Sunday, 29 March 2015

Forlorn Margate and Farage fail in Sunday Times

A devastating and accurate criticism of both Farage and collapse of Margate in The Sunday Times today: "what has Margate done to deserve Farage" and "UKIP a party of anger and small mindednesss".

Read it for yourself on Twitter: @timg33

And ever more bizarre UKIP with Martyn Heale refusing to give his name despite wearing a KCC name badge in the Ramsgate UKIP office: "don't tell 'em your name Pike"!

Cue the politicians lining up to blame the journalist rather than their own failed policies.

And extraordinary UKIP policy stickers on the railings on Ramsgate beach: I can't upload the photos off my camera phone to here, but they are on Twitter: @timg33 and say:

* Privatise the NHS
* Licence (sic) mosques
* Freeze pensions
* Increase fuel tax
* Lower the age of consent
* Compulsary (sic) sex education
* Ban foreign food
* No taxpayers money for Manston
* Ban European imports

...and so on.

I kid you not. You couldn't make it up.

Who at UKIP wrote these policies?

All the more weird as The Spectator interview with Farage confirms he won't issue a manifesto until 10 days(!) before the election after months of failure to produce anything.

As with Negro Rozanne and TingTong Janice and Godfrey "women in the pantry" Bloom and even Neil "cash for questions" Hamilton as Chair(!) along with so many others you just can't make UKIP up how ghastly UKIP actually is in its kneejerk racism and saloonbar idiocy.

And unfortunately will drag Kent and Thanet further down, as in the Sunday Times article.

For example, Saturday's largely favourable feature on Dreamland in The Independent pales into insignificance with the latest UKIP froth.

And Farage refuses to explain his deputy Latchford's role in Manston and the aquifer pollution and Infratil removed monitors or Pleasurama corruption or Thor mercury.

As with so many of our councillors hoping for re-election by saying nothing.

With parachute candidates and falling turnouts, the parties are the problem in the failure of democracy.

The Sunday Times article mentioned the farce of a UKIP hustings with 8 councillors and only 6 members of the public as a sad reflection of Kent politics. Obviously not aware of the Ramsgate Town council meeting of zero members of the public as in the blog below.

Zero. Not one. Nobody.

Rather if elected Farage will disappear so it will be a case of vote Farage and get Heale and his couldn't possibly comment idiocy or Latchford and more silence.

Hardly Thanet on the up.

And in national politics with anther weak Coalition and the end of national parties with SNP in Scotland, Labour in the North and Tory in the South we may have the unusual situation of every party leader resigning or being voted out!

And Westminster being run from Edinburgh by SNP. Perhaps rather better than by most UK parties.

So 4 or 5 UKIP seats will be irrelevant - with the 40 or so SNP seats holding the balance of power in another weak Coalition - as will Thanet.

Rather the place has hit rock bottom. Ground Zero. Year Zero.

Farage won't change that.

He hasn't in 15 years as a Kent MEP.

Nor in his 2nd Ramsgate candidacy.

Indeed the only glimmer of hope is if Farage fails to win the MP seat he will resign.

Not so much removing Farage from politics as he's a loud but rather hollow figure now - but ensuring reform of Kent.

Electing me over Farage and the other parachute candidates will ensure Thanet has the ear of Westminster to help end the years and decades of failure and deliver the rest of my manifesto.

