Thursday, 29 May 2014

Toxic Manston. Toxic Gloag. Toxic Kent.

I admire Infratil and Gloag for polluting and poisoning you.

Don't you? You must do. You accept it. You pay for it.

You certainly will.

And your children.

And your grandchildren.

Cancer and mercury are not just for Xmas.

Or this generation.

For years they've persuaded KCC and TDC to help them remove the monitors, fake the flight statistics and avoid the pollution fines.

And get you to pay for their tax breaks and infrastructure investments.

And then when the corporate manslaughter charges tighten, Infratil up sticks and do the same at Rotorua and Wellington airports and dance around the NZ Stock Exchange investigation.

And throw Manston to their friend Gloag for $1 and walk away. Maybe sort the costs out behind closed doors. Maybe a tax rebate here and there.

A council described as toxic and corrupt by the Local Government Association(!)- a Rotten Borough down there with Tower Hamlets and Birmingham(!)and Scarborough rotten councils.

What have the BriNylon Boys been doing on the rates?

I doubt there's been one fine issued or any pollution notices for contamination or dumped jets yet.

Manston's only future is a park and Water Protection Zone for the aquifer.

And KCC and TDC and Environment Agency now dance around the possibility of 700 acres of yet more pointless housing? Why? No reason. Sounds good in the council plan.

But they poisoned and polluted you.

Your councillors are silent. Your MP's are silent. A few resignations here and there and kick it all into the long grass and blame someone else. Silence on Thor.

Late at night you'll remember. The tightening of the chest. A cough.

During the day you'll remember. Cancer drugs too expensive. Queues at the hospital.

Pay your tax. Stay silent. Maybe you won't get cancer.

Gloag and Infratil and KCC and TDC and Environment Agency are to be admired. They're picking up a pay cheque and a pension and a payoff.

Carter. King and Wild. Pierce at EA. Macgonigal. Gloag and Fitzgerald and Clarke and Baker and Bogoievski in NZ.

Even banned from EU aircraft: gunrunners and blood diamonds ushered into UK airspace from Ostend and Luxembourg and Frankfurt-hahn via war-torn Africa.

You have to admire them don't you?


Next year is the 125th Anniversary of Van Gogh's death - who of course lived and worked in Ramsgate with the letters in a superb British Museum exhibition about 2 years ago. The last part of my 1st manifesto not yet done is to establish the Van Gogh Gallery in Ramsgate with a display of Vincent's paintings and the Ramsgate Vincent Letters all 7 of them.

Impossible though. Can't be done. Certainly not the 15 year farce and £50M cost of the Turner by The Ancient Regime.

Bako Van Man and cars on the Prom are too difficult for Kent Police. They'll never manage Deepcut or Glick or AlYamamah.


The WW1 Centenary is nearing with Ramsgate's role as a Canadian army base and Canadian Red Cross important. The Canucks will be there. First to call first to fall.

The WW1 Centenary is not just a blip this summer but ongoing for the next 4 years 0- already Mons is City of Culture and important with Flanders Tourism.

Little has been done on Japan's role in WW1 as a UK ally in defeating the Germans in the Pacific and supporting UK ships in the Med and Channel with Japanese war graves in Malta.

Time for Meiji reforms: Margate Town council, vote at 16, no double-hatters, corruption clearout of Macgonigal and Moores, term limits and politician exams. Full FOI. The first Kiwis brought back in chains for trial. Fast-forward EU and Asian languages in schools. Cancel EKO expenses-quango and white elephant vanity projects and tarmac splodge like International Airports and New Town and Road to Nowhere.

Council tax strike from TDC to fund RTC and the other towns and depts split and reformed by town. An East Kent Council of Mayors quarterly and emphasising East Kent not Maidstone with the £1.2BN budget for EK and £60M per town so far wasted.

A nation forged in bureaucracy and secrecy and pollution. Government of the people by the bureaucrats for the bureaucrats.

Nothing done for D-Day or Dunkirk by The Ancient Regime. A price paid in blood and the lazy pensioners on our councils can't be bothered.

The contrast with a recent Nghe An development team for Vietnam was astonishing or the DaNang Project and KwaiRail.

And nothing done for Climate Change Kent: more floods, colder winters for pensioners and hotter summers.


Nothing on OneGov: point 9.

Nothing on UNMDG2 reform: point 13.

Nothing on Thailand's Yingluck School PC: point 28.

Nothing on the Pav or East Kent Film: point 5/Kent

I admire Infratil and Kent Council don't you? You must do.

Time for Change - details of my 2nd manifesto for Meiji reform and Manston $1 Wanted leaflet to download and pass on.

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Remember Arnhem. Remember Infratil. Forget Manston.

