Thursday, 8 October 2015

Chief: Kent Police haiku for National Poetry Day

It's National Poetry Day and The Chief has released a Kent Police haiku to celebrate:

Roses are red, Violets are blue

Kent councils are corrupt and High Court too

But not Kent Police.

Speaking from the Kent Police poetry room, Chief Alan Pughsley said:

"Obviously we is very busy what with drug dens raids and the Kent Police Xmas panto, but we felt it was in the tradition of Great British Policing celebrating the Great British Creative Industries that we should help celebrate National Poetry Day.

Especially in Kent, the county of literary greats like Dickens and Shelley and Keats, we felt that a Meiji haiku would be interesting. It doesn't rhyme properly but that's haikus for you. And anyway the Environment Agency contamination had too many syllables in it to fit.

While if anyone knows the whereabouts of good governance then please call 101 to report it missing."

Time for Change

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Shush. Wheels come off Wells UKIP

Clearly Wells' UKIP have nothing to offer some 5 months into his reign over Manston and now the breakaway groups.

Credit to Gale and LocalCraigMP in managing to foist the blame for a Manston CPO U-turn onto Wells and ignoring their very clear election promises to reopen Manston.

It was interesting at the UKIP conference in Doncaster that Farage highlighted all the UKIP achievements of the last 3 years but made no mention of TDC as the only UKIP-controlled council.

And interesting that RTC meetings have reverted to 11am weekdays as hobby-pensioner events for very thin agendas. We're paying £110k in salaries to simply have empty meetings?

Nothing done.

And the danger with that is the civil servants also slip into stagnation or worse.

You may be aware of 100SE Rd the Daniel Gent mega-construction of 15 flats stuck onto a 5 bed house repeatedly refused then approved. But now only silence from TDC.

It's either a cockup or brown envelopes yet the Wells regime would rather keep quiet.

Would you like to ask them what's going on to? Phone TDC or email

And there's also the frankly bizarre Kent Fire and FOI for the Ramsgate vanity fire station.

Now I tend to think that Kent Fire is not too badly run and for £70M for fire over for all of Kent rather cheap.

But who knows.

For there's a very bizarre secretive and simply incorrect FOI (and worse EIR - the much better EU version of the weaker UK FOI) process run by James Finch.

There's the usual trick of delay on FOI - and worse the attempt to brand follow up requests as vexatious for requesting information not provided. And very naughty when EIR requests - that require a Public Interest Test are routinely refused.

As abysmal as James Pearce and the Environment Agency refusing EIR requests on Manson or Thor contamination.

Can you ask James Finch for the costs of the Ramsgate Fire station and consultation details - given the old swimming pool site is supposed to be reserved for leisure use in perpetuity. or 01622 692121

Quite frankly I would fire the pair of them - if not jail them for misconduct. Why should we pay for this sort of incompetence and misuse of our tax funds? And the service standards mean phone calls and emails shouldn't be ignored never mind FOI and EIR requests.

Pay your tax and shut up.

And, shush, Wells and his pensioners are sleeping.

Time for Change

Tim's Titbits:

* good news the first VC paving stones are being provided - first Kent one in Herne Bay
* and the at the UK will be contributing more to UN Peacekeeping and UN Police especially in Sudan and Somalia - of far more use in stemming illegal immigration as with the Syria War
* disappointing the Thai steel firm SSI is having to cut back production in Redcar
* Kent Most Wanted back to 4 minor criminals - and good the horrific acid burns pair have been arrested
* KORA and 2LB coming son

Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Volkswagen and Infratil pollution: same?

With Volkswagen fiddling the air pollution data on their engines, what exactly is the difference with that and Infratil and KCC/TDC removing the noise and air monitors from Manston airport when it was due to expand?

The main difference seems to be Infratil's Board and Kent Police and TDC/KCC covering up the pollution damage.

At least VW have apologized, are investigating and have set aside billions of dollars for fines.

With 500k deaths from air pollution in EU and at least 30k in UK, KCC and TDC have deliberately worked with Infratil (and Gloag) to avoid fines and endanger the public at Manston for years.

