Tuesday, 25 April 2017

UKIP Wipeout East Kent. The Cancer Victim and Corruption Election. Garbutt MP 8th June and 2x KCC

The refusal of Nigel Farage to stand again in South Thanet means the almost-total wipeout of UKIP in East Kent.

And the refusal of LibDem Russ Timpson to stand marks the end of his ludicrous nonsense about Manston being a Spaceport for NASA.

As with the Macron result in France we're seeing the collapse of the traditional parties in UK.

And good riddance too. Nothing has been done in 5 years by UKIppers at KCC and Leader Roger Latchford - formerly of the Gang of Four - has also resigned.

The UKIP national policy to reopen Manston has been a farce since the 2015 election under former Tory and Manston committee member Leader Chris Wells.

And now we have the air pollution statistics with Thanet over 90 air pollution deaths - double most of the rest of Kent.

As you'd expect with Infratil and TDC removing the air pollution monitors and faking the data for almost 10 years. And even now not one public statement form TDC or councilors on how this happened.

Keeping their heads down and taking the municipal pay cheque from those they've poisoned - and KCC with the most over £100k salaries in local government is absurd failure.

An outrageous crime by our councilors and civil servants resulting in deaths and ill-health that were totally avoidable.

The support of Roger Gale MP for the new Riveroak company with it's mysterious Belize company MIO (Manston Investment Opportunities?) is equally outrageous - but par for the course in Corrupt Thanet and Corrupt Kent.

As MP I will cancel any tax haven investment in Kent and cancel Pleasurama and Pav and Manston completely.

The Toxic Three now Two of Paul Carter and Geoff Wild remain silent.

The TDC senior civil servants of CE Madeline Homer and TDC lawyer Tim Howes remain trapped by their silence.

The Cancer Victims of East Kent deserve better than these pollution crimes and corruption.

For the KCC election Ramsgate has 2 seats and I urge the public to vote for Ian Driver and Raushan Ara: local candidates, new faces and not parachute candidates.

And I urge the public to reject Craig Mackinlay as MP -whether at the local Tory party AGM or not - given the Tory election fraud and inaction on Manston etc.

As with Laura Sandys before him, 2 years is enough failure from puppet candidates.

Time for Change


Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Garbutt for South Thanet MP 8th June. Time for Change

It's good there's a snap general election.

Clearly 6 weeks is far too short notice and the Fixed Term Act need reform to prevent this jiggery-pokery eg 6 months notice.

And Labour wipeout will lead to a more capable new Leader than Corbyn. 2 years and only muddle. Free school dinner is hardly a huge national policy.

UKIP is already wiped out and will be at the KCC local election too.

I hope Farage stands in South Thanet again to explain the Manston aquifer crimes and Thor mercury. He's not been heard of since 2015 and merely another local radio shockjock grumbling about that day's newspaper headlines.

May has called the election for a few reasons:

1. To avoid the slow death of c.30 byelections from the Tory election fraud - the largest fraud in UK history and pivotal here in South Thanet with Local Craig as Nick Timothy's puppet as detailed by Channel Four.

2. An Empty Parliament and MonoBrexit Parliament: no policies at all and one could argue UK has been rudderless since Gordon Brown as PM.

3. Broken UK: another Scottish referendum and now a General election with Northern Ireland still without government

4. Brexit shambles; no policy at all and all the Brexiteers resigning and Brexit looking far worse than Remain

5. An unelected PM and who was Remain and a caretaker government is untenable

So will a likely Tory majority improve anything? Not really. There are no policies. It's drift.

And another election in 2020 or would it be 2022? Shambolic.

And in Kent?

Nothing much.

Local Craig has failed after 2 years: nothing on Manston or Port or town centres. Quite the opposite.

The same with Gale. As with Brazier sat for too long - a Kent Alliance for clearout is viable.

I will stand in South Thanet:

1. Cancel Manston: dig up the runway and Police investigation into the new Riveroak Belize company MIO: Manston Investment Opportunities?

2. Cancel SHP Manston New Town: overbuild for $1

3. Extradite the Manston Infratil directors form Wellington and now Perth airport and Charles Buchanan at Lydd

4. Cancel Pleasurama and ask Bob Bayford and Terence Painter to help with a police inquiry on what they know

5. A Thor mercury contamination clean up and police inquiry and free coffins

6. Remain: UKIP wipeout and East Kent in EU: 48% want Remain and 73% under 25s. Brexit is marginal and incoherent and of the past

7. East Kent Council: KCC too large and remote and expensive and 1,800 clerks with 750 at TDC too many and too expensive and too corrupt

8. Demolish Arlington House 1960's tower block and renovate Dreamland and Margate seafront

9. Rampant lawyer corruption in public's courts: Lord Grabiner of BHS still a judge, One Essex Court Glick QC and Hollingwoth fraud, Lawrence Stephens solicitors Andrew Conway HMRC fraud and PBi Law. High Court of Cockroach: Mann and Crying Judge beo0oynd scrutiny

Your vote is yours but general points to consider:

1. Vote out Shonk and Heale and Hillman and Gregory and Wells at KCC: useless

2. Vote out doublehatters and parachute candidates

3. Vote out Toxic Three now Two: Paul Carter and Geoff Wild

4. Demand full monthly FOI: salaries, expenses, pensions, cars etc

5. Demand explanations of the missing Manston monitors and fines and Thor pollution

6. Demand LocalCraig and Gale stand down: they've had their chance

A Kent of stale pensioners stuck in the 1970's and irrelevant parties merely riding the decline down.

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.

Time for a Cleaner, Greener and Younger Kent.

Time for a New Kent.

Garbutt for South Thanet MP 8th June 2017.

Time for Change

* volunteers and donations and office wanted: pleas email timgarbutt@yahoo.com

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

Kent corruption and Panama papers and Pleasurama

Tim Garbutt TDC Leader 2019 and MP 2020 said:

"The Pulitzer Prize now awarded to the Panama Papers investigation shines a light on the rampant and similar council corruption in Kent.

Although Kent's jumble-sale journalism would likely only gain the wooden spoon for tame reporting.

Pleasurama, Kent's largest seafront development, has been mired in dodgy deals for over a decade with the Gang of Four - Roger Latchford the 4th member of the Gang only now resigning from KCC, after the previous council leader was jailed and CEO sacked.

The Toxic Two now Three of KCC Leader Paul Carter and Legal Head Geoff Wild, cling on for another cod-election while the wipeout of UKIP in East Kent, already makes a mockery of Manston election policies.

The rapid and mysterious shifts in ownership by TDC and hurried sale for just £3M - and the Pleasurama site apparently owned now by Colin Hill plus other unknown investors - raises serious questions of council and police failure.

Not dissimilar to the rushed $1 sale ( yes, $1) of Manston airport by both Infratil and then Stagecoach's Ann Gloag.

And the Kent Police investigation into Thanet electoral fraud - the UK's largest ever - taking some 2 years of detective work for what Channel Four achieved in a few weeks - has also gone quiet.

While the Cayman Islands Arrowgrass company owning Dreamland, one of UK's largest amusement parks raises similar concerns to Pleasurama with mysterious owners and council deals.

At the very least Britain's best corrupt barristers and lawyers at One Essex Court with Lord Grabiner of BHS and secret plc shareholders - bizarrely still a Judge - and Ian Glick QC and Guy Hollingworth could be hired to whitewash the sites.

The new Bank of England and Libor scandal should be suitable pickings too for a corrupted High Court under Mann or The Crying Judge.

Certainly the glossy-bucket-with-a-hole-in-it of Action Fraud City of Police laughable initiative (merely redirecting to a local force) and HMRC crime of Andrew Conway and Jeff Rubenstein of Lawrence Stephens solicitors again raises questions of both police and law capability.

Though the missing fines and cancer victim deaths from Manston airport and Infratil, with KCC and TDC removing pollution monitors and pretending to carry out monitoring - for almost 10 years - will be harder to bury.

It's apt that Riveroak the USA company promoted by Roger Gale MP for a DCO jiggery-pokery gaming of the planning system for Manston was originally registered in the tax haven of Delaware. And the new Riveroak UK of former directors of Riveroak USA seems to be a Belize company.

I disagree with Leader Wells but it's concerning in his council role being threatened by the Riveroak UK Lawyers Bircham Dyson Bell for raising concerns over Belize and its company registrations policy and money laundering and cocaine smuggling reputation.

An appalling farce given knowledge of the Infratil corporate manslaughter crimes - and the East Kent drinking water aquifer under the runway.

And the latest Private Eye raises concerns over the Maidstone Hilton Hotel and Egyptian government ministers' funds.

The EU is leading the way on new laws for tax haven disclosures in Europe - with or without Brexit - and the UK legal and financial system is looking third-rate at best.

Kent is merely broken and corrupt with public tax wasted or siphoned off to tax havens and propping up public sector salaries and pensions through delays, whitewash and nudge-nudge-wink-wink investigations.

Even the Panama police would have acted by now."

Time for Change



* worth noting that then-TDC councilor was sued by TDC with a £23k charge on his house for revealing some of the council documents (Pinsett Mason and Strutt Parker?) around Pleasurama and flagged onto a mysterious Kent police Domestic Extremist database - let's hope he's elected and brings new scrutiny to these issues.

* clearly routine FOI of documents and salaries etc etc is a massive failure in Kent:

* Town Hall Rich List: KCC 26 salaries over £100k...an increase on last year: https://d3n8a8pro7vhmx.cloudfront.net/taxpayersalliance/pages/6911/attachments/original/1491491587/Town_Hall_Rich_List_Master.pdf?1491491587

Monday, 3 April 2017

Broken Kent elections and civil disobedience: I refuse to stand for KCC.

You can’t make this stuff up. You really can’t.

I refuse to stand in KCC’s broken election.

And you as a voter or candidate should consider the same.

The mix of KCC election incompetence and Manston-Infratil and Thor mercury cancer victims and Pleasurama corruption is simply too toxic.

I refuse to stand and lend it a veneer of authority.

For now hard on the heels of the blatant 2015 Thanet election fraud with over £15k the whole expenses spent in just one hotel for the largest ever UK election fraud and fine, we now have the KCC election beginning 7 days ago...yet the poll cards haven't been sent out. And candidate nominations close tomorrow.

Apparently extra cost is being deployed to scurry around hand-delivering the poll cards.

