Wednesday, 9 September 2009

cleaner green safer thanet - 1,750 deaths later

The new East Kent EKSLP strategy is circulating for TDC Cabinet approval and seems very sensible. It does largely tie-in with the new TDC “Cleaner, Safer, Greener Thanet” strategy.

I’ve never seen so much activity from MacMillan cancer support in the area. Plus a Ramsgate cancer victim on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square: seems lots of hi-profile activity to reduce the early death rate.

TDC have conjured up a figure of c.1,750 deaths but I’m not quite sure what that relates to. To put that in context that’s nearly all the UK deaths from traffic accidents each year. But just in Thanet.

I don’t understand why the coroners reports aren’t issued and perhaps linked to Google maps: the death rate around asbestos factories was highlighted by the same addresses coming up again and again in the coroners reports. When the factories were closed, hey presto, the death rate fell.

I’ve had some nonsense on Thor mercury and Richboro and other contaminated land sites from TDC: apparently there isn’t a contaminated land strategy.


Apparently there's a "Petroleum Officer" at KCC. Handy. Drinking it? Tipping it in the water supply? Getting it oput of hte water supply? Who knows.

Some councillors seem unsure about pollution on the flight path from an airport: it isn’t on the flight path – it’s around the flight path as the wind blows the pollution around the area.

Probably from Thanet upto Canterbury and Herne Bay, over to Margate and down to Deal would be the “pollution box”. Maybe over to the Belgian coast. Obviously more concentrated nearer the airport as landing and takeoff (effectively revving away in first gear) produces the most pollution and at the lowest level.

That’s why the noise and air monitors record the pollution so that when it exceeds dangerous levels and more people start dying then either flights are cut to an acceptable death rate.

Or you remove the monitors or fake the data so that the readings aren’t as obviously dangerous. A bit like clocking a car mileometer.

Still no update on:

# 6 dumped jumbo jets on the water supply
# Infratil and the polluted water around the runway and permits to pollute
# Thor mercury toxin reports: near the Nash Road housing estates
# Richboro site pollutants and any run-off into the sea

Nearly 750 TDC staff and 56 councillors should be able to advise at some point. They’re drinking and breathing and swimming in the stuff too.

And their kids.

Their grand-kids.

Their wives.

Their husbands.

Their sisters.

Their brothers.

Their auntie.

Their uncle.

Your kids.

Your grand-kids.

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