc isn’t ideal) – as you may remember Egyptair often flying into Manston and Ostend at 3am. When the airports closed at 11pm. And would have been closed even allowing for the Cairo time difference when the planes set off…

Making up your own flight rules certainly...but ideal for a plane full of heroin or simply saying stuff it in jihadi and flying into Big Ben just a few minutes away. Maybe even a plane full of guns rather than a tiddly boat at Cuxton Marina in Rochester for Britain’s biggest ever gun haul of 30 machineguns.

Big lumps of gunrunning and blood diamonds is what Ostend is notorious for after all.

You may remember some of the planes that were UN-embargoed from the Congo eg DASAir or even IranAir or KAMAir flying in from Kabul with a fresh load of heroin (the largest ever crop this year despite US/UK NATO and 400 UK troop deaths) With Shan state in Myanmar a close second.

Take a look at the tsunami of junkies and dealers washing around on East Kent’s streets for the effects.

Maidstone is a far, far country though where the Toxic Three do things differently.

But Tim Howes at TDC.

My raising the corruption at TDC has obviously irked him somewhat.

As when I raised BVI Pleasurama etc – and in the week of the AntiCorruption Summit.

A reminder of my note/blogpost: below 12th May "Fantastically Corrupt"

This is the email Howes sent last Friday:

"For a prolonged period of time, you have contacted the council on numerous occasions, asking for
information, and making comments/complaints, most of which are sent to multiple officers, and which
invariably result in further contact from you, despite being already responded to in detail.
You have been provided with a copy of the council’s Policy on Vexatious and/or Unreasonably
Persistent Complainants. This appears to have made no difference to the way in which you conduct
business with the council, and therefore you have now been formally designated a vexatious

The consequence of this decision is that the council will not respond to any emails relating to
subjects that have already received a response. This includes emails specifically relating to the
following subjects:

1. The Royal Pavilion/Wetherspoons
2. 100 South Eastern Road
3. Toni’s Newsagents
4. TDC information rules
5. Allegations of corruption at the council
6. Staff salaries and costs

I have instructed our IT department to set up an ‘auto-forward’ rule which means that any emails you
send to the council will be held centrally, and my staff will co-ordinate any necessary responses. To
be clear, this means that any email with a ‘’ suffix will be automatically forwarded to a
central point within the council.
For the avoidance of doubt, this designation does not affect:
 Your right to make service requests
 Your right to complain of service failure
 Your right to complain to the Standards Committee alleging a breach by an elected member
of the Member’s Code of Conduct
 Your right to attend Council or Committee meetings during such times as the press and
public are not excluded
 Your right to lobby councillors and seek the assistance of your ward councilor
 Your right to make a request under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the
Environmental Information Regulations 2004 (subject to the council’s policy on vexatious
requests) or to make Subject Access Requests under the Data Protection Act 1998; and
 Your right to complain further to the Local Government Ombudsman
I will review this designation in six months’ time and determine in the light of your conduct whether or
not to remove the designation or extend it for a further six months.
Yours sincerely
Timothy Howes
Director of Corporate Governance and Monitoring Officer"

Funny I know.

TDC’s lawyer says it’s illegal to raise corruption issues at TDC.

And in the week of the AntiCorruption Summit.


I don’t know what the Law Society whould make of that. Probably membership fee reduction and a pat on the head for the most absurd defence.

More later on One Essex Court and a rather special clerk at the barrister Inns of Court.

But this is double-funny.

Howes created some Vexatious Public Policy (I’ve asked for a copy but he hasn’t deigned to reply – you can only make so much up I suppose…) and I’ve certainly never heard of it before his email that bans me by describing the public as Vexatious Complainants.

No appeal necessary or allowed it seems. All Heil Howes.

The double-funny part being: he didn’t ask the councillors.

A council lawyer not knowing that. And making the decisions for 56 councillors himself. Shades of Philip Bensted at TDC with the Wetherspoons approved by…Philip Bensted and nobody else(!)

And triple-funny.

Howes actually banned me for communicating with any TDC civil servants and elected councillors by redirecting the 56 email his email.

(I’ll come back to the council-issued email in a moment).

