Sunday, 27 September 2009

Manston cancer survey

Well, not a proper survey a bit of a partial one from Steve Ladyman and local Labour councillors - and the latest flight reports from Infratil.

Key points from Infratil and TDC's latest report are:

#50% of flights over towns ie breaching safe flight routes
#No air monitoring
#No community fund payments
#2 flights taking off during the night hours – plus others landing
#Noise levels c.84-89 decibels: into the danger zone - as you'd expect from low-level planes

And in the Ladyman airport postal survey:

# no mention of lung cancer
# no mention of runway on water supply
# no mention of existing water pollution eg Pegwell: one of UK’s dirtiest rivers
# no mention of removal of noise and air monitors

You can’t develop an airport by removing the safety measures can you?

It seems you can.

Labour urging low-paid jobs, Tories urging big business investment, civil servants fudging the safety data and enforcement to keep their jobs.

Hey presto everybody's happy.

Until the pollution levels start rising.

The doctors surgeries and hospitals filling up.

The early deaths.

But we already have those don't we:

# airport on the runway - doh!
# airport draining into the roads and into the Bay and seas - doh!
# 11 year early death rate in Thanet compared to the rest of Kent - doh!
# and all of this going on for years - doh!

What have our councillors and civil servants been doing?

When did they know of the problems?

Where are the Cabinet reports and minutes?

Where are the pollution reports and contaminated land surveys?

They don't know.

They're hoping the public will agree to a compromise. Maybe some flights. Maybe some fines. A chance to back away and save some face. Maybe flights for a few more years.

Maybe small planes? A bit of cancer?

Take the pension. Salary and allowances for a few more years.

Don't mention Thor. Nor Richboro. Nor the Gasworks. Tivili Brook? Rainfall, fertiliser or some other problem that's nothing to do with us.

There's also a mention in Gazette of £175k payment from Vattenfall to TDC – but this is the world’s largest windfarm – looks like the councillors and civil servants have been turned over again.

Why not free electricity for all 30k homes?

The Gang of Four of Messrs Latchford, White, Samuel and Ezekiel will be lucky to stay out of jail at this rate. Never mind their faked 0% pay rises from the cosy club of councillors and civil servants.

The only documents not released on FOI and EIR by councillor and civil servants are...the civil servants payroll.

And no pollution reports from the water supply and Pegwell nor the air traffic control flight logs.

There's a surprise.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

The Thanet Cesspit: Pegwell

Now the truth comes out.

Let's ignore 2 747 cargo flights over central Ramsgate yesterday at rooftop height: tonnes of aviation fuel vapour straight on the heads of the local population.

And noise and air monitoiringf removed by TDC and Infratil. Never even the much-promised mobile monitors.

So the only monitoring will be via the lungs of Thanet's population - with the highest lung cancer rates in Kent.

But no, not that.

The Environment Agency and the Stour River - or Pegwell Bay as the estuary is known.

Now officially one of the top 5 most polluted rivers in Britain - according to the EU and the Environment Agency itself.

Clearly the outfall pipe from Manston airport for aviation fuel and chemicals straight into Pegwell Bay won't help.

Nor the open sumps through the road system that drain directly into the Bay.

Nor the whole airport built on the drinking water supply - and chalk - the most polluted in the South East.

Thor mercury rains the other way despite being closed-but-not-closed-for-20-years by the EA and drains through the Nash housing estate next to Hornby and BandQ and into Margate and Broadstairs - wherever the chalk allows the water to flow.

Probably into Tivoli Brook too.

So then from Margate round to Sandwich Thanet will have some of the most serious and contaminated water pollution in Britian.

Stilll no sign of the toxin reports from the EA - I suppose in their offices in Allingham it's less of a problem. The Environment Information Regualtions doesn't apply to the Environment Agency apparaently. And becuase the public want copies of the public information there needs to be a charge for the public apparently.

Or some such cobblers to cover up the mess.

Ask for them yourself: - the Thanet head of the EA

Or: - the Head of Environment/Planning/Regeneration/changemyjobtitlequick

Or: - Hilary Benn the Environment Minister who visited Thanet Earth recently - let's hope the water at Thanet Earth has been treated or he'll be down with a nasty tummy bug.

What have our politicians and civil servants been doing on our behalf?

You may remember both Roger Gale and Steve Ladyman confirming with the EA that neither the airport nor factories like Thor were a problem and everything was terrific.

While the £2Billion KCC funded by £40M of Thanet council tax each year isn't quite sure where Thor even Thanet is.

Thanet. Drink the beer. Run a tap and have a bath or do the washing up. Swim in the sea. Eat the fish. Breathe the fresh air.

What a cesspit our civil servants and politicans have created on our behalf.

Pegwell. One of the top 5 polluted rivers in Britain.

And there's even the Medway thrown in there too.

The other 3 are: Lea/Thames, Thames and Kennet/Thames.