I’ve recently returned from Holland for some tourism work around Liberation Route Europe – an excellent EU initiative to commemorate the end of WW2 from D-Day to Auschwitz. The tourism trails stretch from Portsmouth, and now Kent, through Arnhem and into Germany and Poland.

And an interesting story by the good folks at In the Footsteps Battlefield Tours was how a colleague used to chivvy along his troops in Afghanistan with the phrase “Remember Arnhem” when the grumbling became excessive.

A battle perhaps remembered more by the Dutch with the John Frost Bridge or Urquhart Airborne Museum and superb Bevridjings Museum with information on not just the astonishing bravery – almost suicide missions – of the Polish airborne troops or USA Waal Crossing – but the Hunger Winter famine after Arnhem narrowly failed.

The resolution of Frost’s troops holding Arnhem Bridge with nothing more than rifles against tanks for days and nights alone and waiting surrounded by their dead and dying friends.

Frost Bridge now.

The Dutch citizens hiding them and treating the wounded and waiting for a liberation that would eventually be secured almost 6 months later by Canadian troops and the final Rhine crossings.

Remember Arnhem indeed.

Thousands of troops killed and 20,000 Dutch citizens dead from famine – for freedom.
Remember Arnhem and the African-style famines that swept Europe after WW2 when you grumble over 0.7% foreign aid or 0.5% EU funding.

Remember Arnhem with 20,000 British pensioners dying from cold each Winter.

In the 21st century.

That's what the British and Poles and Americans and Dutch and Canadians died for.

What must they have thought they were fighting and dying for as they waited for the final assault in the basements of Oosterbeek as they waited in September 1944?
A price paid in blood in advance.

What must they think of the filthy Kiwis of Infratil and the filthy little airfield like Manston. And filthy little councils like TDC polluting their own citizens on the back of the freedoms fought and won.

Filthy little generals like Latchford.

Filthy little MP’s Like Gale.

Filthy little councillors like the Toxic Three and Moores.

Filthy little civil servants like Macgonigal.

Filthy little Judges like Glick QC.

And filthy little racists like UKIP.

And if you vote tomorrow in the EU elections think of Arnhem and a united Europe.
Of course the EU needs reform.

UKIP are not wrong on that. But Little England has never been the way forward for Britain. Next year Britain will celebrate Waterloo when Europeans joined together and that Kent artist Van Gogh’s 125th Anniversary – particularly relevant for Ramsgate where he lived and worked.

Ridiculous NATO bloated offices or the farcical Brussels-Strasbourg shuffle. The refusal of FOI and undemocratic party lists. The failure to implement the UN Millennium Development Goals. These are the worst of the EU.
But Liberation Route Europe reminds us of Europe at its best.

Especially in Kent, given the silence of Dunkirk Day. The silence of DDay. The silence of Channel Dash Day as the pensioners fail us.

And fail to remember.

Fail to repair the memorials.

Fail to keep the graves clean.

Maybe the excellent War Graves Commission should run TDC or Southern Water or Coastguard.

A Sarajevo Shift to the Balkans, and Serbia, Turkey and Russia joining, is in keeping with the original role of the EU to ensure prosperity and freedom.

The EU was formed to prevent more Arnhems.

To secure liberty and prosperity from Manchester to Moscow.

From Kiev to Kwai.

To resolve international problems such as coal and steel originally, and now Pandemics and Climate Change.

A Green vote in the EU election is a step forward – with reform.

Something better than cattle trucks and contamination.

Forget Manston – and Ostend - and its gunrunners and blood diamonds and filthy little council.

But remember filthy little Infratil.

And remember Arnhem and Liberation Route Europe.

Time for Change.

Monday, 12 May 2014

Corruption Kent in Freefall:

Another TDC Council Leader resigns as Clive Hart goes amid the Local Government Association report on a toxic council both dysfunctional and corrupt.

Silence on mystery negotiations for a huge housing estate.

Secret elections and council meetings and meetings without minutes.

McGonigal the CEO and 0% fraudster Cllr Moores cling on for a vote of no confidence.

The worst of us.

Sandys resigns but Gale MP silent after the debacle of Manston and recruiting Tony Freudmann of Wiggins/EUjet to handle the Gloag sale.

Silence from the Toxic Three at KCC of Carter, Wil and King after millions of tax funds down the drain and the missing monitors scandal with Infratil and Buchanan.

Southern Water described as having "a persistent record of criminality" by the Court of Appeal.

Environment Agency's Andrew Pearce and Hannah Barber refusing EIR pollution reports on Thor mercury. Ask yourself:

The civil servants keeping their head down and taking the paycheck.

Only ashes left.

East Kent left an economic wasteland after the Dreamland and Pleasurama and Port and Manston and Discovery Park housing farce.