But the 4x funny bit is…he didn’t even ask the councillors about that either.

And then…5x funny: he then agrees that I can contact the council about…FOI(!). As well as formal complaints(!). As well as lobbying(!).

So according to Howes, corruption banned from discussions at TDC. Except for FOI. Or complaints. or lobbying.

You just couldn’t make it up.

Sniffing glue would be the only credible explanation for this tripe.

I’m tempted to charge for even reading his nonsense produced on the rates.

Maybe he’ll be banning Christmas next. Bank Holidays events certainly seem a stretch for TDC and £400k Styles at RTC don't they?

I won’t even mention the democratic abuse in a political candidate being blocked in this way – Howes seems to have forgotten my manifesto is…”Stop the Corruption etc…”

And here’s 6x funny.

Stop tittering at the back.

The twerp forgot that not all councillors use the council-issued email.

Many prefer – as I would – to use their own email address eg etc for convenience.

And he can’t block those.

Jenny Matterface is coordinating a response although she's no sure what’s going on:

And as well it now raises the Stalinist prospect of a Howes or whoever at councils or public organisations censoring emails from the public by refusing to pass them onto councillors – simply switching the email on and off or redirecting it wherever and whenever they feel like it.

A separate issue I have is with email forms rather than an email address as you simply never know if the email form has been sent, or have a copy of it.

But with Cllr emails ( I think all TDC councillors should remember who elects them and pay their and Howes’ wages and cancel their TDC email and use their own. They’re not council staff after all but paid to regulate the council staff.

At least then they and the public know they will actually be receiving public emails.

Another TDC niggle seems to be councillors refusing to issue their home address/telno but using the TDC council office address – a piece of information usually rectified by using the phone book or asking them.

Again a democracy deficit.

I've had problems with the publc complaining Shonky's not replying to letters or phone calls on 100SeRd (one of Howes' Do Not Discuss issues). To be fair he's not the only councilor doing that.

There's even an argument that we seem to have councillors that get elected and do nothing. A few monthly council meetings if that. Simply a sheepdip for clerk decisions. Or nothing at all.

Civil servants should issue their home addresses too. Why just councillors? At the very least it would highlight how any/who actually live in the area they are making decisions on/for – localism and all tht. esy for example to rush through 16,000 extra houses at TDC if you don’t actually live there. Why would you care? 16,000 houses or 60,000 is irrelevant to you and merely a task on the way to your paycheck or salary.

Especially if the calibre of councillors is weak – say the Stolen Valour brigade etc. Now driving over a shop assistant’s foot while shoplifting it seems(!).

My view is clear: Howes should be sacked sharpish.

Civil servants banning councillors contact and information – especially when it revolves around corruption is horrifying. But we’ll see.

The calibe of the councillors is now in question as to how they deal with this. Public representatives or clerk's patsy's to sheepdip decisions and hike tax for pensions and payoffs?

As a councillor, I’d sack Howes on the spot. No salary or payoff. No pension. Gross misconduct and out the door. A written formal warning to Madeline too for allowing it.

What would you do?

Howes’ Do Not Discuss ban has one purpose and one purpose alone: to try and hide and dampen down criticism of TDC for corruption by any means possible.

As well we have no the strange saga of Cllr Mo Leys who resigned from TDC/RTC a week or so ago – is anybody left? What are their policies apart from a nice natter on the rates? And the election notices are up by Madeline Howes as TDC Returning Officer.

I’m going to stand. Garbutt for RTC/TDC. But it’s rather baffling.

But contacting TDC on elctions is like juggling treacle. 3 days of requesting forms to silence and Pauline McGandy at TDC saying there aren't any TDC elections until 2019(?). How difficult can it be. Elections come around every year or so. Much the same sports hall or volunteers. It’s not rocket science nor reinventing the wheel.

And no further reply in TDC. Strange. Mo defintely was both a TDC and RTC councillor. Maybe Madeline doesn't want to have an eletion at all or one with me in it? I had similar problems way back when I was refused an election slogan on a ballot paper fo “Stop the Corruption”.

Stalin, I think, again said don't rig the election just bribe the one who counts the votes. I paraphrase.