Ask for yourself - everyone I've spoken to is horrified at the failure and reduction in democracy and candidates being massed about:

* Benjamin.watts@kent.gov.uk
* Claire.hawken@thanet.gov.uk

It’s a shambles. An utter, utter shambles.

I refuse to stand.

Kent electoral reform is long overdue though:

* votes at 16 - a minor but necessary tweak with an ageing population.

* proportional representation - it matters not which particular version but ending safe seats which was the root of the Thanet South election fraud where the parties concentrate only on marginal seats. It's absurd that KCC has only ever been Tory in the 100 years of its existence. Few would expect out-and-out Communism in Kent but even so, 100 years of the same party? It's so ridiculous that even Tories question the wisdom of such a one-party state given not every Kent citizen is a Tory. Chinese democracy then results as the KCC Tories then split into factions or become just nodding donkeys having an afternoon nap in the County Resthome.

* end doublehatters: one person occupying two or three seats is a pointless extra cost and reduction of democracy as Trevor Shonk at KCC approves what Trevor Shonk at TDC and Trevor Shonk at RTC voted on. You couldn't make it up #YCMIUP

* Publish manifestos 6 months before elections. If there is no manifesto - or it's published just days before an election then how can you form an informed view of how to vote? And why is there no formal process of meetings/hustings? The candidates are invisible, mere form-filling adjuncts of the civil servants, there to sign off the salaries and wade through random bumf and glory projects for the cement industry in monthly council meetings.

For what it’s worth here are the wafer-thin, vague Labour and Tory KCC manifestos (the latter usually written by the civil servants given the foregone conclusion and 1,000 year Reich of a Tory win):

* Labour:

* Tory: http://www.kentconservatives2017.uk/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Kent-Conservatives-manifesto.pdf

* Green (not sure if this is for 2017): http://kentgreenparty.org/policies.php

* LibDem/UKIP: ??

* KCC elections have a quirk in that the seat has a County responsibility yet the process is as per a District or Town election. That, with the Cabinet system, rather than Directly-Elected Leader and Council means Paul Carter is elected by councillors rather than the public. And the Maidstone-centric nature of the County Barn means East Kent is a place far, far away simply to be taxed until the pips squeak. Shut up and pay your tax while politics is done to you from Maidstone or Westminster.

* See below the peculiar email from benjamin.watts@kent.gov.uk (manifesto content is not really his responsibility as Kent Returning Officer anyway) and my replies on Directly Elected Leaders as he seemed concerned at the process being questioned as per my manifesto. Sounds like a bit of civil servant back-seat driving. And a translation: signposting is KCC-speak for a wild goose chase to some other public sector department or person. Possibly a facet of the Highways dept culture at KCC: "I signposted him to the signpost department who signposted him to the pothole dept who..." etc etc.

Yet strangely no mention of the process of extraditing Infratil's directors for the Manston crimes or burying the extra Thor mercury corpses. Perhaps that will all be fluffed over in the minutiae of the council process? Certainly air pollution monitoring is a KCC responsibility even without the farce of the KCC funding of the Virginia flights.

* One other bizarre quirk - and an outrage – last week was a citizen's paper petition being refused because it wasn't on the council's petition system. As with TDC's random filming of council meetings and secret documents, it’s a handy way to reduce scrutiny etc. The shut up and pay your tax syndrome again.

* 3 weeks for candidates to register - the best way to rig an election (and make it look like an election) is to reduce the opportunity to stand. The current absolute minimum of 7 days reduces candiates to pensioners with nothing else to do. TDC once refused one of my election papers as the five words you are allowed were my campaign slogan: "Stop the Corruption etc". But that's four words they wanted to cover up. No wonder "None of the Above" is also banned although spoiling your vote has the same purpose. Australia for example has compulsory votes at election and spoilt ballots are more prevalent there.

* The other best way is simply to stuff the ballot boxes. How silly for KCC elections to have the ballot boxes stored overnight(!) in the counci offices(!) before being counted the next day. Something of a tampering and certainly a fire risk - but mainly the problem of Kent's electoral pensioners and elderly clerks wanting to knock off early for their cocoa. And there's not even many votes to count...

* Returning Officer £120k fees and overtime. Not salary or expenses - an extra fee for organising the election. Why would any member of the public or political party want to pay extra for the normal process of elections every few years? Looks like the other Kent problem of councillors being led by the nose by the clerks. Clerks won't organise elections without being paid extra? Sack them and get some new ones. The elections are hardly well-run now are they?

In Chad they're so desperate for viable elections they even have the laughable situation of Thanet's Roger Gale MP lecturing them on how to do it. Hopefully on how not to do it. Frankly, the Girl Guides could run Kent's elections better. A spot of more rigorous OESCE scrutiny wouldn't be a bad thing either. And it's an outrage for the members of the public who volunteer to help at elections and effectively being kicked in the pants and the wallet by the tax-salary clerks for doing so.

But do we need an organised programme of Civil Disobedience over the next 6 months or so? I don't think so yet but the key points are easy:

* refuse to vote - low turnout reduces the mandate of those elected (it's already less than 30% for regional elections, and even as low as 15% in PCC elections and 12% in one Canterbury election)

* refuse to stand - few candidates reduces the mandate of the elected party drones, and increases co-opted seats where there is no election just an appointment

* refuse to take your seat if elected - you'll be sacked after 6 non-attendance sessions but so what. It means another election

* attend council sessions but then walk out - keep your council fee or refuse it or give it to charity or burn the notes on the steps of County Hall. Even Kent's tame journalists could report that. How appalling that Kent’s journalists failed to report the Thanet South election fraud, the UK’s largest-ever, right on their doorstep. Nor the Infratil and Thor etc cancer victim crimes. Maybe a pencil and notebook means you can’t get cancer?

* attend council sessions but refuse to vote – elected councillors can stand at the back of the County Cesspit (next to the tethered pig as an air freshener) in protest

* cancel your electoral register entitlement to vote - falling electoral registers is a massive vote of no confidence in the electoral process. Why have electoral registers anyway? A utility bill etc should be sufficient proof at election stations. And the increase in the postal vote is anyway the massive flaw in the system

* cancel your council tax direct debit - make it difficult for tax-collection not easy. Short-pay. Wrong-pay. Only trusted and effective councils have the right to have regular direct debit payments from the public

* wrong-pay/short-pay your council tax and business rates - Westminster will question falling tax receipts, and surely you should question why you are paying extra for council corruption? And why your politicians and clerks are keeping quiet about it? And where is the corruption refund? Shut up and pay your tax for corruption twice? Once for the tax and once for the corruption. Extra for the GIAA £500k investigation to cover it up. Who were those corrupt civil servants?

At the very least Britain's best corrupt barristers at One Essex Court, Guy Hollingworth and doddery-old Ian Glick the doddery-old QC of old London town's failing High Court of Cockroach, could help them? Passing fake invoices in High Court is a rare talent. Perhaps they'll both make judge. Perhaps all the way to the Supreme Court and have a jolly afternoon or two discussing Newfoundland lobsters on the rates.

* refuse to serve councillors and civil servants in shops and pubs and restaurants, and then street protests and so on. When Roger Gale MP goes into hospital for his usual haemmorhoids treatment, many have unkindly suggested to just flip him over and cut off his goolies. In the cram of trolleys in the corridor, and stack of legs wrongly cut off in the horror of 12,000 NHS wrong surgery deaths, few would notice an old Kentish man moaning about his missing plums. Maybe just another Dementia statistic as Britain lumbers towards putting vaccine research (with Flu/Pandemics and Cancer) in place in every university rather than the rash of Beckham Studies.

Given Thanet's weak elections and rampant council corruption it's hardly unreasonable to have Direct Rule from Westminster for a while. Although with Theresa May's assistant Nick Timothy writing LocalCraig's election plans for him, we seem to have that by default.

Certainly as part of Whitehall-out-of-Whitehall programmes, with Channel Four moving out to the regions and DFID regional offices in Scotland it might even be the push needed for extra direct investment into East Kent along with TB research etc at Discovery Park with its missing 5k jobs.

Certainly the East Kent council should be a way to focus KCC support to the coast along with a deprivation weighting etc etc. Even a levy on the Freight Transport Association when they start urging a billion-dollar-car-park on the rates to stop lorry drivers parking in laybys and dumping their load under a bush. Or recycling plastic bottles into cheap urinals.

Although certainly with the KCC £2BN budget - and remember that doesn't include schools and hospital budgets or police or fire etc - there's no reason why Kent shouldn't be self-funding.

The new 1.99% limit/referendum required for tax increases above that figure, and FOI long-delayed by the civil servants to prevent scrutiny of salaries, pensions, expenses etc, should be the basis of limiting waste. Although it doesn't mean automatic 1.99% increases...As a rule of thumb I assume at least 30% of any public sector organisation's budget could be cut - and actually improve performance.

I don't understand how TDC has 750 council staff out of a total of 1,800 in East Kent? Sounds badly-run bloat on the rates. Or council-dole at best. They can hardly claim they've improved the area or cut tax. Without either of those two factors what are they for? Pay themselves to raise tax? Or as with the perennial 3 NHS EK hospital mergers make improvements to pay themselves by cutting services?

It's astonishing that not one KCC councillors in the last 5 years nor any of the main political parties has called for tax cuts. KCC's only statement seems to be an occasional panic over a random budget shortfall of 5% every now and then as the chocolate fountains burst. KCC with the most £100k salaries in local government hardly suggests an organisation that has to pinch pennies.

Any organisation could cut 5% without even trying. And without running up the huge reserves (30% at Styles' RTC) that are padding for failure and a gross abuse of tax being provided by the public to be spent on services not merely stored.

Haven't enough pensioners died from lack of heating as a G7 nation becomes nearer G30? And where are this winter's death statistics for Kent?

It will be interesting to see which KCC councillors raise the Infratil crimes and Thor mercury and Pleasurama etc?

The silence so far is deafening.

And our £200M Kent Police are working 9to5 and keeping their heads down to concentrate on their pensions rather than these scandals aren’t they? The Belgian Police would have investigated them by now instead of sitting in the police station polishing their truncheons.

No wonder 20% of existing KCC councillors(!) have resigned rather than face questions on their role. And with Alex King’s resignation the Toxic Three at KCC become the Toxic Two of Carter and Wild.

