Thursday, 22 July 2010

0% corruption Messrs Samuel and White

Why are Richard Samuel and Brian White still working for TDC?

As importantly why do we have only silence from our councillors, MP’s and civil servants?

Messrs White and Samuel along with Roger Latchford were members and leaders of KIACC the organisation representing the public at Manston and deliberately and repeatedly lied over noise and air monitoring.

Infratil removed the noise and air monitors as part of TDC and KCC plans to expand the airport from 2006.

Both KCC and TDC repeatedly denied plans to expand the airport.

And Messrs White and Samuel repeatedly refused to explain the missing monitoring.

Even this time last year the Toxic Three were raising the issue of night flights and suddenly finding £80k to “consult” with the public. Public complaints and the fake consultation rolls away to be tried another day.

And then Messrs White and Samuel have the gall to give themselves 0% fraudulent payrises. Announcing to the public no payrises but awarding themselves thousands of pounds.

Deliberate lies to the public and deliberate fraud of public funds.

Still no explanation on the missing Tram Shelter insurance money or the Disabled grants switched into office repairs for our civil servants.

No expanation yet on the Pleasurama tax haven and Swiss bank accounts.

A culture of deceit and secrecy whereby they’re happy to poison and mislead the public and even now remain silent on Thor mercury and the toxin levels.

Silence from Gale and Sandys - are our MP’s happy to take half a million pounds of public funds in salaries and expenses and stay silent on blatant public corruption and cancer rates.

Here’s a link to “The Cove” film
showing a local town council and officials in Tiaiji in Japan covering up not just the slaughter of dolphins. But repackaging dolphin meat as whale meat – with high levels of mercury.

The Japanese public were horrified to learn they were eating dolphin meat and by default allowing the slaughter of dolphins.

The government official of course repeatedly denied it all until shown video. And then found out he had mercury poisoning himself.

The government-to-government organisation on whaling shows 1,000 whales killed. But not the 23,000 dolphins killed. And then Japan buying off small and non-whaling nations such as St Kitts to repeal the ban.

Bizarrely they’ve funded the support of Laos for whaling. A landlocked nation.

Why was Thor mercury in Margate banned in 1988 – but remained open. And Roger Gale quoted as “nothing to worry about” and “excellent management of the airport”. All complete nonsense.

Thor may still be operating. Will Roger open the site to cameras?

And then blaming the public for Thanet’s shoddy water supplies – for pouring paint down the sink.

And still the planes fly over the town and onto the water supply under the runway.

All banned under the 106 and regulated by the Toxic Three.

We seem to be funding liars and fools on the rates. Such liars and fools that the only way they think they can get a payrise is by defrauding the public.

Why are we employing the Toxic Three again? To poison us? To steal from us? Selling off public land and permits for unnecessary housing? Selling off greenbelt and gardens and sportsfields rather than brownfield land?

And now mere Buggins turn with Bob Bayford.

Surely the Leader should take the lead:

• sack the Toxic Three: no pensions, no payoffs, no public sector jobs
• repay the stolen 0% fraud funds
• establish Margate Town Council to end the ludicrous miniMargateism of switching funds between towns: we have councillors that can’t govern a District
• refund the Disabled grants and Tram Shelter funds
• end the bloat of councillors and civil servants simply funding themselves for failure
• continue public web broadcasts of council meetings without editing and censoring – as Parliament has done for 20 years
• end “on the pink” censored information and barring the public and press from meetings
• publish the 0% before and after payslips and expenses – it might even be a higher payrise if Messrs White and Samuel are simply cross-signing each others expenses
• publish air and noise and water and light pollution records – signed off by the Police and NHS
• publish coroner and NHS records to begin mercury and aviation fuel bloodtest screenings

Why do we fund these fools and knaves?

And still the planers fly - drenching the public in aviation fuel and landing on the drinking water supply.

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