So London's Thames is polluted - I can understand that. But Medway and Pegwell?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Infratil Cancer Consultation Farce

The Thanet Times has detailed how Thanet’s councillors have now requested Infratil to clarify the confusion over their night flight request.

I wonder how much council time and money has been wasted on this farce – after all Infratil announced the request with TDC at a press conference only a few weeks ago.
There was no confusion then or now:

# extending night flights by an extra 90 minutes from 6am to 11:30pm
# allowing an unknown “Brian quota” of flights by noise rating at any time night or day

Clearly the burble and backtracking means Infratil is not only a dead duck but TDC looks the same way.

Certainly KCC have now walked away from the airport built on the drinking water. And mere cargo flights form Ostend.

Removing noise and air monitors and pretending that monitoring has been done.

No wonder cancer levels are the highest in Kent.

And only Infratil could assume that a trainee air traffic controller to supervise training flights by trainee pilots over towns is a good thing.

Have our council officials and councillors been working hand in glove with Infratil employees to ease back on the safety measures to for supposed regeneration?


After all the same lack of noise and air monitoring happened under EUJet and Planestation, And the same farcical consultations even after EUJet began flying.

What exactly are we now being consulted on?


Safety measures?


The extra 90 minute “shoulder period”?

The noise quota?

A noise quota for day and night?

Just for the night?

The general incompetence of the Gang of Four?

The lack of a contaminated land cleanup strategy. Thor mercury closing after poisoning several workers and the water table but not closing. For 20 years.

Time for Messrs Samuel, White, Latchford and Ezekiel to resign.
They’re incompetent.
They’re endangering the public.

They’ve let the towns and themselves down.

Mere bumf, bullshot and bluster.

And still Infratil overfly the towns poisoning the public and the water supply while the Gang of Four burble and cover their own backsides.

And silence form the councillors.

And silence from the MP’s.

Let’s hope the EU investigation into Infratil ensures there’s no Brian McWhite at Infratil Prestwick in Scotland. Or a Richard McSamuel. Or a Roger McLatchford. Or a Sandy McEzekiel poisoning their own citizens.

No pensions.

No payoffs.

No public sector jobs.


The 4th Ramsgate Town Council meeting is on 5th October, 7pm at Albion House for an update on Infratil, Thor and Richboro pollution, the 11 year early death rate, TDC £22M payroll and £60M town budgets and regeneration.

Video cameras, mobile phone video and voice recorders welcome if the webcam-broadcasting still isn’t working.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change

Sunday, 20 September 2009

TDC vision revision

I thought I’d tweak the TDC vision as some of it is very good although there are a couple of areas that seem both lengthy, unachievable and reliant on the airport without factoring in the cost of polluted water and lung cancer: you can see the original here.

TDC’s first draft vision:

I couldn't resist the bit about sailor clothes shops.

Thanet Vision 2020

Thanet’s economy has been renewed, following the ManstonGate and ChinaGate debacles. Thriving offshore wind-farms have brought a few jobs to Ramsgate, with new solar power and creative businesses attracting more residents and visitors into Thanet. The district is more prosperous and the average income in Thanet is now slightly more than that of Kent.

The introduction of the high-speed rail link in 2009 led to minor improvements in the rail network in East Kent. New dual carriageways were tabled but removed as part of a “East kent-East Midlands” philosophy of old. Road gridlock has still not provided faster journey times on road and rail between Thanet and Ashford, Canterbury and Dover.

Manston Park has brought more eco-business into the area and nearby University and reduced cancer levels and polluted water.

Education levels in Thanet are now on a par with the rest of Kent, with residents able to take advantage of higher-paid jobs, and the numbers of people starting up their own businesses has increased.

Deprivation has largely been tackled in Thanet’s poorest neighbourhoods as a result of the major regeneration programme driven forward by the council. All parts of Thanet are attracting working age adults, young families and elderly people with many volunteering for council work. A strong emphasis on tackling crime and anti-social behaviour has helped to make Thanet a much safer place.

The district is naturally beautiful, with a stunning coastline, and a rich and diverse heritage that is cherished and carefully maintained. Striking sculptures and stunning lighting are welcoming to both locals and visitors.

Activity levels are up, with residents and visitors taking advantage of opportunities for leisure and culture which have expanded to meet the needs of the population. Imaginative facilities for children and young people exist across the district, with the all-weather adventure playground popular with visitors and residents alike.

Thanet’s villages remain largely unchanged – picturesque and peaceful places to live and visit.
Broadstairs remains a traditional seaside resort with the town’s lovely old buildings preserved and enhanced, and its reputation as a charming historic town has been maintained.

Its appeal as a quiet coastal town still attracts good numbers of visitors, who have helped to support an increase in footfall and business activity. The town’s various festivals have played a key part in the success of Broadstairs as a tourist destination as over the last 50 years.

Pedestrians are prioritised throughout the town, and Broadstairs’ small size makes it a welcoming town to explore on foot as with all the Thanet towns and villages.
Manston: Park from a former Airport
Manston is the rural and water supply centre of Thanet. Kent International Airport has closed following the disastrous privatisation policies.