Kent’s elections are broken. I refuse to stand for KCC2017. Your vote is yours to use – or not - as you wish.

My recommendation is not to vote in KCC2017. It's a broken election.

Time for Garbutt TDC Leader 2019 and MP 2020 (or sooner given the Brexit mess and the May caretaker unelected government).

Time for Change

* In case you forgot, my manifesto is on this blog simply scroll down or email timgarbutt@yahoo.com for a PDF of my leaflets
Here are 2 key points:

1. Dig up the Manston runway. No Airport. No New Town. A field with the aquifer under it. And a Typhoid review of the sewers #YCMIUP

2. Remain East Kent. The future is UK in EU. Kent's semi-racist pensioners are of the past. The 1970's are over. Kent's worst generation has failed us and led us into the swamp of UKIP looking for scapegoats for the failure of East Kent. The generation gap has already begun: 70% of those under 40 want to RemainEU.

* One of the bizarre quirks in the KCC Tory manifesto is continuing to support the Thanet Parkway rail station for Manston airrpot – yet no mention of Manston airport itself now cancelled despite the Tory MP promise. that speaks volumes of KCC Planning doesn’t it? Expensive nonsense with your tax.

* Superb work by former Cllr Ian Driver, suffering from being sued by TDC for revealing the secret documents onhte plaeauram corruption - a warning to all our sheep-councilors there and even being followed by Kent Police as a Domestic Extremist(!). No wonder Parliament is under attack and cops and civilians killed if Special Branch are trialing elected councilors to and from the council chamber. Again a warning to our sheep-councilors of failing in effective scrutiny: http://iandriverthanet.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/who-owns-ramsgates-pleasurama-site.html

* (Guncops now patrolling Ashford(!) a similar sort of bloat and boys toys and of almost no use)

* And weedkiller scandal which has been raised before as excessive use of such chemicals causes cancer and birth defects: http://iandriverthanet.blogspot.co.uk/2017/04/weed-killer-scandal-irresponsible.html

* Interesting that the Pleasurama info above shows Steve Keegan and Colin Hill connected. And Keegan the former the handyman for Terence Painter estate agent. Surely Bob Bayford as one of the senior councillors would speak up on these points and strange transfers of ownership?

* And interesting and laughable that the new version of Riveroak UK has backing of Roger Gale...and Zurich banks and a mysterious Belize company and tax haven structure

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Gazette letter: watery Wells and dog-dirt TDC

Dear Editor

Chris "watery" Wells seems to be drowning in his own foolish statements last week on East Kent as Brexit-by-sea. UKIP at TDC have proved as incompetent and mendacious as the Ezekiel Gang of Four regime that Wells jumped ship from.

TDC UKIP having a one-off closed session for them to approve Brexit is a laughable debate. While their support for Nuttall proved to be stuff-all with the same sort of election fakery in Stoke infecting Thanet South and Craig Mackinlay.

With the resignations of Arron Banks the main UKIP financier and now Douglas Carswell as the only UKIP MP it's a party of the past.

The warning signs of Brexit are already clear with a complete lack of direction - all the main Leavers resigning or being sacked - and random negotiations wasting years to simply go full circle and end up in the EU with a few facesaving tweaks if that.

UKIP KCC is of the past with elderly leader Roger Latchford, Wells' colleague in the Gang of Four, now resigning after nothing done at all in 5 years. And the same void of action except collecting job titles contaminating Heale and Shonk.

Manston of course remains a cancer on the body politic for both UKIP and Tories pretending to reopen it but doing no such thing, given the aquifer under the runway. And Wells' role in TDC/KCC removing the pollution monitors and faking the pollution data requires explanation.

While Riveroak USA washing its hands of Riveroak UK/Wiggins' Freudmann, leaves only a mega-town for Gloag/SHP instead of a review of the Manston missing monitors fines and Stagecoach contracts.

No doubt another TDC CPO for $1 beckons to be rid of both Riveroak and SHP.

Let's hope Kent’s rather tame journalists and cops so far are more active in their inquiries - unless they and their families are immune from cancer?

Wells is now relying on a dog-dirt-DNA policy(!) as TDC/UKIP's only action speaks volumes in the £17M of tax spent at TDC and £2BN at KCC each year to do nothing,
except call for more tax for failure and inanities.

Wells as Leader of a dog-dirt council seems apt.

With TDC elections just two years away in May 2019 nothing will be done.

Time for Change: @timg33


3 astonishing points that slipped under the radar

1. A few details: Two Riveroak USA directors quit and form Riveroak UK with Freudmann and mysterious/unknown backers - an empty company very similar to SHP having a punt on a New Town speculative overbuild for $1

2. Ramsgate beach fails EA water quality guidelines and Lin Fairbrass Deputy Leader at TDC suggests this is OK - they're in charge or not? And doing anything other than Brettgate?

3. TDC confirm KCC election polling cards haven't been sent out and won't be done until Monday - the day before nominations close. Shambolic. They had one job...

Have a moan and they'll no doubt simply sign it off as acceptable and ignore you and hope nobody notices too much:

* Claire.hawken@thanet.gov.uk
* lcamps@ electoralcommission.org.uk

4. Ramsgate Town meeting yesterday - now down to one meeting a year not 3 as required - and I don't think anyone attended - again. Councillors talking to an empty room.

Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Broken Kent election

Bizarre incompetence:

* election began Friday - who knew? No notices/publicity etc?

* Polling cards still not sent out. Which renders nominations void: you need name/signature and poll card and elector numbers. Who knows those or has them available even if they have been issued?

* Just 7 working days for candidates to now declare and gather forms/signatories etc - even without the poll card mess-up.

* Ballot boxes to be stored overnight before being counted(!). Why risk tampering or fire when most elections are counted same day

A sloppy election for pensioners and their clerks.

KCC elections happened every 5 years is hardly a surprise and concerning given the rampant Thanet South MP election fraud.

I am collecting signatures for election and a petition of concern tomorrow Ramsgate High St form 11am

Please support me and bring your pollcard/elector number or email them after: timgarbutt@yahooo.com

Otherwise it's the sane old-same old

Time for Change

Friday, 24 March 2017

Kent election 2017: stagnation and rot. Time for Change

Tim Garbutt KCC Leader 2017 and MP 2020 candidate said:

"With the KCC elections now upon us it's time for change.

Many of the old guard of councillors have resigned from the County Cesspit.

It's time for reforms from the stagnation and failure of the past, and Manston-Infratil and Thor mercury crimes.

And how horrifying given the London terror attacks, and by a Kent resident on the terror blacklist, are the failures at Manston and Lydd and Ostend with illegal flights by Egyptair amongst many banned airlines.

And machetes and samurai swords and hipowered air rifles still on open sale on the stagnant High Streets of Kent.

Frontline Kent - from Helmand to Belgium - has become Britain's backdoor for terrorism and drugs and guns and people smuggling.

And Private Eye even now detailing more peculiar BVI offshore investments than Pleasurama with the Maidstone Hilton hotel.

While the backward-looking failure of Brexit by Farage's Turnip Taliban will cripple Kent's European and international trade - from Farm to Pharma to Tourism to Universities - with Benelux and Poland and Romania and Hungary and delay substantial EU reform.

With billions and billions of dollars, and years and years wasted in coverup and fraud and incompetence and stagnation and rot, Kent has failed.

Time for votes at 16 and electoral reform to prevent the Thanet South election expenses fraud, the UK's largest-ever as detailed by Channel Four, and puppet party candidates.

Time for full and routine FOI on salaries, expenses, pensions, cars etc.

Time for party manifestos 6 months before elections.

Time for East Kent council reform and Direly elected Leaders not the current cabal of nodding-donkey councillors.

And so on and so on.

And given the glacial pace of reform in Kent none of that's new but still as relevant.

Here's a summary of the same problems from way back in 2013:


Kent's pensioners have failed us.

Time for Change



Kent Mickey Mouse elections:

Election process begins today (me, neither) but poll cards not sent out and absurd process almost-impossible to complete accurately

- concerns to: Benjamin.watts@kent.gov.uk


* why are ballot boxes stored overnight and not immediately counted? Clearly they could be tampered with - who has made that decision? When/where is a 5th May count?

* you're saying a poll number is definitely required but Thanet poll cards haven't gone out as yet and the election has started?

* And just c.10 days for candidates to gain signatories? Then those to be rejected or not over the following month?

* the electoral register is available for addresses at TDC in Margate but I am supposed to check that before going to ask a specific person?

This sounds badly-run and almost impossible to complete accurately: Ben can you advise as the senior election organizer.


From: TDC Electoral Services
To: "'timgarbutt@yahoo.com'"
Sent: Friday, 24 March 2017, 16:44
Subject: FW: Garbutt: KCC election signatures - May 2017 #5

Dear Mr Garbutt

The ballot boxes will be stored overnight securely and opened on Friday 5 May at the verification and count.

If you have any further concerns about the nomination process, please read the information available on the EC website. The requirements to provide an electoral number is to confirm the signatory is a registered elector, registered within the division the candidate wishes to stand in. it is also a way for us, to check that an elector has not signed for more than 2 candidates.

Poll cards are being delivered from this weekend so may will have their number, but you do have access to view the electoral register at Thanet District Council offices to confirm someone is registered.

Kind regards



Thanks and the 21 signatories I provided (with mobile/email etc for you to check identities) confirms it's for the KCC election and was provided to KCC 3 weeks ago with no concerns raised.

On the EC form I'm unclear what you would be checking - it requires only name and signature. Also a poll number/electoral district but that's not a requirement to vote and unlikely to be known by the public?

I'd hate to collect 10 signatures again and have the form rejected on a poll number technicality given the previous widespread Thanet/Kent elections fraud.

Can you confirm the ballot boxes will be opened and documented the day of the election as in national elections not stored overnight?

Please advise


Thursday, 23 March 2017

update #1 Terror attacks and Kent machetes and Manston etc: Egyptair

Obviously a sad terror attack in London and fair KP response on lending police and patrols.

Concerned terrorists known to MI5/police for some years and shot by a bodyguard not guncops.

A few misc points:

* low tech terrorism - machete sales in Ramsgate

* pedzone cars again and parked on pavements: G4s ln111 WWJ 10:40 am - basic road safety and police idleness rather than terrorism - emptying out of police stations and budget review to 1.99% target needed?

