Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Oh No it’s Essex Police…and UKIP corruption…and Lord Lucan and Carter eaten by lions?

Essex police seem to be trying to outdo TDC in being featured in Private Eye. This week they’re cited for covering up the murder (denied since 2002) of Lee Balkwell it seems he was concussed with a stun gun(!) then crushed by a cement mixer(!) on a farm linked to guns and drugs.

Deny, deny, forensic evidence destroyed, deny, delay and then last October some 13 years later Essex Police quietly settled out of court agreeing on incompetence but denying corruption.

Although one of the retired policemen then confirmed he was part of a corrupt circle of cops working with David Hunt described in High Court as an organised crime lord.

All this hard on the heels last year too of the Same Essex Serious Crime Squad confusing the Goldfinger gangster murder of a shotgun wound to the chest…as a heart attack.

Worth remembering the Essex Police serious crime dept is jointly organised with Kent Police…

And this week TingTong Janice the UKIP MEP for South East cleared by Kent Police of fraud…despite her assistant being filmed faking invoices during the party conference. Presumably the assistant was jailed…or not. Perfectly normal. Not illegal at all. Especially for a British election. Silly me. Silly you.

See the police CCTV point below too.

Again surprising and Janice, to be fair to UKIP, was booted out of the party…but continues to vote in Brussels and joined with various far-right groups such as Marie Le Pen to access more EU funding.
A separate point, I understand the Kent and Essex Police 2,200 cars mentioned below for Meiji Kent procurement reform, applies only to squad cars not transit vans etc etc. Surely car parking is a major issue with such a volume of cars?

Not a good start to the year for the police with the Battle of Dover of far right and far left demonstrations descending into football match hooliganism, while the Met Police – perhaps Britain’s most corrupt police force with their infamous wipe-clean notebooks - seem to have taken over the Kent investigation of Eastenders Sian Blake murder (the alleged murderer was even called Simpson-Kent for goodness’ sake) and surprising to see Kent Police now angling for extra ANPR car reg plate CCTV cameras.

Why? A camera on every street corner? And a helicopter? The Eurocopdrone again? A dozen of them?

You only have to stand on the White Cliffs of Margate and Blue Flag beaches to see the Coastguard failure – with an empty new building and new cars idle - of dozens of ships open berthed rather than in port. Perfect to discharge waste onto the beaches or crash ashore.

Increasing c.130 cameras with an extra 30 or so – yet only one crime a day is solved or tracked by such cameras. Where is the scrutiny? And why are ANPR cameras needed on top of £2M body cameras?

You may remember before Xmas the bizarre calls to fund 30 more guncops in Kent for terrorism on top of the 80 that exist, plus firearms training for other cops.

Getting a few of Essex Crime Squad to surrender might be a better use of police guns.

And now the KP crime statistics revealed with only 17% of rapes solved(!) and only 10% of burglaries solved(!).
£300M a year seems to buy about 10% or so of crimes solved.

Maybe the budget should be £3BN on that basis – unlikely given limit of 1.99% on budgets before a referendum? Or maybe the budget is enough if not too much wasted and more P45’s and paycuts and pension reforms are actually what’s required?

Perhaps emptying the BackOffice of clerks and lawyers too: a ratio of 1:1 ie a clerk for every cop on the beat. Even the most fat-fingered cop doesn’t need their own personal secretary to write up that there’s not much crime and what there is not solved.

While the Kent taxpayer has been bounced back on £500M of Operation Stack police costs supposedly agreed to be funded from central government. Rather unfair on Kent Police especially as one reason cited was their 10% reserves of c.£30M which is hardly excessive compared to many councils’ funds for failures.

Tax is almost as certain as death (unless you’re Google) so why councils sit on anything more than 5% or so baffles me. It should be being spent on the public that fund it.

Granny Barnes and Leaky Borders Bolton and the Invisible Tory Robot PCCers are proving very expensive and weak over police scrutiny.

I’ve made no decision yet but am thinking of standing for Kent PCC. Although I find it outrageous free and fair UK elections seem to require a £5K fee. Why?

And at the other end of the crime spectrum Private Eye reports the SEETEC quango runs Kent, Surrey and Sussex probation services…and is one of two in UK Special Measures for incompetence.
And Essex Police (partly funded by the Kent taxpayer) don’t even know when known gangsters or crime scenes are shotgun blasted or someone stun-gunned.

And Kent Police are twiddling their pretty uniform buttons while thinking of excuses not to investigate the council corruption around Pleasurama the BVI tax haven – one of 16(!) UK-Caribbean tax havens.

And of course we have the shoegazing of our cops worried about investigating the Manston drug flights and Infratil monitors or Ostend airport gunrunning or presumably Lydd.

To the police’s credit they recently made 35 arrests at once(!) for drugs, guns and semtex in East Kent – but no wonder if the jumbo cocaine planes of Manston and Ostend are flying in to Frontline Kent and the Golden Triangle of Benelux every night.

