Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Laura Sandys to risk visiting Thor mercury

Why ever not?

A mercury factory – one of the most toxic substances on Earth – banned in 1988 but remaining open.

The Environment agency supervising cleanup - by not doing anything.

And a fire – as Thor decided to expand the site.

Rather than sending in guinea pig coppers or a firecrew as the oil drums of mercury explode in another fire - why hasn’t Sandys visited it?

It’s just next to Airfix and the BandQ.

And the water table underneath probably runs downhill into Margate or Broadstairs.

A one quid bus ride. Claim it on expenses.

Roger Gale says it’s safe.

Silence on the rates from Cancer Bob.

Silence on the rates from Cancer Clive.

Silence on the rates from Sue McGonigal.

Silence on the rates from all 56 of our councillors at TDC and KCC.

Silence on the rates from the Toxic Three at KCC: Carter, King and Wild.

Sandys is just another parachute candidate plopped into a random constituency to raise her hand when the Party tells her to.

Looks like Daddy was an MP so she wants to be an MP and it's easy to get the nomination as Tory royalty – as long as it’s mere handraising and not doing very much.

Well, it's 2 years after the election.

What has she done?

Manston never mentioned in Parliament.

Thor never mentioned in Parliament.

Pegwell and Tivoli Brook never mentioned in Parliament.

No mention of the 0% fraudsters and shtum payments or ChinaGate.

Why doesn’t Sandys visit Thor?

At least release the contamination documents.

The Environment Agency says its safe – remember “paint down the sink” from Andrew Pearce?

Roger Gale says its safe.

Why doesn’t Sandys check it out?

Time for Change.

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