Kent elections are so weak. Why would any delay in counting them the next day? As with PCC and local elections take all the ballot boxes…and leave them overnight before counting them.

Apart from the dilemma of a day with nobody in charge of PCC or whatever (or someone elected but sharing it with the incumbent for a few days!).

What’s to stop the ballot boxes being stuffed or fiddled with?

I'm not suggesting Madeleine would creep around the TDC election warehouse prising open the boxes and stuffing in votes for herself or an increase in the £60k Returning Officer fee. (There’s a tax cost that could be cut instantly). Indeed increasingly I think no local government salary should be more than £80k. Certainly at TDC we can see a competence and productivity gap (thick and idle in old money) in the service. While the horrific Birmingham council failures in social serices is exactly as happened with KCC albeit fewer deaths and injuries.

But I wouldn’t put it past Vexatious Howes to prise open a ballot box ort two and declare it illegal-but-legal. Maybe a TDC ballotbox stuffing policy?

High on glue or whatever he’s been sniffing in his cubicle at TDC, maybe Howes decides he’ll pad out the ballot for say elderly Trevor Shonk, too forgetful or frail to remember the election or where he’s put his glasses (on top of your head), but he wins with 99.5% of the vote? Hurrah! Mayor for Life? UKIP on and on? Shonky’s Big Book of Farageisms? KCC and TDC and RTC roles? OK that last one is real. So many titles, so little done.

I joke – but it’s not that long ago we had the TDC Panama councillor who was signed into council meetings by colleagues despite living 5,000 miles away wasn’t it? (I dread to think what expenses or pensions are being signed off at TDC or RTC?).

Or Steve Keegan the Terry Painter handyman owning the BVI Pleasurama company in the Caribbean with Kent’s largest seafront development and no blueprints other than building above the clifftop?

Coincidence. Of course. Silly me.

And let’s not forget Berry, Button and Sproates at TDC and their deadly decision to secretly remove the Manston monitors and fake the fines and pollution data – pollution 4x the EU safe limit.

400% dangerous.

How many deaths and early deaths and injuries has that crime caused?

I think they should be jailed. 3 years would be my guess. What do you think?

Elderly Paul Twyman as Airport Chair confused month in and month out for years over by Button and Infratil’s Fitzgerald and Clark and then Gloag, over where the monitors were and why they weren’t or were working. And there was no danger anyway. Phew, he must have said, as he signed off the Manston Airport minutes, no cancer at all.

Twyman like Latchford and Gale is elderly so would likely die in prison if arrested and jailed. Maybe just an electronic tag to keep him out of the Darby and Joan club too late of an evening? Certainly none of them will be in politics again. If they ever were.

Vexatious Howes may well scurry around trying to cover that up. Certainly a qualified lawyer has a duty covered by perjury and perverting the course of justice to raise crimes they know of.

Being a lawyer doesn't give you the right to lie and cheat, despite the liar-for-hire view – quite the oppostite in fact. As with the Police, and Plebgate cops in jail and doubt soon enough the Hillsboro cops too.

More than a few TDC officials will be joining them despite Howes’ feeble efforts.

A minor but strange point for RTC; Styles is advertising for a cleaner: 6 hours over a week (frankly that’s hardly worth bothering with a staff of 5 is it – take it in turns to vacuum and washup yourself? The office is closed every afternoon anyway). But I don't think of a 6 hours on minimum wage job also having a auto-enrolment public sector pension? Have you? Maybe if it was the bottomless fund of tax?

That’s why bureaucracy chokes off economies: ever more expensive to do ever less and ever more burden back onto the private sector. Work harder. Work longer. Pay more. Shut up.

Time for Change

Garbutt for TDC/RTC June 2016 – unless it’s Madeline’s fake election
Garbutt for KCC Leader 2017


Tim’s Titbits

1. FOI Finchy at Kent Fire is the same. Simply refusing to provide salaries etc because it would raise questions around the value of the service etc.

One interesting statistic that emerges from the Fire Service nationally (the reforms of having Police mergers etc) is the Fire Brigade is 95% white and 96% male. UKIP’s accused of wanting to turn the click back to the 1950's but the Fire Britage seems to be in the 1920’s.