Tim's Titbits: a few random points:

* photos of illegal machetes on sale @timg33 - buy one for your kids or a drug dealer or do the job of the lazy police for them and hand it in at the cop shop
* good to see the Singapore flag at half-mast on Broadstairs seafront for Lee Kwan Yew's funeral, along with George Marshall, the greatest Prime Minister Britain never had and thoughts later on ONEUKASEAN
* tomorrow Kent Public Sector rankings and which councillors would you sack in A Clearout of KCC and TDC? Which departments would you close or reduce?
* letter to Homer on Cunningham electoral return and garden grabbing and Pleasurama corruption
* letter to Gazette on collapse of High St and Westwood Cross - the perfect retail storm of planning incompetence
* awful brick wall at Ramsgate Bandstand of Shame - a unique listed building but a wall like a suburban garden wall, what are TDC doing? Photo @timg33
* my thoughts later on Dunkirk, Channel Dash, Spanish Armada, Waterloo and Van Gogh tourism and 58M visitors to Kent
* photos of derelict seafront of sand, shit and blocked cholera drains to follow - what are TDC and RTC doing for £17M and KCC for £2BN and Southern Water for who knows how much
* collecting signatures and donations for MP and Mayor forms and fees: please email if you can help

Do read the Sunday Times article and UKIP stickers @timg33.

Quite extraordinary.

Time for Change

Friday, 27 March 2015

Ramsgate Town Council collapses

The final nail in the coffin for the wrinklies and doublehatters on Ramsgate Town Council as The Gazette newspaper reports that not one member of the public turned up to the required town meeting.

Not one.

I couldn't be bothered. You couldn't be bothered. Quite right too.

In previous years there was always a large turnout of about 100 people although often the councillors wouldn't attend.

And now not one person in a town of c.40,000.

Because the pensioners have nothing to say except excuses. Even trying to ban questions on TDC and KCC given most of them are doublehatters in those organisations, and RTC is funded by TDC to c.£350k and both TDC and KCC have some responsibilities in the RTC area.

Desperate coverup and whitewash.


Even now there are no council nomination papers on the RTC or TDC websites.


As RTC Mayor I will:

1. Instigate Direct Mayor elections at RTC and KCC: Carter must go before the 2017 KCC election
2. Publish all FOI costs etc each month: we seem to have 4 clerks now to do nothing on the rates - never mind the Macgonigal payoff costs or missing monitors fines
3. Cancel Ramsgate council tax payments to TDC and KCC: your c.£17M tax will be paid to RTC and we'll then decide how it's spent and what KCC and TDC should receive
4. Publish all air and water and soil pollution eg Thor and Manston dumped jets
5. Instigate Infratil arrest warrants for corporate manslaughter and NZ trade boycott in Kent and Police inquiries into Manston and Thor and Southern Water failures

We have empty party cardigans on the councils content to ride the decline down, and lazy and scared cops hiding behind their pensions rather than making arrests in our corrupt and useless councils.

Time for Change

Friday, 20 March 2015

Gazette letter #2: Third World Thanet needs A Clearout

Dear Editor

We know Kent is corrupt - whether the Pleasurama tax haven or ManstonGate £25k bung or Infratil and TDC removing the Manston monitors, or Environment Agency deliberately ignoring the Thor contamination.

And now the damning Parliament report on Manston and Carter and Gale. All the more damning that every politician – even now but expect the uturns and flipflops - except me supports Manston.

Parliament has detailed it: Carter and Gale must go before the 2016 KCC elections to avoid another wasted year. A cement council and stale MP doing nothing.

But isn’t the strange thing how none of the politicians or even journalists will speak up? Is this East Kent or East Germany? Surely enough members of the public have been contaminated or ripped off by the councils and parties they fund for someone to explain why?

Third World Thanet is silent on major policies such as Pandemics like Scarlet Fever never mind Flu or TB or Ebola, and Winter Pensioners or Dirty hospitals or Rape Nation with 85,000 UK rapes but only 1,000 arrests - and even silence on minor policies.

One example: we have the bizarre situation of Scobie the Younger rejecting the Parkway by Tory KCC – now accepting it in his campaign brochure.

A Parkway rail station for an airport without an airport – and next to the other rail stations. For £20M and counting.

Imagine £20M or a fraction of the KCC £2BN spent on our failed High Streets now officially the worst in the UK and Westwood Cross crumbling with no sight of the 4th town centre overbuild nonsense.

