Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What now for Messrs Samuel and White?

The collapse of Manston means they carry the can for failure.

A payrise.

A new jobtitle.

A pension increase.

A nod and a wink.

But where is the criminal investigation into removing noise and air monitors?

Removed from Clarendon school and a tower block. And never replaced.

Mobile monitors specified and repeatedly requested by KIACC. But never provided.

The only question is did they decide to do it themselves or did the politicians request them to do it and keep quiet.

Can they expect a further lavish payoff and pensions from the taxpayer - to keep their silence.

Certainly with the council-approved 106 detailing all the health and safety requirements at Manston – but almost none of them implemented for year after year – and no council approval to remove them it looks as though the full responsibility is theirs.

And silence on Thor mercury and Richboro - what exactly are the pollution levels?

Or will our silent councillors speak up on their behalf?

Who did authorise the removal of monitors and why were they not replaced. Year after year.

Why have they not called a review committee into civil servant performance and the missing monitors at Manston?

Why have the Police not taken statements?

Obviously removing the safety measures at an airport slated for expansion is a serious matter: cancer, shortened lives and so on.

Our councillors must have known.

And our MP’s.

Why the silence?

When will Gale and Sandys speak up?

Politicians can be delisted or recalled with 10% of the vote - but why the silence?

The public doesn’t fund elected officials with houses and salaries and pensions and holidays and expenses to remain silent.

When will we have a public statement.

Are the public really expected to sicken and die while funding our public representatives to remain silent?

We seem to have ongoing corruption with fake 0% payrises and tax haven contracts at Pleasurama.

And do we now have a new Deputy Chief Executive at TDC with a further increase in salary? How silly.

And only dumb silence.

Or do we have mere fools and knaves running the council and handling public funds?

To provide dereliction, cancer and stagnation.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

The cancer of Manston

A video below on airport pollution and protests in USA.


Toxic fumes.

Lung cancer.

All the things you’d expect.

Yet there we have a councillor speaking out about the toxic effects: illness, early death and so on:

"We'd like to see the jets be banned now. The toxicity from those jets with no buffer zone is literally killing our folks in this area. It is a huge, huge health issue," said L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

Yet at Manston silence.

Clearly an airport produces pollution.

That’s why TDC and Manston have produced the 106 operating guidelines: noise monitors, air monitors, mobile monitors for the town centre, flight zones away from the towns, night flight bans and so on.

So why have these been removed?

Noise monitors removed by TDC and Infratil in 2006.

Banned flights eg Antonovs: too dangerous for European airspace
Mobile monitors never provide for the town centres.

Air monitors sited at the rural end of the runway.

Regular and repeated overflights of the town centres.

Yet none of these breaches of the 1067 have ever been debated or agreed by the council.

Rather what’s happened is the Toxic There of Samuel, White and Latchford have deliberately and repeatedly over several years downgraded and removed the safety measures and encouraged Infratil not to replace them - but to increase flights.

Noise monitors removed form Clarendon school.

Removed from a tower block.

Documents released under the FOI refer to “political decisions to direct flights to different ends of the runway” – essentially switching the flights as complaints and the danger arose. And then removing monitors.

From the fake consultation for EUJet in 2005 suddenly allowing flights without a 6 month consultation to just last year and attempts to removed the benzene monitor and introduce night flights again without a consultation the Toxic Three of Samuel, White and Latchford have done their best to ignore the very real dangers to the public.

Lung cancer.



Rare and unusual cancers.

And only silence form 56 councillors.

Silence from Gale and Sandys.

Silence now from Paul Carter and the Parkway railway station.

Bruce-Lockhart of KCC resigns.

Gilroy of KCC resigns.

Ladyman ousted.

Ezekiel resigns.

Yet the Toxic Three remain.

Presumably they can pass the buck to junior staff, to KCC or to the Airport Committee.

Yet they were the members of KIACC as well as the Cabinet and Executive heads at TDC.

It’s not that they didn’t know they refused to act.

Last year’s consultation on night flights was announced in August to trigger a consultation within 6 months. Quickly this was fudged and changed by TDC due to public anger and protests.

So for a year planes have continued to breach all the regulations.

Flights and fines simply being ignored and non-existent and downgraded monitoring taking place.

KIACC simply dropped.

Looks like political and civil service face-saving taking priority over public health.

And still the planes fly over the towns.

And land on the drinking water supply.