While electoral policing is unbelievably feeble: Kent Police simply ignoring calls to act over the Lib Dem candidate serving civil servant which is specifically illegal.

While LocalCraigMP now has an election won with double the amount of funding allowed by claiming Tory campaigner billeted at Ramsgate Harbour Hotel in the election were centrally funded…errr that’s the point… and unbelievably he’s both MP and Magistrate, what an utter conflict of interest.

And where is Pau Carter? His lameduck reign at KCC continues to the point of invisibility before the elections next year.

Particularly unpleasant KCC racism cropping up with c.600 migrant children supposedly making KCC burst at the seams. Yet KCC has 900 vulnerable children…and another 900 from the rest of UK in Kent. Usually KCC cite the latter as an intolerable burden – can’t they get their racist facts right and how come this twaddle goes in unchallenged for a £2BN organisation with its awful cuts of a percentage point or two? As ridiculous as the 30M Romanians (the whole population) that were supposed to arrive a few years ago.

Remember, no economic plan for Kent or East Kent specifically exists now.


Ground Zero. Year Zero.

While KCC Social Services was effectively disbanded for allowing more kiddyfiddling than a Catholic choirboys awayday to the Top of the Pops studio in 1974.

Aunty Babs Cooper in the Economic Dept seems to be snoozing in her Shackleton high chair if not given up and refusing to venture outside the County Hall Old Folks Home – certainly Grow For It has failed: nothing updated in a year for economic growth hub or something or other. Everything has failed. And East Kent has actually fallen down the UK poverty and mortality leagues.

No wonder with more heroin than an Afghan opium den washing over our streets and the hospitals actually making you sick.

Has Carter done a Lord Lucan and been eaten by Aspinall’s tigers at Kent safari park?
Certainly the pensioners of County Hall look to have him muzzled over Thor mercury and Manston contamination, if not thrown to the lions, before May 2017.

Certainly there’s no action on the Three Lion Cubs of Benelux for East Kent.

Time for Change

• Thank you for the comments on Meiji Kent procurement with Heineken and Panasonic etc – everyone pushing in the same direction for the East Kent economy
• My UK-ASEAN hispeed rail article to follow
• Cameron EU reforms: feeble twaddle seems the fairest overview. Not one of them would prevent migrants from the collapse of Syria or Iraq. And supposedly reclaiming sovereignty already exists and the new variant strangely requires a majority of other national parliaments. Nothing on reforming the massive waste and costs of the EU – a police example with Europol simply duplicating Interpol and announcing a new terrorism centre of clerks – that already exists. Or the NATO HQ of £300M for an office for military clerks to trip over reach other as USA removes its tanks and planes from Europe – as does Britain
• Being in the EU makes lots of political and economic sense – as well as Defence and Climate Change – but not without deeper reform than these empty gestures and delicate wording amounting to nothing. As twaddley as calling for an EU Coastguard – in addition to the existing national ones? Or the existing ones with an extra pretty badge and more clerks pretending they’re doing something – at least 30 more migrants drowned? Where are the Italian, Greek and Spanish and French and Turkish navies and coastguards? Even the UK and USA navy if needed?
• Private Eye also cites Judge Mann one of those involved in the GlickGate barrister and lawyer fraud – no doubt keen for an appearance in the Kent Police panto of Pinocchio..oh yes he is!
• Medway hospital back into Special Measures(!) along with East Kent and the Finance Director sacked with £1M debts per day according to BBCTV
• Medway schools not in Special Measures despite the worst primary schools in UK(!)
• Zika pandemic even worse than I thought: utter WHO incompetence as now it seems it can be spread by sexual contact not just mosquitos – how prepared are Kent hospitals or KCC Public Health. Don’t ask. 630 extra dead Kent pensioners because it’s Winter and a bit cold. And road deaths going the wrong way too no doubt because it can be a bit icy out. KCC saying wrap up warm isn’t realty valuable advice on the rates
• Ridiculous RNLI bloat building a lifeboat station on Margate beach and beach volleyball court (no Winter sports events?) – exactly what was said wouldn’t happen after the Turner was built on the RNLI station site…
• UK to merge DEFRA and UKTI food and drink units to push Great British Food and Drink – why haven’t Produced in Kent gotten onto this to carve out the Garden of England’s fair share? I seem to remember food and drink was Kent’s second or third largest business/employer after tourism
• Kent Oriental Restaurant Association and Two Little Birds coming soon
• The jack Straw FOI review rejects almost every point put to it on tightening up FOI – rather we should have autoFOI of salaries and cars etc – TDC to be fair now issue it all although strangely KCC and KentFire are proving obstructive and vexatious in random refusals. The British Disease of Secrecy – if not Public Sector Amateurism
• Silence on the National Grid weird Nemolink and separate Shard aerial: more later on 100 Se Rd gardengrabbing: RTC picking up the investigation into why what they approved isn’t happening…looks like TDC Planning Dept are out of control. This stuff is basic

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