Thursday 4 March 2021

David Cockburn KCC: Parkway and council corruption

(email to David Cockburn KCC CEO 3/3/21 cc Parliament etc as below) Hi David I and others were surprised at an access road for Kent Parkway rail station planned for 15th March without notice/consultation. As you know from KCC's own research the Parkway was overwhelmingly rejected by the public and councillors. And any rail improvements were less than 90 seconds or so(!). Yes, seconds. It seems a massive KCC civil servant white elephant tarmac scheme again: £20M in Whitehall funds were spent on documents? And is it a leftover of the secret KCC attempts to develop Manston as London International airport with KCC quango funds for the Virginia flights that bellyflopped and resulted in the sacking of your predecessor? Can you halt any works at the site for a call-in review and please provide FOI/EIR documents/emails etc of costs/plans etc of this utterly ludicrous project. For clarity the East Kent aquifer for drinking water for 150k people is under the Manston/Parkway runway - please confirm pollution/cleanup since KCC Manston crashed in 2014 again. To be blunt, with KCC the most £100k salaries in local government if you're unable to control such absurd tarmac and corruption schemes on your £200k salary then you should resign and take your team with you. Separately can I raise TDC council corruption concerns at Pleasurama and Dreamland in KCC's area with millions of public funds as per the Seaborne fishy ferry scandal and Thor mercury. Most recently £600k of staff gagging orders by CEO Homer and lawyer Howes on a c.£20M budget without councillor approval. I can't see how they can continue in their lavish £120k posts with such shenanigans. I am also extremely concerned at the abysmal KCC Public Health failure on covid: 3 Kent districts in the UK top 10, Kent's own variant spreading globally and repeated NHS scandals eg EK baby deaths: please advise of a review. I presume heads will roll not a slap on the wrist or lessons learned inaction? A summary of deaths would be useful and the normal -high - KCC Winter excess deaths. Manston and Thor contamination and corporate manslaughter issues aside and my Kent Police and Crime Commissioner bid and manifesto, with UNCOP26 nearing can you summarise £2BN KCC plans on Climate Change especially Dungeness nukes and Channel ships pollution. On a more mundane note the main roads and verges into Ramsgate are filthy with litter - not flytipping/dumping - just normal flyblown litter how quickly can these be cleaned please: Veolia used to do it and potholes rather well. Police patrol car reporting too? Could you also clarify yet another highest ever automatic 5% council tax rise presumably covering such waste and failure. Obviously the 5% is a cap not a bloat aim to be achieved each year. Please advise. Copy to KCC cllrs, MPs, Kent Police and NAO. Copy on my PCC blog. Tim @timg33

Wednesday 19 February 2020

Garbutt for Kent PCC Police and Crime Commissioner election May 2020

Garbutt for Kent PCC Police and Crime Commissioner election May 2020

Stop the Corruption Chief Constable Pughsley.

Blatant Crimes-by-Council with County Barn KCC and TDC on Manston-Infratil removing airport minors and faking the data for years.

That also affecting London air pollution statistics beyond the East Kent corpses.

Why has there been no Police inquiry? Bob Bayford and Roger Gale MP and CEO Homer and Lawyer Howes at TDC must know the details.

Plus Environment clerks Button.Berry and Sproates.

Clerks aren't above the law not afforded police protection over the public.

Brushing it under the carpet only works so far - the Fishy Ferry of Brexit last year a similar outrage on the rates. Even without the BVI and Cayman Islands tax havens of Dreamland and Pleasurama - both no drop in the ocean as Kent's largest seafront sites.

Liverpool Police are kicking in their council doors and making councillor and clerk arrests for the usual UK local government corruption.

Why not Kent Police rather than asleep at the wheel?

And extradite the Infratil directors who faked the pollution data for years and are now art Wellington Airport: Fitzgerald and Clarke etc.

Kent Police seem to be protecting the Infratil and TDC criminals on the rates not the public.

Paul Carter KCC leader shunted sideways and new County Barn chief Roger Cough keeping shtum: more deaths/shortened lives than East Kent NHS baby death scandal?

And the UN sanction busting flights and Ostend airport gunrunning and Iran Air flights.

Time for vigorous scrutiny of Kent Police not a the current tame Tory clerk acting as a cheerleader and extra police department.

As Police Commissioner I will also:

1. Ban all tax havens in Kent: Caymans this month added to EU ban list - UK long a base for white collar crime by the City and Courts.

2. Reform Kent CPS for public review of GPT Saudi arms bungs detailed again in Private Eye and delayed for years: white collar and MOD crime again

3. New register of lawyers and barristers: self regulation by BSB/SDT fails and white collar crime flourishes at One Essex Curt for example with crooked QC Ian Glick and Guy Hollingworth and colleagues faking invoices in High Court and covered by Judge Mann, The Crying Judge and Teacups Judge. Even Lord Grabiner trademarked as Grabbin' Grabiner by the FT - and other Lords criminals as Jeffrey Archer etc too long tolerated with stagnation of Fowler Review.

4. Scrap Action Fraud: a cop scam to reduce fraud complaints by the public as detailed in parliament by rejecting complaints: beefed up Economic Fraud Regional Units needed without fudged data

5. Replace Police - and Military - Oath as to the public and Parliament not Royals

6. Establish Extradition Court for UK-USA: David Davies MP detailing 99 UK citizens extradited to USA death penalty jails but only 3 USA citizens to UK - and export Prince Andrew for paedo enquiries with FBI and Sacoolas

7. Merge police forces: 43 too many and mere Blue Serge Backoffice Bloat - reduce to c.10 as Euroregions

8. Daily reports of foot patrols in Kent's 34 town centres not merely not prowl car drive by - and drugs raids and hauls. Weekly figures for junkies, rapists and paedos arrests and plainclothes activity on County Lines etc

9. Declare Rape Nation emergency: 100k rapes in UK yet only 3% court cases - cops or lawyers to blame? A monstrous failure.

10. Ban on facial recognition without Commissioner approval and public review

11. East Kent review as a social dumping ground compared to West Kent County Barn and Medway slum towns - too many junkies and tramps and no Domestic Violence Centre and NHS EK maternity hospital baby deaths

12. All police stations and vehicles to be renewable electricity and EV by 2025: Ford and Volvo procurement with Digital Glass?

13. End lack of weekend police cover in East Kent: 24/7 cops even on half day closing Wednesday. And Police/Army policy on Resilience floods etc rather than just sat in barracks painting coal white or peeling Idaho potatos

14. Taser and spit hood and body camera and drugs kits and gun cops/ammo/training and drones review - and all 20 police helicopters gifted to air ambulances

15. 6 monthly Gun and Knife Amnesty needed and Machete/Samurai Sword permit

16. UN Police Kent media and ban on Deputy Chief promotions without UN Police service in say South Sudan - weak UN Peacekeeping efforts: just 800 troops in Africa where the conflicts are and almost no UK cops

17. Gangbusting: West Midlands Police tackling gangs beyond just ASBO youth: Jamaica and Albania gangs and Ndragheta Aberdeen. And South Italy/West Balkans lost: Mafia gangs controlling Naples construction and waste industries/crimes delaying Messina Bridge and Italy/Balkans/Turkey growth - the latter the breadbasket of EU.

