Monday, 14 September 2009

Thor, Margate: Drink deep.

The first link doesn't always work but can be clicked through from the 2nd link. Samples of "Bhopal (B'eaupal) Water" provided to Dow Chemicals to have a taste.

Dow refused a taste.

I would too. It's poisonous. Even droplets on your skin. Even breathing it in.

Clealry Thor isn't as dangerous as Bhopal where 20,000 died straight away and then many more thousands each year from polluted water and soil: genetic birth defects, cancer etc.

Only 2-3 workers died at Thor Margate and a dozen at Thor South Africa.

Althougfh Thor margte didn't close in 1988 as it should have done. The Environment Agency issued permits to pollute - or at least store chemicals.

Hence the Thor Margate fire in 2007 and the water at the site has spread beyond the factory.

The Environment Agency are cleaning the site they using Thor.

Silence from councillors.

Silence from civil servants.

Silence now from MP's

Silence from Kent Police.


The highest lung cancer rate in Kent.

The most polluted water in the South East.

Drink deep.

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