Thursday, 1 July 2010

Airport cancer, Leader Bayford

What are you doing about Manston?

It's built on the drinking water reservoir and the Toxic Three of White, Samuel and Latchford have delberately allowed repeated breaches of the 106 operating guidelines.

Here's a report at Logan airport near Boston:

"The planes literally skim the rooftops in Winthrop as they approach Logan Airport. With more than a thousand flights a day, the noise and jet fumes are part of everyday life.

George Parisano has seen the planes come and go for 40 years. He's always wondered why so many neighbors get sick.

"I really do," Parisano said. "Personally, I have had cancer. My neighbors up and down the street, a lot of them have cancer. "

Cancer, Leader Bayford "the closer to the airport the more of it" according to the report.

The streets under the flightpath have 4x the EU safe levels of toxic emissions.

4x the limit.

But that's no surprise. What did you expect with 747 pollution at rooftop height?

That's why there's the 106. The surprise is it's repeatedly breached.

Noose and air monitors removed.

Mobile monitors not deployed in the towns.

Failure to provide sound proofing.

All detailed in the 106.

No council vote or public permission has been given.

What will you do?

Will you close the aiport?

Suspend cargo flights?

Request a Police investigation into the Toxic Three?

Issue fines to Infratil for the cleanup?

What will you do?

Here's some easier points if preventing cancer is too difficult:

* open all council meetings to press and public
* ban "on the pink" secret/censored information - if any councillor or whistleblower civil servant wants to forward any "on the pink" info I'll blog it here
* reinstigate webcams
* remove Latchford from the Cabinet - no glory positions for poisoning the public
* investigate the 0% fraud

This 1970's council has failed to protect or improve the area Leader Bayford, you have a chance to begin to reverse the stagnation and failure.

What will you do?

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