Monday, 30 January 2012

Airport cancer and air pollution: BBC South East tonight

The Inside Out programme by BBCTV on air pollution at airports:

In particular the health of airport workers jeopardised by fine pollution particles from jet engines.

Copenhagen Airport has 3x the air pollution than central Copenhagen’s busiest roads.

Heathrow and Gatwick refused to comment.

With Manston and Infratil already recorded at 4x the EU safety levels and removed air and noise monitors, the question now is when will the Police investigate this corprate manslaughter?

Why are the Police dragging their feet on raiding Infratil’s offices and arresting Buchanan? Every day simply causes more pollution requiring cleanup.

Cargolux - the last flights into Manston - remains silent on fines and why they are allowed to breach the overflight paths.

Similarly only silence from TDC on Thor mercury – surely Gale and Sandys should have a site visit as soon as possible with the Environment Agency and TDC.

The former specified how both sites posed no danger and how well-run the airport was.

Complete cobblers from beginning to end.

Let’s see them earn their MP salary and visit both Thor and Manston and view the pollution sites and figures.

No doubt these empty rosettes would rather be prepared to jeopardise any policeman or fireman who turns up to another fire and find barrels of mercury exploding all over them.

Or the toxic discharge leaving its legacy in their blood and bone for future generations.

Time to close Manston and Thor.

Time for a Police investigation into how the public have been endangered.

Time to jail Buchanan and extradite the Infratil Directors to face trial as Kent's Most Wanted criminals.

Time for Recall, Party deselection and P45's for our useless politicians and civil servants playing with the public's lives on the rates.

Time for Change.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cancer Clive to call Cancer Police for Cancer Corporate Manslaughter at Cancer Manston?

Same-old same-old from the pensioners club at TDC.

Infratil’s Buchanan ignores the overflight restrictions and TDC let him.

Silence from new TDC Leader Clive Hart on the missing monitors and fines at Manston.

Silence from the new KCC civil servant on Manston and Parkway plop for the real Cabinet of Murphy, JCB, Tarmac, Carillion, and Costain. And Infratil.

Silence from McGonigal the new CEO at TDC after nearly a year on everything – including Pleasurama-Bungarama, Manston fines and EKO missing costs.

I thought the latter was a million-pound-memo of failure: it turns out it’s 10 million quid secretly sprayed up the wall.

Silence from Madeline Homer the new Brian White on construction bloat like the Caffyns/Rover garage and 3,000 empty houses and empty town centres.

Silence from Gale and Sandys on the cancer costs and fake consultations – some MP’s eh?

Sandys now with a sign on the office that it’s closed. And a year on from Pfizer the biggest blow to the Kent economy – only silence as 3,000 jobs drift away.

And now a flimsy TDC budget from the old rosettes to the new rosettes - prepared by the civil servants and would you believe safeguarding up salaries and pensions and cutting everything else.

Looks like the grannies and granddads have had their longnjohns pulled down by the civil servants again.

750 civil servants is far too many for a bottom 10% council, and 60M quid tax-take and 2Bn quid KCC tax and Treasury take.

2Bn quid. And half million quid payoffs for failure. We seem to be funding public servant and Party careers rather than public services.

A council tax strike sharpens their attention. Pay late. Pay the wrong amount. Delay.

It’s time for Cancer Clive to call in the Cancer Police and jail Buichanan, jail Carter and extraudte the Infratil Directors.

A Police inquiry into the failiure to potect the water supply and public.

Failure by Carter, King and Wilde at KCC.

Failure by Sandys and Gale

Failure by McGonigal, Sproates, Button and Berry at TDC.

Failure by Harrison and Hayton the Airport Committee Chiefs.

Failure at KIACC.

Failure by the Gang of Four and now the other rosettes.

For years. Deliberately and repeatedly.

Even now.

Removing the monitors and pretending otherwise for cancer jobs and vanity projects.

Stale pensioners and Part fanatics boosting their cancer tax-wages with double hat and paperclip roles in the councils while the public sicken and die and pay for the privilege.

And so foolish they’d even jeopardize their own grandchildren.

Another lost year in a lost decade.

Time to call in the Police and make some arrests.

I don’t remember aviation directors being above the law.

I don’t remember civil servants being above the law.

I don’t remember politicians being above the law.

Time for arrests and jail.

And time for a Police inquiry into the Environment Agency and Thor. Writing backside-coivering memos doesn't clean it up. Or stop the jail door from clanging shut.

