Saturday, 24 July 2010

The cancer of Manston

A video below on airport pollution and protests in USA.

Toxic fumes.

Lung cancer.

All the things you’d expect.

Yet there we have a councillor speaking out about the toxic effects: illness, early death and so on:

"We'd like to see the jets be banned now. The toxicity from those jets with no buffer zone is literally killing our folks in this area. It is a huge, huge health issue," said L.A. City Councilman Bill Rosendahl.

Yet at Manston silence.

Clearly an airport produces pollution.

That’s why TDC and Manston have produced the 106 operating guidelines: noise monitors, air monitors, mobile monitors for the town centre, flight zones away from the towns, night flight bans and so on.

So why have these been removed?

Noise monitors removed by TDC and Infratil in 2006.

Banned flights eg Antonovs: too dangerous for European airspace
Mobile monitors never provide for the town centres.

Air monitors sited at the rural end of the runway.

Regular and repeated overflights of the town centres.

Yet none of these breaches of the 1067 have ever been debated or agreed by the council.

Rather what’s happened is the Toxic There of Samuel, White and Latchford have deliberately and repeatedly over several years downgraded and removed the safety measures and encouraged Infratil not to replace them - but to increase flights.

Noise monitors removed form Clarendon school.

Removed from a tower block.

Documents released under the FOI refer to “political decisions to direct flights to different ends of the runway” – essentially switching the flights as complaints and the danger arose. And then removing monitors.

From the fake consultation for EUJet in 2005 suddenly allowing flights without a 6 month consultation to just last year and attempts to removed the benzene monitor and introduce night flights again without a consultation the Toxic Three of Samuel, White and Latchford have done their best to ignore the very real dangers to the public.

Lung cancer.



Rare and unusual cancers.

And only silence form 56 councillors.

Silence from Gale and Sandys.

Silence now from Paul Carter and the Parkway railway station.

Bruce-Lockhart of KCC resigns.

Gilroy of KCC resigns.

Ladyman ousted.

Ezekiel resigns.

Yet the Toxic Three remain.

Presumably they can pass the buck to junior staff, to KCC or to the Airport Committee.

Yet they were the members of KIACC as well as the Cabinet and Executive heads at TDC.

It’s not that they didn’t know they refused to act.

Last year’s consultation on night flights was announced in August to trigger a consultation within 6 months. Quickly this was fudged and changed by TDC due to public anger and protests.

So for a year planes have continued to breach all the regulations.

Flights and fines simply being ignored and non-existent and downgraded monitoring taking place.

KIACC simply dropped.

Looks like political and civil service face-saving taking priority over public health.

And still the planes fly over the towns.

And land on the drinking water supply.

And then Samuel and White vote themselves fraudulent 0% payrises – presumably on the basis that that’s they only way they can get them through.

We seem to have the deliberate and repeated corporate manslaughter of the public through inaction.

Surely these fools should be sacked: no pensions, no payoffs, repay their fake payrises with fines, no public sector jobs and face criminal charges.

What will the TDC staff be thinking as they breathe the pollution?

The silence of councillors can be expected?

The silence of MP’s can be expected?

This is how the civil service behaves?

What will the public expect: an airport developing by removing safety controls?

And the real danger of lung cancer?

Where are the NHS statistics on cancers by East Kent NHS?

Where are the monitor reports and flight logs?

Tracy Emin calls for a Government Inquiry into Margate - and shouldn't this include Manston?

All because Messrs Latchford, White and Samuel thought they’d ignore their own safety guidelines.

When will we hear from Gale and Sandys?

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