Or we have crooked civil servant policies such as chasing Cllr Driver down the street for secret council Pleasurama documents or non/fake consultations like Pleasurama again or the Pavilion now and Dreamland even failing to open.

Even the bizarre LibDem nomination of George Cunningham a serving civil servant – which is banned in UK. What were the LibDems thinking? They'd just ignore electoral law as it's only corrupt Thanet? Put a Eurocrat in?

And why do we have Cunningham's LibDem civil servant group in Brussels or Wauchope's barristers for UKIP? the civil service and courts are meant to be politically independent aren't they? Certainly not with formal groups no doubt pulling down tax for meetings etc.

And Farage silent on Latchford’s role in the aquifer and monitors.

TingTong Janice proving just another racist and corrupt Kipper fiddling her expenses. So much for a Purple Revolution.

As MP I will publish all my expenses - and diary as in USA - every month as routine. You can check them as I'll place them in the Library/internet and keep copies. It's not difficult.

Why have the Police not stepped in for a corruption inquiry at Thanet? TingTong Janice's £3k is the tip of the iceberg for Pleasurama, £25K ManstonGate or Infratil monitor fines.

The cops seem happy to stand by and put up their budget by the maximum 1.99% (or 2% if you believe your incoherent council tax bill). Lazy and scared Kent Police - easier to issue an incident number on the rates rather than a crime number and say try the coin-toss courts and pay for lawyers - at least they're not corrupt like the Met with their wipe-clean notebooks and 3,000 boxes(!) of police corruption files ignored.

No wonder horrific paedo crimes like Savile or now the Cyril Smith inquiry or KCC Care Homes or even Hillsboro get covered over by the cops. Too idle to even pick up illegal machetes on the High St or tramps.

Even Lord Grabiner of fraudsters One Essex Court and GlickQC in private Eye again refusing to properly investigate the LIBOR tax fiddle of your pension and savings and credit cards rates. And a 2nd secret inquiry and refusing to explain his six figure costs - Lords cost more it seems to do their job.

Maybe they need prettier trousers or more Gucci kit like body cameras or water cannons or drones to get off their backside and get out of the car or get out of the canteen?

My favourite though is the politicians citing purdah (even though it’s for civil servants major decisions) as why they can’t answer questions in the run-up to an election. Or RTC made up of KCC and TDC councillors refusing to accept questions on TDC or KCC.


We need A Clearout as part of Meiji reforms in Third World Thanet: Carter, Gale, Bayford, Iris, Edwina, Nicholson and Campbell.

My policies are clear in this Cancer and Corruption Election are clear: call in the Police (the Belgian Police if Kent Police are as incapable as the Met) over Infratil and Thor for arrests, dig up the Manston runway to protect the aquifer, end Pavilion mega-boozer, end Pleasurama and consult on a beach park, reopen Dreamland and end council tax payments to KCC and TDC.

And every day a drug den raid in Frontline Kent: 85% of illegal drugs in the EU seized here between London and Dover and Amsterdam and Paris and the drugs routes to Turkey and Afghanistan and Shan state and Morocco and Lebanon.

Our politicians and civil servants and corrupt and incompetent and have failed us.

We need A Clearout.

Next week The Garbutt Review of Kent Public Sector 2014. Which do you think is the worst organisation you fund?

Don't forget to work harder and longer to pay for it.

We need A Clearout.

Time for Change.

Tim Garbutt. Ramsgate

Monday, 16 March 2015

Letter to Gazette: Latchford and aquifer and Farage balls

Dear Editor

Messrs Latchford and Twyman have some nerve lecturing us in last week’s Gazette on Manston after the corruption and corporate manslaughter of their disastrous regime and the utter failure of the CPO.

They should be jailed alongside Infratil and the KCC Toxic Three.

While the other MP candidates remain silent on the aquifer and pollution – but then they don’t live here so why would they care?

