Monday, 15 June 2009

Thanet Council. Open for Dodgy Business.

# Pleasurama: British Virgin island tax haven company – no details of Directors or funders for Kent’s largest seafront planning application

# Manston airport: noise and air monitors removed by Infratil and TDC

# Infratil and Environment Agency: airport built on the drinking water supply and polluting the sea with aviation fuel

# Thor mercury factory: closed in 1988 by Health and Safety but not closed and water and soil polluted

# Richboro power station: derelict 30 years with 1950’s brown asbestos technology

# Asbestos in schools and public buildings: 100 deaths in Thanet in 10 years

# KCC and Environment Agency: widespread water and soil pollution: no cleanup in 20 years

# China Gateway: TDC and KCC arms-length company of TDC and KCC officials - and donations to both political parties for Thanet’s largest-ever planning application

# China Gateway: China trips funded by the developer for SEEDA cargo warehouses on the drinking water supply

# Thanet water supply: polluted and extra water pumped in from West Kent

# Missing tram shelter insurance money: 0% but £25,000 pay rises for our £130,000 council officials - and extra self-assessed payments and expenses for councillors on committees

# No TDC councillor costs published as yet – nor MP’s family wages

# Military Arches: listed building semi derelict and Granville collapsed

# Westwood Cross: road to nowhere and out-of-town shopping centre near-the-town-centres

# TDC sleaze report on Deal Council witheld from public

# No Kent TV broadcast of TDC council and committee meetings

# Regeneration by fireball or carpark: Pleasurama, Dreamland, Ramsgate Lido

# No KCC Cabinet scrutiny of failed councils

Sack the Gang of Four. Recall the councillors and MP's. Suspend payoffs and pensions.

TDC is rated in the bottom 10% of all 440 UK councils by the Audit Commission: the Government's own auditor.

Ramsgate Town council but still no Margate Town Council.

Time To Change Thanet.

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