Friday, 19 June 2009

MPs expenses and Thor mercury and Infratil

Clearly the “redacting” or “censoring” of MP’s expenses released yesterday just shows the whole approach of MP’s and the civil servants to the public.

Desperate to cover up wrongdoing they censor everything on the forms: making themselves look even more foolish.

If the “censored/redacted” forms were the only ones released – as they were meant to be – then none of the information on moats, and duck houses and flipping properties would have been revealed.

Surely our MP’s must:

# release monthly reports of costs with receipts from now on
# detail family salaries
# require the same transparency from civil servants and councillors

But where are TDC’s costs and expenses: the most incompetent and corrupt council in Britain doesn’t feel able to release its costs? Why not?

If museums are being closed but there are £100,000 salaries and £200,000 MP's then the public need to know what's going on for these lavish salaries for failure.

All public organisations: quangos, councils, Police, Parliament departments etc etc need to issue monthly updates of their costs and expenses.

As we’ve seen with MP’s expenses any abuses or perceptions of what’s within the rules or not will quickly be resolved by the public.

Just like TDC’s 0% salary increases that are actually £25,000 increases, or the ChinaGate developer-funded trips for the Gang of Four: these are as close to fraud as you can get in terms of deliberately misleading the public on how public funds are spent.

As we’ve seen with RBS’s “Fred the Shred” or the £500k repaid by MP’s, there’s no reason why pension payoffs and expenses can’t be witheld or returned.

Salaries at TDC need far greater scrutiny by our sheep-councillors: the civil servants are running rings round them.

And with Infratil and Thor we have the bizarre situation of our councils pretending that there is noise and air monitoring, pretending that there are toxin reports, pretending that there is a contaminated land register and pretending that they’ve actually been doing something.

So incompetent are they that they’re drinking the stuff and breathing it like the public but think that their careers are more important or they’ll move sloooowly with “due process”.

Our pensioner politicians may have retired to the coast but the mercury may yet hasten them onward. Leaving only their children and grandchildren to pick up the pieces.

Although any toxins always affect the youngest first: genetic birth defects, toxin buildup in weaker immune systems and so on.

Thor was banned in 1988.

Even our MP’s are so incompetent they actually believe – or say they do - that the water problems are due to the public pouring paint down the sink – and not aviation fuel from an airport built on the drinking water supply nor a mercury factory banned in UK and Africa for poisoning the public.

Thanet only seem to get cancer jobs: why is that?

No sign of toxin reports from EA: have our councillors and MP’s requested them?

No sign of Police supervising the cleanup at Thor: mercury contaminated soil or water drifting around and out of the site is very dangerous. As are the chemical fires.

No sign of Infratil and the EA cleaning up Manston: when they’re gone who’ll remove the 4 dumped jets and clean up the soil and water?

As with Richboro no doubt attempts will be made to simply leave it.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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