* new airline laptop ban: includes Egyptair ie Manston: Ostend/Lydd illegal flights - similar incident:


* Surrey Police useless (Deepcut): Magnitsky - Perelichpnny poisoning investigation reopening - latest murder today:


* And another one:


* Concerned police priorities - and clearly it's not working - on GCHQ wiretapping everyone and KP Domestic Extremists secret list on such as elected councilor Ian Driver and:


* good article on Thanet South Election fraud:


astonished Manston as the key UKIP/Tory policy and Infratil crime not mentioned though.

* police Action Fraud inaction on Andrew Conway of Lawrence Stephenson lawyers posing as HMRC

* raising corrupt layers and barristers and weak judges as manifesto: One Essex Court

* Manston/Infratil cancer relevant for UKIP/Tory policy? - as this:

PoliticsHome‏Verified account @politicshome 1h1 hour ago

Paul Nuttall on London attacks: "We have a cancer within a particularly community and it needs to be cut out."

I hope that's just kneejerk racism.

Time for Change



* Kent's dodgy elections - now confirmed by Claire Hawken at TDC and Ben Watts at KCC both Returning officers apparently that 3 weeks have passed with only inaction on confirming the 21 signatories I supplied. And the Election Pack supplied - over 200 pages across 19 forms and brochures of subsection this and clause that bumf.

Simply to sign name/address etc.

Clearly it's designed to be as offputting as possible.

And less than 10 days to do so and then a month of bumf checking.

No wonder so few people stand for election regardless of terror threats, insults etc etc.

Perhaps it is best to refuse to stand. Spoil the ballot and refuse to pay tax.

Or just shut up and pay the tax a few nodding donkeys nod through.

The turnout's are already at rockbottom: invariably less than 30% and as low as 12% even without Co-opted where only one person stands.

And for all the bumf we still have the rampant election expenses fraud - as the weblinks above confirm over £15k the expenses limit spent just at the Ramsgate hotel and party staffers bussed in. The Guardian article is lengthy but worth reading shows it's far,far worse than I thought with party head office staffers replacing local members in just a few marginal seats:


21 Kent cops investigating for 2 years is a concern - where are their documents? Even if it is a legal case the info should be released, at the very least some of the points put to CPS might be incorrect and not everyone can attend court.

Monday, 20 March 2017

Kent Ancient Regime collapses as Toxic 3 become Toxic 2 - and Heroin Corner

It's clear Kent and East Kent in particular have run out of steam if not simply collapsed.

Blink and you may have missed it but 13 KCC councillors - almost 20% of the council - have already resigned rather than stand again in the 4th May KCC election.

Alex King of the KCC Toxic 3 has resigned after 28 years(!) as KCC Deputy Leader and Paul Carter's right-hand man. Clearly reluctant to face questions ove rhis role in the Infratil and Gloag and KCC/TDC council scandal.

The Toxic 3 are now the Toxic 2 with only Leader Carter and KCC legal beagle Geoff Wild clinging on to carry the can for Manston.

And Roger Latchford the KCC UKIP Leader has resigned. Latchford was the last of the Gang of Four at TDC: resigning over Manston as a Tory before, as with Chris Wells, turning coat to pop up as a UKIPper.

And as with Alex King clearly reluctant to face questioning over his role with Infratil/Gloag and the Manston monitors removal.

Latchford was sidelined at KCC - certainly not a racist organisation amongst Shire Tories - along with Heale and Shonk into irrelevance. Shonk not the first double and triple hatter to find that accumulating job titles doesn't mean competence.

And bizarrely, the UKIP main donor Arron Banks suddenly quit UKIP last week to set up his own political party. With the rows over Farage-replacement Leader Nuttall losing Stoke and the open feud between Carswell and Farage, Banks wasn't wasting his efforts or funds on what even he described as squash club squabbles.

Clearly whether at TDC or KCC UKIP have delivered nothing except the scandal over fake Manston policy. And Messrs Mackinlay and Gale are now lame ducks facing Recall and arrest after the Tory election expenses fraud exposed by Channel Four (you may remember I refused to stand in the 2015 election over the rampant corruption and fraud).

The Electoral Commission is far too weak: a £70k fine is just a cost of doing business and funneling back to scared local cops is dismal. And what happened to Homer as a £150k fee as Returning Officer? I've written to OESCE requesitng election monitors from Chad or Zimbabawe. They couldn't be worse could they?

Obviously Nick Timothy PM May's aide was running the election for them and bussing in Tory supporters to spend at least £15,000 at the Ramsgate Royal Harbour Hotel - run by a previous Tory candidate- in itself exceeding election spend.

Mackinlay as a Chatham accountant and JP could hardly claim ignorance of the sums nor the dozens of volunteers bussed in from London.

The election could have been held in John O'Groats or Lands End for all its relevance to Thanet.


It's symptomatic of parachute candidates dropped in by party head office, falling and inactive party memberships and weak photoshoots pretending to be policy.

Why? They do nothing and have no policies or merely bland nonsense like reducing crime.

Bizarrely Chris "drinking water" Wells may stand as MP and face more questions over Manston and Thor cancer and the Manston aquifer.

Even Kent PCC Police elections in 2015 have Steve Uncles of the BNP-esque English Democrats jailed for 7 months for electoral fraud in making up fake candidates(!) in 2013 and ourageously being allowed to stand in 2015.

Your vote is yours to use as you wish of course but I can hardly recommend any of the above nor grisly leftovers like elderly pig farmer Ken "HIV" Gregory standing for KCC.

I can only descibe as Garbutt's Gibbons such nonentities as Berry Burton and Sproates and RTC's elderly and secretive clerk Richard Styles and TDC legal beagle Tim Howes switching off councilor's emails at the corruption, clinging on through the cancer and corruption they have created or rubberstamped.

The £120k Madeline Homer after 2 years as TDC CEO must be questioning they and herself on the inaction.

And nor could I recommend voting for any doublehatter candiate also sitting at TDC nor any that's been at KCC or TDC for more than 10 years.

The civil servants simply lead the elderly and incompetent councillors by the nose to increase their own salaries and pensions: KCC the most £100k salaries in UK local government.

What have they done? And what have you got to lose in voting for change?

Certainly it's too late for the Manston and Thor mercury cancer corpses.

Garbutt for KCC Direct Leader May 4th 2017.

Time for Change


* Headlines in Daily Mail on a Police RAF of drones show the bloat of techspend and boys toys. Kent Police have purchased a Maplins drone but the danger is the missioncreep of 24/7 use and avoiding patrolling in the rain. The huge spend on CCTV (does Ramsgate CCTV actually work - why isn't it streamed on the KP website?)and cars and body cameras and military satellites and machine guns and water cannon and GCHQ tagging every email and Facebook post never seems enough does it?

* While a 10% increase in Kent Killed and Seriously Injured 54 road accidents (and higher if tweaked to the required EU standard) suggests it isn't working and far more clampdowns on drinkdriving, 20mph zones, HGV's in laybys etc and mobile homes at the wheel are needed. And where is the map of accidents and blackspots to design out crashes? And weekly and monthly reports? The KCC ad campaigns on just 12 drivers not wearing seatbelts or nervous passengers seem weak, given the pedestrian deaths and drivers' responsibility. A zero drinkdriving limit now is hardly mission impossible and licence torn up for say over 80mph speeding.

* Parkway rail station: 3 years after Manston closed. you couldn't make it up. What must readers in ASEAN or USA or EU think of KCC planning for such a farce? And how has £20M in Whitehall funds been spent to yield nothing? Shut up and pay your tax increase. Whether it's 1.99% or not. Or tear up your tax bill and demand a corruption and incompetence rebate.

* Silence on Kent OAP Winter extra deaths so far: no doubt clamped down on with the Homeless deaths until after the election. A monstrous failure of KCC's £2Bn budget and a G7 nation. Only the excess and accidental NHS surgery deaths may be higher.

* And I feel very uncomfortable as I'm sure you do too with Cllr Ian Driver placed on a police Stasi-like Domestic Extremist Database (who reviews that and when?) when an elected councillor. Imagine the costs of Special Branch sat outside his house working their way through their caviar sandwiches and thermos of Bovril and then trailing him...to the council chamber... then back again. Very concerning with only c.400 ISIS terrorists actually in UK jails. Or the horrific chilling of local democracy with the TDC secret documents on Pleasurama corruption case and £20k fine on his house. Why would anyone stand for a council woiht that nonsense. And what a failure by our sheep-councillors and journalists. As KCC Leader I'll cancel both issues and repay any costs and damages.

* Heroin Corner and KFC yobbery is a case in point: 9-5 cops want to stay in the station with layer upon layer of hierarchy, and prowl cars drive around and around. Yet for at least 3 weeks now we've had 15(!) junkies and BMX dealers screaming and yelling about their Heroin and Special Brew - tightening up on newsagent street drinker and Tobacco sales is needed too - and the usual c.10-15 naughty teens playing football and litter in the High St etc. with every bench occupied by a street drinker and tramp. No wonder the towns are in decline. The cops have lost control and are in retreat behind their tax-tech that doesn't work either. Thursday and Friday seem to be a Bucket of Heroin Night at KFC.

* Chris Geary of City of London Police and Action Fraud is another case in point. Geary is head of financial crime in the City (replacing Adrian Leppard Kent Police deputy Chief) yet LIBOR jailings seem few and far between. While Action Fraud is a shiny new initiaitve on cybercrime andsacmas that is essentially a glossy bucket with a hole. I've raised Andrew Conway and colleagues of Stephens Law posing as HMRC officials - a blatant crime and just you try it - yet Geary is unbae to replty to emails or even a no-crime number and it transpires Action Fraud simply bounces any enquiries to the 43 local cops forces. InAction Fraud bloat and multiagency muddle.

* A review of cop-on-cop cases whether internal crimes or suing each other in the public's courts on the rates would be useful too. Should the police BoobGate or WolfWhistle Gate really take up more than a few minutes of discipline if any? Or are they put on drones and spithood duty rather than walking-about duty?

* Working on One Essex Court fruad with Grabiner, Leavor,Glick and Hollingworth and negligent judges: Mann etc. It's unlikely Lord Grabiner of BHS and Apogee will remain a Lord in the reforms and already sat only with Lord Jeffrey Archer. but astonishing he remains a Judge. BSB's Sarah Downer/Jagger has failed in regulation. Would you want Grabiner or his dodgy staff trying you or your children or granchildren?