But come along to my Ramsgate Bandstand of Shame speech every Saturday at 2pm on the derelict Eastcliff Bandstand above tax haven Pleasurama to hear how I will help improve Thanet and East Kent as your MP and Mayor.

Bring your council tax bill and a machete to wave in the air!

Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate
Twitter: @timg33


Very concerning the Parliament report is so critical of Manston and Paul Carter in particular. He must go before the 2016 KCC elections: another year will be wasted.

Silence and deceit on the dumped jets and Thor pollution.

And Dreamland now missing the April 2015 deadline suddenly announced. What have they been doing? Who is the mysterious Sands Ltd appointed without even a fake consultation like Pleasurama or Pavilion: iris and Edwina Crowley must go. Idiots.

And I can't understand the new plans for Manston for an academy (I think that's a school in old money) and a stadium: there's lots of schools many empty - and Manston is surrounded by football grounds and Quex Stadium. They've not really thought about this before starting up the cement mixers have they? Maybe 2 Parkways are being lined up?

And now Scobie the Younger flipflopping on the Parkway: having opposed it there's now a full page in his campaign leaflet on why he supports it?! (I don't think there's even any specfic blueprint on what/where it will be - just £20M from DofT to waste).

And that's a rail station for an airport without an airport and next to the other rail stations. Scobie the Elder should send him to bed early with no tea if he carries on as an ineffective puppet for Older Labour like this.

Silence from the Election Officer and LibDems on Cunningham standing as a serving civil servant which is illegal but clamping down on Al Murray's joke party instead...

Tomorrow my Kent Public Sector Review of 2014: which was the worst and best performing organisation funded by you?

And let me be clear on this Mr Farage making a random outrageous racist statement and then backtracking and claiming you've been misquoted is boring. So is invite-only public meetings with pre-vetted questions for the parachute candidate. And mentioning your one testicle in a diatribe against the NHS a few weeks before the election and with your memoir to peddle is just sad.

And speak up on Manston and the aquifer Mr Farage - and Latchford's role in removing the monitors with Infratil.

But good for you saying you'll resign from UKIP if you don't win South Thanet: an extra reason for people to vote for me.

Time for Change

Monday, 9 March 2015

Cambodia Kent. We need a Clearout. Bandstand of Shame.

Dirty hospitals. Corrupt politicians and civil servants. Landgrabs and contaminated land. The threat of pandemics and economic collapse.

Kent needs to improve.

Cambodia meanwhile -one of the poorest nations I the world for decades and revitalising after genocide and civil war failures one of the most modern phone systems in the world, a burgeoning stock exchange, promenades and gardens in Phnom Penh –and unfortunately broken pavements and street lights like Kent.

And Kent needs to improve.

Contamination at Manston and Thor – the former with dumped jets a year after the airport closed. And MOD Fire contaminating the aquifer with fire-chemicals.

And the civil servants and politicians and police scurrying around trying to pretend nothing is wrong.

We need a Clearout.

Politicians and civil servants like Moores and McGonigal hanging on to the last minute then retiring with full pensions and no-blame isn’t good enough.

They wouldn’t allow it in Cambodia.

The Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild spraying £2Bn a year (the GDP of many a nation) up the wall on potholes and Parkways and street lights and lets-pretend-there’s no contamination-or corruption.

We need a clearout.

Here’s who else I think should go:

• Bayford – silent on Pleasurama and BVI tax havens
• Everitt – Port and Pleasurama coverup with Clive resigning
• Campbell – no new Xmas lights
• Iris - incompetent
• Twyman – despite no monitors and no airport(!) still holding KIACC meetings
* Button, Berry and Sproates - keeping their heads down at TDC as is Andrew Pierce at the Environment Agency
* Latchford - Kent's Little Corporal defeating General Winter unlike many Kent pensioners in order to rot at KCC

These fools have had years to solve Thanet’s problems but have only made them worse.
Often relying on doublehatter roles or jumping party ship to cling on.