18. FBI London office and Bill Bratton as Special Adviser needed: airlift in on Learmonth Learjet and pay double his asking price. Too many Broken Windows and petty ASBO crimes from cop inaction - and NYC cops might want a license fee for Kent Police's Protect and Serve copcar slogan: Kent cops VHS more Hill St Blues than Serpico?

UK too long one of the worlds worst tax haven and City hubs for white collar crime and dictators dodgy dealings: Munro Doctrine to divest last colonies and boost Creative Industries growth

19. Cop increases: publish age profile and Backoffice by force - PM May reforms seem to have resulted in older cops retained and younger ones ousted in a retreat from the streets to the Police Station coffee machine

20. Road Safety increase: 20mph town zones and zero drinkdrive and longer jail sentences: mobile phones and drinks in glovebox/boot as USA?

21. The Extra Kent Year in jail for cocaine and heroin and meth/fentanyl. There seems more Bolivian marching powder than Colombian coffee in Frontline Kent. Plus Shan and Helmand heroin from the MOD fail in AfPak.

22. Deploy UK secret weapon of British Transport Police beyond a Blue Drugs Force as a Metro Group for UK and International transport infrastructure eg Kra Canal and Kwai Rail in Smart Cities of Asia and Africa and Latin America even Dubai Expo. UK invents railways and canals and world-class road/rail safety and fails to capitalise on that plus television and internet?

23. Hillsboro Review of police suspiciously duplicate notebooks. Suspiciously duplicate notebooks. And police notebooks serial number and signed in/out of police station.

24. End Fashion Police: 43 different trousers replaced with Catalogue Trousers not Isaan silk and a Grattan Catalogue of police kit for Commissioner signoff.

25. Kent Police review of Equatorial Guinea: President's son arrest/trial in France and now Exxon Mobil oil revenues in Africa's last dictatorship, plus Haiti and Charlies Angels Strategy across OAS

26. End County Barn Road Safety mess: switch to police with expertise and pensions - another £20M Woodford pension loss on the rates by the Maidstone pensioners.

27. Every Cop Needs a Dick - but stop dicking around Cressida: feral gangs and scooter crime and machetes and 20 cops for one ISIS twerp and SAS cops or 77th Brigade army psyops unacceptable on UK streets and any side of the Kent Border. It's basic policing not rocket science.

28. Close Dungeness and radiation review of Channel nukes dumping and ships air pollution and Douel ISIS sabotage.

29. Kent Police oversight of Military Police/courts: a bizarre Khaki Sharia law duplicate system - selfregulation again as corrupt lawyers and barristers. And weekly review of UK bombing in Syria etc and SAS/Spacial Forces kill squads in Libya - lack of public scrutiny for years. Plus military bloat as c.20 golf courses camouflaged in the rates.

30. Brexit shambles: East Kent associated citizenship/Strategic Freeport-SEZ and EU police/Channel ports group needed for Frontline Kent border

31. Kent Police Operation SwissArmyKnife: multiple reviews of school truancy, minicops junior Stasi, prison and courts and cop shops rebuild: Recession Plan etc

32. Moat needed for Ramsgate: police station/pedzone and Westwood Cross both in top 10 of ASBO Kent crimes - bicycle helmets and number plate compulsory before OAP's knocked over and killed?

33. Quarterly public reviews of CPS etc plus full monthly routine FOI of Police Commissioner and Kent Police budgets/staff/pensions etc etc. It;s not rocket science and full FOI of public sector long delayed for Culture of Secrecy for Failure.

34. End death penalty in UK with London judges approving the hanging of Caribbean citizens

35. Boys in Brown Strategy with Thailand police: safe haven for ASEAN political leaders as Yingluck and cops as Big Joke. Even Police nurses and the Valerie Leon ward. And Shan/China heroin 10% (Helmand loss 90%). ASEAN UK Strategic Domino after Loss of China - and India next?

36. Pandemic Resilience: UK The Sick Man of Europe: Covid19 fail with Pandemic UK #1 Strategic Threat for UK amateurish bumbling - only Chief Pughsley with a facemask and BBC research 95% NHS nurses uncertain of what to do and UK citizens stranded abroad: permanent FCO emergency number/website, 112 livery instead of the gay cop car, UK vaccines and facemask manufacturers eg Pfizer Discovery Park and warehouses rotating Pandemic product out to Africa etc.

37. Cancel £5k PCC election fee - why would the public pay to regulate the police they already pay for? Absurd large (minority) party control squeezing out the public.

38. Jury trial for all Kent court cases - move the courts beyond a lawyers cashpoint and sinecures for barrister-judges on both sides of the dock, again squeezing out the public who fund and allow the justice system.

39. Kent Police Space Cadets NASA training with Surrey Satellites, Glasgow Space City and Scotland NASA Lockheed Martin Spaceport.

40. Review of Kent Police trade union days off etc: public sector trade unions on the rates reducing the public service? Plus review of College of Policing and university police courses: bloat/duplication and Hendon fail? And pseudo-training lesbian awaydays and menopause sessions in the cop shop rather than out on patrol. Police stations have become Playstations on the rates with a lack of scrutiny despite public complaints.

41. Ban on live animal exports form all Kent and UK ports and Kent Police oversight of Coastguard and Border Force and radar for refugees etc

42. QPM/George Medal airlifted into for Belgian Coastguard and navy/airforce for protecting UK borders with SAR as Little England retreats

Time for UK to be a G7 not G25 nation even before the Brexit decline. And time for Kent policing to move into the 20th century beyond Zumba on the beach and warm words on Diversidy.

Carry on Chief Constable but East Kent is not some rabid soi dog to be kicked around by Maidstone or London.

The North Will Rise Again and so should the left behind areas of East Kent.

Garbutt for Kent PCC Police Commissioner May 2020

Stop the Corruption Chief Constable Pughsley. And the Pollution and the Construction.