And of course to fiddle the UK's overall emissions data.

No wonder for example UK's newborn mortality rate is double that of Sweden: c.2k extra infant deaths. And Kent's mortality rate is one of the worst in UK.

Apart from the Chief's pension, why have Kent Police not made arrests of say Infratil's Fitzgerald and Clark and Buchanan, and Berry, Button and Sproates at TDDC as a start?

Next they'll be covering up Thor mercury and Southern Water again - the latter now fined in Sussex for polluting the beaches.

Time for Change

Tim's Titbits:

* #globalgoals launch on Friday: not one Kent public sector organisation signed up yet
* 100 SE Rd garden grabbing/Christopher Gent construction site dragging on: Cllr Peter Evans of TDC Planning Chair in hiding and Simon Thomas Planning Director refusing to return calls - not a leg to stand on mere silence
* UKIP conference tomorrow: no doubt good for a laugh with Thanet UKIP crumbling already - and Manston part of national manifesto
* check out the Most Wanted poster/PDF at for the infratil crimes: in less than 18 months since it was issued almost all of the people listed have been sacked/jailed/resigned
* silence on the Ramsgate Port slipways demolition...
* silence on the Richboro Connection: both running cables through the SSSI Pegwell Bay itself and whether pylons on land will be buried...

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Rotten Kent in Private Eye again

Private Eye's Rotten Borough page today (page 18) reports on Wells and UKIP as: "all gone a bit Pete Tong" after just 4 months. And Wells gearing up with heeldragging for a Uturn on Manston.

The capable Ed Targett in Margate says the same thing - and highlights the potential for the film industry in East Kent.

Good news too that Edwina Crowley of Pleasuram and Dreamland at TDC has resigned - the clearout is almost complete.

And Farage's bizarre comments also in Private Eye that the EU is responsible for destroying East Kent's harbours despite the millions received in EU subsidies(!).

Unfortunately UKIP seem cut from the same cloth as the previous pensioners in Labour/Tory that mismanaged the area.

Another vote of no confidence and even Recall seem relevant.

5 more years? There's been 4 months of nothing. And there's not much more left to destroy.

Time for Change

Tim's Titbits:

(Interestingly Private Eye features the crooked Judges at the High Court too with Judge Smith's underpants -- and threatening to release an uncensored EC report on BA unless he gets his missing suitcase back! Would you want the Judge releasing your court papers because he felt a bit put out? And Smithy's one of the better ones remember. And crooked One Essex Court and Hollingworth mentioned in The Sunday Times).

Friday, 11 September 2015

Carter's Blue Communism for Kent vanity projects

For Conservatives, Carter's regime is looking a lot like Blue Communists with Big Government bloat and ever-expanding salaries and pensions. Often for failure.

I wouldn't expect Kent Conservatives or even Kent Labour to be radicals.

But the symbiosis of the main parties blurring together, and frankly the stagnation of Kent Tories, always in power in Kent, almost automatically has resulted in a too-cosy Blue Communism of failing to curb the excesses of the public sector.

The politicians and civil servants simply become Tweedledum and Tweedledee for vanity projects competing to waste the most tax.

Perhaps the Corbyn election or even Miliband previously as leftwing shows how mundane the parties are. I don't agree with say nationalizing the railways but it hardly makes him Lenin. I couldn't tell you anything about the other 3 Labour candidates or their policies. Nothing. And even less about Kent Labour.

Hence the ridiculous Parkway or absurd £500M Stack plans or bizarre Daniel Gent gargantuan construction site at 100 SE Rd aren't prevented sooner.

I think we need:

* an end to KCC as the most £100k salaries in UK Local Government

* review of KCC Top Temps undercutting the recruitment industry and staffing-up on the rates

* review of District salaries and performance

* end doublehatter councillor roles/salaries

* replace all public sector vehicles with electric cars

* Kent Off Oil: solar electricity for all public sector buildings

* reinstate street lighting and expand library opening hours - impossible even at £2BN a year?

