Thursday, 17 September 2009

Night flights for Thanet. Lung cancer for all.

Night flights for Thanet. Lung cancer for all.$

A bit of nonsense with the draft airport consultation plan – it’s got the sticky fingers of the Gang of Four all over it.

The airport's dead in the water but the longer they drag it out the more paycheques they collect.

By my reckoning the 6 month consultation period actually boils down to a postal vote and 6 days of roadshows – with one half day in Central Ramsgate.

Yet bizarrely 2 days in Margate.

Maybe that’s to fully explain that the air pollution drifts over all Thanet causing lung cancer for everyone. And as far afield as Canterbury, Sandwich, Deal, and Herne Bay.

And have we all not had enough of our District council being simply a political football. One election term all the money’s spent in Margate. The next it’s all spent in Ramsgate.

No wonder most people think politicians are scum.

Their only remit is delay, deceit and bullshot.

£60M in council tax a year and their best approach is a windfarm because it’s windy. An airport because it was n RAF base and has repeatedly failed. And selling council land to safeguard civil servant salaries.

Whatever happened to District-wide planning by District councils and County-wide planning by County councils rather than pork-barrel politics of dump all the crud at the coast.

Now we have it writ small with the only regeneration project being the airport – even though it’s built on the water supply and lung cancer is at Third World rates in the area.

Next we’ll have Steve Ladyman plopping out his Labour Party research that people without a job want jobs. Therefore the airport is a great idea.

Opposite Ostend cargo airport and 5 minutes fly-time to 4 of Europe’s business airports around London.

That can only be kept open by refusing to provide full noise and air monitoring in the town centres.

Julian Brazier MP opposes night flights. Laura Sandys is sort of maybe against them unless something or other.

Have any councillors publicly said they’re against or for night flights? Or the noise and air monitoring? Or Thor mercury?

And who’s paying for this consultation on Infratil and TDC’s night flights? The taxpayer or Infratil?

And exactly what regeneration projects are there beyond this farce? An asbestos factory? No. A windfarm with 20 jobs. The Turner with perhaps 30 jobs. A ferry. Who knows: 20 jobs.

In 5 years. 10 years already and as long again.

Except TDC itself which has grown by 25% from 600 jobs to 780 jobs in 3 years because there are no other jobs and more people are needed to sort out the complaints.

And the only piece of information now not revealed to the public or councillors? The civil servants salaries and pensions and expenses. Well I never.

The only piece of councillor information now not published? Broadcasting meetings. Parliament manages it and KCC but not TDC. Impossible. Or maybe a pilot programme of delay. And no information on the whip authorisations on votes.

No political or civil service glory careers from this mess.

What have they been doing? Recording the decline? Insulting each other?

And not a mention of lung cancer, air pollution or faked noise and air monitoring by our civil servants and councillors. From 2005 and before. Deliberate and repeated deceit.

Resignation time for Roger and Sandy and Brian and Richard.

No payoffs, no pensions, no public sector jobs.

No votes in poisoning your own citizens.

Not this side of Nazi Germany anyway.

200 votes so far on the petition against night flights, sign away if you can – shall we also assume it’s a vote of no confidence in the Gang of Four as it’s impossible for the public to raise questions and items onto council agendas:

A council for councillors and civil servants not the public but paid for by the public. Now and later.

Tomorrow my views on TDC's vision: most iof it's pretty good apart from it relies only on the airport to provide jobs. An airport built on the drinking water. With rocketing lung cancer rates and opposite Ostend cargo airport and 5 minutes fly-time from Heathrow and Gatwick. And failed over 10 years without RAF support. With the noise and air monitors removed. I've still had no explanation of the 1,750 death rate. Whether that's the annual rate or the early death rate or some other guesstimate.

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