Time for Change

Twitter: @timg333


Misc points: to follow

1. All election expenses/budget detailed 4 weeks before election not months after the election after given UK election fraud by main parties - and end ballot boxes held overnight in County Barn before the count - laughable election process

2. Police inquiry into Ramsgate Fire station: £1M budget but £8M delivery on sports land and weak consultation of half a dozen members of public and firecrew

3. Police review of Manston and Riveroak/Wiggins shenanigans now with the whole stinking mess rightly thrown back to East Kent by Transport Minister

4. Police weak on Gypsy action eg camping on Ramsgate promenade and beach: cops hiding from clamping and removal of vehicles and litter as with any member of public

5. Close Night Policy gap: council offices closed/bloat cost for noise/litter/broken street lights etc

6. Reintroduce parking tickets and targets for the police: an internal policy of their own making not to issue tickets eg parking on pavements etc

7. Replace BBC licence fee with ringfenced tax and parliament Media Committee monthly scrutiny/FOI - end arrest/trials of nonpayers and a sneaky fee/tax

8. Create Rotten Boroughs Unit to follow up on Private Eye articles: more crime solving in a fortnight than most of 43 forces in a year

9. Police review of Southern Water shitty sewer repairs: cholera risk and lack of investment: Board cull and dividend clawback for utility fail

10. Police Dive Unit needed for RN divers and SS Richard Montgomery explosives ship clearance

11. Police review of asbestos in schools: County Barn seems to be funding a cottage industry of court case payoffs for cancerous kids and teachers rather than clearance of a known danger since 1970's - corporate manslaughter?

Tuesday 29 October 2019

Tobias MP and Yellow Peril 2.0 for China and 77th Brigade?

The Tobias Ellwood MP article in last week’s Mail on Sunday (and a full page no less) was chilling for several reasons.

The blaring headline of:

"From cyber space to the dark side of the moon, China is waging war on the West - and it’s winning"

is concerning not just for Pink Floyd fans worried that China’s counterfeit music industry extended from their back catalogue to the Moon itself.

But also that a former Defence Minister was peddling such Yellow Peril 2.0 nonsense in the 21st century.

And all the more concerning with Tobias not just as a Colonel Blimp eccentric MP hyping up the military and its tax budgets, but somehow extending a minor captaincy in the Army into a Lieutenant-Colonel role in the 77th Brigade, the military psyops function.

No doubt Bill Cash MP or the fightin’ bank manager reservist Mark Francois MP, or Nigel Farage already struggling into khaki to wind up pensioners that won the war and lost the peace, will chip in with some impassioned nonsense about an EU Army - presumably that merely NATO functions without USA and Canada? Or the existing Battlegroups?

It’s not China but the EU threatening the White Cliffs of Dover?

### 77th Brigade waging war on UK? ###

The article though reading not so much as China waging war on the West but the British Army waging war on the home front rather than abroad with such propaganda?

A London FBI office necessary - without similar 77th Brigade COINTELPRO or Snowden GCHQ/NSA mass surveillance - as the UK FBI NCA and CPS and Fraud police bumble along in the wake of white collar criminals yielding terror support in Londongrad and Londonistan.

Bill Bratton long overdue on being airlifted into UK from The Big Apple for his Broken Window and Facial Recognition musings on Learmonths Learjet. Cressida Dick's Met Police setting up facial recognition vans without Parliament or council approval does seem more apt for the streets of Shanghai rather than Sidcup.

While spycops shagging green protestors on the rates for years seems extraordinary.

While the Sacoolas car crash diplomacy perhaps unthinkable in a Chinese variant but certainly showing the need for diplomatic immunity reform even a specialist Extradition Court whether for Assange or City traders facing USA prisons and death penalty.

While as friends and allies, the UK military could easily invest in Keep Left signs for the half-dozen USA drone and radar bases.

Britain may be the USA's, rather than China's, Airstrip One and unsinkable aircraft carrier to rival Eurasia's Japan, but it’s certainly not the 51st State - that’s Puerto Rico and Kent Spitfire AOC no doubt calling for Resilience reforms there and the Bronx - nor the Lower 48.

USA diplomats and troops and even Mike Pompey aren’t in Kansas anymore, certainly on basics such as Road Safety.

While if Northants Police aren’t as incompetent as oh-no-its-Surrey-Police in Deepcut barracks or Perelichnyy and Salisbury GRU assassinations then Parliament must be questioning how the Foreign Office and Police allowed Sacoolas to slip away in a reverse-rendition to hide in the White House broom cupboard.

Perhaps a wider issue in reducing 43 police forces tripping over each other or out of their depth.

### China military or computing superpower - and UK DARPA ###

Reading the Tobias article in detail there is one very fair point on the China lead in Quantum Computing with a £7.7BN investment in just one site. While the USA investment of £155M per year overall suggests it’s wisely spent with Google announcing Quantum Supremacy this week with Project Sycamore processing 10,000 years(!) worth of data in minutes.

Senor Ellwood remains silent though as to what if any UK investment, or EU, there is in Quantum Computing. A shocking failure not in Chinese battalions poised to make the Isle of Wight or Isle of Thanet the Hong Kong and Macau of UK. But in the UK-invented-here-and-monetised-in-USA syndrome that’s frittered away the Turing bombes lead in computing or Berners-Lee formulation of the World Wide Web.

Even Dominic Cummings pausing from laying waste to UK governance and the Boris Coup has urged as Michael Gove’s assistant calls from myself and others for a UK DARPA.

That military innovation paying back in USA not just with B2 bombers or F35 jets - both likely left to rust with drone replacements - but that Turing lead in cracking German Uboat military codes or POTUS Clinton opening up not just the nuclear launch function of packets of the internet but the GPS missile positioning system used for 5G EV cars.

And Kent’s broken streets familiar more than most regions with the rocket technology of the V1 and V2 that yielded the Apollo Moon landings.

The Chinese not launching missiles this week but a 5G Smart Town already. Film downloads in one second and EV cars and river and canal cleanup by robots are leaving UK standing in the dust of China’s typhoon of innovation.

Monsieur Ellwood confusing a Chinese military parade of just 15,000 troops out of 1M troops as somehow more militarist than UK’s Changing of the Guard.

### China weaponising cat videos on Ellwood's watch? ###

While citing the Chinese versions of Facebook or Amazon in Tencent and Alibaba or Baidu GPS as threats to the West is simply rather hysterical. Presumably 1.5BN Chinese want to watch cat videos or buy Duchy Original biscuits or Irn-Bru (made in Scotland from girders) in their own language and for rapid home delivery as much as in the West.

As with the new Battery Innovation Centre (7 day charging for any device in an hour?) in the Midlands Engine shouldn’t Senor Ellwood roll up his sleeves on a UK Supercomputer. Even basics as an Atlanta or Stockholm UK Disease Center - whether Pandemics of Flu or TB or Ebola or the big battalions of tax funds deployed against Cancer and Dementia and Diabetes and faster cures.

A UK DARPA could yield a DNA Bathroom Mirror in moments with Philips- and certainly strategic stock and factories of vaccines as East Kent’s rusting Discovery Park, previously the largest inward investment site by Pfizer USA. Pfizer China at the site would hardly be a fiendish Fu Manchu plot for cancers cures.

Herr Ellwood could make a wider and stronger case for Realpolitik with China: few Brits or Mail on Sunday readers would be keen on Uighur gulag camps or organ harvesting or thousands of death penalty executions or Falun Gong religious persecution.

But that’s bog-standard one party authoritarianism rather than anything peculiarly Chinese. And no doubt more liberal factions in the Communist party and China will be urging changes.

