Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Infratil Cancer Consultation Farce

The Thanet Times has detailed how Thanet’s councillors have now requested Infratil to clarify the confusion over their night flight request.

I wonder how much council time and money has been wasted on this farce – after all Infratil announced the request with TDC at a press conference only a few weeks ago.
There was no confusion then or now:

# extending night flights by an extra 90 minutes from 6am to 11:30pm
# allowing an unknown “Brian quota” of flights by noise rating at any time night or day

Clearly the burble and backtracking means Infratil is not only a dead duck but TDC looks the same way.

Certainly KCC have now walked away from the airport built on the drinking water. And mere cargo flights form Ostend.

Removing noise and air monitors and pretending that monitoring has been done.

No wonder cancer levels are the highest in Kent.

And only Infratil could assume that a trainee air traffic controller to supervise training flights by trainee pilots over towns is a good thing.

Have our council officials and councillors been working hand in glove with Infratil employees to ease back on the safety measures to for supposed regeneration?


After all the same lack of noise and air monitoring happened under EUJet and Planestation, And the same farcical consultations even after EUJet began flying.

What exactly are we now being consulted on?


Safety measures?


The extra 90 minute “shoulder period”?

The noise quota?

A noise quota for day and night?

Just for the night?

The general incompetence of the Gang of Four?

The lack of a contaminated land cleanup strategy. Thor mercury closing after poisoning several workers and the water table but not closing. For 20 years.

Time for Messrs Samuel, White, Latchford and Ezekiel to resign.
They’re incompetent.
They’re endangering the public.

They’ve let the towns and themselves down.

Mere bumf, bullshot and bluster.

And still Infratil overfly the towns poisoning the public and the water supply while the Gang of Four burble and cover their own backsides.

And silence form the councillors.

And silence from the MP’s.

Let’s hope the EU investigation into Infratil ensures there’s no Brian McWhite at Infratil Prestwick in Scotland. Or a Richard McSamuel. Or a Roger McLatchford. Or a Sandy McEzekiel poisoning their own citizens.

No pensions.

No payoffs.

No public sector jobs.


The 4th Ramsgate Town Council meeting is on 5th October, 7pm at Albion House for an update on Infratil, Thor and Richboro pollution, the 11 year early death rate, TDC £22M payroll and £60M town budgets and regeneration.

Video cameras, mobile phone video and voice recorders welcome if the webcam-broadcasting still isn’t working.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change

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