As MP and Mayor I will seek their deselection and a Police inquiry into Thor and Infratil and Southern Water and Environment Agency for corporate manslaughter – contaminating your and your children while these fools dither with whitewash.

And the Police cower behind their pensions and pretty uniforms and yooman rights – scared to make corporate manslaughter arrests or even machetes or noisy newsagents or even Kent’s Most Wanted on the run for a year now..

And what of our MP candidates? Just as incompetent:

• Cunningham, LibDems: what are the LibDems playing at with a candidate who’s a serving civil servant? That’s blatantly illegal and could wreck the whole election. Why hasn’t he resigned already?

• Scobie the Younger, Labour: a mini-parachute candidate from Margate with no policies but stepped through every political role by his councillor father Scobie the Elder. Nothing more than a Leninist Little Lord Fauntleroy with a socialist silver-spoon

• Mackinlay, Tories: a hilarious example of scraping the bottom of the political barrel: still a councillor for Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells or somewhere else and claims to be form Thanet because he parked his yacht here

• Timpson, Al Murray, OOG, ManstonParty, Gale, Wauchope and Bez: invisible and irrelevant party chancers and chumps

And then there’s Farage. The Great White Hope of Kent and Britain. A future Prime Minister.

Oh please. Don’t make me laugh.

I worry about Farage.

He’s nothing to say. And twisting and turning around the racism in his own party: sacking Rozanne over her Negro comments on the BBC – but refusing to sack Janice his MEP for TingTong comments on the BBC – and to his own UKIP supporters at that(!).

And insisting on banning any former NF members – but making Heale his Chairman and representative as Nigel will refuse to even live in Thanet if elected(!).

I worry about Farage.

He’s reached the top of the UKIP bubble. But not one policy announced at this Margate Bierkellar Rally and nothing since – hoping to selected in less than 10 weeks without any scrutiny of his policies. And only 2 MP’s who were disenchanted Tories. And he only got 5% of the vote last time out in Ramsgate...

And to be fair he's quit as MEP so defeated as MP what will he do? More Bierkellar meetings? Back to currency twiddling on the tin market? Running a pub?

I worry about Farage.

Because now they’re not even the immigration party. He refuses to insist on deportations. And now has U-turned on even a cap on immigration.

So it’s exactly the same system as now. A system he allowed as MEP..

How silly. As silly as his handbag and shoes tax he quickly dropped.

And has he really thought through coming out of the EU in 5 or 10 years in Kent - a Kent that's a County linked to the EU and relying on language schools and supermarket and tourism employment? When every main business where Kent citizens work or trade with, has condemned his anti-EU plans as putting up prices and reducing jobs.

And when European nations such as Croatia and Lithuania are joining the EU and Euro, and nations such as Ukraine and Turkey are clamouring to join!

Kent needs a larger and reformed EU: a Sarajevo Shift even. Not a Little England runt of the litter pretending it's still an Empire.

The fool is even trying got reverse 0.7% UK aid even though it was specified by the UN and is now UK law.

While the EU costs Britain even less just 0.5% of GDP - yet we're overspending the EU target of 2% on the military (and probably more with trident) to fail at fighting men on motorbikes armed with nothing more than a kalashnikov and mobile phone.

But if Farage is an irrelevance for Kent there is one point of value.

Voting for me to defeat him as MP will give South Thanet ultra-prominence in Parliament.
Farage being elected or even being defeated will be ho-hum, so-what politics and Thanet will continue to decline.

Electing me as MP will catapult Thanet to prominence – and will spell the end for both Farage as leader and UKIP.

After the closure of Manston and sacking of the Gang of Four and demolition of Richboro I and Thanet will have the ear of every Minister and back-bencher and regeneration agency in the UK and Europe.

Farage won’t.

He will be merely a pariah with his “I drink beer me” schtick fading fast.