Presumably Davey Cameron should be parlaying rather than kowtowing with China and his venture fund from the successful Xi roundtable in his Cotwolds pub.

Indeed President Xi seems rather wise in learning from the Tiananmen Square debacle and deaths in a light-touch response to the Hong Kong protests. Those protestors soon swapping the Union Jack as an emblem of democracy for the Stars and Stripes on realising UK would do nothing to help and indeed how UK ran Hong Kong as an undemocratic fiefdom before the Chinese Takeway of 1997.

China resolute too in the provocation of USA spy planes overshooting and landing in its territory.

The 70th anniversary of the liberation of China from foreign rule alluded to by Senor Ellwood and the horror of the Opium Wars forcing heroin addiction en masse to the Chinese yields a China focus as always on internal rule rather than foreign adventurism - no matter how much Tobias and other MOD chaps try and stoke up a threat for army budgets.

China's border safeguards of Tibet and North Korea in the early 1950’s only leading to minor border disputes with India and Russia and the 1979 Vietnam incursion. All hardly suggest any vast Chinese military plan or Communist Brotherhood.

### Trump bromance and OBOR growth for North Korea and Northern Powerhouse? ###

While President Xi could perhaps do more in supporting the bromance and thaw of POTUS Trump with North Korea. Nobody - least of all the Chinese - want famine or sarin stocks and nukes out of control in Pyonyang - or leaking into Damascus and Karachi. Or Chinese investments in Canary Wharf or Wall Street.

Osama was found in Karachi not Chengdu and perhaps Obama or Davey Cameron and now POTUS Trump and Mike Pompey should have been found more often in Beijing drumming up trade and a Great FireWall of China with NSA and GCHQ for web and institutionalised hacking protocols.

Indeed Monsieur Ellwood could be urging UK and EU and NATO support for the 1953 Korea peace treaty to be signed and bridging the trade gap for a United Korea. President Xi so far missing the golden opportunity to urge reduced USA troop levels and demilitarised limits beyond the DMZ to the Yalu.

While Signor Ellwood is plain wrong in citing the Chinese Space plan to the Moon has no agreed rules. Rather the 1957 Outer Space Treaty applies to all nations in preventing the militarisation of space.

A treaty weakened not by Chinese space exploration but the POTUS Trump formulation of a Space Command as a military function.

While the routine American citing of China as an enemy is only likely to deliver that spectre beyond the Inner Islands strategy. Perhaps China will become more like Taiwan or Hong Kong rather faster than needing to deploy and destroy those islands - or seize Guam and Hawaii and Vancouver or Alcatraz island.

UK as weak in San Diego and USA Pacific strategy as in Caribbean Resilience. And the Commonwealth.

Senior Ellwood in his Yellow Peril 2.0 fantasy forgetting the supposed Chinese octopus tentacles of OBOR reaching now to Kent and Sevilla and this week Serbia. Or rather should be seen as a welcome Chinese lead on trade integration as India and China become the world’s largest economies alongside USA and EU.

China’s growth perhaps of more concern to Putin’s Russia with its Far East provinces just 8M people and severe border disputes, even without the Bering Bridge, facing 1.5BN Chinese.

Perhaps an Asian EU of China, Mongolia, Koreas, Taiwan and Japan as relevant as the EU to Russia.

Certainly Russian membership of EU would remove any Western invasion threat. And end Russia as The Great Provocateur with Venezuela troops or South African or Far East bomber jets. And free up the economy from the shackles of military and nuclear overspend.

Russian tech failure even greater than UK and Europe’s. Why has UK not created Facebook or Germany Amazon or Russia Google while American immigrants have? And Chinese citizens quickly copied them?

Questions that would yield less tax on guns and tanks and more on human capital and digital futures.

POTUS Trump wise not just - as any POTUS - to call for EU and NATO nations to pay more for the 30,000 US Army Europe troops nearing the end of their 1942 mission no doubt as the post-Putin Russian regimes link into Europe, and the shores of North Africa and Levant.

An Elbe Brigade so outrageous?

Certainly less monstrous than the UK delays on Murmansk Convoy medals or Ghurka pensions or Pacific Nukes Guinea Pig National Servicemen.

Or the ending of USA Forever Wars misfiring in Syria recently but right in terms of Senate scrutiny of the War Powers Act and Africa Command troops and Arabian bombings of wedding parties and Afghanistan the longest war for USA.

And all so badly run for years against motorbikes and transit vans and mobile phone bombs and mudhuts.

Perhaps Monsieur Ellwood should be concerned that such military failure could encourage Chinese expansion. Certainly the floating junk of the UK’s two aircraft carriers (and 40 admirals - what are they all doing? Seconded to 77th Brigade to write Ellwood’s articles for him?) is expensive waste compared to the cybersecurity threat for both the military and civilians.

Perhaps the Ellwood article won’t be the last 77th Brigade psyops work hyping up a China or Andorra conflict or the old standby of the Russian bear - or pushing for more military tax spend. The HMS Bloomingdales and HMS Macys aircraft carriers the world’s most expensive coral reefs? Certainly if not material for the Great Barrier Reef then too expensive and threatened to sail beyond the bars and nightclubs of Manhattan it seems.

Certainly the upcoming NATO Summit will be calling for the random 2% spend target again and some of the Ellwood armchair warriors no doubt calling for the UK to reach a vanity spend of 3%.

With NATO struggling to manage one set of bullets or armoured car spares for its nations in 70 years suggests a deeper weakness beyond the Afghanistan failure.

Wiser heads such as Kent sister state Virginia’s Citizen Kaine arguing for a tighter review of the War Powers Act - as is UK Redshirt and Zinoviev Czech spy Jeremy Corbyn.

POTUS Trump again wise in drawing down Border Wall funds from the bloated Pentagon budget and no doubt listening to the likes of Senators Kaine and Warner on the impact on Virginia shipbuilding. And Thailand’s Senator Tammy Duckworth highlighting the potential for not just in Illinois earmarks but in Five Eyes and Five ASEAN Eyes work for Med refugees and Asian ISIS and heroin.

Field Marshal Ellwood might well recruit quietly capable khaki voices such as Johnny Mercer and Kent’s Tommy Tugendhat - no doubt aware of the New Weald Order in Kent corruption and corporate manslaughter with Infratil etc - with Ben Wallace in moving beyond khaki China groupthink to reform by mergers of the RAF and Royal Navy under the Army again in the Era of Drones.

An Army reduced to 50,000 troops more viable alongside 5,000 each in an unmanned Navy and Airforce, and EU average spend on NATO of 1.5%. And swarms of arms limitation talks.

Even coordinating UK and USA and Australian shipbuilding for value and ASEAN Resilience.

Or formulating Kent’s Royal Engineers as a core function of UK UN Peacekeeping - and UN Policing - and Desert Rats 2.0 across the Sahel. President Xi wisely already securing the Suez trade route at Djibouti and Mali hispeed rail on the Atlantic seaboard while UK burns tax-cash and allies goodwill in the Falklands and Gibraltar and Akritiri development delays rather than Oman and Neom.