* merge all ceremonial roles into Deputy Leader role

* monthly full FOI

* end routine 1.99% automatic increases for the public sector

* ban tobacco and Conflict Minerals and Blood Diamonds investments by KCC eg phones/computers

* cancel public sector tax havens and zero hours projects eg Pleasurama, and Victorian slave labour companies like Sports Direct and Wetherspoons exploiting their staff:

Zerohours and payday loans 1,000% interest rates disgust me. Along with DSS benefits sanctions targets and Disabled benefits - almost literally jumping through hoops for pennies. Mere exploitation.

* an end to Geoff Wild of the Toxic Three's empire of 150(!)KCC lawyers on the rates to prosecute the public and even hired out to other councils but funded by Kent taxpayers. And as with KCC Top Temps undercutting the legal profession.

Time for Change


Tim's Titbits:

* bizarre of Farage blaming the EU in the newspaper today for Thanet's woes - I thought there had been lavish EU funding over the years simply wasted by incompetent and corrupt councils. Doesn't fit with his fanatical EU/Johnny Foreigner worldview though I suppose

* excellent Gazette reporting on the horrifying increase in Kent road accidents in the runup to November's Road Safety Day and 1M global deaths - we definitely need tighter illegal parking policing and more pedestrianisation on the seafront and High St and 20mph zones - cars scattered everywhere and on pavements is dangerous forcing pensioners and kids and pushchairs into the road

* a weird letter from Kent Fire delaying/refusing FOI requests on the Ramsgate Fire Station vanity project etc costs/plans - always a concern when they prefer to wriggle rather than providing the info - more later...

* Slipways/Hornby at Ramsgate's Grade 1 Harbour seems to have slipped through the planning process after being rejected - cement mixers ready?

* Excellent Sky News and BBCTV reporting on sports tourism - why isn't Kent making more of the excellent Margate beach volleyball/soccer activity or Canterbury Tour de France after the failure of 2012 Kent and even Japan being hosted by Sussex for the Rugby World Cup!

* KORA and 2LB nearly ready

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

KCC fails us. Carter Must Go.

Paul Carter Leader at KCC fails us:

* KCC worst libraries in UK:

* Kent worst asbestos:

* Kent dozens of unsolved murders - even of the ones they've recorded:

* Kent Environment Strategy: nothing done for Climate Change -

* 100 SE Rd garden grabbing - mere silence and delay

* KCC tobacco and fossil fuel investments

* Landfill bloat

* Tax haven Kent: Canterbury 4th highest in UK, and Dirty Pleasurama - do they think we're idiots supposedly selling Pleasurama to the same people who were involved in the BVI tax haven scandal?

* Shit on the beach again from Southern Water

* Lydd/Buchanan: 9-11 risk

* Seafront parking and tramps lager

* No Most Wanted of rapists and burglars

* Manston/UKIP leadership "a liability" - says UKIP(!)

* Ridiculous droopy knickers and bra event by RTC

And now Kent road deaths/accidents up 11% - but they can't even record Medway or motorway crashes for some reason.

Even the bizarre instance of LocalCraigMP also being a JP in Chatham - making laws and enforcing them? Admittedly he doesn't live in Ramsgate but how silly, and as illegal as the Libdem civil servant candidate.

And now the election pledges on Manston brushed under the carpet just weeks after the election.

We need the election rerun if they are just spouting nonsense policies they know won't happen.

For this we pay £2BN in tax?

Carter has failed us.

Garbutt for KCC Leader 2017 and MP 2020.

Time for Change


Friday, 14 August 2015

Manston an East Kent liability

A bit of a random blog points below on the Collapse of East Kent:

1. Operation Stack/Manston: yawn how silly a designated lorry park at Manston with a 60 mile roundtrip in the opposite direction to Dover/Calais. And it would only happen if Stack is at its worst. With Stack only 3x a year for a day or two it seems not much of a problem and certainly not worth concreting over more of Kent for a 3 day lorry park. Silly.