* A USA diplomat expelled from New Zealand yet Infratil not extradited. Something wrong surely? And why have Kent Police spent over 5 years doing nothing on the issue?

* Cars on pavements and double yellow lines and pedzone. Clamp and Crush long overdue. Whether by street cops or prowl cars (and they should be reporting on potholes and street lights rather than polishing each other's truncheon in the car) or traffic wardens. What seaside towns wouldn't do that?

* Good Police £80M cocaine boat arrests. Time for Zero Cocaine and Heroin in Kent. Certianly outside the Chatham and Gillingham junky towns. An NHS register for junkies - and tight to prevent junkie tourism- and dealer crackdown: 24/7 courts for warrants and sentencing and the extra Kent year.

* 500 rapes in East Kent and one arrest. What has been going on? The 6,000 cops and clerks at Kent Police for c.30 small towns seem to have given up? When Chief Constable O'Pughsley is back from his holidays I'll be writing to him on these two-pipe problems.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Kent Corruption: Thanet election - Sunday Times, Nick Timothy and Toxic Three become Two

Tim Garbutt KCC Leader candidate 2017 and MP 2020 said:

" Yesterday's detailed Sunday Times article (attached) on the 2015 electoral fraud by Nick Timothy follows hard on the heels of not one but two Channel Four investigative reports into the same issue in recent weeks.


Indeed Kent Police have deployed 9 police officers over 2 years - as have c.20 other police forces, yet produced less than The Sunday Times and Channel Four managed in weeks.

OESCE election monitors are long overdue. To have Kent's other incompetent MP, Roger Gale, lecturing African nations on elections is absurd. Rather, Chad or Burundi should provide monitors here in Kent.

Now, the affable and capable Tory Chair Grant Shapps confirms Nick Timothy, PM May's right hand man at the Home Office and now Downing St, was leading the Thanet election and the misuse of funds.

I refused to stand in the 2015 election due to the widespread and blatant corruption. Party leaflets claiming Craig Mackinlay lived in Ramsgate were just one example of absurd lies given he's a Chatham councillor and JP.

Chatham, as with Nick Timothy's Birmingham, is a desperate dump, and hardly a recommendation for improving Ramsgate and East Kent. With the dynamic Lord Heseltine now sacked, and no doubt glad of it with the Brexit silliness, Kent is ill-served in driving forward the Thames Gateway and Paramount theme park projects.

The Tory and UKIP only policy of reopening Manston airport, was presumably generated and approved by Nick Timothy.

Clearly that raises concerns over the airport not being reopened after 2 years. As well as the dangerous issue of the East Kent drinking water aquifer under the runway.

And the Infratil/Gloag/KCC/TDC corporate manslaughter crimes in removing the Manston pollution monitors and faking the data for years.

The Infratil criminal directors must be laughing at UK politics from the comfort and safety of their NZ offices, no doubt hiring corrupt lawyers such as Grabiner and Glick and Hollingworth to delay their extradition.

Kent Police need to be asking questions of Nick Timothy et al over what they knew and when, along with the GIAA £500k and Pleasurama corruption.

The epidemic of parachute candidates and Party HQ drones and bussed-in supporters make UK elections a farce resulting in G7 UK slipping down the development league tables.

And Kent becoming a rat's nest of rapists and junkies and toxic sites such as Manston and Thor mercury.

The only bright spot last week, was 20% of KCC councilors resigning before the May 4th KCC election, including Alex King Deputy Leader of KCC, for 28 years: The Toxic Three are now The Toxic Two of Carter and Wild.

The wheels have come off the Kent tractor. Kent is broken and will take decades to fix."

Time for Change



* Campaigning Saturday astonished so few people heard of Thor mercury in Margate near the Hornby factory or Cato Ridge
* good to see Kent Police out on Sunday at Heroin Corner - but concerned at ladies telling me of Street Drinker Square with police dithering and delay
* I know of no manifesto for Kent/KCC by any of the main parties - anyone?

Friday, 10 March 2017

Kent Police 1974.

It's worrying to see Kent Police take a leaf out of Kent council's book and slip back to the dark days of the 1970's.

3,000 cops plus 3,000 deskcops still seem to be struggling under the weight of tax increases and £200M budgets.

Rape widespread - the highest ever in UK, and highest in Kent in East Kent.

More kiddy-fiddling than the Top of the Pops studio 1974

Missing Persons and Jimmy Savile council care homes - a UK national scandal.

Cold cases getting colder.

Two-shot tasers given 17 UK deaths from one-shot tasers - more Kabul than Kent.

All for shoplifters, pubfights, jaywalkers, hopscotch criminal damage and TV licence crime.

The spithooding of prime suspects - no doubt a creeping routine not seen beyond Belfast or Basra.

The tax burden of techkit of cars and phones and truncheons and body cameras and spithoods and tasers and pepper spray and drones and helicopters and nightstick and chapstick and lipstick - to not arrest junkies and rapists and not kick in drug den doors.

A nasty rash of Trade Unionism and one-legged black lesbian and leadership seminars on the rates - more BS than BA.

Surrey and Sussex police joyriding down through the constabulary rankings with Deepcut and sheepbothering.

Wiretapping and trailing Domestic Extremists such as elected councillors.

Clunk-Click. Guns that don't shoot straight.

Sleeping policemen: road deaths up 10%. No blackspot roads redesign list, and I am convinced it's a major contribution to road safety.

Excessive use of pot noodles and polyester shirting.

Asbestos left over from the 1870's with not enough headmasters jailed.

All obscured in a cloud of heroin and cocaine and a bonfire of tax.

I'll be writing to Chief Pughsley when he's back from his holidays asking for:

* Routine monthly FOI on drugs seizures and rapes

* Procurement list of guns, ammo, tasers, cars and trousers

* Reoffending and prison dumping statistics

* Special Branch Domestic Extremist policy and GCHQ wiretapping of every phonecall and Facebook post and the telly and kettle. And steaming open emails. And the cost and any specific arrests.

* Learmonth's Learjet policy: Kent citizens stranded/ill/jailed abroad

* Pandemics and Left is Life policy: TB/tetanus jabs and blood/organ donations

* KP Benelux and Captura Costa del Crime policy

* KP pensions invested in Tobacco and Oil and Spangles

* Canteen Culture reform with more walking about, less caviar and horse meat

* PCC role reform: Courts/Solicitors/Private detectives licences and white collar crime and failure of Geary's City of London police and LIBOR and Action Fraud basics such as Andrew Conway at StepLaw and One Essex Court the go-to corrupt barristers with Grabiner and Glick and Magic Guy Hollingworth magician, barrister and fraudster, or Palmer of PbiLaw, Broadstairs rape lawyer

* Closed courts and lack of jury trial and excessive dodgy judges such as The Wee Gray Scot, The Crying Judge, Judge Mann, Lord Grabiner of BHS perhaps Britain’s worst Judge and QC and the apogee of governance, and shy and retiring Ian Glick QC, and Suitcase Smithy the Gazza of the High Court.
* Cop-on-cop, and BBCTV licence fee, court cases and policy

* This year's gun and knife crime amnesty weeks

* Prowl car and foot patrol lists and role: parking, street lights, pothole reporting etc

* Kent backoffice merger plans with EK-SC and Surrey and Sussex

Kent Police with 9 cops(!) for 2 years(!) on the case, seems to be struggling to delay any longer the Nick Timothy election fraud and or Manston and Ostend and Lydd narcoflights and Infratil/Gloag/council crimes.

Only Thor mercury successfully delayed for 30 years amidst a blizzard of sicknote claims.

It's time for the crackdown.

Courts open 24/7 for rape and drug trials.

An extra Kent year in prison for heroin and cocaine.

A Kent probation year for reoffending.

Too many junkies and dealers and rapists and road deaths.

Too many cops in an expensive multiagency muddle?

Time for Change

* signatures supplied to KCC and awaiting election forms....one week gone by
* 13 KCC councilors to resign at May election - the end of Carter's Ancient Regime - over 110 years service between them. What were they doing?
* Saturday noon until May handing out leaflets and petition for Infratil arrests and extradition

Monday, 6 March 2017

KCC election 4th May 2017. The Cancer Victims and Corruption Election

Tim Garbutt KCC Leader 2017 candidate and MP 2020 said:

"The KCC election is underway and I've supplied the required signatures to KCC and await the specific forms to be issued.

No doubt there'll be some bureaucratic jiggery-pokery or attempting to downplay the manifesto point of a Directly-elected Leader at KCC and full FOI of salaries, pensions etc.

Clearly though this election is on the future of Kent - and the horrifying Manston-Infratil and Gloag scandals. KCC's Toxic Three and TDC Gang of Four removing the Infratil pollution monitors from 2006 until the airport closure in 2014 is an outrageous crime.

Covering it up is even worse with UK suffering some of the worst air pollution in Europe.

The silence is deafening from the usual party cartel and even UKIP silence with Manston as their national policy - despite it being on the East Kent drinking water aquifer.

Even PM Theresa May must wonder at the goings-on with her aide Nick Timothy, as much an instruction as a name, now revealed on Channel Four, The Independent and The Times as - illegally - running the Thanet election and extra costs.



I refused to stand because of the blatant corruption.

With Kent Police's investigation taking 2 years, and last week suddenly announced as concluding in 2 months - after the May election - policing is looking too political. The police seem to be spending their efforts on not investigating the Kent corruption, to put more effort into not solving crimes.

No wonder UK has 100k rapes the highest ever and East Kent the highest rapes in Kent. Plus UK knife crime up 11% and Kent road deaths up 10%."

Time for Change



* 2 years are up for Madeline Homer and Tim Howes at TDC: £90-120k salaries but I can't see any improvements from our civil service experts can you?

* public surprise and horror at TDC budget of £17M and KCC £2BN and most KCC £100k salaries in UK government. The NHS budget is extra to that

* unimpressed with East Kent NHS hospital and Thanet Extra describing £300k(!) CEO as " an NHS automaton" for bureaucrat-speak as to what if anything was slated to close

* Silence too from Berry, Button and Sproates on Manston and Thor pollution

* bizarre that Canterbury College 6th form college had a £170k CEO - who's controlling these absurd costs? And for failure

* EK Supercouncil: 10% job cuts seems far too low - only 30%-plus cuts makes any real structural difference

* Gasmask Wells or Shonk as KCC/TDC key figures to visit Thor mercury?

Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pandemics and UK - and WHO latest reports #1

An excellent New Scientist article on Pandemics and the Next Plague such as Bird Flu or Spanish Flu in WW1.

And WHO has taken the unprecedented step this month of detailing the most dangerous viruses:

* Lassa fever - a West African virus spread by rats and 300k infections and 5k deaths each year
* Nipah - a bat and pig virus first found in Malaysia
* Rift Valley fever - spread across Africa and Arabia
* SARS and MERS - now regular outbreaks
* Crimean-Congo fever - 30% of people die and first appearing in Western Europe in 2010
* Chikuyunga - spread by mosquitos and monkeys and spread across Africa and Asia, and into America in 2014
* Zika - suddenly leaping into the Americas in 2014 and the Brazil Olympics scare
* Thrombo Syndrome - across East Asia and USA and spread by ticks

All with about a 30% casualty rate forecasted.

While Malaria and HIV and TB each kill 1M people each year for nothing more extravagant than nets and condoms and pills.

While WHO has gone even further and with the AMR antibacterial crisis of failing antibiotics not defeating new permutations of TB or tetanus, and detailed the 12 key AMR research areas.

I'm working on a more detailed article and it's certainly not rushing off to your doctor for jabs or anything like that. It really isn't - and the vaccines don't exist yet anyway which is part of the issue.

And why Discovery Park and Sittingbourne Science Park should be in overdrive. And projects such as Left is Life.

But it does highlight probably the most dangerous threat to UK from Pandemics.

And just look at the collapse of the NHS from a normal Winter.

And almost nothing done in UK for Pandemics - so far.

A very concerning report on UK policing in meltdown by the Police Inspectorate and Kent Police rather good and better than most.

Time for Change

* more later on Kent corruption and dodgy Thanet election etc and corrupt layers with High Courts as merely an ATM for layers. Judge Mann again criticised for weak cost controls P.8 in Indy - by the lawyers themselves(!). Funnily enough he scrutinised and approved the Glick/Hollingworth - One Essex Court and Steve Palmer PBi Law corrupt costs - even after(!) they'd confirmed the costs were false...You couldn't make it up.

Just imagine if you tried that.

Only The Crying Judge emerges with any credit.

Layers, barristers and judges above the law it seems.

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Kent corruption: Channel 4 election expenses and Infratil crimes #1

Kent corruption trundles along.

And the 2015 election expenses have appeared again yesterday with Channel Four reporter chasing PM aide Nick Timothy down Whitehall:


You an read for yourself and the video is worth watching on how:

* the Thanet election run from Westminster/Whitehall
* local costs double what is allowed by jiggery-pokery in allocating them to national spend
* party volunteers/agents bussed in - and staying at the Ramsgate Harbour Hotel it seems - again highly dubious to say the least

You may remember I refused to stand in the election because of the blatant corruption.

One Tory leaflet I have says Craig Mackinlay lives in Ramsgate.

Utter tripe.

Even with quickly renting a flat to pretend as with Paul Nuttal in Stoke or indeed Farage in Thanet.

They may as well be in John OGroats.

LocalCraig lives in Chatham. Works in Chatham and was at the time the KCC councilor for Chatham. And even a magistrate for Chatham.

The doublehatter syndrome again - desperate to crowd out the opposition and grab a few extra salaries.

And elected to be elected in order to be elected - to do nothing.

One of the wider points being the collapse UK democracy in to parachute candidates - as with Laura Sandys previously - parachuted into an area with no knowledge etc. Then characters like Nick Timothy write their manifesto for them in the vaguest possible terms.

You know the sort of thing: reducing crime, insert name here, working for you, insert constituency etc.

Why doesn't Nick Timothy come down to Thanet and explain the Manston policy?

A photoshoot with a foaming glass of Thor mercury water?

Even Theresa May - Nick's boss - Boris and William Hague popped in for a quick photoshoot and grip and grin for 5 minutes and onto somewhere else.

It's exactly why people don't vote. Why bother?

It's not just the Tories it's systemic.

Farage ducks and dives as to whether he's resigned for UKIP or is an MEP or shock jock

Latchford and Wells turncoat to UKIP as their Tory roles collapse with the Gang of Four and Shonk and Heale prove useless.

We now have Ramsgate Labour with the dodgy charity donations pretending it's acceptable. This was the party that unanimously voted for the ChinaGate corruption and their largest ever party donation.

And remains silent on Pleasurama and Manston - even the 0% salary fraud by Latchford et al if they wanted to be party political.

While Manston and the Infrail crimes were actually Tory and UKIP policy - and still are - PM May may now regret allowing Nick Timothy to include that in he Kent manifesto.

Even footballer, PHD and astronaut Nuttall couldn't make up Infratil and TDC and KCC removing the airport monitors and faking the data for years. Hence the $1 rapid selloff of all Infratil's airports except Wellington in NZ.

But there's another systemic problem or two:

* UK elections are regulated by the Electoral Commission but they bounce any problems to the local police - it's 2 years since 20(!) police forces have been investigating the 2015 election fraud, including Kent Police and they've done nothing.

* A political police - not even Special Branch wiretapping MP's or GCHQ steaming open every email - but run of the mill Plod is struggling to do more than protect their pensions and call for more tax funds for failure. Even struggling on the basics of rape and road deaths - all significantly up in Kent.

Drones and tasers and helicopters and water cannon won't reduce those.

Perhaps Kent needs independent election observers by the OESCE from say Chad or Albania to review the free and fair elections. All the more bizarre that Roger Gale MP heads off to check on elections in Africa. What is he teaching them given the collapse of Kent?

Cancer victims from almost 10 years of Infratil/KCC/TDC faking the pollution monitors - from 2005 to now - and illegal overflights and night flight and banned flights will be harder to quantify.

* And the election supervisor - paid £250k - is the local council CEO: Madeline Homer in Thanet's instance. Again stuffing memos into her ears to pretend that she has no responsiility in running the elections and bouncing it to Kent Police. Even blatant illegality like the LibDems having a standing civil servant standing.

It's even more blatantly illegal than being a judge.

At least corrupt judges like Lord Grabiner and his One Essex Court fraudsters Glick QC and Hollingworth are keeping their heads down. Maybe they'll keep their Bar roles and be hired for a judicial review? At the very least Infratil could hire them as Britain's most bent Bar.

* Even TDC's lawyer the rascally Tim Howes prefers to spend a year after the AntiCorruption Summit refusing to raise Pleasurama etc - take the £100k salary and keep shtum. Maybe a payoff and pension to keep shtum. Or a Buggins Turn to another civil service dept.

Thanet and Kent corruption stinks.

And it stinks more than most. This isn't new.

Simply scroll down this blog or many others. The Government itself rates TDC as one of the worst councils in UK ad that hasn't changed in years - even last years' the dodgy Pleasurama £3M sale and GIAA £500k civil service Port fraud confirms that.

Even for Thanet though the Infratil and Pleasurama crimes and now rampant and now repeated election fraud is special.

Time for Change

* my view later this week on who to vote for and who not to vote for - of course the decision on whether you vote and how you vote is yours.

* you may want to question your councilors on the above - and consider if it's worth voting for any doublehatter or anyone who's been at TDC for more than say 10 years. If not 10 minutes.

Friday, 24 February 2017

Ramsgate Town Centre Rejuvenation Plan

England's First Town
The Isle of Thanet - Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs

Town centre focus not Westwood Cross
Pedestrian priority not cars/lorries
Town councils not District councils
Tourism and Climate Change focus

1. Free wifi ie phone boxes/grants etc - 100% on and 100% free
2. Monthly and weekly events - plus Friday and Saturday markets expanded: apple, cherries etc
3. Police Broken Window misc: ASBO-zero street drinkers/beggars/junkies/rough sleepers/litter/parking/streetlights/empty shops - SME newsagents: tobacco/booze. Purple Flag and Pubwatch/Shopwatch
4. Town theatre/opera - flagpoles, RTC Town centre/events Manager - maximum 10% empty shops
5. Reopen Motor Museum/roof and pavement safety
6. Pav: Jazzwat, Grade 1 listing
7. Jobs: KORA and Sincerity Charity and EKFOS: East Kent Film Office and Studio, IMAX/VR
8. Red Cross Town: Debra shop - books/art, and First Aid training, Third sector coordination etc
9. RNLI Harbour - lifebuoy and phones and defibrillator, air ambulance, sealanes/ship pollution, fisheries etc
10. Pedestrianise seafront and Arches and town centre
11. Empty shops and Arches: relet at zero cost; redecor/utilities when empty so ready for use
12. Town buildings insurance and electricity: Vattenfall
13. Repair Bandstand/fountains etc
14. Ramsgate in Bloom and Battle of Flowers - orchids
15. Xmas, Easter and Summer lights/fireworks
16. Shopfront grants and Business rates rebates
17. Town promotional map and advertising - roundabouts
18. Reopen Tourist Office and Small Business Saturday, Geekexpo and ComiCon, Armada Day, Dunkirk day, Yacht Week, Brian Wilson Day, Carnival Week, 1703 Storm Day
19. Tourism foot passenger ferry: Ostend/Boulogne/Dunkirk etc
20. Arlington House demolition and Dreamland and reopened - link to Tivoli Copenhagen
21. Pegwell Bay and Canterbury Cathedral UNESCO: hoverport cleared and St Augustine/Pilgrim Trail
22. 2nd swimming pool
23. Tunnels and Maritime Museum links
24. Town Centre Twitter plasma panel
25. East Kent golf and tennis days
26. Startup Office Suites and Makers Market
27 Discovery Park: TB and Malaria Nets production, EU Rare/DNA research: UNSDG30 and UNSDG40 focus - review non-STEM businesses, and Sittingbourne Science links: graphene
28. EK College and CCU Broadstairs and Canterbury: Kent Uni/CCU: tourism focus, Foreign languages - Asia and Creative Industries
29. Business strategies: Benelux, East Europe: Poland, Hungary and Romania and Spain/LatAm: Mexico, Arg and Chile, Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark, Finland
30. Twin Towns and celebrities/town freedom: Moses Montefiore: Chimay, Marx etc
31. Dumpton Gap sea defence - piers?