Manston Park has drawn in visitors from around the world, especially Chinese tourists, to see how contaminated land and water is regenerated. The former airport collapsed with the retrenchment of the aviation industry, rocketing cancer rates and failure of airlines to find the need for room beyond the nearby London Airports especially given the successful Summer Bus Shuttle to Gatwick.
Margate has a new economic heart, founded on the success of the internationally-renowned Turner Contemporary gallery. Following extensive redevelopment, the town centre is now smaller, with a mix of shops and town houses. The Old Town is a vibrant creative quarter - full of cafés and restaurants that spill onto the street in summer. These are interspersed with niche shops and galleries selling the work of local artists that provide some employment.

Dreamland has been transformed into a striking 21st century attraction; a national centre for the preservation and celebration of the heritage and culture of seaside amusement parks and popular seaside entertainment.

The harbour arm bars and restaurants are now a significant draw for tourists and locals, with the town known as a place to come for a range of good food, with numerous farm shops and delis amongst the High Street shops. Locals and visitors both buy much of their food in the thriving and reopened weekly farmers market.

The beach remains the heart of Margate and the seafront is pedestrianised, with a family-friendly feel.

Job opportunities mean more of the town’s young population remain, and other working age adults have moved in, creating a relatively young and affluent population profile.

Opportunities in the town and more widely in Thanet have helped stabilise the previously transient population. Increased investment in buildings and pride in the area along with compulsory purchase orders where necessary have driven up house prices, and driven out absentee landlords.

The revival of the seafront, old town and high street means that the dilapidated boarding houses of the past have once again been converted into offices, art studios, guesthouses and up-market flats.

Sculptures from prominent artists and public art take pride of place, and the town is illuminated in the evening by stunning lighting on the Turner Contemporary gallery, harbour arm, and seafront.
The two most deprived wards - Cliftonville West and Margate Central – are a draw for those searching for cheap rented accommodation for the students form the nearby Christchurch University. The gap in terms of prosperity and deprivation between these two wards and neighbouring ones and the UK has been removed.
Ramsgate is a bustling town centred on its spectacular Royal Harbour. The historic architecture and marina are well-maintained and beautifully-lit. The public space is enhanced by the well-preserved Regency houses.

The marina has become prosperous with the growing popularity of boat ownership and the passenger ferry to France and Belgium. The image of the town has been reinforced and enhanced as a premier sailing destination. This has helped support a lively visitor industry, with a renewed café culture, stylish shops, and a number of chic guesthouses and hotels.

There is a nautical theme with oyster bars, seafood restaurants and sailing clothes shops for bellbottoms, stripey shirts, parrots, pieces-of-eight, peglegs and earrings; all now established parts of the local economy.

While after a slow-start, the Armed Forces Day Parade and Town Carnival are seen as one of the most important events in the calendar

Faster rail links have also made the town more accessible to and from London, with Ramsgate an easy day out for many, particularly Londoners.

The maintenance of its offshore wind farms now represents a minor source of employment compared to the Sandwich Pharma-Corridor and brownfield regeneration at Richboro and Pfizer. All of this new economic activity has provided jobs for many of the town’s previously unemployed residents, which has helped tackle deprivation in Ramsgate’s poorest neighbourhoods.
With the new shopping centre at its heart, Westwood has stagnated but due to be redeveloped as a smaller and greener shopping crossroads.

The shopping centre is easily accessible by public transport from the rest of Thanet and other parts of East Kent albeit with road gridlock awaiting the ParknRide as traffic moves between the Thanet towns. It provides an excellent range of chain shops in a pleasant and convenient environment.

The refurbed homes, in the Thanet town centres, sustain and benefit from a wide range of services which are accessible on foot and by cycle. In particular, the University, Thanet College, Marlowe Academy and Innovation Centre have helped create a diverse and enterprising community.

The Council‘s role in transforming Thanet
The 3 Town Councils provide a slimmed-down council and civil service of less than 25% of its staffing given the improved regeneration - albeit recognised as a centre of public service excellence.

The East Kent Council – sometimes described as “KCC East” – and County reform is recognised for at long last ending deprivation in East Kent from Herne Bay to Dover with the quality of the services it provides, its attentiveness to the needs of residents, and for always keeping the needs of those who are less able to help themselves to the fore.

Creating opportunity, especially for young people and young families to become prosperous, is at the heart of its endeavour.

Its positive relationship with business and the private sector has enabled Thanet to be successful in attracting investment from outside the district, which has been key to creating jobs in the area.

The Council has played a key role in making the changes in the District through its professionalism and willingness to get involved in innovative projects with its various partners.

Over the past 6 years, it has continued to prioritise those activities and services that contribute to the vision wherever possible. It has also remained clear about its role in relation to services and activities which contribute to that vision – whether that be one of delivering, resourcing, or influencing.

