Wednesday, 14 July 2010


A letter today in Your Thanet (P.14) on the water problems at Manston:

Dear Editor

Something seems to have gone seriously wrong with Thanet’s water supply.

Already the aquifer at Manston is topped up with water from East Kent.

We have Thanet Earth’s greenhouses-on-farmland now trucking in thousands of litres of water to replenish their “lagoons” of Thanet’s aquifer.

The Manston Fire Station is lighting 1,009 fires to put out with Thanet’s water and pouring thousands of litres of chemical foam into the sewers.

And Manston airport is built over the underground drinking water reservoir and repeatedly polluting both that and Pegwell Bay.

The needs of thousands of residents seem held hostage to a few organisations and many of them funded from public funds.

Are our pensioner-politicians asleep or simply happy to pollute both themselves, their families and their grandchildren?

Or are they simply incompetent with no control over the civil servants?

Tim Garbutt, Ramsgate

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