Time for Change

* 10 signatures in Ramsgate and 10 in Lenham needed for KCC election, Directly-elected Leader: end of Leader Carter and closed shop political parties
* review of KCC candidates later
* still parking on promendade and seafront ad pavements: clamp and crush needed
* horrifying Kent road deaths increase: 20mph and zero drinkdrive needed
* Stoke election the final mail in the coffin of UKIP - so much for Kent UKIP support for Nuttall. Disappointed his beard masks his Eddie Hitler lookey-likey appearance and absurd tweed Farage mini-me nonsense. Back to random whining about immigrants and the EU and Brexit.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Hole in One for Kent and Hungary with 2020 Golf Open win?

The announcement the day before yesterday of The Open golf tournament returning to Sandwich in East Kent is excellent news. With the tournament taking place 14 times already at Royal St Georges course it's one of the world's great events up there with the World Cup or Wimbledon - and terrific it has another vote of confidence in East Kent.

And Sandwich Royal St Georges is astonishingly evocative as the home club of James Bond author Ian Fleming and basis for the most famous round of golf in films in Goldfinger. Now with Heineken rather than vodka martinis.

2011 even saw Northern Ireland’s Darren Clarke winning the cup. In 2003 rookie Ben Curtis trumped Tiger Woods.

And with 184,000 visitors to the event and millions more watching on television it's a great opportunity for Kent with forecasts of over £100M in direct revenue.

Tracey Crouch UK Sports Minister and her Chatham constituency are right to cheer on the successful announcement for East Kent. It could even be the harbinger of a new City of Culture bid given the success of Hull this year and the previous East Kent entry.

And calls by Kent business organisations for a Creative Industries strand to the Thames Gateway regeneration project. And the Turner Art Gallery urging support too marks a seachange for East Kent.

### Champagne on ice?###

But beyond the hyperbole and champagne corks how best to maximise the event?

Logistics is one thing, with spectators queuing for hours at the previous Open to access the site - electric buses must be more important than ever. Recycling the mountains of waste too. And tweaking the excellent HS1 hispeed rail connections between Ashford, Ramsgate and Dover.

Even tweaks to the dire rail connections to the Gatwick Express and Hastings and Brighton. And why not the Royal Train as a special feature between London and Kent?

And ensuring the Channel Tunnel Shuttle Train through to Lille is in place as part of the Kent strategic links to Benelux and France.

And it's hardly so outrageous to consider in detail whether a second Channel Tunnel is needed for UK over the coming decades given the first freight train from China last month and ASEAN and MENA-Cape2Cairo reforms underway.

Or even a rejig of freight through the choked SouthEast to Southern Ireland and onto Scotland.

And few visitors would thank Kent for not working more closely with the Met Office and NOAA in Hawaii on seasurge and tsunami sensors and tighter volcanic Resilience.

Even a new passenger ferry for Ramsgate, as part of the Sea2Sea EU project linking Ostend, Dunkirk and Boulogne, would be vital to ensure Continental visitors have an easy way to visit the event.

As well as driving a nail in the coffin of the foolishness of Brexit for Britain's most welcoming and European county. And something more than Kent's failed 1970's industrialisation of cars and lorries driving through and away leaving only smog, cancer and litter - whether at Dover or Ramsgate ports and Stack.

### Sport for the masses ###

The jewels in the crown of Kent's golf courses should also be part of a wider sports focus with the new Ramsgate swimming pool - indeed a swimming pool in every town and Olympic pool in every county - and ice rink, and Margate beach volleyball events part of the mix to also beef up Kent's weaker football and rugby offerings.

And teeing up the new 2020 Olympic sports of surfing, skateboarding, and climbing etc plus display sports such as takraw. As well as Kent's reconsideration of those sports cut by Sport England/Olympics funding such as Badminton, Archery, Fencing or Wheelchair Rugby.

And much of the Sports Town of Ebbsfleet should be launched by 2020 too.

But Kent is struggling over the basics such as scruffy beaches, derelict town centres, parking on the seafront and tatty tennis court nets hardly bodes well.
As KCC Leader 2017 and MP 2020 I will make the successful delivery of The Open and related sports events paramount to Kent.

Certainly an overhaul of Richboro Roman fort, the Canterbury Pilgrim trail and new Landings Jorvik-style tourist attraction and Van Gogh Gallery need a kick-start. Along with EKFOS East Kent Film Office and Studio, KORA Kent Oriental Restaurant Association and Pavilion jazz club and Buddhist temple.
Watjazz if you will.

### Kent beyond just a cement and stagnant economy ###

How will The Open open up Kent to visitors?

Almost 200,000 spectators applying for tickets must be in line to receive a heavy dose of marketing about Kent's attractions? And for those couch potatos watching on television how will The Open be further packaged to attract them to Kent in future?

If we're not careful, the hype of the event could outweigh its practical impact.

I speak from personal experience having visited the2003 Open - and I'm no massive golf fan I joke with friends I'll carry their bags so I can enjoy the walk, although I prefer Crazy Golf, the pyramid with the hole on top, or the windmill. Hours of fun - and saw minimal marketing before and during the event.

Blink and you'll miss one of the world's great sporting events, unless you're a golf fanatic, wouldn't be ideal for Kent or The Open.

This Summer's revitalisation of East Kent events with the Ramsgate Film Festival, the Swiss Red Arrows, Yacht Week and Dunkirk are the first stirrings of vital improvements needed through to 2020 and beyond.

Why shouldn't sponsored golf buggy-taxis be zooming along the highways and byways of Kent. Panasonic batteries for one would no doubt want to plug into that opportunity.

Liberation Route Europe put together by Martin Schulz who this year may end up running Germany as Chancellor would be a stalwart of Kent and Benelux Tourism by 2020. And our friends in Virginia, as well as San Diego and North Carolina if not further afield, would want to be invited to the golf jamboree.

And wider sports diplomacy whether Kent or Loei strawberries and cream.

Where are the Hungary links with Bacs Kiskun that KCC has already invested in?

The Kent Police, Ambulance and Fire Blue Light Football Cup hasn't as yet developed a Rugby and Golf offshoot. Nor are the Royal Engineers and Ghurka and Royal Marines links maintained with Kent despite barracks closures.

Tracy Emin and arts permutations of sports are needed too under the oversight of the Turner Gallery, something beyond a UKIP Triumph of the Will.
If I live near the event and don't know of it how will those overseas or in nearby Europe know of it?

A sporting equivalent of Liberation Route Europe - for Kent's Brands Hatch or Dutch Battle of Medway event driven forward by Medway Tourism #BOM350, and Armada events too - is needed to synergise and energise Kent with the Benelux markets.


Apart for the few hours at the event it could have taken place on the Moon for all the specific relevance to Kent - and surely unacceptable now social media is so widespread.

Until now.

Will the 2020 Open be the first challenge for the East Kent Supercouncil in doing more than bin collections? Certainly a TeamOpen needs creating immediately to begin planning for the event.

Tourism and Creative Industries are key industries for Kent and East Kent.

Warm words but inaction or delay could leave Kent puttering along on the slow train of sports - economic regeneration.

Time for Change


* ShinerGate: astonishing failure of UK legal system and High Court: lawyer of the Year struck off a year later and Grabiner still a High Court judge with Aracadia now following BHS pensions: more later.

* Shambolic Business Rates plans by Government - a tax that effectively discourages entrepreneurhship and business merely to fund public sector bloat - reform needed.

* Pedzone: cars parked by park kiosks and seafront bizarre and pavements. Clamp and crush needed and pedzone seafront/marina expanded.

* KCC candidates review later: a feeble election again - cannot see the point of Latchford, Heale and Shonk after 5 years at KCC, nor doublehatters.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Irish eyes are smiling on Brexit? Or a Semtexit? While Kent drifts.

The Eire ambassador to London, Daniel Mulhalll spoke eloquently to the UK Parliament on Brexit last week and raised several points of interest.

Few could argue with an Irish diplomat: kissing the Blarney Stone must be part of the interview?

And never has a policy such as Brexit been more unpopular, with the Eire and Northern Ireland governments and public and even UK government wanting to avoid a hard border again between Northern Ireland and Eire.

A troublesome prospect even with Eire's dynamic reputation in UN peacekeeping with troops and police and aid integrated, while UK shilly-shallys on the collapse of East Africa - again - with not one but four famines in Sudan etc.

With 1.85M cars a month crossing the border now, any return to a two-state border (or Ryanair air and ferry extra migration controls to UK) would not just be inconvenient but an economic blow. And a blow that would be felt more strongly in Northern Ireland, and UK, with 36% of exports to Eire. But only 2% of Eire exports to Northern Ireland.

Perhaps Kerrygold et al would relocate to Ulster with any border shennanigans - or just not bother and sell more to Germany?

And there's the resounding success story of Eire in reducing reliance on UK from 60% of exports in 1973 to 15% now, suggests both the strength of a dedicated EU policy.

As well as a lack of effort in stimulating UK-Eire trade.

The UK’s glass more than half-empty rather than half-full. If Dublin turned off the whisky pipeline you'd be knocked over in the rush to the border whether from Belfast or Birmingham.

Certainly tax tweaks can't account for all Eire's success in attracting modern tech companies from Facebook to Apple to Google or overhauling both their agriculture and tech infrastructure.

UK could have much to learn from the Celtic Fringe other than being asleep at the wheel while 45% of Eire exports drift away over the last 40 years or so.
Hardly indicative of UK dynamism on trade or the dawnings of some sort of New Global Britain.

And who'd be silly enough to want to leave the richest trade bloc, with most-favoured-nation status, in the world that's right on their doorstep?
They must be laughing over a Guiness or three in Dublin.

Brexit means an Irish breakfast and a Little England dog's dinner.

With more deaths from agricultural accidents than terrorism, and nothing separating Ulster and Eire other than the road signs in miles, or kilometres, few would want a rerun of anything like the bad old days of the Troubles.

That cork is firmly back in the bottle, from the black and tans too, after the Easter Rising anniversary last year.

Similarly for those Brits like me with Irish relatives, or Irish residents in UK, Brexit could become an administrative nightmare or nothing much at all beyond a giant fudge after years of distraction and economic decline and tax-waste.

The Faragist lie of the EU being responsible for UK's problems is still lost in racist howls, EU mismanagement and failure to reform the EU ready for MENA, Turkey and Russia.

Ambassador Mulhall’s view that the UK remaining in EU is best for Eire and UK is hard to dispute.