For Monsieur Ellwood forgetting in his article to mention either the Climate Change or Terrorism - no stranger he to the latter with the sad death of his brother in Bali terrorism, or PC Kenneth Palmer at the gates of Parliament. If he can’t see take off the rose-tinted HUD of the Army and see the threat of ASEAN terrorism or Resilience then who can?

From Davao to the Chinese border with Myanmar the UK and UK military having little to no input to the waves of Shan crystal meth landing in UK and USA and Australian shires (all with the largest ever hauls in recent months). Nor the surge in heroin from the retreat from Helmand after the investment of years of British blood and treasure from the Khyber Pass to Kwai river.

Pandemics yielding no mention in the Ellwood article - that the main UK strategic threat not the Chinese navy but Flu and TB as well as biochem weapons. Chief Pughsley of Kent Police vigorous in gasmask testing at Bluewater and Canary Wharf for sarin and ricin. Those North Korea chemweapons stocks are surely low hanging fruit for Xi and Trump and Kim efforts?

Syria requiring more boots on the ground not less in combating dictatorships and poverty that are UK threats. Not pandering to Al-Yamamah and GPT arms corruption in Saudi or propping up Gadaffi and Saddam. And no doubt the next Zimbabwe or Equatorial Guinea dictators.

The latter Thatcherite Wonga Coup failing but more susceptible to the withdrawal of USA oil companies and Riggs Bank sanctions.

Perhaps the greatest NATO and EU failure in over 15,000 refugees drowning off the shores of Tripoli. That the more horrific in the Royal Navy provoking the Russian bear in its Black Sea backyard - Crimea 2.0 - rather than working with the US Coastguard in the Med and indeed the Channel and Frontline Kent.

The 39 Chinese and Vietnamese lorry deaths from trafficking perhaps laying the ground for rapprochment with China and Vietnam beyond the pricey tax jibber-jabber of Strategic Dialogue or cookiecutter industry sectors or empty guff of the inevitability of Thucydides traps for China and UK or USA.

Perhaps the only inevitabilty is Monsieur Ellwood and comrades in arms talking up such twaddle on the rates.

And a Parliamentary review of how far 77th Brigade psyops is deployed on UK audiences in peacetime.

Time for Change

Monday 5 August 2019

Here’s £100M worth of Damn Good Advice on advertising Brexit Boris

The Boris announcement of £100M for an advertising campaign for Brexit struck a chord as I was rereading United States of Advertising guru George Lois’ memoir Damn Good Advice.

Lois famous for the passion of Muhammed Ali cover for Esquire magazine of The Louisville Lip struck by arrows in St Sebastian style for being martyred over refusing the Vietnam draft.

Lois, one of my advertising gurus along with Osborn (Alex not George), and even stuffy old David Ogilvy, and Drayton Bird DM guru.

I was pondering though the Lois 20 Times Square property branding (a number 20, a multiplication sign and a square - and a healthy dose of creative genius) for an article on the NYC Hudson Yards.

But the potential waste of £100M of tax funds on a Brexit propaganda campaign shovelled into less than 3 months before the Halloween exit of 31st October stuck out.

I would point out I’ve worked on various ad campaigns for Labour and LibDems, and Public Health and NHS too, but the vast majority of my advertising works for consumer goods whether tourism or planes, trains and automobiles along with washing powder and food.

The stuff of life.

And gaining every creative and effectiveness award in the world, from UK to USA and Europe (Asia soon) along the way, even the UK’s largest ad agency at one point although, as with many ad agency conglomerates, that was largely financial engineering rather than creativity.

So here’s £100M worth of free advice Boris.

Don’t. Do. It.

I’ll send an invoice for £33M per word in the post – the full stops are free.

Why not to do it?

Well, in all sincerity, who isn’t aware of Brexit in UK if not the whole world? New Foreign Minister Dominic Raab hardly needs to detail the topic to EU or world leaders as he start at the ASEAN-EU meet in Bangkok. And it’s worth a refreshing pause to see that Australia, Canada and USA and Eire and EU amongst the first to wish him well.

Although warm words apply no Kerrygold butter to Brexit parsnips.

And with 100% awareness you don’t need to spend £100M for 3 months worth of advertising.

And to persuade or reassure Remainers and Brexiteers? Again you don’t need advertising to do that in 8 weeks or so (American Princess Meghan’s September Vogue cover is already out to rival American Princess Soma – better hurry up Boris with those copy deadlines if you are going to do it).

Even if it would work.

Or the media owners didn’t stick up their prices, and the public, over such a bloated Autumn windfall that the PM has now alerted them to. Heinz baked beans might 57 varieties of reasons to be miffed at media space being held back or over-priced too.

By Xmas a failed Brexit may not amount to a hill of beans, but those unsold tins of beans and soups and ravioli, surely will, especially after stockpiling already.

Sure, some of the larger agencies would take the money and run ads day and night on television and online. And press ads and supplements along with posters on every billboard from Downing St to Acacia Avenue.

And it would hardly persuade one person one way or another.

At worst it would seem to be propaganda. At best it could help the advertising budget of the excellent Remain newspaper The New European – why no Eurostar ads or British Airways or AirFrance or Hilton hotels? Remoaners not likely to travel to Europe?

And it would be utter waste: most UK ad budgets under £10M for a whole year. Kellogg’s cornflakes for example spending $750BN globally on advertising. Presumably a sensible portion of that on in-box bioplastic toys (Disney or DC or both? that Carrie wouldn’t need to pick out of the Plastic Patch oceans.

£100M of a Boris Brexit would become heavy duty wallpaper covering UK eyeballs, and failing to make the case as to why such a short-sighted is clearly needed. Or not.

£100M could even fund a decent-sized Tom Cruise movie (in a Bozza wig?) – a Cruise Control Brexit rather than crash and burn? Sir Thomas of Mapother IV might do the acting gig for a gong and support for UK-USA media.

But such funding could even, with a General Election looming, be seen as yet another violation of UK’s increasingly tarnished election rules, and a bridge too far to USA money politics.

With 3 Prime Ministers in favour of Remain but floundering around like stranded kippers to pretend they want Leave beyond a few votes, throwing money at the problem won’t solve it. And certainly not with the Prime Minister and Foreign Minister and Trade Minister (cheese and pork exports Ms T?) with the G7 UK and world airwaves at their command.

And couldn’t £100M (or £90M: if you really, really, really think a Brexit campaign would be useful, just waste £10M) be better spent on say nurses and teachers – even a Teacher or Nurse Day as a UK bank holiday a la Thailand societal reforms– recruitment.

Sending the MOD/RN Prime Minister branded jacket off to a charity shop (to sit unsold next to the Hague baseball cap?) and begin nuclear disarmament talks. £30BN or so saved on rusty and warehoused nukes and subs might even fund a worthwhile Brexit ad campaign.