I'm not really one for quotas in principle and certainly not tokenism but that's astonishing. As is women on boards or parliament ar under 20%. Kent Police achieves 50% BAME membership and there you’d probably say Kent is more white, ethnic minorites may not want to join, work to be done etc etc. but 96% in KFRS?

So a factor either deliberate or not is preventing a more balanced workforce/society. Norway passed a 40% gender equality law c.3 years ago and lo and behold it achieved a more equaly society. UK needs to do the same.

Nick Chard at KCC seemed capable initially but has let things drift with FOI Finchy and now there’s calls for the PCC to take over from councils on Fire Brigade reviews as well as Police-Fire mergers. Seems sensible to me: only 400 fire deaths in UK, and those would invade the police anyway. 43 forces whether police or fire and certainly both of them is far too many and backoffice bloat.

Sometimes Chief Constable Alan “Chief” Pughsley rings me late at night – he’s either preparing for a drug den raid the next morning or he’s jumped in the Jacuzzi to relax with a team debriefing – almost in tears as to what the cops are all doing in the station, and trying to keep tabs on them.

CCTV he reckons or banning Candy Crush and Ginsters. I don’t know, it’s upto him.

But if they do end up being stabbed with a machete on a drug raid then he’ll know they’ll be moaning about Trade Station machetes and daggers and crossbows and bongs and LeftisLife blood tests. Stick to parking tickets is what he should tell them. At the very least charge them for their police vest and underpants. Why should the public fund those? And not enough catalogue trousers. Or Deputy Chief Paul “Marlon” Brandon will when he’s back from PredPol Vegas tomorrow.

2. An interesting article on Central Asian Dictators:

3. Magnitsky Act and List: progressing

4. EKFOS: East Kent Film Office and film Studio underway; Christopher Nolan, perhaps the UK’s greatest living film director, shooting Dunkirk next month. And an interstellar cast too: Cillian Murphy, Peaky Blinders, Kenneth Branagh, One Direction popstar etc. Should be good for Ramsgate and Little Ships, maybe not. An opportunity missed. Styles at RTC too busy on his afternoon nap – what do they do all day/ And the afternoon within the office closed? An expensive way to waste the rates on meaningless meetings and memos. Small merices they’re not actually doing anything though. Imagine the mess.

5. KORA underway

6. 2LB later

7. 100 SE Rd: Lin Fairbrass in hiding. I've in not so many words called her a lying so and so basically in saying that she had replied to the November minutes. A foolish lie but a fairly common clerk trick. And certainly foolish for the Deputy Leader to attempt. But if she can’t provide the email when requested several times…Public meetings are the only real pace where councillors can be held accountable. The smell of the crowd and baying of the mob and all that.

8. The drought in ASEAN is one of the worst ever – certainly in Vietnam. Concerning with the multi-million UK investment in DaNang University and CCU University exchange programmes. More needed by KentUni and CCU and EKCollege and Churchill House and KSE etc.

9. Discovery Park and #STEM focus and Third World vaccines massively underdeveloped as yet. A random business park of random businesses is destroying East Kent’s future in #STEM.

10. Sincerity Agency article on tobacco and China –

and an interesting SkyTV news report on the Philippines and Chinese Spratlys bases (one a grounded rusting ship rather than a reef!). the UNCLOS ruling due soon: the Chinese claim seems absurd as the Spratlys are further South than HCMC, and even the Paracels are on a parallel with DaNang. As absurd as the UK claiming the Falklands in our 9,000km dash line. The sooner we have the end of such Empire fragments, along with Gibraltar, with a HongKong style handover the better. Argentina and Spain are now modern demcraices and Uk allies, even in the EU, to be held hostage by 3,000 sheepfarmers. Just as Germany and japan are. And again massive waste of Uk troops and kit. And, separately, both Argentina (with much of the Southern Cone) and Spain are massively underdeveloped in terms of UK trade.