And then Samuel and White vote themselves fraudulent 0% payrises – presumably on the basis that that’s they only way they can get them through.

We seem to have the deliberate and repeated corporate manslaughter of the public through inaction.

Surely these fools should be sacked: no pensions, no payoffs, repay their fake payrises with fines, no public sector jobs and face criminal charges.

What will the TDC staff be thinking as they breathe the pollution?

The silence of councillors can be expected?

The silence of MP’s can be expected?

This is how the civil service behaves?

What will the public expect: an airport developing by removing safety controls?

And the real danger of lung cancer?

Where are the NHS statistics on cancers by East Kent NHS?

Where are the monitor reports and flight logs?

Tracy Emin calls for a Government Inquiry into Margate - and shouldn't this include Manston?

All because Messrs Latchford, White and Samuel thought they’d ignore their own safety guidelines.

When will we hear from Gale and Sandys?

Thursday, 22 July 2010

0% corruption Messrs Samuel and White

Why are Richard Samuel and Brian White still working for TDC?

As importantly why do we have only silence from our councillors, MP’s and civil servants?

Messrs White and Samuel along with Roger Latchford were members and leaders of KIACC the organisation representing the public at Manston and deliberately and repeatedly lied over noise and air monitoring.

Infratil removed the noise and air monitors as part of TDC and KCC plans to expand the airport from 2006.

Both KCC and TDC repeatedly denied plans to expand the airport.

And Messrs White and Samuel repeatedly refused to explain the missing monitoring.

Even this time last year the Toxic Three were raising the issue of night flights and suddenly finding £80k to “consult” with the public. Public complaints and the fake consultation rolls away to be tried another day.

And then Messrs White and Samuel have the gall to give themselves 0% fraudulent payrises. Announcing to the public no payrises but awarding themselves thousands of pounds.

Deliberate lies to the public and deliberate fraud of public funds.

Still no explanation on the missing Tram Shelter insurance money or the Disabled grants switched into office repairs for our civil servants.

No expanation yet on the Pleasurama tax haven and Swiss bank accounts.

A culture of deceit and secrecy whereby they’re happy to poison and mislead the public and even now remain silent on Thor mercury and the toxin levels.

Silence from Gale and Sandys - are our MP’s happy to take half a million pounds of public funds in salaries and expenses and stay silent on blatant public corruption and cancer rates.

Here’s a link to “The Cove” film http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Cove_(film)
showing a local town council and officials in Tiaiji in Japan covering up not just the slaughter of dolphins. But repackaging dolphin meat as whale meat – with high levels of mercury.

The Japanese public were horrified to learn they were eating dolphin meat and by default allowing the slaughter of dolphins.

The government official of course repeatedly denied it all until shown video. And then found out he had mercury poisoning himself.

The government-to-government organisation on whaling shows 1,000 whales killed. But not the 23,000 dolphins killed. And then Japan buying off small and non-whaling nations such as St Kitts to repeal the ban.

Bizarrely they’ve funded the support of Laos for whaling. A landlocked nation.

Why was Thor mercury in Margate banned in 1988 – but remained open. And Roger Gale quoted as “nothing to worry about” and “excellent management of the airport”. All complete nonsense.

Thor may still be operating. Will Roger open the site to cameras?

And then blaming the public for Thanet’s shoddy water supplies – for pouring paint down the sink.

And still the planes fly over the town and onto the water supply under the runway.

All banned under the 106 and regulated by the Toxic Three.

We seem to be funding liars and fools on the rates. Such liars and fools that the only way they think they can get a payrise is by defrauding the public.

Why are we employing the Toxic Three again? To poison us? To steal from us? Selling off public land and permits for unnecessary housing? Selling off greenbelt and gardens and sportsfields rather than brownfield land?

And now mere Buggins turn with Bob Bayford.

Surely the Leader should take the lead:

• sack the Toxic Three: no pensions, no payoffs, no public sector jobs
• repay the stolen 0% fraud funds
• establish Margate Town Council to end the ludicrous miniMargateism of switching funds between towns: we have councillors that can’t govern a District
• refund the Disabled grants and Tram Shelter funds
• end the bloat of councillors and civil servants simply funding themselves for failure
• continue public web broadcasts of council meetings without editing and censoring – as Parliament has done for 20 years
• end “on the pink” censored information and barring the public and press from meetings
• publish the 0% before and after payslips and expenses – it might even be a higher payrise if Messrs White and Samuel are simply cross-signing each others expenses
• publish air and noise and water and light pollution records – signed off by the Police and NHS
• publish coroner and NHS records to begin mercury and aviation fuel bloodtest screenings

Why do we fund these fools and knaves?

