Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Free Margate!

With every Chinese takeaway. A side order of lung cancer too.

A video link to Ken Wills of CGP (now CGI China Gateway Investments) for ChinaGateway: I think for just Manston now rather than Wigan and Dover too. Not sure if it’s funded by CGP as a division or a separate company.


The Chinese delegation is a mix of UNIDO the UN poverty agency – bizarrely bailing out Kent rather than Bangladesh: SEEDA did sign up for this but then the Chairman got fired.

Not good.

UN Poverty Agency for Kent.

Not good.

And the Chinese Friendship Cultural Committee – a government quango: a little like the Arts Council but with human rights abuses.

Clearly though this is less any grand political event and more a quick deal on the public’s ChinaGate land around Manston for cargo warehouses.

No-one’s quite sure as no-one quite knows what it is.

Vague talk of Jobs!!!!!!!!! Thousands. Millions.

And bizarre talk of Chinese mobile phone manufacturers in Kent.

Sounds to me like a good old-fashioned property deal: buy the council land and sell it on. Until it’s left derelict.

If I was Ken I’d say it’s not just the Chinese but the Russians involved too.

To buy Manston.

I’m not quite sure why TDC haven’t organised this sort of degeneration themselves.

Unless they’re no good at it.

Any fool can sell off public land cheap.

Our councillors may not cost much but they can certainly waste public funds and bloat the civil service.

EKO doesn’t count as that’s the council staff under a different mini-quango name with extra costs.

And the whole construction element would be built on farmland - and the drinking water.

One Chinese takeaway to throw in the bin.

Next to the March/September/Election Ferry.
Grupo Antolin.

Pearce Signs.


Infratil – jobs by removing the noise and air monitor safety standards.

Roger Gale’s Manston Olympic airport nonsense.

Thor mercury.

SFP Pleasurama/Caribbean/Swiss Bank.

Don’t tell the Chinese about the lung cancer or early death rate – which is worse than China.

Surely there must be regeneration efforts closer to home than these kind of airy-fairy, white elephant, glory projects?

A trip to England for the Chinese, a swan about for the politicians, a cost to the public – and years before anything would happen.

If it ever did.

What other regeneration projects are in hand at TDC besides the above?

What does ChinaGate cost the public in Council and Police time and money?

And missed opportunities?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

As MP I will:

# Close Manston aerodrome and decontaminate the water
# Axe ChinaGate completely and ban construction on the water supply
# Axe Pleasurama for New Pleasurama
# Urge CGP/CGI and Pfizer to invest in Richboro for the Malaria UNMDG
# Make public all TDC, KCC and SEEDA regeneration projects

And a side order of lung cancer:


Some flannel above on the breaches at Manston and removal of noise and air monitors.

While this flannel is going on : how many deaths or ill-health from pollution since 2006?

How many this year? How many this month?

Answers on a burnt child's lung to Richard Samuel c/o TDC-Infratil, New Zealand.

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