Monday, 9 March 2015

Cambodia Kent. We need a Clearout. Bandstand of Shame.

Dirty hospitals. Corrupt politicians and civil servants. Landgrabs and contaminated land. The threat of pandemics and economic collapse.

Kent needs to improve.

Cambodia meanwhile -one of the poorest nations I the world for decades and revitalising after genocide and civil war failures one of the most modern phone systems in the world, a burgeoning stock exchange, promenades and gardens in Phnom Penh –and unfortunately broken pavements and street lights like Kent.

And Kent needs to improve.

Contamination at Manston and Thor – the former with dumped jets a year after the airport closed. And MOD Fire contaminating the aquifer with fire-chemicals.

And the civil servants and politicians and police scurrying around trying to pretend nothing is wrong.

We need a Clearout.

Politicians and civil servants like Moores and McGonigal hanging on to the last minute then retiring with full pensions and no-blame isn’t good enough.

They wouldn’t allow it in Cambodia.

The Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild spraying £2Bn a year (the GDP of many a nation) up the wall on potholes and Parkways and street lights and lets-pretend-there’s no contamination-or corruption.

We need a clearout.

Here’s who else I think should go:

• Bayford – silent on Pleasurama and BVI tax havens
• Everitt – Port and Pleasurama coverup with Clive resigning
• Campbell – no new Xmas lights
• Iris - incompetent
• Twyman – despite no monitors and no airport(!) still holding KIACC meetings
* Button, Berry and Sproates - keeping their heads down at TDC as is Andrew Pierce at the Environment Agency
* Latchford - Kent's Little Corporal defeating General Winter unlike many Kent pensioners in order to rot at KCC

These fools have had years to solve Thanet’s problems but have only made them worse.
Often relying on doublehatter roles or jumping party ship to cling on.

As MP and Mayor I will seek their deselection and a Police inquiry into Thor and Infratil and Southern Water and Environment Agency for corporate manslaughter – contaminating your and your children while these fools dither with whitewash.

And the Police cower behind their pensions and pretty uniforms and yooman rights – scared to make corporate manslaughter arrests or even machetes or noisy newsagents or even Kent’s Most Wanted on the run for a year now..

And what of our MP candidates? Just as incompetent:

• Cunningham, LibDems: what are the LibDems playing at with a candidate who’s a serving civil servant? That’s blatantly illegal and could wreck the whole election. Why hasn’t he resigned already?

• Scobie the Younger, Labour: a mini-parachute candidate from Margate with no policies but stepped through every political role by his councillor father Scobie the Elder. Nothing more than a Leninist Little Lord Fauntleroy with a socialist silver-spoon

• Mackinlay, Tories: a hilarious example of scraping the bottom of the political barrel: still a councillor for Tonbridge or Tunbridge Wells or somewhere else and claims to be form Thanet because he parked his yacht here

• Timpson, Al Murray, OOG, ManstonParty, Gale, Wauchope and Bez: invisible and irrelevant party chancers and chumps

And then there’s Farage. The Great White Hope of Kent and Britain. A future Prime Minister.

Oh please. Don’t make me laugh.

I worry about Farage.

He’s nothing to say. And twisting and turning around the racism in his own party: sacking Rozanne over her Negro comments on the BBC – but refusing to sack Janice his MEP for TingTong comments on the BBC – and to his own UKIP supporters at that(!).

And insisting on banning any former NF members – but making Heale his Chairman and representative as Nigel will refuse to even live in Thanet if elected(!).

I worry about Farage.

He’s reached the top of the UKIP bubble. But not one policy announced at this Margate Bierkellar Rally and nothing since – hoping to selected in less than 10 weeks without any scrutiny of his policies. And only 2 MP’s who were disenchanted Tories. And he only got 5% of the vote last time out in Ramsgate...

And to be fair he's quit as MEP so defeated as MP what will he do? More Bierkellar meetings? Back to currency twiddling on the tin market? Running a pub?

I worry about Farage.

Because now they’re not even the immigration party. He refuses to insist on deportations. And now has U-turned on even a cap on immigration.

So it’s exactly the same system as now. A system he allowed as MEP..

How silly. As silly as his handbag and shoes tax he quickly dropped.

And has he really thought through coming out of the EU in 5 or 10 years in Kent - a Kent that's a County linked to the EU and relying on language schools and supermarket and tourism employment? When every main business where Kent citizens work or trade with, has condemned his anti-EU plans as putting up prices and reducing jobs.

And when European nations such as Croatia and Lithuania are joining the EU and Euro, and nations such as Ukraine and Turkey are clamouring to join!

Kent needs a larger and reformed EU: a Sarajevo Shift even. Not a Little England runt of the litter pretending it's still an Empire.

The fool is even trying got reverse 0.7% UK aid even though it was specified by the UN and is now UK law.

While the EU costs Britain even less just 0.5% of GDP - yet we're overspending the EU target of 2% on the military (and probably more with trident) to fail at fighting men on motorbikes armed with nothing more than a kalashnikov and mobile phone.

But if Farage is an irrelevance for Kent there is one point of value.

Voting for me to defeat him as MP will give South Thanet ultra-prominence in Parliament.
Farage being elected or even being defeated will be ho-hum, so-what politics and Thanet will continue to decline.

Electing me as MP will catapult Thanet to prominence – and will spell the end for both Farage as leader and UKIP.

After the closure of Manston and sacking of the Gang of Four and demolition of Richboro I and Thanet will have the ear of every Minister and back-bencher and regeneration agency in the UK and Europe.

Farage won’t.

He will be merely a pariah with his “I drink beer me” schtick fading fast.

Farage admits so himself in the latest Spectator magazine, speaking from UKIP’s Mayfair(!) headquarters, he describes a defeat in South Thanet as: “a car crash” for him and UKIP.

With oafs like Neil cash-for-questions Hamilton as Chairman, or Godfrey Bloom UKIP will sink like a stone – just as the BNP did after its moment in the sun a few years ago.

Because they’re useless.

How can they even clean up the dog dirt on our streets let alone have a view on the collapse of the Middle East from Libya to Syria to Yemen or Sudan? Or have any views on UK and Mexico's Anniversary and the slide into decline with rampant drug gangs?

Speak up Farage.

Let’s have one credible Kent policy or one credible UK policy.

And tell us why you want to reopen Manston: knowing it’s on the aquifer with all the pollution problems…??


Farage and our pissant candidates are a disgrace to those who went before in Britain and politicians and democracy everywhere.

To politicans such as Aung San in Mynamar facing junta elections, secret chemical weapons factories and the threat of ethnic war and a flood of heroin from Shan state onto Kent's streets, or Yingluck in Thailand introducing free computers for schoolkids or Jokowi in Indonesia reforming a corrupt police force or Dung in Vietnam reversing grinding poverty or Rainsy urging democratic reform and funding the Khmer Rouge trials in Cambodia.

Farage has Failed. Just another of Garbutt's Gibbons.

Just the empty grunting of the saloon bar or City wine bar or braying golf club racism of the Kent of the past.

We need a Clearout in Cambodia Kent.

Don't pay council tax. Short-pay. Wrong-pay.

Refuse to vote for doublehatters.

Don't vote or spoil your ballot.

Bandstand of Shame public meeting 2pm every Saturday in March at Ramsgate Eastcliff.

Vote Garbutt to defeat Farage and improve Thanet.

Time for Meiji reform in Kent and UK.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

An airport on the aquifer. What a twit.

They wouldn't allow it in Cambodia.

Time for Change

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