Time for Change.

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Corporate manslaughter for Kent in 2012

With the rampant abuses at Manston from banned flights by Infratil to civil service endangering the public and political whitewash it’s time for corporate manslaughter charges against Infratil and KCC and TDC.

Removing noise and air monitors is a crime.

Especially for an airpot slated for expansion and funded on the rates.

Banned flights is a crime.

Banned overflights is a crime.

All we’ve had is the piecemeal removal of problems and scapegoats and payoffs.

Charles Buchanan the former CEO of London City Airport must know that.

So must Morrison and Fitzgerald and Clarke and the Infratil Directors for one of New Zealand’s largest aviation companies.

So must Flybe and Cargolux as they beat a retreat from fines and jail at Kent’s moist mismanaged airport.

So will Carter and King and Wild at KCC - funding Manston on the rates and ignoring the removed monitors.

So will, now, Hart and McGonigal at TDC – a year since the previous fake consultation and the sacking of the Gang of Four and Manston Parkway and now the ludicrous fandango and cover-up and silence goes on.

So will Button and Sproates and Berry at TDC responsible for monitoring and contaminated land and water.

So will Pearce at the Environment Agency.

Shuffling the memos around and looking for scapegoats and playing the blame game won’t stop the jail door form clanging shut.

Flushing out the scum and scoundrels of the Gang of Four is one thing as is a gong for Gale to ease his way into retirement.

No votes for poisoning your own citizens.

No tax-jobs for poisoning your own citizens.

But these are crimes.

Repeated and deliberate.

Cancer victim crimes.

The noise monitors were removed in 2006 – so the criminal pretence of monitoring.

With the monitors the airport would have closed years ago as a public helaht danger.

Not even with the crime of the runway on the aquifer and silence form outr councils.

It can’t be the money.

There’s plenty of well-paid staff.

There’s $2Bn in budget at KCC and $60M at TDC. And Ramsgate's missing $20M each year.

There’s at least $2M in missing fines – never mind the safety and terrorism danger.

It’s a political and civil service and aviation crime.

Here’s an example of the death toll from asbestos:
– horrifyingly with 90% of schools still ridden with the substance.

Or Thor mercury banned in 1988 but remaining open.

These are crimes.

We seem to have accepted that politicians and civil servants can do as they like.

But they go to jail.

Enron’s criminal directors went to jail.

So will Buchanan and Infratil.

Archer and Aitken went to jail so will Gale and Sandys if they lie on oath in court.

So will our civil servants and councillors.

What they knew and when they knew it and what action they took will be key.

Denial and lies and silence won’t help.

The wheels have come off Kent.

Liars and thieves and cretins in power. The economy in freefall. Rampant overbuild. Closed services and bloated wages and pensions for failures.

As Mayor I will:

1. Police inquiry to jail Buchanan and Carter and extradite the Infratil Directors for trial
2. Reimpose the Infratil Manston fines
3. Cancel ChinaGate with the political payoffs
4. Cancel Pleasurama-Bungarama with the tax haven and mystery plans
5. Cancel the appalling overbuild of Caffyns/Rover garage: 39 flats and houses to replace 6 flats after Brian White council vandalism
6. Reopen all the closed museums and toilets and beach shelters and beach huts – and fund from tax
7. A quarterly P45 committee to review KCC and TDC civil service performance, staffing, wages, pensions and benefits – with full FOI
8. TDC council tax strike: funds redirected to the towns and reviewed with Police oversight
9. Impound and sell cargo ships berthed off Margate and a free electricity levy on the windfarms
10. A free tablet PC for every schoolchild – as in Thailand - and discounted mobile phones for under 16’s and OAP’s – as in India.
11. Pfizer and Viiv for Third World Thanet: TB vaccines, malaria and nets
12. End asbestos in schools
13. Impose car parking charges o Westwood Cross
14. A priority on no use empty housing and town centres - with specified room sizes: astonishing in the 21st centrury there aren;t specified minimu room sizes, property/land footrpint ratio and greenbelt and a Climate Change levy on unnecessary construction
15. Create a Utility Officer role for water etc
16. Review windfarm and solar and Port policies and end animal exports

Our pensioner-councillors and corrupt civil servants have failed us.

Nothing but lies and flannel and say nothing and do nothing.

And cancer for their children and grandchildren and even themselves.

Garbutt for Mayor in 2012.

Carter and Buchanan in Pentonville.

Time for Change.