Monday, 18 August 2014

Infratil. Bring the Bastards Back.

The Bastard Fitzgerald. Bring Him Back.

The Bastard Clarke. Bring Him Back.

The Bastard Baker. Bring Him Back.

The Bastard Bogoievski. Bring Him Back.

Time for Corporate Manslaughter charges for Infratil and TDC and KCC for removing the airport monitors at Manston.

No doubt doing the same at their last airport in Wellington.

The Kent Bastards are here - no need for extradition.

The Bastard Latchford.
The Bastard Macgonigal.
The Bastard Carter.
The Bastard Wild.
The Bastard Pearce at the Environment Agency.

All silent on the 0% fraud and pollution monitoring.

Deliberately polluting Kent's citizens and covering it up. Silent on Thor mercury closed but open.

Put 'em on trial. Bring 'em Back.

$1 Gloag is here from Stagecoach NZ with Infratil. She can testify on the monitoring under her reign at Manston.

It's zero.

With Farage standing in Thanet South and in favour of Manston we can hear his grubby views on the Kiwi Killers instead of Romanians.

Or corrupt lawyers and judges like Glick and Hollingworth at One Essex Court. Feeble lawyers at the NZ Stock Exchange hushing it up.

Bring the Bastards Back.

Perp walk Infratil's corporate criminals: orange jumpsuit and handcuffs.

PM Key will send them back.

Let's see if they can bribe the UK courts.

Bring 'em Back.

Time for Change