And what would that Brexit campaign cover? A picture of Boris’ face with a Macca-style thumbs up, and Brexit is Great slogan underneath his tousled haired fizzog, day after day for months and months on every television and website and newspaper front page?

Millions of Brits registering to vote (16 and upwards, no Battlebus or Russian or Yankee jiggerypokery please, although how would we know?) on or #bozzabrexit?

Perhaps not. And perhaps the charlatans of Cambridge Analytica have proved Govey right in his fear of some experts and election shenanigans as bad as the Battlebus fraud here in Kent and eslewhere.

Buy a Kindle for all 11M UK schoolkids – with a Brexit screensaver or, shades of 1984, Vote Big Brother Boris if you must – and review literacy standards of 8 years old at age 16 as somehow acceptable in First World Britain.

Unless slipping down the G7 league table to G25 or so now (those decades of Big Tobacco and HFSS Foods and Cancers and Social Care failures are already starting to bite into UK mortality and productivity aren’t they?), and tumbling further in a post-Brexit UK of Honda closures, Vauxhall Ellesmere Port closures, East Kent 007 Aston Martin cutbacks, EU Medicines Agency closed, 40% on UK lamb exports and 10% on cars is WTO viable.

Even here in Meiji Kent, just a stone’s throw from Calais and EU markets and tourism, and with Farage and UKIP demolished, the Japanese must be laughing up their kimono sleeves at Britain winning the war and Japanese mega-investment with Nissan Sunderland et al - but losing the peace and then losing the EU and largest and wealthiest trade bloc in history.

Perhaps those lamb export extra tariffs not so bad for Kentish lamb rather than trade with the Kiwi Killers of Infratil, or the monstrous stench of live sheep exports through Ramsgate port. And that port viable as a Discovery Park/Pfizer SEZ Freeport and Ostend ferry again as part of Seaside Sea Changes?

Certainly UK vaccines will need to be produced in bulk – shouldn’t that have been done strategically anyway rather than spaffing £100M up the wall on some frothy ads - or after heavy delays at Dover (£70M a day if closed) Port (UK and Eire's largest) work their way through the clogged arteries of the UK road system.

Even experts like Govey must see that his daily Brexit meetings are a fool’s errand and a waste of time – unless there’s free Jaffa Cakes and exceedingly good cakes.

Or, oy vey, perhaps Labour and Jezza C’s LatAm-lite revolution could win the general election, perhaps Govey’s fellow-Jock, Foxy has hidden a dram or three of his favourite breakfast whisky in the Cabinet filing cabinet to drown the win-or-lose sorrows of Brexit.

So here’s £100M of free advertising advice again, Boris:

Don’t do it.

To help, I won’t even charge for the full stops.

Time for Change

Letter to Parliament on Dreamland etc corruption

Hi Meg

In your PAC Chair role can I flag up the very fishy sale of the Dreamland amusement park site in Margate - the largest site in Kent.

I've copied Madeline Homer and Tim Howes as TDC council CEO and lawyer as the sale featured in no recent election manifesto.

Nor were tenders issued for competition - and the sale was nodded through in a 6 minute unanimous council debate last week - lead by Bob Bayford TDC Leader previously Deputy Leader in the Ezekiel regime jailed for council fraud for similar compulsory purchases.

Dreamland and Pleasurama and Manston stink of council corruption.

TDC as you know is one of UK's most corrupt and incompetent councils and has form with:

* Grayling fishy ferry of Seaborne without ships
* Wetherspoons mega booze barn
* Brett port aggregates #1 and #2
* Pleasurama mystery insurance fire and BVI tax haven
* Manston airport - Infratil removed monitors/pollution data and sudden sale to Delware/Swiss tax haven company Riveroak last month - PAC previously questioning the Gloag/Stagecoach owners.

Riveroak owned by Tony Freudmann who busted Manston with Wiggins previously and featured in Private Eye Rotten Boroughs for managing to be struck off by both the law society and as a council CEO.

An interesting point would be the missing Manston fines and tax rebates for corruption.

You and fellow parliamentarians will be suffering excess air pollution as Manston was the main report site for the South East and London.

Slightly more positive the KCC Toxic Three are now reduced to only leader Paul Carter with the resignation of Geoff Wild KCC lawyer and involved in Manston.

Sands Hotel and Arrowgrass Caymans Island company are the new owners apparently although FOI/EIR requests are ignored.

Can this be reviewed as part of the white collar criminal and enabler functions at PAC of companies such as Lord Grabiner's One Essex Court etc?

Madeline and Tim I'm sure would relish being interrogated by PAC, or police, if TDC remains silent and secretive.

I struggle to see why they haven't resigned their £150k salaries from this rotten borough.

Certainly the Dreamland sale should be suspended and called in.

Best wishes and keep up the good work at PAC.

Kindest regards


Thursday 1 August 2019

Cuba Renaissance on track with UK and A Different Gringo strategy?

Certainly a Cuban Renaissance with UK is underway with dynamic new Ambassador Stokes and the first UK Royal visit to the Communist nation by Prince Charles and Camilla earlier this year.

Charles lounging next to John Lennon on a Malecon bench, before leading British Classic Cars through the throng of USA sanctions 1950's classic cars. Those Chevy's and Cadillacs probably powered by old lawnmowers or offcuts of vintage John Deere tractors - Nothing runs like a Deere after all, or after 60 years of sanctions.

Although none of those vehicles capable of lobbing a nuke onto USA in some notional rerun of the 1962 Missile Crisis. While North Korean tractors towing its missiles in parades before returning to the fields, a testament to POTUS Trump in moving beyond Cold War frameworks and forbearance on USA military action as with Iran's nukes programme.

Prince Charles also pausing over a Duchy Original biscuit to view a Cuban organic farm - certainly a Communist - and Caribbean - economy powered by sugar and tobacco is unlikely to cause a seismic shift in its population's fortunes.

Prince Charles flying off from the rabidly successful Cuba visit, and around the Caribbean Commonwealth, rather than cruising away via East Kent Core Company Saga Cruise ships, although Camilla launching the latest ship - that in search of new ports or trade freeports - in Dover last week.

While Ambassador Stokes LVO (Licensed Victuallers Organisation) is best placed to consider the future of both Havana and Bacardi rum in UK supermarkets.

While Cuban culture is cooking on gas with Onel Hernandez the first Cuban player to join the UK Football League, at Delia Smith's Norwich City and Carlos Acosta showing a clean pair of Cuban heels to rival the Bolshoi at the London Ballet.

### A rum do for UK to miss Cuban Rail? ###

But Ambassador Stokes is surely building up a head of steam over the massive potential for UK-Cuban trade in the refurb of Cuba's miles of rusty railways. The former Vietnam Ambassador no doubt pondering the wisdom for Cuba and UK of the first 19 Chinese trains for Cuba and promises of another 200 sets next year.

