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Garbutt: Time for Change 2016 East Kent Strategy

Nothing done. Kent rots.
Time for Change @timg33

1. Arlington House demolition: no Tesco
2. EKFOS: East Kent Film Office and Studio
3. EK Film: Paramount theme park-Dreamland-EKFOS, USA
4. Kent-Benelux Strategy: Panasonic batteries, Alpro soyamilk, Philips etc
5. Kent-Iberia Strategy: Spanish/LatAm courses, KP: Operacion Captura, LatAm autos/tourism – Mexico, Chile and Argentina focus etc
6. Kent-EastEurope Strategy: Romania - Hungary/Poland
7. Meiji-Kent: HS1 Ashford: Hitachi and Fujifilm focus, all 400 Kent schools: Japanese course etc
8. KORA: Kent Oriental Restaurant Association: Chinese, Indian, Thai, Japanese etc
9. Kent Police-ASEAN liaison: sports events and Costa del Crime Asia, RNLI, SAR: air ambulance, Meiji auto procurement etc
10. Thailand Morlam Festival
11. Thailand-Cambodia Khundrum Festival
12. Kent Police dept: UK citizens abroad: jailed/hospitalised/arrested etc
13. Kent Pandemics strategy: vaccines etc
14. LeftisLife Campaign KP/NHS: emergency info, 112, blood/organ stocks, expat blood
15. Kent Chevening courses and New Chevening Strategy: STEM
16. Digital Kent Strategy: IofT/Industry4.0 etc
17. Khmer Shakespeare Event
18. Ramsgate Van Gogh Gallery
19. Spanish Armada Margate 2018: 430th Anniversary
20. Magellan Anniversary 2019-21 anniversary: Kent-Spain
21. Margate: Thailand first UK diplomatic relations 1619: 2019
22. Ramsgate Pavilion: jazz bar, art gallery, Buddhist temple
23. Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things: Kent University courses
24. Kent Uni: ASEAN languages and Nottingham University China/Japan links
25. Discovery Park and Sittingbourne Science parks: largest USA inward investment in Europe: Third World vaccine research/production – #STEM/Dover Port exports
26. CCU: Broadstairs campus – Tourism focus
27. Ramsgate Port focus: foot passenger ferry Sea2Sea: Ostend/Boulogne/Dunkirk
28. Kent Blue Flag beaches: beach volleyball/beach soccer etc
29. Military Covenant: RE Sappers, Royal Navy, Ghurkas focus: SS Richard Montgomery and MAG mines
30. SDG2030 Goals for all public sector organisations

Tim's Titbits

* thank you for your comments on the EK Plan above and amends etc to follow, and keep them coming
* please be patient with posts loading as the volume of views does affect updates etc
* horrifying Hillsboro detail still merging and now 2 SYorks Chiefs a day - the latter investigated by Kent Police for corruption at GMP detailed previously - more later

Hillsboro cover up lies:

One brief thought on Hillsboro - and Plebgate and Orgreave and Bloody Sunday and Guildford 4 - when will Kent Police in this instance eventually detail the Infratil monitors corruption or Thor negligence or One Essex Court fraud? 27 weeks? 27 years? The Toxic Three at KCC or TDC won't be urging an inquiry will they?

* yet another Kent corruption case with MEP Skinner jailed - why is Kent so corrupt?
* delays on Kent election expenses fraud - how can it be so complex to whitewash?
* superb Wellesley School and Ellington Space events/work with 22 schools and STEM and Astronaut Tim Peake - Produced in East Kent food for Space?
* secrecy at RTC on £140k salaries and pensions and 40% tax increases and Mayor pseudo-election
* Smoking article for No Tobacco Day on Sincerity blog

* Belgian nukes mess: government now issuing iodine tablets for all the population(!) in the event of a radiation leak to air
* Kent remedial points to follow
* KORA and 2LB underway
* Good to see Arlington House eyesore tower block being demolished and danger of asbestos
* 100 SE Rd garden grabbing later: blatant porkies from Fairbrass now and lack of scrutiny

Time for Change

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