Thursday, 1 March 2012

Rare diseases and Kent cancer victims

Rare Diseases Day yesterday: unusual diseases affecting upto 4M people in UK but in relatively small numbers for each disease making it more difficult of rhte pharma industry to fund research and cures.

Along with Glaxo/Viiv these kinds of research would be ideal for Pfizer.

Of course nothing has been done.

And silence on Thor.

Silence on Tivoli Brook.

Your tax and vote is designed at worst to fund bureaucrat and political coverup to safeguard their own salaries, pensions and careers.

How many illegal overflights of the towns even now by Infratil?

How many banned night flights even now?

How much unclaimed fines even now?

A council for cancer victims.

Polluting their own relatives and friends and neighbours. On the rates.

Time for Change.

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