Farage admits so himself in the latest Spectator magazine, speaking from UKIP’s Mayfair(!) headquarters, he describes a defeat in South Thanet as: “a car crash” for him and UKIP.

With oafs like Neil cash-for-questions Hamilton as Chairman, or Godfrey Bloom UKIP will sink like a stone – just as the BNP did after its moment in the sun a few years ago.

Because they’re useless.

How can they even clean up the dog dirt on our streets let alone have a view on the collapse of the Middle East from Libya to Syria to Yemen or Sudan? Or have any views on UK and Mexico's Anniversary and the slide into decline with rampant drug gangs?

Speak up Farage.

Let’s have one credible Kent policy or one credible UK policy.

And tell us why you want to reopen Manston: knowing it’s on the aquifer with all the pollution problems…??


Farage and our pissant candidates are a disgrace to those who went before in Britain and politicians and democracy everywhere.

To politicans such as Aung San in Mynamar facing junta elections, secret chemical weapons factories and the threat of ethnic war and a flood of heroin from Shan state onto Kent's streets, or Yingluck in Thailand introducing free computers for schoolkids or Jokowi in Indonesia reforming a corrupt police force or Dung in Vietnam reversing grinding poverty or Rainsy urging democratic reform and funding the Khmer Rouge trials in Cambodia.

Farage has Failed. Just another of Garbutt's Gibbons.

Just the empty grunting of the saloon bar or City wine bar or braying golf club racism of the Kent of the past.

We need a Clearout in Cambodia Kent.

Don't pay council tax. Short-pay. Wrong-pay.

Refuse to vote for doublehatters.

Don't vote or spoil your ballot.

Bandstand of Shame public meeting 2pm every Saturday in March at Ramsgate Eastcliff.

Vote Garbutt to defeat Farage and improve Thanet.

Time for Meiji reform in Kent and UK.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

An airport on the aquifer. What a twit.

They wouldn't allow it in Cambodia.

Time for Change

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Time for Kent’s Orchid Spring. Bandstand of Shame pledges: Saturdays 2pm.

No Springtime for Hitler and Farage now, with UKKKIP fading in the polls amidst racists and old Tories prattling on about the EU and Negroes.

And even u-turning on deportations and even a cap on immigration.

Farage stands for nothing. A tuppenny racist scared to be racist. A Cityboy currency-twiddler prattling about the pound and Romanians.

And nothing in years from KCC UKKKIP and Little Corporal Latchford resigning then popping up again.

The Gang of Four have gone. Richboro power station and war crimes Total and Manston have gone.

Let 1,000 flowers bloom across Broken Kent.

Time for Kent’s Orchid Spring.

But we’ve only 30 minutes to talk on The Bandstand of Shame and many of you will have contaminated children or grandparents you need to tend to.

So I thought we could maybe sign some pledges on the Bandstand of Shame?

Here’s a few:
• We want Infratil arrests

• We want Carter and the Toxic Three at KCC out

• We want a Clearout of the East Kent toxic sludge of Latchford and Everitt and Campbell and wasn’t Farage saying the NF wouldn’t be allowed so why is Heale the Chair of Thanet UKKKIP?

• We want Garbutt to have the Pavillion for $1 not Wetherspoons with their Eileen Richford fake consultation for a megaboozer and ignoring the Grade 1 Listed damage

• We don’t want secret documents or Cllr Driver sued in Court – and we will all pay extra tax to cover his costs if needs be as long as the Judge is sacked

• We want lawyer permits to use our Courts – with proper scrutiny of cases and sentences and the return of jury trial and no closed courts

• We want store permits for tobacco and plain packs and fewer brands stocked

• We want Toni’s newsagents to stop having his radio blaring out into the street – play it inside why don’t you?