And still the planers fly - drenching the public in aviation fuel and landing on the drinking water supply.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


A letter today in Your Thanet (P.14) on the water problems at Manston:


Dear Editor

Something seems to have gone seriously wrong with Thanet’s water supply.

Already the aquifer at Manston is topped up with water from East Kent.

We have Thanet Earth’s greenhouses-on-farmland now trucking in thousands of litres of water to replenish their “lagoons” of Thanet’s aquifer.

The Manston Fire Station is lighting 1,009 fires to put out with Thanet’s water and pouring thousands of litres of chemical foam into the sewers.

And Manston airport is built over the underground drinking water reservoir and repeatedly polluting both that and Pegwell Bay.

The needs of thousands of residents seem held hostage to a few organisations and many of them funded from public funds.

Are our pensioner-politicians asleep or simply happy to pollute both themselves, their families and their grandchildren?

Or are they simply incompetent with no control over the civil servants?

Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate

Monday, 12 July 2010

Windy council

Surely Vattenfall the owners of the £780M windfarm, now the world’s largest, just offshore of the Blue Flag beaches of Thanet can help the area.

Surely there needs to be a review of the tiny £175,000 planning payment agreed by Brian White at Thanet Council and the need for a 2nd office block and warehouse at the semi-derelict and disused Port.

Any competent council would provide a proper funding plan, a 6 month consultation for future expansion including line-of-sight demonstrations, free electricity for every home, a review of wind and wave technology, a solar panel for every home given this is one of the sunniest and not windiest parts of Britain – and the electricity can be recharged back to the National Grid and funding the Maritime Museum. Along with Port air and noise and water monitoring.

And why are offices being built in a Port given the empty offices around Thanet and derelict reactor at Richboro? Vattenfall itself claims only c.20 jobs to be provided in future.

How much has the publc land and facilites at the Port been sold for? We seem to have council officials that when they're not fiddling their 0% pay rises are agreeing flaky projects and feeble amounts of funding that then disappears into the general TDC salary pot for pay rises for failure. nd can only be approved by witholding the details from the public or hustling decisions through at the last minute.

And our councillors sit there and watch it happening.

Why hasn't the development and contracts at the Port been called in for scrutiny?

Vattenfall seem an excellent company - but as with Infratil’s “some village hall chairs and a DVD for cancer” – the community benefit doesn’t really cover the cost of using the public’s land entrusted to the council. Nor why repairs to the Port and Vattenfall land are currently being funded by the local taxpayer.

There’s nothing wrong with providing electricity to London and the rest of Kent and helping stop the planet burning from Climate Change but shouldn’t we share in our natural assets with Vattenfall?

Friday, 9 July 2010

Manston mess Leader Bayford

Let's not ask why there is no KIACC the public commitee for Manston any more. Not why Manston would only want to reinstigate it once flights had reached a certain level. Cheaper that way. Vested interests involved then.

And no awkward questions on cancer. Until it's too late.

Let's not ask why Richard "Tricky Dicky" Samuel quickly resigned as Chair of KIACC at the time of the monitors being removed.

Let's not ask why Brian Whitewash and Latchford gave no reasons not to provide monitors - except barefaced lies.

And now we have the cull of Infratil's managers: one empty bullshotter after another leaves Manston.

Just as Infratil leaves Lubeck Germany and Infratil itself becomes a bus company.

So why have our scum civil servants and scoundrel politicians such as the Toxic Three of Latchford, Samuel and White allowed repeated overflights of the towns and onto the water supply?

Silence from Gale and Sandys.

All in breach of the 106 airport operating guidelines.

And emission levels over 4x EU levels.

And more importantly why have they remained silent?

Defending their Party? Defending the Civil service? Defending their pensions?

What will you do Leader Bayford?

Continue town overflights and continued pollution or the risk of a crash?

Land flights on the drinking water with the risk of a crash and contaminating the water supply?

Or close the airport?

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Jail time for the Toxic Three

It does make you wonder how feeble our civil service and Police are.

Here we have 2 senior civil servants awarding themselves fake 0% pay rises – if that’s not a fraudulent misuse of public funds I’m not sure what is. And quite deliberate and designed to camouflage the real c.10% payrises from the public and councillors.

