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Garbutt - J’accuse: Kent corruption: Police PCC election 2016

I refuse to stand in the Kent PCC election.

The public sector corruption in Kent is simply too blatant and widespread for me to be associated with it in any way, shape or form.

While the Kent Police silence -given Pleasurama BVI and the Panama Papers and after months and years- verges on the police aiding and abetting the outrageous public sector fraud and corruption.

A brief list of Kent corruption is telling:

1. Political fraud with Labour’s Skinner MEP now facing jail for fiddling millions in EU expenses

2. Janice Tingtong Atkinson booted out of UKIP but remaining an MEP and forming an alliance with the repulsive Le Pen racists to access even more EU tax-funds. And Kent Police silent on her assistant even being filmed(!) fiddling her campaign expenses

3. Silence around the LocalCraig Tory election fraud with double the allowed election expenses through bussing in Central Office assistants

4. Lib Dem illegal candidate in the 2015 election: an EU civil servant for Taiwan (Matthew Scott the PCC Tory candidate may fall under the same ban as an MP’s Parliament clerk assisting the Tory government Whip – at the very least jobs for the boys

5. Ann Barnes has resigned albeit issuing a last-minute report claiming she was brilliant in the role – and few of the existing candidates have been heard of: UKIP’s Bolton was formerly a LibDem, Tory Scott a Party drone, Labour Osbourne a Maidstone councillor, same with the Lib Dem Dave Naghi, and then there's Gurvinder Sandher (Independent)from the KCC Police committee (something of a non-role now the PCC is directly elected by all the Kent public) – and responsible only to the public not other councilors

6. Steve Uncles the English Democrats worth mentioning as facing an election fraud court case – from the 2013 election of falsifying ballot papers. But – only in Kent - the Turnip Judge ruling the case be he can stand in the 2016 election. You just couldn’t make that up could you?

7. Pleasurama – now current as a BVI company - despite the weird council restructuring of it as a UK company and the builder buying them out. Really the whole site – the largest seafront development in UK – was a crooked mire of secret directors and beneficiairies of the councillors and civil servants from the Gang of Four days. Essentially a big payday on the rates

8. Gang of Four: all the Thanet senior civil servant and councillors resigned off and sacked or jailed

9. Macgonigal and Moores with the 0% salary fraud –perhaps the parties and councillors and police want to the public to pick up the tax-tab for these crooked deals

10. Infratil and Gloag with Berry and Button and Sproates with the fake airport monitors and missing millions of fines – resulting in higher cancer for East Kent

11. The £17M KCC Parkway and Road to Nowhere for Pfizer more incompetence and waste than corruption as with building the Turner Centre twice – I wonder how much of the £17M will be repaid back to Westminster?

12. RTC 40% tax increases without a public referendum as required for anything over 1.99% - illegal and fraudulent

13. Same with KCC c.3% increases

14. And the Kent Police random £5 per household gun cops charge

15. Thor mercury – silence from the Toxic Three and Environment agency and TDC on how the banned factory remained open – increasing the pollution even now

16. FerryGate with the secret £3M deal by the Hart Cabinet without the rest of council knowing – and then it goes bust anyway

17. ChinaGate: similar Chinese warehouses dodgy deal by Latchford of the Gang of Four

18. Barrister and lawyer corruption at One Essex Court: Hollingworth fake invoices to High Court and Glick QC and Lord Grabner QC (both the latter also judges (!)– as well as Grabiner in the Lords but described by Private Eye as a ”boiled old sausage” for failing to investigate the LIBOR frauds) and BSB cover-up. Resulting only so far in the Head Clerk’s scapegoat resignation – and him an MBE too. And similar coverup by SRA. One quirk of barristers given the financial scrutiny from the Panama Papers is describing themselves as self-employed despite working in a company and sharing the workload amongst fellow-employees – joint liability in fraud at the very least

19. The Stolen Valour councilors fake medals and up for shoplifting. Laughable if it didn't mean even fewer councilors to represent the public - while being paid

But the list goes on.

Not even including the fake Wetherspoons planning procedure or FOI/EIR disclosure etc. Or shameful Live Animal Exports animal cruelty.

Astonishingly blatant as I say.

How can the politicians and civil servants and police excuse this?

It’s as plain as the nose on the Chief Constable’s face, or the bunions on his feet.

Even the most defective detective could make an arrest out of any those. And without resorting to the Mystic Meg policing of PredPol. Perhaps Essex Police Serious Crime Squad would struggle from the Goldfinger heartattack/shotgun blast murder. Or Surrey Police and the Military Police bumbling through the 4 Deepcut murder-suicides.

To be fair to the police most of the corruption is in the councils – but since when did cops decide they’d put their own salaries and pensions before public justice?