• No shops selling tramp lager in the High Street or clogging up the benches and no more jacking up heroin in the High Street or smoking crack in the library toilets

• We will buy up the machetes from Trade Station but can the police refund us for doing their job for them from their £300M budget - and 1.99% increase just under the amount required to trigger a referendum as with KCC jiggery-pokery too

• We want KCC from its £2BN budget to open libraries and street lights and fund Kent beyond Carterville and the Cement Group of the Kent Bleus: Blue Communists of ever more public funds and centralisation in gridlock Maidstone

• We want Climate Change policies like solar farms, orchards and trees and electric cars. Because of Climate Change. Climate Change.

• We are concerned about crap barristers and bent barristers like Lord Grabiner and Glick QC and Hollingworth at One Essex Court and their colleagues and clerks and High Court

• We want routine FOI and no parachute candidates and no doublehatter councillors

• We want zero tax haven policies for Kent public sector funds

• We want Tim on the Visit Kent and KCC International Group Boards to make sure east Kent gets its fair whack of tourism and export trade not just Carterville cronies

• We want open investigations into LIBOR fiddling, Sangcom MOD/Saudi guns-for-bungs
corruption, Deepcut barracks murder-suicides, Joshua French rotting in the Congo and a street named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Magnitsky – although technically it’s just Russia now

• We are concerned about Thor and Southern Water and the Environment Agency poisoning us – especially Matthew Wright who seems a slimy so-and-so stiffing us for compensation after 10 tons of shit on the Blue Flag beaches. And Tim says Myanmar British Council are rubbish too despite us funding them

• We want council oversight and permits for undercover cops and bailiffs and 1:1 frontline cops to backoffice staff seems far too high and should be nearer 5:1 possibly with backoffice mergers with 101 council services although this shouldn’t affect the 999 Cup fixtures or 112 number and website for global emergencies and Learmonth’s Learjet as no UK citizen should be stranded abroad

• We are disgusted at asbestos still in schools after over 30 years – and a 99% literacy rate for a reading age of 8 at 16 - and if we are to be contaminated through civil service idleness and coverup then it should only be by Thor or Southern Water

• We want reform of the CAA as they are probably the UK’s worst department – remember banned IranAir and KAM Afghan Air crashing – and Buchanan at Lydd jailed or banned from aviation

• We want Dreamland open and linked with Tim’s East Kent Film Office and Paramount to stimulate the Kent economy and Discovery park needs looking at again in terms of its science role and Gloag’s $1 purchase from those scoundrels Infratil and a Stagecoach review

• We want steps to a Free Economy: beginning with zero VAT, £50 capped rail fares, free tuition fees again, no BBC licence fee, no hospital parking charges, no rent deposits over 1 month, 10% capped interest rates as in Germany, Wonga banned and £1 prescriptions, military expenditure under the 2% EU cap and less losing of wars, review of public sector air and rail travel, Living Wage and Living Pension and a reduction in 44% of GDP in tax

* We want Thor and Manston Fire closed and dumped jets removed and Arlington demolished.

* We want food sugar, salt and fat and packaging reforms.

* We want live animal exports banned.

• We want Cambodia’s £30M in aid reinstated: it’s not very much especially with the new increase to £12BN 0.7% aid

• We want Kent’s universities and schools improved with compulsory European and Asian languages in primary school and language schools and CCU Broadstairs as a Tourism College not Beckham Studies

• We are concerned at Dungeness radiation and shipping air pollution and nuclear waste dumping in the Channel and the SS Richard Montgomery sunken explosives ship. What have the Bomb Squad been doing for 70 years? And we’d like more Air Ambulances through sensible organisation with Bristow and the cops and RNLI

* We want a Tourism Industry focus and Science industry and research for Discovery Park not relocation of existing businesses - and new industries such as Robotics and RFID Farming and even a Space elevator. Something a bit better than HM Prison Town Margate.

• Why is there still malaria when a net costs $3? Or HIV when condoms and vaccines are a few cents? And it is £12BN just in UK aid now? Should Tesco or Argos manage the aid budget?

