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Garbutt for Police Commissioner 5th May 2016

Tim Garbutt has announced his candidacy and manifesto to replace Ann Barnes as Police and Crime Commissioner of Kent in the 5th May 2016 PCC election.

Tim said:
“Clearly after 15 years of Ann Barnes as PCC and the appalling laughing-stock Channel 4 documentary, Kent needs a change. But the main political parties provide no basis for such change: LibDems and Greens are unable so far to even bother to field candidates.

While Labour have only just announced another party robot for the Buggins Turn politics that infects Kent. And neither Leaky Borders Bolton of UKIP with his Midas Touch in Reverse for frontiers, nor the Invisible Tory robot have been heard of before or since announcing their candidacy way back in November.
Or there’s weirdo candidates such as Fergus Wilson calling for fines for immigrants…when such fines already exist… and likening them to cattle shows how far Kent has fallen.

While the bizarre English Democrats are attempting to out-racist UKIP with a fear of Sikhs in turbans on motorbikes that can hardly be Kent’s biggest concern given the collapse of the Medway slum cities and Golden Triangle of heroin and gunrunning from Ostend airport etc.

In effect this will be the first democratic election for the Police Commissioner role where the public can select the candidates and manifestos they want. Not the silence and machine politics manoeuvring of the past.

While the collapse of Ramsgate with the end of UKIP’s only council but mired in corruption again, and marauding teen thugs through the town centre highlights the need for effective policing.

And the all-clear of Ting Tong Janice for election fraud- despite her colleague being filmed on camera, so much for CCTV(!) and expelled from UKIP - by Kent Police is a disgrace as is the Channel 4 revelations of repeated election expenses overspend by the Tory candidates in Kent and other elections.

If the police are keeping their heads down to preserve their positions then something equally pernicious is occurring with the PCC office in effect infiltrated by the police to become less a champion of the public and more just another police department.

The bureaucratic costs and job titles are of course even more absurd.

While dirty hospitals and broken sewers are corporate manslaughter crimes - also self-selected as beyond their remit - of the police who are struggling to solve only 10% of burglaries and 17% of rapes in Kent.
For £300M per year and 6,000 front and back office cops and clerks we deserve better.

We need reform.”

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.
Time for Change
Garbutt Independent Green for PCC May 2016

Garbutt Manifesto for PCC2016:

1. Abolish £5,000 candidate PCC election fee: since when was a free and fair British election somehow to be paid for by the candidates themselves so as to govern themselves? The perfect way to restrict candidates to just the same failed main parties
2. Rape Nation reform: 70,000 rapes in UK and Kent Police only solving 17% on their patch is a disgrace: 3 new rape centres needed
3. Cancel 37 extra gun cops to refocus on rape and car deaths: 49 traffic deaths per year and increasing or 630 OAP Winter deaths are the real threat
4. Police investigation into Infratil (Fitzgerald and Clark now of Wellington Airport – Asia’s most dangerous?)and KCC/TDC corporate manslaughter by Toxic Three and Gang of Four and Button/Berry/Sproates removing pollution monitors: 4x EU safe levels – deliberately contaminating the public
5. Police investigation into Thor mercury corporate manslaughter Brockovitch-style scandal by Environment Agency: deliberately allowing increased pollution at a banned factory(!) that poisoned its workers yet remains open
6. Merger of Kent and Surrey and Sussex Police: 43 is far too many police forces and bloat/duplication
7. Reform of Kent/Essex Serious Crime squad after Goldfinger gunshot wound supposedly a heart attack etc
8. Review of Kent and Essex Meiji procurement: excessive uniforms and 2,200 cars etc
9. Frontline Kent: drug den raid every day and drug arrest/hauls published each month for review
10. Review Kent/Essex police boats and Margate ships and SS Richard Montgomery explosives ship
11. Review of PCC staffing and costs: £1.5M for c.15 staff and c.£150k for office manager and finance director? That’s a lot of Cupasoups on the rates. And the CEO paid more than the actual Police Commissioner is absurd bloat and waste
12. Develop PCSO PhD career training with Kent University –paramedic, Polish, Romanian and Dutch language skills etc
13. End live animal exports from Kent ports – a barbaric trade eased through by the police
14. PCC Crime role: review of courts, barristers/lawyers, bailiffs/private detectives, prisons and CPS eg jury trial and closed courts info – police too weak on policing public sector crimes
15. Police inquiry into GlickGate High Court fraud including One Essex Court, BSB and judges, lawyers and barristers systemic theft
16. Kent council corruption review: Pleasurama BVI tax haven and Dreamland and 100SE Rd overbuild/garden grabbing etc
17. Review of Saudi MOD arms corruption and extend Deepcut new inquiry to other deaths ie Benton suicide by being shot 5 times in the chest
18. Town Centre reform: minimum policing patrols: foot and car and longevity specified for each of Kent’s c.30 towns eg illegal parking, night safety, working CCTV etc
19. Climate Change: all Kent Police buildings to switch to solar and phase-out cars to electric and end fossil fuel pension investments plus Kent/SME contract emphasis
20. Review of salaries and pensions, payoffs and working practices
21. Knife amnesty: machete ban not being enforced also crossbows, serrated daggers and hi-powered air rifles openly on sale
22. Backoffice reform: 101 merger with councils and 112 details etc
23. UN Police detachment of at least 10 cops each year and Benelux/Costa del Crime-Captura strategies beyond Spain and Joshua French Death Row Congo
24. Police helicopter review with Air Ambulance and Coastguard need/use, and publish guns and ammo and firearms training details
25. Review zero drink drive and 20mph limits
26. Instigate quarterly pandemic training and vaccine supplies: TB, Flu etc and blood and organ supplies
27. Reform BAME targets: only 50% achieved ie 3% BAME police compared to 7% of Kent population, and reduce taser use from 240 per year

Stop the Pollution. Stop the Corruption. Stop the Construction.
Time for Change
Garbutt Independent Green for PCC May 2016

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