Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Who lost Kent?

Who lost Kent?

10 out of 12 Districts economically failing.

Swale some of the worst obesity in UK.

Third World mortality rates across Kent.

Failure of Manston airport – banned aircraft, on water supply and illegal overflights.

Infratil and KCC and TDC corporate manslaughter removing monitors.

Infection deaths from dirty hospitals.

Cared for children sex-trafficked or missing.

KCC investing public funds in tobacco, guns and booze.

2,000 jobs lost at Pfizer the largest US inward investment in Europe.

Margate most derelict UK High Street.

Millions of pounds of civil service payoffs for failure and 0% salary fraud.

Falling election turnout and political party membership and co-opted seats

Tax haven construction corruption.

Dreamland a top 10 UK tourist attraction derelict for 5 years.

Turner Centre fake visitor numbers and hidden tax subsidy.

Westwood Cross destroying town centres.

Slum town planning by supermarket and developer infill and decay.

Votes at 16 delayed for a tyranny of pensioners.

One party county state: same political party in power with 90% of seats for 70 years.

Kent citizens extradited or held in foreign jails.

Thanet some of the worst governance in UK.

Medway a failed slum-city political vanity project.

The Medway and Stour - the top two most polluted UK rivers.

Shipping berthed off Blue Flag beaches and SS Richard Montgomery

Thor mercury factory banned but remains open.

Asbestos in schools.

Kent’s schools and universities slipping down education league tables.

Dungeness nuclear reactor built on flood-plain.

9,000 empty homes – a Kent ghost town.

A 42% of GDP public sector economy: an expanding public sector crowding out the private sector with private sector funds.

Zero activity for once-in-a-generation Olympics on Kent’s doorstep.

Zero Climate Change activity.

Zero FOI of civil service costs.

Year Zero. Ground Zero.

$2Bn in tax and Treasury paper.

1.3M people.

England’s largest county.

Who lost Kent?

Time for Change

Garbutt calls for:

1. Toxic Three of Carter, King and Wild to go
2. Recall of Gale and Sandys
3. Extradite Infratil Directors for trial
4. Full monthly FOI of all civil service and back office costs: salaries, pensions, expenses - http://www.kentonline.co.uk/kentonline/news/2012/march/20/kcc_managers_2m_fraud.aspx
5. Direct rule from Westminster on substandard councils
6. P45 performance committees
7. Realign KCC pension fund on ethical standards: no tobacco, guns, booze, non-Kent property investments
8. Police investigation into schtum payoffs, Infratil and 0% salary fraud
9. Votes at 16 and electoral reform
10. Reopen Dreamland in 2012 and demolish Arlington House
11. Solar farms, One House Two solar panels policy and desalination plant
12. Olympics legacy activity detailed
13. Thor mercury contamination published
14. Pfizer-Viiv focus on Third World medicines growth markets
15. Directly elected NHS, education and councils
16. P45 reform of Environment Agency, Southern Water and Coastguard
17. Nuclear-free Kent: close Dungeness earlier than 2018, and Gravelines, with solar incentives from EDF
18. A tablet PC for every schoolchild
19. Plant 1.3M trees
20. Every council and school to adopt UN Millennium Development Goals

Who lost Kent?

Time for Change

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Manston to close. Buchanan facing jail.

With Infratil walking away from Manston it will close in the next few weeks.

With more tourism activity required, the tourism offices should be reopened providing extra jobs.

Clearly Charles Buchanan must be concerned about a Police investigation into the missing monitors, and a Fire Brigade investigation as to why there is no fire cover after 5pm or weekends.

I doubt the extradited NZ Directors will be funding his legal costs after he’s sacked - or even be allowed to visit him in Pentonville.

Manston can’t be sold: who would buy a failed airport on the aquifer? And the pollution liability?

As Mayor I will introduce a Public Health Order to close the airport - if it’s still open, and remove the buildings and runway, and protect the water supply within a Water Protection Zone.

The only question now is have Infratil been invoiced by TDC and paid the several million pounds fines for illegal overflights and banned aircraft – and the estimated cost of the pollution cleanup and cancer charges?

With Infratil declaring millions of pounds worth of profits there’s no reason not to pay.

We seem to have had KCC and TDC letting Infratil pollute as they like and expecting the public to pay the cleanup cost as well as the cancer cost.