Council policies for 2012, the last London Games for a generation, and Film and Service industries such as call centres and data support are of particular note.

Some may say the real problem now is to prevent the overdevelopment of the area: skyscrapers, all-night drinking, house building and cookie-cutter architecture that could result in the “Torremolinos of the Home Counties” epithet applied to Maidstone or the Margate of the 1970’s.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Night flights for Thanet. Lung cancer for all.

Night flights for Thanet. Lung cancer for all.$

A bit of nonsense with the draft airport consultation plan – it’s got the sticky fingers of the Gang of Four all over it.

The airport's dead in the water but the longer they drag it out the more paycheques they collect.

By my reckoning the 6 month consultation period actually boils down to a postal vote and 6 days of roadshows – with one half day in Central Ramsgate.

Yet bizarrely 2 days in Margate.

Maybe that’s to fully explain that the air pollution drifts over all Thanet causing lung cancer for everyone. And as far afield as Canterbury, Sandwich, Deal, and Herne Bay.

And have we all not had enough of our District council being simply a political football. One election term all the money’s spent in Margate. The next it’s all spent in Ramsgate.

No wonder most people think politicians are scum.

Their only remit is delay, deceit and bullshot.

£60M in council tax a year and their best approach is a windfarm because it’s windy. An airport because it was n RAF base and has repeatedly failed. And selling council land to safeguard civil servant salaries.

Whatever happened to District-wide planning by District councils and County-wide planning by County councils rather than pork-barrel politics of dump all the crud at the coast.

Now we have it writ small with the only regeneration project being the airport – even though it’s built on the water supply and lung cancer is at Third World rates in the area.

Next we’ll have Steve Ladyman plopping out his Labour Party research that people without a job want jobs. Therefore the airport is a great idea.

Opposite Ostend cargo airport and 5 minutes fly-time to 4 of Europe’s business airports around London.

That can only be kept open by refusing to provide full noise and air monitoring in the town centres.

Julian Brazier MP opposes night flights. Laura Sandys is sort of maybe against them unless something or other.

Have any councillors publicly said they’re against or for night flights? Or the noise and air monitoring? Or Thor mercury?

And who’s paying for this consultation on Infratil and TDC’s night flights? The taxpayer or Infratil?

And exactly what regeneration projects are there beyond this farce? An asbestos factory? No. A windfarm with 20 jobs. The Turner with perhaps 30 jobs. A ferry. Who knows: 20 jobs.

In 5 years. 10 years already and as long again.

Except TDC itself which has grown by 25% from 600 jobs to 780 jobs in 3 years because there are no other jobs and more people are needed to sort out the complaints.

And the only piece of information now not revealed to the public or councillors? The civil servants salaries and pensions and expenses. Well I never.

The only piece of councillor information now not published? Broadcasting meetings. Parliament manages it and KCC but not TDC. Impossible. Or maybe a pilot programme of delay. And no information on the whip authorisations on votes.

No political or civil service glory careers from this mess.

What have they been doing? Recording the decline? Insulting each other?

And not a mention of lung cancer, air pollution or faked noise and air monitoring by our civil servants and councillors. From 2005 and before. Deliberate and repeated deceit.

Resignation time for Roger and Sandy and Brian and Richard.

No payoffs, no pensions, no public sector jobs.

No votes in poisoning your own citizens.

Not this side of Nazi Germany anyway.

200 votes so far on the petition against night flights, sign away if you can – shall we also assume it’s a vote of no confidence in the Gang of Four as it’s impossible for the public to raise questions and items onto council agendas:

A council for councillors and civil servants not the public but paid for by the public. Now and later.

Tomorrow my views on TDC's vision: most iof it's pretty good apart from it relies only on the airport to provide jobs. An airport built on the drinking water. With rocketing lung cancer rates and opposite Ostend cargo airport and 5 minutes fly-time from Heathrow and Gatwick. And failed over 10 years without RAF support. With the noise and air monitors removed. I've still had no explanation of the 1,750 death rate. Whether that's the annual rate or the early death rate or some other guesstimate.

Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Cancer in Thanet gains national attention in Trafalgar Square

Best wishes to Hilary Jephcott reported in the local papers who's standing on the 4th Plinth artwork in Traflagar Square tomorrow to raise awareness of breast cancer.

She's had surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy and is on the road to recovery.

The Plinth artwork by Angel of the North sculptor Antony Gormley will be able to view at from Thursday (possibly live too).

Memorial balloons can be bought and the names read out.

Thanet has the highest lung cancer rate in Kent and an early death rate of 11 years earlier than the rest of Kent which is a massive statistical skew. TDC provides an estimate of 1,750 deaths although the rationale for this is not clear.

Let's hope the cancer charities, NHS and other authorities are watching to improve these shocking death rates.

Presumably various increased cancer tests and screenings will be available from GP's and hospitals. I'd hope too that lung cancer from tobacco can be restricted in Thanet with the removal from sale in the main supermarkets. Tesco etc hardly need the profits from cancer sticks, and Thanet desgnated a Cancer Protection Zone.

