Friday, 4 September 2009

Nein Kolonel Latchford!

Nein to ChinaGateway: it seems extremely foolish for Kolonel Latchford to be still marching in step with the China Gateway crew.

Dodgy trips to China for fake conferences and Tesco bags of receipts.

Fake dual political donations for Thanet’s largest-ever Planning application and huge public protests that resulted in it being approved by being kicked into the long grass.

Herr Kolonel seems to have forgotten the 130,000 people that own ChinaGateway already.

And if ChinaGate is such a terrific idea then build it at Richboro on the contaminated land.

I’d certainly like an FOI/EIR copy of any contract signed by EKO which merely comprises the good Kolonel with other TDC and KCC officials if costs are a problem at TDC why these secretive and extra-costly mini quangos comprised of the existing council officials?

Unless the air is to lend a veneer of objectivity to the Planning process and hustle it all though.

People may remember “Save Wye” and David Hewson’s book “Saved” on the planning hustle by KCC, Ashford Council and Imperial College to build hundreds of houses on Wye’s AONB and greenbelt – all without telling the public or council until it was already “approved”.

The local councillors were mere cyphers for County policy and Planning.

Nein Kolonel.

And nein to Pleasurama.

Vague plans over the cliffs and vague bonds from Caribbean tax havens and now Swiss Banks in Geneva.

Maybe we need to set up a Kent Corruption Allowance that could place all Thanet’s corruption in one place for easier audit:

# the mysterious SFP Caribbean’s/Swiss bank: don’t tell the National Audit Office or Met – they take a dim view of that sort of thing Kolonel
# what skim off the top are SFP taking and what are Cardy being paid?
# CGP/CGI’s dual political donations
# Panama Steve’s council expenses: were other meetings signed in when he was AWOL Kolonel? Who has been doing the signing in?
# strange 0% but 30% council pay-rises
# council tax budgets switched between the 3 towns
# the missing 106 noise monitoring – and fines

Nein Kolonel Latchford.
Democracy at Thanet seems to be a moveable feast to whatever you and Sandy want it to be.

The Turner will open to the rubble of Dreamland – and now after several years – perhaps a Tesco. Is that it? A Tesco? And some housing. Ah.

Maybe a 4th town centre in the town centre?

It looks like the Town Planners are leading you and Sandy “we’ll have to sell assets but not cut civil servants costs” Ezekiel by the nose.

750 staff. £22M payroll. £30k average salary. For what?

And with lung cancer and an early death rate to Third World standards it’s difficult to see what you and the Gang of Four have actually done?




Time for you and the Gang of Four to go: a Vote of No Confidence and “recall” is provided to Ramsgate Town Council for discussion.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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