Ground Zero.

Year Zero.

The shame of a nation.

Details on the new Garbutt MP website: with PDF downloads of the manifesto.

Almost all my first manifesto now complete except for closure of toxic Thor mercury, toxic MOD Fire station, toxic asbestos in schools, Van Gogh museum and Arlington House demolition.

Cancel Albion House and Beach Resort.

Time for Meiji Kent reforms with Kent University and CCU and language schools.

Time for Pavilion and East Kent Film Office and studio - and Dreamland.

Time for Margate Town Council and East Kent council.

Time for Change

Thursday, 8 May 2014

Kent Corruption. Je Refuse. J'Accuse.

KCC and TDC councils in Kent are riddled with corruption.

Je Refuse.

I refuse to stand for the Ramsgate Mayor election.

The same corrupt cronies hoping to linger on through secrecy and fake process.

Ramsgate Town Council was established to loosen the dead hand of the TDC councillors: the same ones who oppose it now flood it to reduce opposition.

FOI is refused on costs.

Town meetings are scheduled together and late in the year and not publicised on the websites to minimise scrutiny.

Only residents can vote yet non-residents such as Poole and Fenner are on the council as Party hacks.

The corruption at TDC is simply ignored.

And nothing has been done.

I refuse to stand.

I encourage you to cancel your tax direct debit.

I encourage you to refuse to attend meetings.

I encourage you if you do attend to film and tweet the meetings.

I encourage you to boycott votes.

I encourage you to call for both open elections and an early by-election for the resigned Sandys seat.

We have have thieves and liars simply clinging on for another month's paycheck.

And J'Accuse.

I accuse KCC and TDC of corruption and allowing corruption.

And manslaughter at Manston and Thor.

J'Accuse Roger Gale MP.

J'Accuse Paul Carter, KCC Leader.

J'Accuse Sue McGonigal TDC CEO.

J'Accuse Roger Latchford of the Gang of Four.

J'Accuse Cllr Moores of the 0% fraud.

J'Accuse Berry, Button and Sproates for the Manston pollution and monitors.

J'Accuse Andrew Pearce and Hannah Barber of the Environment Agency for Thor and denying EIR.

J'Accuse Southern Water.

J'Accuse the EKO and ChinaGate and Labour £25k bungs and Pleasurama tax haven frauds by both parties.

We have jailed one Council Leader.

More should follow.


And so does the Local Government Association(!) who describe TDC as "toxic", "dysfunctional" and "corrupt".

Central Government rates TDC as one of the UK's worst councils(!) out of over 450.

Why should we fund pensions and another month's paycheck for these scoundrels.

Jail is the place and fines too.

As MP - and Mayor if necessary - I will ensure Meiji reform:

A. Vote at 16: too many pensioners with pensioner policies for yester-year
B. No double-hatters: one seat one person not the same person in multiple seats
C. One family member per party: they're simply voting each other now
D. Direct elections: no cosy party secrecy
E. Full FOI monthly and no secret meetings
F. Politician exams: were' electing people who can't read or write(!) or just family members again
G. 30% turnout: below that the election is void and rerun
H. Party 30%: we should consider limiting the Parties to 30% of seats - national politics has almost no relevance at County and below level other than party bickering

The Drug Den raids will continue every day. I urge junkies to register with the pharmacy/NHS/Police - there will be fewer illegal drugs and dealers and more expensive. No-blame-no-shame and no access problems if registered.

Junky Town in Rape Nation is over. Dole-by-Sea is over. Dumping-ground East Kent is over.

The clamp down on ASBO vehicles on the prom/parks, tramps in the town centre and too-noisy pubs/shops will begin.

Manston has closed.

The Gang of Four have been sacked and jailed.

Pleasurama tax haven fraud is over.

EKO and Chinagate is over.

Richboro Power Station has been blown up.

The reforms must continue:

* Reopen Dreamland
* Demolish Arlington House 1960's tower block
* Close and cleanup Thor mercury and asbestos schools
* Expand TB focus for Discovery Park
* Expand Universities and EU and Asian languages/culture: 2plus1Kent
* End Roads to Nowhere and Tarmac Housing estates
* End KCC Tobacco investments
* End SS Richard Montgomery and ships
* Begin Waterloo 2015 and Wellington's Ramsgate HQ renewal
* Begin Liberation Route Europe
* Celebrate Ramsgate Dunkirk and D-Day
* Celebrate Margate Spanish Armada
* Celebrate WW1 and Canada-Ramsgate

Kent is corrupt and failed.

They have failed us all.

The Ancient Regime is over.

Je Refuse. J'Accuse. Time for Meiji reform.

Time for Change.