Such cancer rates - especially after the event rather than preventative - are simply intolerable in Kent.

Clearly our own civil servants and councillors seem to have contributed to many of the problems eg lax airport regulation eg removal of noise and air monitors, no contaminated land strategy, Thor site closed-but-not-closed since 1988's mercury poisonings and Richboro power station and Ramsgate gasworks.

Monday, 14 September 2009

Thor, Margate: Drink deep.

The first link doesn't always work but can be clicked through from the 2nd link. Samples of "Bhopal (B'eaupal) Water" provided to Dow Chemicals to have a taste.

Dow refused a taste.

I would too. It's poisonous. Even droplets on your skin. Even breathing it in.

Clealry Thor isn't as dangerous as Bhopal where 20,000 died straight away and then many more thousands each year from polluted water and soil: genetic birth defects, cancer etc.

Only 2-3 workers died at Thor Margate and a dozen at Thor South Africa.

Althougfh Thor margte didn't close in 1988 as it should have done. The Environment Agency issued permits to pollute - or at least store chemicals.

Hence the Thor Margate fire in 2007 and the water at the site has spread beyond the factory.

The Environment Agency are cleaning the site they using Thor.

Silence from councillors.

Silence from civil servants.

Silence now from MP's

Silence from Kent Police.


The highest lung cancer rate in Kent.

The most polluted water in the South East.

Drink deep.

Sunday, 13 September 2009

Thor and Infratil: Sunday Times today and a world away

A double page spread on pages 24 and 25 various pollution incidents in China which seem all too familiar at Infratil and Thor:

“authorities closed a chemical plant in central China after two locals died of cadmium poisoning. Chinese newspapers exposed a long-running scandal of political collusion that allowed the plant to flout environmental standards”.

How many died at Thor before it was closed-but-not-closed in Margate in 1988? Two? More? A dozen or so in Cato Ridge when it was closed there in 1994.

“Mass protests broke out over “cancer villages” near polluted waterways in Eastern China. A series of campaigns began to win compensation for villagers who became ill living next to filthy canals and rivers full of factory discharge and effluent.”

Infratil missing noise and air monitors removed by Infratil and TDC from a school and tower block. No mention of it in council meetings. A strange unity of silence from councillors. Richard Samuel the Head of TDC and Chair of KIACC repeatedly promised monitor readings and mobile monitors for each meeting.

“35 small children tested for lead poisoning…a yellow brochure handed out by the local government six years ago described the factory as a “garden-like factory”.

Infratil’s masterplan with dumped jets as environmentally sound roosts for bats anyone? Thor mercury chemical fire in 2007 even though it supposedly closed in 1988?

“local officials had done a deal with the smelter company because they were desperate to meet economic targets.”

Dumped jumbo jets by Infratil anyone? Vague sewerage proposals from ChinaGate anyone? Infratil discharging fuel and chemicals over the water supply and into the sea.

Steve Ladyman and Roger Gale each variously described the airport as well-run and no hazards form there or Thor.

Thanet’s water is the most polluted in the South East according to the Environment Agency although they refuse to confirm toxin reports of clean-up – and the Thor site is being cleaned by Thor.

Looks to me like our councillors, civil servants and MP’s decided to skimp on the safety requirements and keep it to themselves despite repeated warnings.

851 Chinese children from 7 villages had excessive amounts of lead in their blood.

Thanet has the highest early death rate in Kent: similar to Iraq or other Third World countries: a full 11 years earlier death than anywhere else in Kent.

Shouldn’t the Gang of Four explain what has been done at Infratil and Thor?

Only if you want to.

They're your lungs and kidneys after all.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

cleaner green safer thanet - 1,750 deaths later

The new East Kent EKSLP strategy is circulating for TDC Cabinet approval and seems very sensible. It does largely tie-in with the new TDC “Cleaner, Safer, Greener Thanet” strategy.

I’ve never seen so much activity from MacMillan cancer support in the area. Plus a Ramsgate cancer victim on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square: seems lots of hi-profile activity to reduce the early death rate.

TDC have conjured up a figure of c.1,750 deaths but I’m not quite sure what that relates to. To put that in context that’s nearly all the UK deaths from traffic accidents each year. But just in Thanet.

I don’t understand why the coroners reports aren’t issued and perhaps linked to Google maps: the death rate around asbestos factories was highlighted by the same addresses coming up again and again in the coroners reports. When the factories were closed, hey presto, the death rate fell.

I’ve had some nonsense on Thor mercury and Richboro and other contaminated land sites from TDC: apparently there isn’t a contaminated land strategy.


Apparently there's a "Petroleum Officer" at KCC. Handy. Drinking it? Tipping it in the water supply? Getting it oput of hte water supply? Who knows.

Some councillors seem unsure about pollution on the flight path from an airport: it isn’t on the flight path – it’s around the flight path as the wind blows the pollution around the area.

