Sunday, 27 September 2009

Manston cancer survey

Well, not a proper survey a bit of a partial one from Steve Ladyman and local Labour councillors - and the latest flight reports from Infratil.

Key points from Infratil and TDC's latest report are:

#50% of flights over towns ie breaching safe flight routes
#No air monitoring
#No community fund payments
#2 flights taking off during the night hours – plus others landing
#Noise levels c.84-89 decibels: into the danger zone - as you'd expect from low-level planes

And in the Ladyman airport postal survey:

# no mention of lung cancer
# no mention of runway on water supply
# no mention of existing water pollution eg Pegwell: one of UK’s dirtiest rivers
# no mention of removal of noise and air monitors

You can’t develop an airport by removing the safety measures can you?

It seems you can.

Labour urging low-paid jobs, Tories urging big business investment, civil servants fudging the safety data and enforcement to keep their jobs.

Hey presto everybody's happy.

Until the pollution levels start rising.

The doctors surgeries and hospitals filling up.

The early deaths.

But we already have those don't we:

# airport on the runway - doh!
# airport draining into the roads and into the Bay and seas - doh!
# 11 year early death rate in Thanet compared to the rest of Kent - doh!
# and all of this going on for years - doh!

What have our councillors and civil servants been doing?

When did they know of the problems?

Where are the Cabinet reports and minutes?

Where are the pollution reports and contaminated land surveys?

They don't know.

They're hoping the public will agree to a compromise. Maybe some flights. Maybe some fines. A chance to back away and save some face. Maybe flights for a few more years.

Maybe small planes? A bit of cancer?

Take the pension. Salary and allowances for a few more years.

Don't mention Thor. Nor Richboro. Nor the Gasworks. Tivili Brook? Rainfall, fertiliser or some other problem that's nothing to do with us.

There's also a mention in Gazette of £175k payment from Vattenfall to TDC – but this is the world’s largest windfarm – looks like the councillors and civil servants have been turned over again.

Why not free electricity for all 30k homes?

The Gang of Four of Messrs Latchford, White, Samuel and Ezekiel will be lucky to stay out of jail at this rate. Never mind their faked 0% pay rises from the cosy club of councillors and civil servants.

The only documents not released on FOI and EIR by councillor and civil servants are...the civil servants payroll.

And no pollution reports from the water supply and Pegwell nor the air traffic control flight logs.

There's a surprise.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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