Monday, 7 September 2009

Infratil: the smell of death - RTC meeting tonight: if still scheduled

No, not the Flybe plane yesterday that on a Sunday circulated over all the Thanet towns. It looked to be a 737 with a few tons of kerosene fuel; to shed over the people and beaches. The musicians on the Broadstairs bandstand had to pause every so often as it circulated.

Clearly someone better at maths than I could work out exactly how many tons of fuel and likely cancer effect. Factor in that this Sunday afternoon promenade for a single pilot would deliver nothing to the Thanet economy except work for nurses and undertakers and you do wonder what our councillors and civil servants have been doing on public time and money – to protect the public rather than their careers or aviation fantasies.

As Infratil and the Gang of Four’s Manston plans limp into oblivion wioth the smell of death upon them, and marked only by the ring of another bomb scare at TDC forcing the civil servants out into the fresh air, the time must be ripe for a consultation.
Not on night flights, that would be a “water is wet” debate, (does anybody know anyone who is in favour of night flights?) One person? As with Saved and save-wye we seem to have a small cabal of civil servants and councillors providing vague or false information to hustle through glory projects) but in stead we need a consultation on the performance of our civil servants and councillors.

Meetings of the public are being established to discuss performance of our civil servants and councillors.
I’ve lodged a Vote of No Confidence with Mayor Dave at Ramsgate Town Council as of a fortnight ago, to start the council discussion. Night flights are also on the agenda at RTC – probably a very short “debate” – but no sign of the early death rate or Thor mercury debate.
Because of course our councillors and civil servants have done nothing about them for years.

Here’s the Vote of No Confidence:

Hi Dave

Can you ensure this resolution is included in the Ramsgate Town Council and/or TDC agenda please:

“A vote of no confidence – by councillor and/or public vote - is required in the Gang of Four: Messrs Latchford, Ezekiel, Samuel and White as endangering the public though mismanagement of controls Manston airport, notably removal of noise and air monitors from 2005/2006. Failed to provide full monitoring and other repeated breaches eg water pollution, broken radar, banned EU aircraft, loop training flights. The recommendation is dismissal from office with no payoffs, no pension sand a restriction on future public sector jobs.”

Also presumably there is a simple “public recall” option of 25% of the vote for councillors and civil servants for RTC and TDC?

Civil servants tend not to be included in most public recall votes for some reason: maybe they’re writing the rules for the councillors.

Is there an agenda for RTC on Thor, Sericol etc etc?

Kindest regards.

Please feel free to email it to:

For discussion at the TDC Cabinet meeting next week – it wouldn’t be ignored and sidelined again by our public officials would it?

I sense Brian is not long for his Director of Environment/Regeneration/Don’tsackme” ever-changing job-title and role and Richard has a ticket booked for Chatham to the “Kent and Medway Chief Executives” organisation (any councillors or FOI requestors know the costs of this strange organisation or the similar EKO?) both seem a quango for ousted civil servants. I’m not sure what the pay-off cost for these two would be – if any payoff or pension is required.

Poisoning your own citizens - by removing noise and air monitors and water pollution - this side of Nazi Germany seems grounds for instant dismissal.

If our cosy club of councillors had any backbone or balls or brains rather than letting the public raise these issues for them.

Failed. Failed. Failed.
Time for Change.

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