Sunday, 4 July 2010

Jail time for the Toxic Three

It does make you wonder how feeble our civil service and Police are.

Here we have 2 senior civil servants awarding themselves fake 0% pay rises – if that’s not a fraudulent misuse of public funds I’m not sure what is. And quite deliberate and designed to camouflage the real c.10% payrises from the public and councillors.

More importantly we have Infratil specifically regulated with the 106 airport guidelines not to fly over the towns, not to breach operating curfews and not to dump derelict aircraft.

Yet all these are repeatedly and blatantly flouted.

And not one council vote has been taken to waive these requirements for public health and safety.

But you know and I know that our councillors and senior civil servants have with a nod and a wink decided not to enforce the 106.

The fools even thought they'd develop a 24 hour cargo airport - and using public funds.

Even to the extent of removing the noise monitors that are required.

Aside from our scoundrel civil servants what kind of grubby little councillors have we allowed to supervise public funds and actions?

With the airport built on the water supply and over 1,000 practice fires and 92,000 litres of chemical foam each year (a thousand litres for every man woman and child in Thanet - or 3 litres a day per person!) from the Fire Station - we have the stench of blatant corruption, incompetence and deliberate endangerment of the public.

From 2005 and the fake EUJet consultation that began after the planes flew.

2006 and the removal of monitors.

2007 the failed KCC USA flights and banned aircraft breaching EU airspace.

2008 and 2009 the last attempts to hustle through night flights.

Silence from Gale.

Silence from Sandys.

Silence from KCC Cabinet.

Silence from 56 District councillors.

Silence from 8 County Councillors

Silence from dozens of Town Councillors.

All of them drinking the water and breathing the air that they’ve allowed to be polluted – in breach of all the required regulations.

We seem to have a cosy cover-up between the Toxic Three of Latchford, White and Samuel – all of them senior members of the KIACC airport public body.

All of them in charge at TDC.

And all of them not only removed monitors but refused to replace them. And by their silence seem to think they’ll continue not to provide an explanation.

No council vote.

No public petition.

Merely a dozen jobs at the airport and ludicrous claims for more – but only if the safety measures are fudged and downgraded.

Nothing to remove or downgrade the airport safety measures. And then they pay themselves fake 0% payrises.

We seem to have the criminals in the council offices.

The planes continue to fly and pollute at low levels - one of the highest instances of causing cancer eg emissions are now over 4x the EU limit.

Our civil servants and politicians seem to be scrambling to save face and whitewash but not to protect the public.

Unfortunately for them that’s illegal.

Carrying a jail sentence.

It’s not using your mobile in the car.

Or dropping litter.

Or parking on double yellow lines.

It’s deliberate fraud of public funds and false statements.

And deliberate endangerment of the public - without any democratic scrutiny.

When will our grubby little councillors speak up about our grubby little civil servants?

Or are they happy to be associated with Infratil and the Toxic Three and the deliberate poisoning of their friends and neighbours?

And when will Sandys speak up?

Time for better governance.

Time for Change.

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