Probably from Thanet upto Canterbury and Herne Bay, over to Margate and down to Deal would be the “pollution box”. Maybe over to the Belgian coast. Obviously more concentrated nearer the airport as landing and takeoff (effectively revving away in first gear) produces the most pollution and at the lowest level.

That’s why the noise and air monitors record the pollution so that when it exceeds dangerous levels and more people start dying then either flights are cut to an acceptable death rate.

Or you remove the monitors or fake the data so that the readings aren’t as obviously dangerous. A bit like clocking a car mileometer.

Still no update on:

# 6 dumped jumbo jets on the water supply
# Infratil and the polluted water around the runway and permits to pollute
# Thor mercury toxin reports: near the Nash Road housing estates
# Richboro site pollutants and any run-off into the sea

Nearly 750 TDC staff and 56 councillors should be able to advise at some point. They’re drinking and breathing and swimming in the stuff too.

And their kids.

Their grand-kids.

Their wives.

Their husbands.

Their sisters.

Their brothers.

Their auntie.

Their uncle.

Your kids.

Your grand-kids.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Ramsgsate Town Council: a mini-TDC of incompetence

The 3rd meeting of RTC last night and a series of rigged questions, bewildered silence, off-agenda items and one heated debate over the cost of a bouncy castle.

I've made a formal compaint to Dave Green as Mayor below.

Clearly the towns that burn down aand fall down are entrusted to councillors and civil servants by the public.

If they can't do thje job then new ones are required.

Hi Dave

As Mayor I wanted to write to you expressing concern over last night’s RTC meeting chaired by you.

The vote of no confidence below was provided some 3 weeks ago and was not present on the agenda for councillor debate.

Clearly there were several instances of bureaucratic gamesmanship eg restricted public speaking and various other items eg ChinaGate, Pleasurama and Thor mercury simply left off the agenda

Please advise how this vote of no confidence has been raised with TDC and RTC.

I would alert you that if there is a repeat of this kind of advance censorship then I will recommend a vote of no confidence in you and a formal complaint to the Secretary of State.

I'll raise the matter with Steve Ladyman so he can pretend to raise it in Parliament.

Richard Nicholson’s report on Infratil night flights was largely nonsense given that as an Airport Working Party representative he must be aware of the removal of noise monitors etc and Infratil’s suggestions from the staged press conference with TDC. As TDC backtracks on night flights it’s clear – as the Vote of No confidence below – that our councillors and civil servants have been complicit in endangering the public.

For councillors still not to understand that these are 24/7 night flights is ludicrous.

With TDC as one of Britain’s worst councils and RTC created by public demand at such poor performance then the impetus is for reform beyond merely creating a mini-TDC of incompetence and corruption, or a pensioners club.

Several points made were also incorrect that I would expect councillors or the Mayor to correct eg:

1. “buying” Albion House from TDC with public funds when it is funded from public funds.

2. A precept tax for RTC of £165k when £60M is raised through TDC: presumably c.£20M from Ramsgate.

3. An FOI exclusion sought under the Finance Committee under 1960 legislation (!): what was that item? As stated before the 2000 FOI/EIR Act provides the Public Right to Know for all reports, open meetings etc.

Paul Carter recently stated in KM that all local government information should be open.

4. And a lack of clarity over TDC payroll of c.£60M tax-take and payroll of c.£22M for c.750 staff – presumably councillors don’t review the payroll which makes me wonder what they do beyond ceremonial activities? On this basis increased costs of £20k for a 3 day week Town Clerk and duplicate costs for TDC and RTC councillors seem mere bloat – and extra waste given that many of the councillors have been supposedly dealing with the dereliction of Ramsgate in previous years. I presume a Clerk from the 750 TDC or separate EKO staff can be found.

5. A carnival budget of £4,000 for a week seems a nonsense.

6. The Ramsgate Fund (and General Fund: what are the funds and budgets?) is again presumably from TDC/public funds and should be increased for regeneration from TDC?KCC funds before a further tax-take.

Can you confirm the costs of RTC: costs, expenses salaries/allowances to date please – clearly RTC shouldn’t create duplicate costs with TDC, nor top-up costs from committees, allowances etc.

Clearly little has been done with public funds.

Please advise on the above and I’ll blog more publicly on this matter.

The written questions requested were:

1. Where are the signed plans for Pleasurama and is it to be built above the clifftop?
2. Why are Infratil’s banned training loop flights continuing?
3. What action has been taken on preventing Infratil’s water pollution?
4. What action has been taken on Thor mercury? And who is the Nash Rd estate councillor?
5. Where is the TDC payroll ie name, dept and salary? Your suggestion of providing payroll without costs is absurd.
6. What is the repair schedule for the derelict Granville building?
7. When will the TDC website and webcam of meetings be ready? Presumably in the meantime the public should take mobile phone/video footage.

I trust the next RTC meeting will be more productive to improve the town.

If not, then public meeting for a discussion on recall and providing new or more effective councillors should be held.