The economic synergy of Eire and Ulster was detailed in agricultural produce say cattle trade and creameries either side of the border.

Indeed UK-Eire trade could be increased and improved with an Ulster-Scotland road-rail tunnel speeding up Irish and Scottish trade - removing traffic - 30 % empty HGV's according the Institute of Engineering - from Southern England's congested ports.

Such a beefed-up port and rail system with autonomous driving could only benefit imports and exports and tourism for all the home nations.

But as with Gibraltar, essentially a UK end-of-Empire tax-haven pimple on the nose of Spain, it's hard to see how Brexit could lead to anything but breaking the link to UK. Almost all the Gibraltar population commutes in from Spain anyway. As with the Falklands, another Empire fragment awaiting a long overdue Hong Kong-style handover.

While with every Northern Ireland citizen entitled to an Eire passport, and a 20% increase in them taking it up since Brexit, a de facto reunion of Ireland may be the result of a disunited kingdom in any aftermath of any Brexit.

And certainly reduced trade before the kickoff of any Brexit.

And one quirky thought: with Kent as one the only UK cross-border region in the EU (Arc-Manche linked to France’s Pas De Calais region), doesn't that mean Kent has - currently as with Northern Ireland and Eire - a virtual border?


And hardly more dastardly than the ongoing work of the British–Irish Council; although questions remain on funding sourced and used – clearly Eire has deployed its EU grants to greater effect with East Kent a broken gateway to Europe languishing with some of the worst poverty in South East England:


The £500k Ramsgate GIAA Port council fraud and coverup symptomatic of the sloth and dirt covering Kent.

Few would suggest a hard border at the Medway or Wantsum - the traffic jams from a too-centralised Maidstone or Stack are already bad enough - and probably even fewer would call for the UK border in France to be relocated from Calais to Dover. Even the Royal Marines Dover Patrol should want more active duty than drifting around in the Channel when the people-smuggling is via Dover.

And even a Gibraltar-style tax haven based on gambling or motor insurance admin would attract few bets.

And even Chief Constable O'Pughsley of the Kent Police Garda would surely balk at the cost of new border guard and police uniforms, or translating the rash of police Robbie Williams cod-Maori tattoos into Gaelic as opposed to sensible cost control and Innovation Funds.

But a hard border - maybe just police patrols on Ashford Eurostar initially - would focus East Kent on European trade and tourism - rather than the repulsive live animal exports - with Flanders and Benelux in general and the French Opal Coast, whether Panasonic batteries or Alpro soyamilk in Belgium or Philips and Heineken in Holland or Cactus and ING in Luxembourg.

While future Meiji Kent companies such as Panasonic and Toshiba and Olympus and Kawasaki and Honda and Toyota and Nissan and Mitsubishi are ideal for innovation centres as a minimum.

And would provide an early warning system for the Toxic Three terrorists of Carter, King and Wild wreaking havoc at the coast again.

Kent is one white horse they won't be riding again, certainly not over the green fields and golden beaches of East Kent.

Time for Change

* Shinergate next week: corrupt lawyers, judges and barristers and coverup/inaction means a broken UK legal system: Grabiner, Glick, Hollingworth at One Essex Court, PB Law, the Crying judge etc
* Good KM and Gazette letters on concerns over Kent PCC/Police: frequency of foot patrols and recording of complaints at PCC
* Inaction so far on Phase 1 of Brett after Phase 2 cancelled
* 10x KCC council election signatures required: please email timgarbuttt@yahoo.com if you wan to support me. 5 more years of Carter or Latchford etc?
* Silence on GIAA/TDC £500k Ramsgate Port fraud - who was questioned at TDC?
* No details yet on KCC Highways Pleasurama but good if it is in court to raise BVI corruption - unless it's a tame whitewash judge of course

Friday, 10 February 2017

999 for 112 on 112 Day

Is it a 999 emergency for 111 or 112?

Two major emergency call centre incidents last year is a cause for concern.

First we have G4S with Lincolnshire Police making 999 calls to themselves(!) so as to fiddle the response times and pay-per-call figures. Not ideal in itself, nor with the G4S and Serco tentacles spreading across and through the public sector as a mega-civil-service-within-the-civil-service. As with Banks too big to fail or public sector monoliths such as BT, surely there comes a time when such contracts need to be broken up for both customer service and financial value?

Then there’s the denouement of the South East Ambulance scandal following the resignation of the Chairman before Xmas and now Paul Sutton the Managing Director falling on his sword too. This is the call centre scandal of 111 NHS calls being delayed before being put through as 999 emergency calls. Perhaps 11 avoidable deaths have been estimated as the inquiry continues – figures likely to be dwarfed by the Manston monitors and Thor mercury factory scandals in East Kent.

And there are wider issues within the first responder service of DNR Do Not Rescuscitate notices at Canterbury Hospital somehow placed on a patient’s file or relayed via the call centre system, without their consent. Essentially a modern-day death sentence. And a little further back, Police Scotland leaving a car crash victim to die in a ditch with the 999 call simply lost in the system.

If the expensive scandal of the 43 mega-fire service regional call centres has dissipated with the centres remaining empty then there’s debate on the 43x2 Police and Fire services merging together for more sensible savings.

But isn’t it time too for the merger between the 43 police forces (much of that happening by stealth with the Serious Crime Squads, and Special Branch and Counter-terrorism teams)? As well as a merger of the 101 non-emergency police call centres with council back-offices?

The NHS 111 service has had problems with a lack of trained nurses answering the calls, so it becomes little more than a vanity service pointing those with health worries either to the byzantine NHS website or to your GP or Chemist. That would anyway have happened that much quicker if you hadn’t wasted 10p on a 111 call of dubious if any value. Even without being placed on hold.

The tendency for much of the public sector to grow like topsy without effective democratic scrutiny results in such silos of duplicated and wasteful services.
But why shouldn’t all 43 forces be capable of being reduced down to c.15 without any impact on service? As well as merging Police and Fire managements, with at a minimum, removing the need for 43x2 sets of IT etc.

And why shouldn’t a 101 call-handler take care of council information on potholes or broken streetlights or parked cars? Many would argue that those are, or should be, a function of the police patrol cars when not responding to the luckily infrequent 999 calls.

Direct Entry to policing for dustbinmen has rightly caused a stir among the police (and not just envy at the pretty hi-viz jackets) in ensuring proper training - but no vast training is required for call reports of cats up trees or noisy neighbours or cheeky kids scrumping for apples?

Indeed the rollout of the 112 emergency telephone number has been far too slow over the last 25 years in UK. The 112 EU telephone number that works across all 28 EU nations and other nations is literally a lifesaver whether you’re in Bucharest, Bari or Bradford. Few would have the presence of mind to remember 28 different emergency phone numbers, and to be able to recall them under duress.

By now the 112 number should feature (one EU law worth following slavishly) on all police and fire and ambulance vehicles in UK and eslewhwere – even public sector buses and vans. Unfortunately most of the UK is stuck with promoting the 999 number, reducing awareness of 112 amongst the UK public (and confusion for foreign visitors to UK) for when they travel abroad and when the 999 number is phased out.

Indeed with pushbutton or touchscreen mobile and landline phones rather than the old rotary dial the 999 number is more at risk of accidentally being pressed, and slightly more dangerous in being cumbersome to dial the number in low visibility.

999 was chosen as it could be dialled blindfold by finding the last hole in the dial against the metal bar to dial and repeat three times – that function isn’t available with pushbutton or touchscreen handsets. And 999 as just one button, rather than two as with 112, can be more easily pressed by accident in a pocket or handbag or even in hand.

Those under 21 will have no idea at all what that last paragraph, and rotary dial phones with a metal bar, means. All the more reason for more impetus behind 112.
And shouldn’t UK emergency call centres have developed a Tourism Police service and number? UK is one of the leading tourism industry nations with a record-breaking 36M inbound visitors last year. Chinese tourists are the highest spenders in UK, and must be in Italy too, as Rome has introduced a dedicated Tourism Police and number for Chinese tourists.

While, with Arabian and Thai tourists the 2nd and 3rd highest spending visitors to UK surely the UK should take a leaf out of Thailand’s book and copy the 1155 dedicated tourism call centre and multi-lingual police service? The average bobby on the beat may not want to be fluent in Arabic or Thai but back-office linguistic skills could stimulate university courses. They would also be part of a career path for the Courts and CPS or Tube and Train services and private sector tourism and hotel industries?

Would it be so outrageous for UK to follow the ASEAN lead and nominate a second official language (English in the case of the 10 ASEAN nations – fortunately for the c.1M UK tourists that visit Thailand each year, the largest non-Asian group) to overcome the UK’s woeful foreign language skills?

Spanish for Europe and Latin America growth markets such as USA, Mexico, Argentina and Chile? And it’s similarity to Portuguese and Brazil – one of the BRIC mega-markets? Chinese or Hindi for the largest nations in the world? Russian (Polish already the UK’s most spoken foreign language) or Turkish for future EU accession?
While USA already has specific, memorable and consistent short-dial numbers for weather and transport updates. A pat on the back if you can recall the Highways Agency roadcone hotline or even the Foreign Office Disaster emergency numbers.

It’s only a matter of time before a global emergency number is developed out of the consensus of 999, 112 and 911 in most nations making safety abroad easier and faster. And the same should happen with 101 nonemergency too. And a consistent 1155 Tourism Police would be a lifesaver too for 112 Day tomorrow 11th February.

11/2 - geddit?

Time for Change

* baffled by both the Ramsgate Harbour tunnel roadworks and Pleasurama rou8ndabout - no news from KCC as yet

* cannot see how Homer and Howes can continue at TDC with the latest Cllr Driver censorship for Pleasurama corruption - outrageous abuse of a councillor's role and using public funds for spurious legal cases to shut them up - civil disobedience on refusing to pay council tax works: short pay/wrong pay/delay pay: the less money they have the less they can waste

* interesting Paul Carter KCC Leader worried about EK Supercouncil - rightly seeing it loosening KCC influence and budgets and FOI clarity etc - especially with the usual maximum council tax rise announced of rJKCC and murlky Kent Police guncops 5% increase - civl disobedience again will reduce that amount. There seems a basic lack of understanding from our elderly sheepcouncillors on exercising control of public sector budgets: pay rises/pensions/backoffice bloat (and performance evaluation) not just nodding them through