2. Calais Jungle: the result of the collapse of UK/EU/USA foreign policy in Syria/Eritrea/Yemen/Somalia/Libya/Sudan. Farcical. And disgusting that such squalid conditions in Calais are allowed rather than refugees being fingerprinted etc and processed further away. While the Italian Navy pleading for EU funds is equally farcical: the ships and petrol allowance exist. I’ve no issue with the UK helping stem the 3k deaths in the Med but where are the Spanish and French ships?

3. Manston/Riveroak: yawn and laughable again. $2M in an escrow account where TDC couldn’t get hold it? And to fund lawyers quibbling for months? And TDC deployed on such nonsense. And no cleanup of the aquifer – and shouldn’t we be funding the extradition of Infratil? What happened to Sproates and Button on the monitors?

4. Manston corporate manslaughter: speaking to lawyers I completely forgot not just the removal of the noise monitor from Clarendon school but also the superduper Kentmere air monitor removed too. So between 2006 and 2009 Infratil removing every major monitor. and

5. £95k Macgonigal payoff: after the 0% fraud it’s clear that if the councillors are criminals then they’re closely followed by the civil servants

6. Pleasurama: same corruption – and when the UK is clamping down on offshore owners/funds – let’s hope Steve Keegan and Cardy detail the supposed buyout

7. 100 SE Rd gardengrabbing: just the weirdest TDC activity. 2 months of silence and 13 emails before Douglas Carswell intervenes to find out what they’re playing at. Cllr Peter Evans could well be TDC’s most ineffective Planning head yet. And bizarre silence from TDC’s Albon and Gregory too

8. Kent Police Most Wanted : a bit strange: it’s reduced from 12 over a year or so then to 4 to 3 last week– then upto 4 and back to 3 in a day this week. And today back to 4. And still Crimestoppers c.30 Kent criminals

I’m reluctant to mention the chaps as they could be innocent or an out of date offence but one of them was on the Most Wanted list and one of them I see wandering around Ramsgate. And on Missing Persons: Kent Police are looking for no-one yet there’s one person on Ramsgate police station door? The reason I mention it is one of the UK’s weaknesses is policing Most Wanted and Missing Persons - and Kent Police are certainly not the worst of the bunch. But the tripping over each other of 43 forces means criminal or prison escapees don’t get found for an unfair trial in closed courts, no jury etc

9. UK prisoners: 23 on Death Row is astonishing – and no details of those stranded/hospitalised. I can assure you if it happens to you or a relative abroad you’re stuffed despite paying tax.

10. Seafront parking: every seaside town has problems with parking – although Ramsgate has an empty NCP multi-storey car park and at least 200 spaces in other car parks and funding TDC’s parking – but bizarre the kiosk owners are parking on the prom or the TDC dustman’s holiday of parking on double yellow lines for their teabreak. Not just a cheeky 5 minutes to drop something off but a sod-you-we’ll-do-what-we-want approach. Every piece of research points to pedestrianisation improving towns: as KCC Leader 2017 I will pedestrianise the harbour from Miles Bar to The Bench, all the Marina and High St – except for a few Disabled/RNLI slots. What would the last few visitors think? It would be interesting to have a view on the tourist economy to East Kent. Kent Uni and CCU estimated c.£700M just for their foreign students.

11. Slipway/Hornby: again the cutting your own throat school of town development: a working port and one of UK’s only Royal harbours and closing the slipways for a BandQ shed?

12. As with Discovery Park increasingly I just think it’s think pensioners deliberately or by accident destroying the towns and future generations – while the end of TopMan etc at Westwood Cross is just yet more decline of both the town centres and now the out of town centres

13. Climate Change: Kent Off Oil: every public sector building/vehicle switched to solar and no-nukes. It’s not difficult is it? Never mind more detailed activity such as Desertec or Khosla Ventures

14. Road Safety: UK road deaths some of the best safety in the work climbs up the wrong way with a few dozen ore deaths than last year – UK weak on Road Safety Day in November or 112 Day in February and 112 rollout/promotion