More importantly we have Infratil specifically regulated with the 106 airport guidelines not to fly over the towns, not to breach operating curfews and not to dump derelict aircraft.

Yet all these are repeatedly and blatantly flouted.

And not one council vote has been taken to waive these requirements for public health and safety.

But you know and I know that our councillors and senior civil servants have with a nod and a wink decided not to enforce the 106.

The fools even thought they'd develop a 24 hour cargo airport - and using public funds.

Even to the extent of removing the noise monitors that are required.

Aside from our scoundrel civil servants what kind of grubby little councillors have we allowed to supervise public funds and actions?

With the airport built on the water supply and over 1,000 practice fires and 92,000 litres of chemical foam each year (a thousand litres for every man woman and child in Thanet - or 3 litres a day per person!) from the Fire Station - we have the stench of blatant corruption, incompetence and deliberate endangerment of the public.

From 2005 and the fake EUJet consultation that began after the planes flew.

2006 and the removal of monitors.

2007 the failed KCC USA flights and banned aircraft breaching EU airspace.

2008 and 2009 the last attempts to hustle through night flights.

Silence from Gale.

Silence from Sandys.

Silence from KCC Cabinet.

Silence from 56 District councillors.

Silence from 8 County Councillors

Silence from dozens of Town Councillors.

All of them drinking the water and breathing the air that they’ve allowed to be polluted – in breach of all the required regulations.

We seem to have a cosy cover-up between the Toxic Three of Latchford, White and Samuel – all of them senior members of the KIACC airport public body.

All of them in charge at TDC.

And all of them not only removed monitors but refused to replace them. And by their silence seem to think they’ll continue not to provide an explanation.

No council vote.

No public petition.

Merely a dozen jobs at the airport and ludicrous claims for more – but only if the safety measures are fudged and downgraded.

Nothing to remove or downgrade the airport safety measures. And then they pay themselves fake 0% payrises.

We seem to have the criminals in the council offices.

The planes continue to fly and pollute at low levels - one of the highest instances of causing cancer eg emissions are now over 4x the EU limit.

Our civil servants and politicians seem to be scrambling to save face and whitewash but not to protect the public.

Unfortunately for them that’s illegal.

Carrying a jail sentence.

It’s not using your mobile in the car.

Or dropping litter.

Or parking on double yellow lines.

It’s deliberate fraud of public funds and false statements.

And deliberate endangerment of the public - without any democratic scrutiny.

When will our grubby little councillors speak up about our grubby little civil servants?

Or are they happy to be associated with Infratil and the Toxic Three and the deliberate poisoning of their friends and neighbours?

And when will Sandys speak up?

Time for better governance.

Time for Change.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Airport cancer, Leader Bayford

What are you doing about Manston?

It's built on the drinking water reservoir and the Toxic Three of White, Samuel and Latchford have delberately allowed repeated breaches of the 106 operating guidelines.

Here's a report at Logan airport near Boston:

"The planes literally skim the rooftops in Winthrop as they approach Logan Airport. With more than a thousand flights a day, the noise and jet fumes are part of everyday life.

George Parisano has seen the planes come and go for 40 years. He's always wondered why so many neighbors get sick.

"I really do," Parisano said. "Personally, I have had cancer. My neighbors up and down the street, a lot of them have cancer. "


Cancer, Leader Bayford "the closer to the airport the more of it" according to the report.

The streets under the flightpath have 4x the EU safe levels of toxic emissions.

4x the limit.

But that's no surprise. What did you expect with 747 pollution at rooftop height?

That's why there's the 106. The surprise is it's repeatedly breached.

Noose and air monitors removed.

Mobile monitors not deployed in the towns.

Failure to provide sound proofing.

All detailed in the 106.

No council vote or public permission has been given.

What will you do?

Will you close the aiport?

Suspend cargo flights?

Request a Police investigation into the Toxic Three?

Issue fines to Infratil for the cleanup?

What will you do?

Here's some easier points if preventing cancer is too difficult:

* open all council meetings to press and public
* ban "on the pink" secret/censored information - if any councillor or whistleblower civil servant wants to forward any "on the pink" info I'll blog it here
* reinstigate webcams
* remove Latchford from the Cabinet - no glory positions for poisoning the public
* investigate the 0% fraud

This 1970's council has failed to protect or improve the area Leader Bayford, you have a chance to begin to reverse the stagnation and failure.

What will you do?