Certainly the miles of rickety Vietnamese railways no great advertisement for such activity - especially as ASEAN now signs off the HiSpeed loop from the Bangkok hub into China. The BKK-PP link is now delivered from my 2015 MP manifesto and work for PP-HCMC and Kwai upgrades to Yangon confirmed which is positive for a UK Strategic Rail Group to secure UK transport exports.

China's pace in hispeed rail matched by its crashes, and abroad its investments stalling as in Ethiopia: a railway built without the necessary infrastructure is a pub without beer.

Britain taking no lessons in rail from anyone: inventing them with the Crab and Winkle line at Canterbury to the East Kent coast at Whitstable. The new LNER East Coast hispeed trains. And Kent's success with HS1 and Eurostar and Channel Tunnel, reducing shorthaul EU flights and securing the London 2012 Olympics and potential for HS2 and HS3.

And that UK success not just for UK with East Kent Hitachi and Balfour Beatty or East Yorkshire Davos 15 Siemens, but Bombardier and Dennis buses from the Midlands to Northern Powerhouse to Northern Ireland and Canada for the all-important Climate Change seamless public transport that can unblock many town centres.

### UK Big Ticket from Infrastructure to Movies ###

And UK Big Ticket Infrastructure from The Shard skyscraper to London 2012 Olympics. (An Havana bid building beyond the Senegal 2022 Youth Olympics? And apt for Isla Juventud and a memorial to Fidel's first imprisonment after Moncada Barracks Revolt), and Crossrail and SuperSewer.

Apt too with Fidel whiling away the days reading East Kent's the Dean of Canterbury and Julius Caesar (Caesar's recently discovered fort in Ramsgate, founding UK, surely another tourism fail by the County Barn?) and learning English via Vanity Fair and smoking JFK's favourite brand of H. Upmann cigars - some things beyond sanctions.

Churchill’s cigars also featured at his home in Chartwell West Kent.

But with Big Ticket Infrastructure of course UK leading the way on the first Metro/Tube/London Underground - the first of 200 around the world - again Havana no doubt considering how to preserve the Malecon for UNESCO status with transport links say to Varadero beach.

And if the first trial run of the Chinese trains is clunking through the 500 miles to Guantanamo then UK expertise as the safest railway in Europe is no doubt needed, much as Kent's level crossing are being upgraded.
The Castro handover from Fidel to Raoul to Miguel Diaz-Canel already seeing a developing internet and wifi, ripe for UK experience on Digital Rail and tube and bus.

In my politics work as MP and Mayor candidate I've urged A Different Gringo strategy for UK in Latin America. And that all the more relevant for Cuba and its Yankee Go Home philosophy (and much of Latin America) after the Bay of Pigs 1961 invasion, that also holed the Kennedy and successive USA administrations below the waterline until now.

Ambassador Woody in USA bathing in the luxury of a Special Relationship developing to an Extra Special Relationship with UK and USA and Treble Club of tripled exports. He might well be lighting an Upmann cigar with $100 bills after the success of the USA Year of Sports and NFL and baseball so far in UK.

And how different USA and Cuba would have been if Castro had taken up baseball with the New York Giants in 1948. Fidel preferring to swim with the sharks of Communist revolution rather than USA sports. Harvey Mackay a Baron von Football before Ambo Woody in developing NFL in Cuba, also cites Fidel's love of USA ten-pin bowling with his own rink in the basement of parliament.

Perhaps a Crazy Golf course down there too: the pyramid with the hole on top etc. To rival the new course in Rochester Cathedral?

Certainly that USA Year of Sports extending into media reforms of the Monroe Doctrine in UK and USA beyond just VOA broadcasts. The Cricket World Cup (no Cuban team?) in UK highlighting the slow death of a sport relying only on satellite monies rather than free to view broadcasts.

The quietly dynamic Lord Hall of BBC raising the issue of just 4% of UK sports on BBCTV yet 40% viewing suggests an overdue dedicated BBC Sports channel (and BBC Three resurrected?), if not greater cooperation with Channel Four's public remit as in the quick broadcast of the Cricket Word Cup Final with an advertising share.

Ambo Woody no doubt gnashing his teeth over the years lost in UK and EU with Channel Four ending its NFL coverage and innovative sports such as Sumo and Kabaddi. Much as Northern Ireland after 50 years of Troubles is now celebrating the Golf Open's return.

But regardless of the Brexit mess or an FTA chimera it must be a bureaucratic beanfeast yielding thin gruel compared to say Perdue Product range from the open range of Heartland USA to UK supermarket shelves whether Idaho potatos, Virginia craft beer or Illinois cornflakes.

Cuban sanctions a potential POTUS Trump foreign policy success, beyond NFL or World Series (baseball not soccer) transfers, before 2020 after the moves to United Koreas and Eritrea-Ethiopia successes?

Those voters in Little Havana in Miami, and warmer relations with their families 90 miles away from Key West, might be key than chads to both Republicans and democrats in the 2020 election.

### Cubans in East Kent Airfix and Hornby ###

A reduction of USA sanctions is certainly less of an upheaval than a Brigade 2506 action - but the Bay of Pigs a US-led Caribbean D-Day far beyond the usual US Marines policing and meddling missions through the Caribbean since the Platt Amendment or the Maine, even the invasion of the Commonwealth's Grenada.

An East Kent Core Company Airfix kit of Cuban soldiers and militia resisting the Americans, or Cuban troops in Africa may be irrelevant in the 21st century, although certainly UK and Cuban medicare links are viable.

And why not Cuba in the Caribbean Commonwealth eventually, perhaps even with Virginia Commonwealth and the other 3 USA Commonwealths as affiliates initially and ultimately hands across the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans.
Certainly Guantanamo is looking pointless as a military prison with just 40 Taliban prisoners and, as with Vieques, less relevant as a US Navy base.

Fidel long refusing to cash the USA cheques (a great potential display for the British Museum, or even Cleveland's dynamic Museum, beyond Ethiopian loot stored in the basement out of sight?) for supposed rental of the occupied site.

And Cuba exercising restraint in not occupying the base or water plant or withdrawing fire brigade support.

The American taxpayer - whether in Little Havana Miami or Del Mar Lago may well consider the affront to Cuban pride of an imposed US navy base at Gitmo (and Bahia Honda long relinquished) and the cost, compared to Cuban and USA Coastguard support for drugs trafficking crackdowns between Mexico and Colombia.

### Cuba Libre or Riggsed democracy ###

While UK tax havens such as British Virgin Islands and Caymans no doubt costing the USA and UK taxpayer in money-laundering via Riggs Bank and Equatorial Guinea again (a modern day Haiti National City Bank?) perhaps more, than refloating Puerto Rico after the hurricanes and cleaning up Vieques from years of US navy target practice.

Certainly Ben Wallace UK Security Minister is on the right track for a crackdown of UK white collar criminals and enablers such as Lord Grabiner's One Essex Court corrupt barristers and Palmer Biggs lawyer fraud.