15. 2 bizarre FOI refusals then agreements from RTC and Kent Fire: I’ll detail these later but on the latter the Ramsgate Fire Station instead of a swimming pool is farcical

16. KORA and 2LB: coming soon

17. The Chief Pughsley’s done one of his film reviews while he’s waiting for the drug den raids to come back in but I haven’t had a chance to type it up for him – maybe next week

18. KCC Leader 2017: manifesto out for initial consultation with people I like and trust and respect

19. Kent Police PCC May 2016 manifesto: several people have asked me but I’ve no view on this as yet as I’m concentrating on the KCC 2017 arrests – but clearly Ann Barnes has achieved nothing and should go. The idea that the PCC is somehow another cheerleader for the Police is as ridiculous as the Met’s wipeclean notebooks or Plebgate fake testimony

20. Corrupt Courts: this you really couldn’t make up. Smithy’s suitcases:
A judge in a completely separate British Airways case threatening to jail the BA CEO for Judge Smith’s lost suitcases from his holiday! And funnily enough Smithy was one of the Glick QC Judges – and one of the better ones along with the Crying Judge – compared to the Grey Scotsman or Teacup Judge or Justice Mann.

21. Embarrassing when Canterbury Festival are celebrating the Van Gogh Anniversary but Ramsgate where he lived misses it:

Time for Garbutt KCC Leader 2017

Time to Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop then Construction.

Time for Change

Tim’s Titibits: misc bits

• I’m reading a fascinating book on American war production in WW2 (sounds terrible doesn’t it but absolutely fascinating) and there were 2 points that just leaped out at me that I'm trying to use:
o USA war production was so effective that the rule of thumb was in the first year production tripled, then in year 2 it was a 7x increase and in the 3rd year was quite literally unlimited. In effect the Horn of Plenty that would put even Great British Argos to shame
o Eisenhower wrote back to USA to stop the production of Sherman tanks as he had too many. In the middle of the Battle of the Bulge in 1944. 60k tanks produced in a little more than 2 years. Quite extraordinary. Yet here we are in the 21st century with 600K deaths form malaria for the lack of a $3 malaria net. By my maths that would cost less than $2M plus some waste and shipping. Yet it will take a decade or more to eradicate malaria. And yet the good folks of Rotary have reduced polio by 99% since 1989 (just this week Africa declaring it’s first ever poliofree year so only Pakistan and Afghanistan left with a few hundred polio cases – a far more difficult task involving vaccines and without the internet and with the Cold War etc.

• In contrast here’s some MOD twaddle:
o Buying 60 Chinook helicopters: more than the rest of the EU put together. Why?
o 539 armoured cars? End to end how far would they stretch?
o The Eurofighter and F35 jets almost cancelled after years of waste and billions and billions of dollars- as USAF Mildenhall closes one of the largest USAF bases in EU - to be replaced by a £1m drone to fire £1M missiles into mudhuts or motorbikes or wedding parties
o SANGCOM: wider publicity of the Saudi/MOD corruption of guns-for-bungs (one of the few Eurofighter/Typhoon arms deals)

And for what? They’re never used. 3 helicopters in Afghanistan? 6 jets now in the Baltics? 8 in Syria? Where’s the other 400? Too expensive to transport or shoot down. Rusting away on the rates.

• Panasonic/Toshiba/Hitachi/Kawasaki/Samsung – town centre screen, hispeed rail work etc

• I’m doing a bit more on Surin Charity for the first time in weeks. I must thank in detail the good folks of Ramsgate who’ve donated to the charity: photo s and info here I want to finish of various bits and pieces at that school: sports kit, musical instruments, swings/slide and a swimming pool. £5k. Can you help?

• Also developing schools in the poorest nations in Africa and Asia

• Great British Sports: the Premiership in Asia is huge: Arsenal, Chelsea, ManU etc. Even the rest of the Football League in the back of beyond in Asia you can be sat in a Stoke City bar or watching Ipswich live. Also cycling and swimming and golf. All Great British Sports. Nothing done.