Coverup Cops is almost as bad as Crooked Cops though. As we’ve seen at Hillsboro or Downing St with the wipe clean police notebooks.

A minor point on Fergus Wilson who’s been barred form standing on technical paperwork points (it really has to be hand-delivered? What is this? Kent slips back to the 18th century?) and previously a court case. I’ve no support for him whatsoever – his election ads are appalling scaremongering drivel - even worse than the Police Federation grannyrape ads when they want a payrise - but the PCC process is still in its infancy and the process very unclear. One of the few Independents should be encouraged and helped to stand.

While a £5,000 (yes £5k not £5) charge on candidates to stand is absurd: essentially the main parties trying to price out opposition. Even the MP charge of £500 is bad enough but £5,000? What happened to free and fair elections?

And the court case requirement Fergus initially fell foul of is baffling: you can be barred from an election if you’re guilty of a crime that carries any prison sentence. Even if you’re not jailed? Eh? Why? And every crime carries a potential prison sentence. Fair enough if you’ve been jailed for a serious crime but a potential crime? Nonsense.

While presumably the extra £60,000 fee to the election official is outrageous waste. Why? It’s part of a council’s role every 5 years. Especially when most of the counters etc are volunteers.

£60k for one night’s election work is nonsense.


I refuse to stand.

Kent is corrupt.

I will be calling for every candidate and the Chief Constable to raise the above corruption points for a formal review.
Most of Kent’s criminals are in the councils not the streets.

And with the Manson monitors cancers the cops are helping them get away with murder.

J’accuse the Gang of Four now only Latchford
J’accuse the Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild
J’accuse Moores and Macgonigal the former still in a Tory Chair role
J’accuse Infratil, Gloag and Thor and Pleasurama

J’accuse blatant Kent corruption.

None of the candidates have provide a manifesto: mere water-is-wet nonsense about reducing crime. Gosh. Well I never. They took 5 years to come up with that?

My PCC manifesto is here:;postID=6487345998795627155;onPublishedMenu=posts;onClosedMenu=posts;postNum=12;src=postname

Or scroll down the blog.

You cannot vote for it though.

I refuse to stand.


I give permission for any of the candidates to use any of my points for free.

I cannot even advise you on which is the least worst candidate: none of them have produced manifestos and none of them have ever said anything.

They’re as bland as a glass of water and as shallow as a puddle.

We’re seeing the same blandroids in the UN Secretary–General election #unsg with a secret rota of Buggins Turn East European nonentities, or emphasis on women rather than the best candidate and not a manifesto between them of what they actually would do beyond seat-warming and picking up a lavish pay cheque.

In Kent PCC, certainly Uncles is the worst with his anti-moslem drivel, and Scott as a blatant party drone/Westminster jobs for the boys – what next Cameron’s granny to stand? – but all the rest are essentially doublehatters too.

Bolton is worth mentioning as particularly laughable in UKIP – previously a LibDem(!) - claiming police and borders expertise – despite all the nations he cites as facing border collapse and floods of refugees. And again perhaps a civil servant so technically banned from an election?

It’s why every piece of research – commissioned by the parties themselves – points out that the problem with politics is the parties themselves: drone candidates, no manifestos and petty insults and bureaucratic-ceremonial instead of reform.

While the new fees for candidates is just the worse of Third World politics so only the rich can stand – or the winners make payoffs to their supporters/funders to recoup the huge costs, as in US elections. No doubt through tax havens such as BVI as we’re seeing with the Icelandic PM, Argentine PM, Robert Mugabe Zim PM, Brazil PM corruption inquiries, Zuma South Africa PM corruption inquiry and so on.

Even David Cameron UK PM having his tax haven details dragged out of him ahead of an Anticorruption Summit and years after the Lough Neath UK tax haven policies.

And of course silence on the Saudi-UK institutional arms corruption we fund through Al-Yamamah (previously Kent MP Jonathan Aitken) and now Sangcom. Essentially UK bungs to Arab princes via arms deals. Funded by you.

Kent Police certainly wouldn’t dare touch those cases. The Chief Constable’s nose might end up being cut off or left to rot in a hellhole jail like Margate’s Joshua French.

But in the UK how could an 18 (or 16) year old student, or someone on minimum wage take part in UK elections under the current rules?

Indeed though you may want to consider refusing to vote: Barnes was elected on only 15% of the electorate turnout (local elections struggle to get c.30 % and national elections c.50%).

It was interesting that the Dutch EU referendum last week had a clause that a minimum turnout of 30% of the electorate was required or the election would be declared void.

I refuse to stand as PCC2106.


Kent is too corrupt.

Time for Change
Garbutt for KCC Leader: May 2017

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