Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Cancer Clive to call Cancer Police for Cancer Corporate Manslaughter at Cancer Manston?

Same-old same-old from the pensioners club at TDC.

Infratil’s Buchanan ignores the overflight restrictions and TDC let him.

Silence from new TDC Leader Clive Hart on the missing monitors and fines at Manston.

Silence from the new KCC civil servant on Manston and Parkway plop for the real Cabinet of Murphy, JCB, Tarmac, Carillion, and Costain. And Infratil.

Silence from McGonigal the new CEO at TDC after nearly a year on everything – including Pleasurama-Bungarama, Manston fines and EKO missing costs.

I thought the latter was a million-pound-memo of failure: it turns out it’s 10 million quid secretly sprayed up the wall.

Silence from Madeline Homer the new Brian White on construction bloat like the Caffyns/Rover garage and 3,000 empty houses and empty town centres.

Silence from Gale and Sandys on the cancer costs and fake consultations – some MP’s eh?

Sandys now with a sign on the office that it’s closed. And a year on from Pfizer the biggest blow to the Kent economy – only silence as 3,000 jobs drift away.

And now a flimsy TDC budget from the old rosettes to the new rosettes - prepared by the civil servants and would you believe safeguarding up salaries and pensions and cutting everything else.

Looks like the grannies and granddads have had their longnjohns pulled down by the civil servants again.

750 civil servants is far too many for a bottom 10% council, and 60M quid tax-take and 2Bn quid KCC tax and Treasury take.

2Bn quid. And half million quid payoffs for failure. We seem to be funding public servant and Party careers rather than public services.

A council tax strike sharpens their attention. Pay late. Pay the wrong amount. Delay.

It’s time for Cancer Clive to call in the Cancer Police and jail Buichanan, jail Carter and extraudte the Infratil Directors.

A Police inquiry into the failiure to potect the water supply and public.

Failure by Carter, King and Wilde at KCC.

Failure by Sandys and Gale

Failure by McGonigal, Sproates, Button and Berry at TDC.

Failure by Harrison and Hayton the Airport Committee Chiefs.

Failure at KIACC.

Failure by the Gang of Four and now the other rosettes.

For years. Deliberately and repeatedly.

Even now.

Removing the monitors and pretending otherwise for cancer jobs and vanity projects.

Stale pensioners and Part fanatics boosting their cancer tax-wages with double hat and paperclip roles in the councils while the public sicken and die and pay for the privilege.

And so foolish they’d even jeopardize their own grandchildren.

Another lost year in a lost decade.

Time to call in the Police and make some arrests.

I don’t remember aviation directors being above the law.

I don’t remember civil servants being above the law.

I don’t remember politicians being above the law.

Time for arrests and jail.

And time for a Police inquiry into the Environment Agency and Thor. Writing backside-coivering memos doesn't clean it up. Or stop the jail door from clanging shut.

Time for Change.

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