I’m embarrassed to have to write to you but after 3 meetings of RTC and the delays in creating it, the stewardship of RTC so far leaves little option.

Kindest regards

Vote of No Confidence dated 20th August 2009

Hi Dave

Can you ensure this resolution is included in the Ramsgate Town Council and/or TDC agenda please:

“A vote of no confidence – by councillor and/or public vote - is required in the Gang of Four: Messrs Latchford, Ezekiel, Samuel and White as endangering the public though mismanagement of controls Manston airport, notably removal of noise and air monitors from 2005/2006. Failed to provide full monitoring and other repeated breaches eg water pollution, broken radar, banned EU aircraft, loop training flights. The recommendation is dismissal from office with no payoffs, no pension sand a restriction on future public sector jobs.”

Also presumably there is a simple “public recall” option of 25% of the vote for councillors and civil servants for RTC and TDC?

Civil servants tend not to be included in most public recall votes for some reason: maybe they’re writing the rules for the councillors.

Is there an agenda for RTC on Thor, Sericol etc etc?

Monday, 7 September 2009

Infratil: the smell of death - RTC meeting tonight: if still scheduled

No, not the Flybe plane yesterday that on a Sunday circulated over all the Thanet towns. It looked to be a 737 with a few tons of kerosene fuel; to shed over the people and beaches. The musicians on the Broadstairs bandstand had to pause every so often as it circulated.

Clearly someone better at maths than I could work out exactly how many tons of fuel and likely cancer effect. Factor in that this Sunday afternoon promenade for a single pilot would deliver nothing to the Thanet economy except work for nurses and undertakers and you do wonder what our councillors and civil servants have been doing on public time and money – to protect the public rather than their careers or aviation fantasies.

As Infratil and the Gang of Four’s Manston plans limp into oblivion wioth the smell of death upon them, and marked only by the ring of another bomb scare at TDC forcing the civil servants out into the fresh air, the time must be ripe for a consultation.
Not on night flights, that would be a “water is wet” debate, (does anybody know anyone who is in favour of night flights?) One person? As with Saved and save-wye we seem to have a small cabal of civil servants and councillors providing vague or false information to hustle through glory projects) but in stead we need a consultation on the performance of our civil servants and councillors.

Meetings of the public are being established to discuss performance of our civil servants and councillors.
I’ve lodged a Vote of No Confidence with Mayor Dave at Ramsgate Town Council as of a fortnight ago, to start the council discussion. Night flights are also on the agenda at RTC – probably a very short “debate” – but no sign of the early death rate or Thor mercury debate.
Because of course our councillors and civil servants have done nothing about them for years.

Here’s the Vote of No Confidence:

Hi Dave

Can you ensure this resolution is included in the Ramsgate Town Council and/or TDC agenda please:

“A vote of no confidence – by councillor and/or public vote - is required in the Gang of Four: Messrs Latchford, Ezekiel, Samuel and White as endangering the public though mismanagement of controls Manston airport, notably removal of noise and air monitors from 2005/2006. Failed to provide full monitoring and other repeated breaches eg water pollution, broken radar, banned EU aircraft, loop training flights. The recommendation is dismissal from office with no payoffs, no pension sand a restriction on future public sector jobs.”

Also presumably there is a simple “public recall” option of 25% of the vote for councillors and civil servants for RTC and TDC?

Civil servants tend not to be included in most public recall votes for some reason: maybe they’re writing the rules for the councillors.

Is there an agenda for RTC on Thor, Sericol etc etc?

Kindest regards.

Please feel free to email it to:

For discussion at the TDC Cabinet meeting next week – it wouldn’t be ignored and sidelined again by our public officials would it?

I sense Brian is not long for his Director of Environment/Regeneration/Don’tsackme” ever-changing job-title and role and Richard has a ticket booked for Chatham to the “Kent and Medway Chief Executives” organisation (any councillors or FOI requestors know the costs of this strange organisation or the similar EKO?) both seem a quango for ousted civil servants. I’m not sure what the pay-off cost for these two would be – if any payoff or pension is required.

Poisoning your own citizens - by removing noise and air monitors and water pollution - this side of Nazi Germany seems grounds for instant dismissal.

If our cosy club of councillors had any backbone or balls or brains rather than letting the public raise these issues for them.

Failed. Failed. Failed.
Time for Change.

Friday, 4 September 2009

Nein Kolonel Latchford!

Nein to ChinaGateway: it seems extremely foolish for Kolonel Latchford to be still marching in step with the China Gateway crew.

Dodgy trips to China for fake conferences and Tesco bags of receipts.

Fake dual political donations for Thanet’s largest-ever Planning application and huge public protests that resulted in it being approved by being kicked into the long grass.

Herr Kolonel seems to have forgotten the 130,000 people that own ChinaGateway already.

And if ChinaGate is such a terrific idea then build it at Richboro on the contaminated land.