Kent's NYC spitfire AOC no doubt shaking off Communist accusations (NHS medical care and top-slice taxation strangely centrist to UK eyes) in the feverish atmosphere of the latest POTUS Trump tweets. And AOC no doubt pausing over a Cuba Libre to consider the value of Nyorican and Haitian and Jamaican caucuses galvanised and welded together in NYC.

Certainly they are more positive voices than Russian (is it even Communist any more?) tomfoolery, (beyond Crimea and Syria’s Latakia warm water port to rival Gwadar in sight of Oman and Hormuz), from the KGB playbook of Putin to prop up Venezuela and the tsunami of refugees breaking over Trump's Wall.

While Trump particularly short-sighted in trimming USA aid to Central America and the Caribbean with a Syrian-style exodus underway as affected Europe recently from Venezuela and Honduras and Nicaragua.

Walls and helicopter gunships go so far and so much less than consistent aid to refloat broken nations. A few more years of Brexit twaddle or Boris silliness and Kent refugees may be voting with their feet through the Channel Tunnel to Belgium.

And the largest ever cocaine haul in Philadelphia and latest cocaine submarine that infects American cities, whether Sanctuaries or not shows the value of more coherent USA and UK strategy in the Caribbean.

The wider Blue Economy no doubt of more value to the Caribbean and OAS than drugs subs - and Ambassador Stokes must be pondering beyond the chimera of USA sanctions the united front in Canadian and Spanish and UK tourism and investment in Cuba already.

The Canadian Commonwealth and the Six Companies no doubt keen to participate in hispeed rail beyond both Vancouver and Vieques. And develop Panama and the trade lifeline of its canal.

### Cajun Navy and US Coastguard? ###

While Louisiana again and no doubt Texas keen for UK and Canadian navy cooperation under USCG and the Cajun Navy for the next hurricanes, as well as hospital ships as USNS Comfort and even Virginia’s Operation Smile.
Perhaps hospital ships needed for Puerto Rice not just for Hurricane Maria but now massive Ricky Resign protests over the Governor.

And UK coastal MP's such as Johnny Mercer in Plymouth and Penny Mordaunt in Portsmouth (towns rusting in the sun on the Channel as here in East Kent) must be taking a fresh view on Royal Navy ship and staffing given two Admirals per warship bloat and rise of roboships and a UK Shipbuilding Masterplan for hospital ships and supply ships beyond vanity aircraft carriers too expensive to risk being sunk.

State Dept head Mike Pompeo perhaps holding off changing his name to Pompey in solidarity with Fritten Park, rather than Corbyn as a left wing regime, in the UK-USA Year of Sports.

And calmer voices needed not just on POTUS Trump race trash talk but on such issues as the horrifying fact of the Caribbean’s 38M people with the second highest HIV levels after sub-Saharan Africa. Perhaps nothing could be more vital for UK-USA and the ripple effect for Caribbean in closer links with universities, the NOASS hurricane systems and Atlanta pandemic disease centre.

While Ambo Woody must be pondering the potential with USAid of extra Durex condom and Always tampon factories for both public health and prosperity – even before considering HIV and Ebola vaccines.

The Mooch, hardly a Communist or Democrat, distinctly uncomfortable on BBC News at such rants. And Ambassador Woody no doubt laying aside the soft soap to translate UK concerns at such views and Darrochian and Khan petulance - compared to the mega-potential of the Treble Club and Rust Belt Revitalisation for UK and USA before the 2020 election.

Especially as Airbus in Bristol and Toulouse and Boeing in Sheffield must be considering the overhaul of Cuba's air fleet and helicopters with increased tourism. And coffee exports for the Starbucks of the UK High Street - Santiago or Saint-Marc or San Juan could rival Hua Hin for pineapples on UK and EU supermarket shelves.

While former Eire Ambassador to UK Bobby McDonagh writing in the New European of Irish concerns of Boris as PM for the Ulster and Eire, and UK, economies even beyond the Scots-Irish Bridge and The Six Companies and Brexit backstops. Boris’s warm words on Brexit or confusion on the Garden Bridge, Channel Bridge or Boris Airport or Heathrow Bulldozers (JCB or CAT?) or even Boris Bikes suggest he can put no Kerrygold butter on UK or Eire parsnips.
The UK and Eire economies linked in to deliver on funding the expansion of both Eire and UK embassies and trade offices

### Munro Doctrine to Monroe Doctrine ###

The UK's 19 warships (when the engines work) 10 subs and 45 other ships increasingly leaky and redundant since being launched in the mid-1980's.

And no shots fired in anger since WW2 except briefly in the Falklands - that Imperial leftover not worth the bones of one grenadier and increasingly a ludicrous MOD cost with warmer relations with Argentina and a wider Munro Media Doctrine alongside the USA Monroe Doctrine.

Those Saga cruise ships along the Argentine and Chilean coasts and Antarctica far more relevant to Port Stanley and UK ports than warships now.

Cuba too must be looking at the potential of Jamaica not just for its new nurse training programmes and language schools with UK, but also with its beginnings as a forward-positioned aid base. Native Spanish speakers all the more relevant too for UK schools and universities with the growth of Hispanic USA beyond the Scots-Irish past?

And Cuba must be kickstarting its music and movies industry beyond the Buena Vista Social Club - East Kent's James Bond long citing Cuba in movies such as Octopussy and Halle Berry hi-jinx but in Pinewood not on location in Isle of Pines. Cuba rivalling Jamaica and Bahamas as the spiritual home of James Bond beyond East Kent?
The Jamaican economy boosted again with the new Bond25 movie.

BBC interest in Cuba and Shepperton Studios alongside EKFOS East Kent Film Office and Studio could change all that for the better.

Just as Cuba and Latin America is changing.

Time for Change

Saturday 13 July 2019

Email to TDC CEO Madeline Homer etc on Pleasurama and Dreamland etc East Kent corruption

Friday 12th July 2019

Hi Madeline

As CEO of TDC can I briefly flag up to you 3 major concerns raised in my MP campaign and to you/Tim Howes previosuly:

1. TDC planned sale it seems to Sands Hotel etc of Dreamland - the former a tax haven company and latter the largest seafront site in Kent and receipt of public funds etc. I've never hear of such a main site simply been allocated and that against corruption concerns as with the Fishy Ferry of Seaborne and Wetherspoons Booze Barn allocation and Brett aggregates.

2. Pleasurama - site ownership murky and BVI tax haven. Will the site be cleared this Summer even if a £1 CPO is needed?

3. Manston £16M sale to Riveroak: Delaware tax haven and missing monitors/fines - have these been reissued to Gloag/Riveroak etc? And corporate manslaughter raised?

I'll write more fully later but clearly 3 tax haven sales by a small District council is a concern and given the Gang of Four council staff/councillors resignations/jailed etc.

Copy to media/Parliament.