• Tim says Barnes at PCC is just a rubberstamp for the cops so we want new elections and as with UKIP that C4 documentary just made Kent look like idiots, which we must be paying £2Bn in tax to have 2 of the worst High Streets in the UK?

* We want to know what's happening with Margate's Joshua French and Laos' Sombath?

* We are concerned about Aung San and Yingluck and want OneUKASEAN.

Public meeting: all welcome especially Negroes, Chinkies, Ting Tongs, UKKKipers, and 16 and 17 year olds wanting to give voting a dummy run.

Bring your council tax bill. We’ll pay East Kent tax in East Kent eg RTC before paying KCC in future.

Or not pay.

Bring a machete from the good folks at Trade Station who are not restocking: as MP and Mayor, and if the cops get funny about refunds, then I will refund any purchase made before 7th May from tax (please keep your receipt).

Time for a Drugs Den Raid every day.

Shall we sign this? Maybe in triplicate? Debate it for a year or three?

Bandstand of Shame: 2pm every Saturday in March derelict Eastcliff Bandstand above tax haven Pleasurama. (Bring a brolly if it’s raining, pensioners who’ve survived the winter wrap up warm, and don’t sue me if you trip over a paving stone or cut yourself on a machete please).

Time for Kent’s Orchid Spring.

Time for Change
Twitter: @timg33

Monday, 2 March 2015

Time for Bandstand of Shame, Ramsgate: Saturdays in March 2pm

Time for Change.

East Kent has collapsed.

Negroes, Chinkys and Ting Tongs racism from UKIP supposedly the future.

The farce of the Manston CPO and night flights now subject to Parliament's inquiry.

Rampant corruption from our civil servants and councillors with Pleasurama tax havens.

The criminal pollution of Infratil, Gloag and Environment Agency at Thor.

The scared and lazy policing of all the above.

With civil servants and councillors and lawyers above the law.

Parachute candidates and doublehatters loyal to the party not the public.

It's Time for Change.

It's already happened with the jailing and resignations of the Gang of Four and now Macgonigal and Seed TDC senior civil servants and end of Manston and Pleasurama and Richboro power station and Total petrol stations.

Time for Garbutt for Mayor and MP on May 7th's election.

Time for the Bandstand of Shame public meetings every Saturday at 2pm for 30 minutes. Meet me there to hear about my manifesto and the contamination and corruption.

I want your vote to help save the area and your children and grandchildren. That's no empty statement.

Just as your children and grandchildren - and parent and grandparents - were contaminated by the illegal Infratil and TDC flights and monitoring.

And so they are and will be by Thor and the failure of KCC and TDC and Environment Agency there.

A banned factory continuing to pollute - and even increasing.

Don't pretend it's not happening.

Bred into the blood and bone for years and generations to come.

Refusal of FOI and EIR of the dangers. Lazy and scared cops. Idle civil servants and councillors. And you're paying £2BN in tax to KCC for the privilege - plus extra national tax and VAT plus tax to TDC and RTC.

For nothing.

Meet at 2pm at Ramsgate's Bandstand of Shame - above Pleasurama. Yet another Listed asset left derelict for decades. The MP election requires £500 so I want your vote - and 1,000 people to attend and volunteer 50p. And volunteer for leafleting and petitions.

It's upto you. You don't have to.

But don't imagine for one moment anything has been done with Thor mercury or Dreamland or Richboro pylons - or Thanet will improve under Farage and UKIP or any other parachute candidate.

Complete and utter failure.

So much so that Pfizer has lost over 4,000 jobs, Margate was the worst High St in UK 3 years ago and Ramsgate is now in the bottom 10.

Starts this Saturday 7th March. Every Saturday in March from 2pm for 30 minutes.

Time for Change Bandstand of Shame - Ramsgate every Saturday in March 2pm - read my manifesto here
Twitter: @timg33