Friday, 9 July 2010

Manston mess Leader Bayford

Let's not ask why there is no KIACC the public commitee for Manston any more. Not why Manston would only want to reinstigate it once flights had reached a certain level. Cheaper that way. Vested interests involved then.

And no awkward questions on cancer. Until it's too late.

Let's not ask why Richard "Tricky Dicky" Samuel quickly resigned as Chair of KIACC at the time of the monitors being removed.

Let's not ask why Brian Whitewash and Latchford gave no reasons not to provide monitors - except barefaced lies.

And now we have the cull of Infratil's managers: one empty bullshotter after another leaves Manston.

Just as Infratil leaves Lubeck Germany and Infratil itself becomes a bus company.

So why have our scum civil servants and scoundrel politicians such as the Toxic Three of Latchford, Samuel and White allowed repeated overflights of the towns and onto the water supply?

Silence from Gale and Sandys.

All in breach of the 106 airport operating guidelines.

And emission levels over 4x EU levels.

And more importantly why have they remained silent?

Defending their Party? Defending the Civil service? Defending their pensions?

What will you do Leader Bayford?

Continue town overflights and continued pollution or the risk of a crash?

Land flights on the drinking water with the risk of a crash and contaminating the water supply?

Or close the airport?

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