11. Nadeem Aziz the PCC Returning Officer silent on my complaint over Henry Bolton standing given he’s a civil servant at OECD etc on borders. Surprising as Nadeem’s usually one of the more capable East Kent clerks. Maybe not

12. EK Remedial points:

13. EK strategy 2016:

14. Chilcot Inquiry to be published at long last – I ws in favour of the Iraq War: remove Saddam and potential danger of nukes etc. We’ve seen subsequently both the disarming of Gadaffi and Assad and chemical weapons in Syria. 3 monsters. Some of the justifications were weak eg the 15 minutes nonsense which referred to NATO nuclear howitzers. I certainly can’t see how Blair is a war criminal though by declaring war as PM on the information he had, and potential dangers.

Rather, what has been disastrous is the post-conflict development of Iraq and Libya – for much of Iraq to subsequently be overrun by ISIS is astonishing. And same with Afghanistan and loss of Helmand again. Certainly disastrous handling of the war (and all the fancy GCQ/NSA kit) but as reasonable as it could be in declaring war. Chilcot report due c. 7th June: taking longer than the Iraq War itself

15. UK doubles its peacekeeping troops to Sudan and Somalia: two other basketcase nations left to rot and descend into chaos. And an interesting report that almost all UN peacekeeping troops are from Bangladesh, India, Nepal (but not the Ghurkas) and Rwanda. Peacekeeping on the cheap funded by USA, UK etc. What’s the point of our military I they’re incompetent at wars such as Iraq and do almost nothing in terms of peacekeeping? A military training and training and training and kit and kit and kit – to do nothing or to do it so badly so often in the rare instances it’s required.

16. LuckyIronFish a superb product combatting anemia in Cambodia and ASEAN: - can you Tweet

17. Surin Thai restaurant: the best Thai restaurant in Kent and one of only 45 of any cuisine in Kent according to KM:

Surin is recommended by KM newspaper, Kent's largest newspaper, as one of the top 45 restaurants in Kent.

Surin is one of only 3 Asian restaurants recommended in Kent (and the other two are Japanese), the only Thai restaurant in Kent, and one of only two restaurants in Thanet.

The Surin review is:


Thai restaurants may be two a penny, but the Surin offers astonishing bang to the baht. It’s cheap and cheerful but with a freshness and verve you’d expect from a high-end London establishment. Chef and owner Damrong Garbutt has West End training, but it’s her home cooking learnt from her mother and grandmother in north east Thailand, near the Cambodian border, that really hits the spot. Cambodian and Laotian dishes throw in an element of the unexpected and there are locally brewed house beers, blonde or dark, to complement the flavours. Among reviewers who have dug deep for sufficient superlatives to do justice to Surin is food writer Jay Rayner.

The full KM listing is:

Surin is also recommended by The Good Food Guide, The Times, The Independent, Thai Embassy Select: UK and European restaurants, and Time Out, BBCTV and The Observer:

18. Brexit arguments very dull. Are these the best politicians and arguments we have on the unity of Europe? The flaw in both sides seems that they are unable to detail how wasteful the EU is and what reforms would be required. Simply saying it costs Xmillion is too vague. and 0.3% of UK GDP is hardly outrageously wasteful or problematic – with reform. And it would hardly be redeployed to the NHS. Which departments are wasteful? If we stayed in which I think is for the best and likely then how would it be improved? Certainly it seems the end of the ever more ridiculous Boris.

19. Surprising BBCTV report on 200 London families placed into the redeveloped Howes Barracks site in Canterbury (good to see the prison turned into a CCU site) by London Redbridge council...ahead of East Ken families on the council housing list. Bizarre. First time ever and largest quota ever apparently. And at the very least it knocks into a cocked hat all this tripe about immigrants coming here and taking our jobs etc etc – the largest quota of non-Kent families and vulnerable children are placed form London. Not Calais or Kabul. And much of it could be controlled by the councils already anyway. Mere lack of effort.

20. As with the live animals export: the 1847(!) Ports Act could be tweaked to ban UK exports and it anway allows for Special constables ie the Port staff or police to refuse ships or animals etc. Vexatious Howes our own legal beagle preferring to take up council legal time banning councillors and the public from discussing council corruption or competence it seems…

Time for Change