I’d certainly like an FOI/EIR copy of any contract signed by EKO which merely comprises the good Kolonel with other TDC and KCC officials if costs are a problem at TDC why these secretive and extra-costly mini quangos comprised of the existing council officials?

Unless the air is to lend a veneer of objectivity to the Planning process and hustle it all though.

People may remember “Save Wye” and David Hewson’s book “Saved” on the planning hustle by KCC, Ashford Council and Imperial College to build hundreds of houses on Wye’s AONB and greenbelt – all without telling the public or council until it was already “approved”.

The local councillors were mere cyphers for County policy and Planning.

Nein Kolonel.

And nein to Pleasurama.

Vague plans over the cliffs and vague bonds from Caribbean tax havens and now Swiss Banks in Geneva.

Maybe we need to set up a Kent Corruption Allowance that could place all Thanet’s corruption in one place for easier audit:

# the mysterious SFP Caribbean’s/Swiss bank: don’t tell the National Audit Office or Met – they take a dim view of that sort of thing Kolonel
# what skim off the top are SFP taking and what are Cardy being paid?
# CGP/CGI’s dual political donations
# Panama Steve’s council expenses: were other meetings signed in when he was AWOL Kolonel? Who has been doing the signing in?
# strange 0% but 30% council pay-rises
# council tax budgets switched between the 3 towns
# the missing 106 noise monitoring – and fines

Nein Kolonel Latchford.
Democracy at Thanet seems to be a moveable feast to whatever you and Sandy want it to be.

The Turner will open to the rubble of Dreamland – and now after several years – perhaps a Tesco. Is that it? A Tesco? And some housing. Ah.

Maybe a 4th town centre in the town centre?

It looks like the Town Planners are leading you and Sandy “we’ll have to sell assets but not cut civil servants costs” Ezekiel by the nose.

750 staff. £22M payroll. £30k average salary. For what?

And with lung cancer and an early death rate to Third World standards it’s difficult to see what you and the Gang of Four have actually done?




Time for you and the Gang of Four to go: a Vote of No Confidence and “recall” is provided to Ramsgate Town Council for discussion.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Free Margate!

With every Chinese takeaway. A side order of lung cancer too.

A video link to Ken Wills of CGP (now CGI China Gateway Investments) for ChinaGateway: I think for just Manston now rather than Wigan and Dover too. Not sure if it’s funded by CGP as a division or a separate company.

The Chinese delegation is a mix of UNIDO the UN poverty agency – bizarrely bailing out Kent rather than Bangladesh: SEEDA did sign up for this but then the Chairman got fired.

Not good.

UN Poverty Agency for Kent.

Not good.

And the Chinese Friendship Cultural Committee – a government quango: a little like the Arts Council but with human rights abuses.

Clearly though this is less any grand political event and more a quick deal on the public’s ChinaGate land around Manston for cargo warehouses.

No-one’s quite sure as no-one quite knows what it is.

Vague talk of Jobs!!!!!!!!! Thousands. Millions.

And bizarre talk of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in Kent.

Sounds to me like a good old-fashioned property deal: buy the council land and sell it on. Until it’s left derelict.

If I was Ken I’d say it’s not just the Chinese but the Russians involved too.

To buy Manston.

I’m not quite sure why TDC haven’t organised this sort of degeneration themselves.

Unless they’re no good at it.

Any fool can sell off public land cheap.

Our councillors may not cost much but they can certainly waste public funds and bloat the civil service.

EKO doesn’t count as that’s the council staff under a different mini-quango name with extra costs.

And the whole construction element would be built on farmland - and the drinking water.

One Chinese takeaway to throw in the bin.

Next to the March/September/Election Ferry.
Grupo Antolin.

Pearce Signs.


Infratil – jobs by removing the noise and air monitor safety standards.

Roger Gale’s Manston Olympic airport nonsense.

Thor mercury.

SFP Pleasurama/Caribbean/Swiss Bank.

Don’t tell the Chinese about the lung cancer or early death rate – which is worse than China.

Surely there must be regeneration efforts closer to home than these kind of airy-fairy, white elephant, glory projects?

A trip to England for the Chinese, a swan about for the politicians, a cost to the public – and years before anything would happen.

If it ever did.

What other regeneration projects are in hand at TDC besides the above?

What does ChinaGate cost the public in Council and Police time and money?

And missed opportunities?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

As MP I will:

# Close Manston aerodrome and decontaminate the water
# Axe ChinaGate completely and ban construction on the water supply
# Axe Pleasurama for New Pleasurama
# Urge CGP/CGI and Pfizer to invest in Richboro for the Malaria UNMDG
# Make public all TDC, KCC and SEEDA regeneration projects

And a side order of lung cancer:$AirportWorkingPartyMinutes19May2009.doc.htm

Some flannel above on the breaches at Manston and removal of noise and air monitors.

While this flannel is going on : how many deaths or ill-health from pollution since 2006?

How many this year? How many this month?

Answers on a burnt child's lung to Richard Samuel c/o TDC-Infratil, New Zealand.