Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Manston to close. Buchanan facing jail.

With Infratil walking away from Manston it will close in the next few weeks.

With more tourism activity required, the tourism offices should be reopened providing extra jobs.

Clearly Charles Buchanan must be concerned about a Police investigation into the missing monitors, and a Fire Brigade investigation as to why there is no fire cover after 5pm or weekends.

I doubt the extradited NZ Directors will be funding his legal costs after he’s sacked - or even be allowed to visit him in Pentonville.

Manston can’t be sold: who would buy a failed airport on the aquifer? And the pollution liability?

As Mayor I will introduce a Public Health Order to close the airport - if it’s still open, and remove the buildings and runway, and protect the water supply within a Water Protection Zone.

The only question now is have Infratil been invoiced by TDC and paid the several million pounds fines for illegal overflights and banned aircraft – and the estimated cost of the pollution cleanup and cancer charges?

With Infratil declaring millions of pounds worth of profits there’s no reason not to pay.

We seem to have had KCC and TDC letting Infratil pollute as they like and expecting the public to pay the cleanup cost as well as the cancer cost.


Richboro gone and the site should be considered as a solar farm but within the Planning context of the rest of the Sandwich corridor. Excellent work by Downfast and they should be considering demolishing Arlington House once people have been rehoused, and clearing the derelict Hoverport and Pleasurama.

Another Summer lost at both Pleasurama and Dreamland. And the tourist season begun with not one public toilet opened yet. Which seaside towns board up their public toilets and close their beach huts?


As Mayor I will ask the public to pay the town’s $20M council tax direct to RTC to then pay KCC and the Treasury. We seem to have had the bizarre situation of funding one of Britain’s worst councils to then fund KCC to then not fund the area that provided the tax.

Or at best provide a $5k pittance to each KCC councillor from a $2Bn KCC budget.

While the Toxic Three of Carter, Wild and King remain unelected and unaccountable outside of West Kent.

Apart from New Road and Cancer what have they done?

Where is the FOI of all civil service costs after 5 years? It takes minutes to publish the payroll and costs each month on the website.

Where are the Climate Change policies and solar farms?

Where are the economic policies and Pfizer-Viiv?

Where are votes at 16?

Where are the tablet PC’s for every schoolchild?

Where are the asbestos removal policies?

Why housebuilding with at least 9,000 empty houses in Kent – a town the size of Broadstairs?

Why ships berthed off the Blue Flag beaches rather than in ports funded from the rates?

Why are KCC pensions funding tobacco, booze and guns and out-of-Kent investments?

Why is Thor mercury still open?

We’ve created a Third World Kent of geriatric councillors and civil servants run by the real KCC Cabinet of Jacobs, Balfour, Beatty and Carillion where every problem looks like a construction glory project.

And the cancer-victim public pay for ill-health and shoddy services as the public sector ride the decline down.

Time for the Toxic Three to go.

Time for Gale and Sandys to go.

Time for McGonigal and Button and Sproates to go.

Time for Pearce at the Environment Agency to go.

No votes in poisoning your own public.

No tax jobs for poisoning your own public.

The shame of a nation.

Time for Change: 5th May 2012

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