Monday, 2 March 2015

Time for Bandstand of Shame, Ramsgate: Saturdays in March 2pm

Time for Change.

East Kent has collapsed.

Negroes, Chinkys and Ting Tongs racism from UKIP supposedly the future.

The farce of the Manston CPO and night flights now subject to Parliament's inquiry.

Rampant corruption from our civil servants and councillors with Pleasurama tax havens.

The criminal pollution of Infratil, Gloag and Environment Agency at Thor.

The scared and lazy policing of all the above.

With civil servants and councillors and lawyers above the law.

Parachute candidates and doublehatters loyal to the party not the public.

It's Time for Change.

It's already happened with the jailing and resignations of the Gang of Four and now Macgonigal and Seed TDC senior civil servants and end of Manston and Pleasurama and Richboro power station and Total petrol stations.

Time for Garbutt for Mayor and MP on May 7th's election.

Time for the Bandstand of Shame public meetings every Saturday at 2pm for 30 minutes. Meet me there to hear about my manifesto and the contamination and corruption.

I want your vote to help save the area and your children and grandchildren. That's no empty statement.

Just as your children and grandchildren - and parent and grandparents - were contaminated by the illegal Infratil and TDC flights and monitoring.

And so they are and will be by Thor and the failure of KCC and TDC and Environment Agency there.

A banned factory continuing to pollute - and even increasing.

Don't pretend it's not happening.

Bred into the blood and bone for years and generations to come.

Refusal of FOI and EIR of the dangers. Lazy and scared cops. Idle civil servants and councillors. And you're paying £2BN in tax to KCC for the privilege - plus extra national tax and VAT plus tax to TDC and RTC.

For nothing.

Meet at 2pm at Ramsgate's Bandstand of Shame - above Pleasurama. Yet another Listed asset left derelict for decades. The MP election requires £500 so I want your vote - and 1,000 people to attend and volunteer 50p. And volunteer for leafleting and petitions.

It's upto you. You don't have to.

But don't imagine for one moment anything has been done with Thor mercury or Dreamland or Richboro pylons - or Thanet will improve under Farage and UKIP or any other parachute candidate.

Complete and utter failure.

So much so that Pfizer has lost over 4,000 jobs, Margate was the worst High St in UK 3 years ago and Ramsgate is now in the bottom 10.

Starts this Saturday 7th March. Every Saturday in March from 2pm for 30 minutes.

Time for Change Bandstand of Shame - Ramsgate every Saturday in March 2pm - read my manifesto here
Twitter: @timg33

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