Richboro gone and the site should be considered as a solar farm but within the Planning context of the rest of the Sandwich corridor. Excellent work by Downfast and they should be considering demolishing Arlington House once people have been rehoused, and clearing the derelict Hoverport and Pleasurama.

Another Summer lost at both Pleasurama and Dreamland. And the tourist season begun with not one public toilet opened yet. Which seaside towns board up their public toilets and close their beach huts?


As Mayor I will ask the public to pay the town’s $20M council tax direct to RTC to then pay KCC and the Treasury. We seem to have had the bizarre situation of funding one of Britain’s worst councils to then fund KCC to then not fund the area that provided the tax.

Or at best provide a $5k pittance to each KCC councillor from a $2Bn KCC budget.

While the Toxic Three of Carter, Wild and King remain unelected and unaccountable outside of West Kent.

Apart from New Road and Cancer what have they done?

Where is the FOI of all civil service costs after 5 years? It takes minutes to publish the payroll and costs each month on the website.

Where are the Climate Change policies and solar farms?

Where are the economic policies and Pfizer-Viiv?

Where are votes at 16?

Where are the tablet PC’s for every schoolchild?

Where are the asbestos removal policies?

Why housebuilding with at least 9,000 empty houses in Kent – a town the size of Broadstairs?

Why ships berthed off the Blue Flag beaches rather than in ports funded from the rates?

Why are KCC pensions funding tobacco, booze and guns and out-of-Kent investments?

Why is Thor mercury still open?

We’ve created a Third World Kent of geriatric councillors and civil servants run by the real KCC Cabinet of Jacobs, Balfour, Beatty and Carillion where every problem looks like a construction glory project.

And the cancer-victim public pay for ill-health and shoddy services as the public sector ride the decline down.

Time for the Toxic Three to go.

Time for Gale and Sandys to go.

Time for McGonigal and Button and Sproates to go.

Time for Pearce at the Environment Agency to go.

No votes in poisoning your own public.

No tax jobs for poisoning your own public.

The shame of a nation.

Time for Change: 5th May 2012

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Laura Sandys to risk visiting Thor mercury

Why ever not?

A mercury factory – one of the most toxic substances on Earth – banned in 1988 but remaining open.

The Environment agency supervising cleanup - by not doing anything.

And a fire – as Thor decided to expand the site.

Rather than sending in guinea pig coppers or a firecrew as the oil drums of mercury explode in another fire - why hasn’t Sandys visited it?

It’s just next to Airfix and the BandQ.

And the water table underneath probably runs downhill into Margate or Broadstairs.

A one quid bus ride. Claim it on expenses.

Roger Gale says it’s safe.

Silence on the rates from Cancer Bob.

Silence on the rates from Cancer Clive.

Silence on the rates from Sue McGonigal.

Silence on the rates from all 56 of our councillors at TDC and KCC.

Silence on the rates from the Toxic Three at KCC: Carter, King and Wild.

Sandys is just another parachute candidate plopped into a random constituency to raise her hand when the Party tells her to.

Looks like Daddy was an MP so she wants to be an MP and it's easy to get the nomination as Tory royalty – as long as it’s mere handraising and not doing very much.

Well, it's 2 years after the election.

What has she done?

Manston never mentioned in Parliament.

Thor never mentioned in Parliament.

Pegwell and Tivoli Brook never mentioned in Parliament.

No mention of the 0% fraudsters and shtum payments or ChinaGate.

Why doesn’t Sandys visit Thor?

At least release the contamination documents.

The Environment Agency says its safe – remember “paint down the sink” from Andrew Pearce?

Roger Gale says its safe.

Why doesn’t Sandys check it out?

Time for Change.

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rare diseases and Kent cancer victims

Rare Diseases Day yesterday: unusual diseases affecting upto 4M people in UK but in relatively small numbers for each disease making it more difficult of rhte pharma industry to fund research and cures.


Along with Glaxo/Viiv these kinds of research would be ideal for Pfizer.

Of course nothing has been done.

And silence on Thor.

Silence on Tivoli Brook.

Your tax and vote is designed at worst to fund bureaucrat and political coverup to safeguard their own salaries, pensions and careers.

How many illegal overflights of the towns even now by Infratil?

How many banned night flights even now?

How much unclaimed fines even now?

A council for cancer victims.

Polluting their own relatives and friends and neighbours. On the rates.

Time for Change.