Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What now for Messrs Samuel and White?

The collapse of Manston means they carry the can for failure.

A payrise.

A new jobtitle.

A pension increase.

A nod and a wink.

But where is the criminal investigation into removing noise and air monitors?

Removed from Clarendon school and a tower block. And never replaced.

Mobile monitors specified and repeatedly requested by KIACC. But never provided.

The only question is did they decide to do it themselves or did the politicians request them to do it and keep quiet.

Can they expect a further lavish payoff and pensions from the taxpayer - to keep their silence.

Certainly with the council-approved 106 detailing all the health and safety requirements at Manston – but almost none of them implemented for year after year – and no council approval to remove them it looks as though the full responsibility is theirs.

And silence on Thor mercury and Richboro - what exactly are the pollution levels?

Or will our silent councillors speak up on their behalf?

Who did authorise the removal of monitors and why were they not replaced. Year after year.

Why have they not called a review committee into civil servant performance and the missing monitors at Manston?

Why have the Police not taken statements?

Obviously removing the safety measures at an airport slated for expansion is a serious matter: cancer, shortened lives and so on.

Our councillors must have known.

And our MP’s.

Why the silence?

When will Gale and Sandys speak up?

Politicians can be delisted or recalled with 10% of the vote - but why the silence?

The public doesn’t fund elected officials with houses and salaries and pensions and holidays and expenses to remain silent.

When will we have a public statement.

Are the public really expected to sicken and die while funding our public representatives to remain silent?

We seem to have ongoing corruption with fake 0% payrises and tax haven contracts at Pleasurama.

And do we now have a new Deputy Chief Executive at TDC with a further increase in salary? How silly.

And only dumb silence.

Or do we have mere fools and knaves running the council and handling public funds?

To provide dereliction, cancer and stagnation.

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