Saturday, 20 June 2009

Killer Kent: mercury poisoning and aviation fuel

A bizarre set of notes from the Environment Agency. They’ve now confirmed under EIR that they have presented to TDC last month on Thor and Infratil and so on.

Except their documents never mention either of them.

What they have presented is a general update on the dangers of polluting your own water supply. You don’t say.

Thanet’s supply is so polluted it’s pumped in from West Kent.

While as the chalk allows cracks and fissures to the water table which sits only 1-40M under the soil it’s very susceptible to spills and leaks from pollutant sources.

Like an airport – which sits right over the water supply – and a mercury factory: banned in Kent and Africa.

For killing the local population and workers and polluting the water supply.

Yet the EA refuse to release the toxic reports on how cleanup is progressing.

Either they’re very slow at searching their filing cabinet or there aren’t any reports.

With Thor supervising its own cleanup for the EA - have a guess.

In fact the EA offered to “walk me through” their information in a meeting but couldn’t email the information they hold.

Sounds like a flannel job that our MP’s believed – or say they believe - on the public spilling paint in the water supply – but definitely not a Cargo airport, ChinaGateway or Sericol or Infratil.

Nor a chemical fire at Thor.

The only question now is what have our sheep-councillors and P45 civil servants been doing?

And why are our MP’s not releasing the EA information? Isn’t Westminster for Thanet?

Perhaps the greatest improvement to Thanet politicians and civil servants is the recall: as with the formation of RTC but slightly different, a petition of 10% of electors can remove a politician for laziness or stupidity or empty politicking and rule-booking as seems to be Thanet’s lot.

No wonder the area has some of the worst deprivation in Western Europe.

Perfect for a cargo airport, mercury factory and industrial solvent plant. Plus a car-wrecking factory, a derelict power station.

And Planning to kill off its citizens by concentrating all the nasty stuff in one place.

The Pensioner-politicians go first: touring mercury factories can’t be good for the health at their age nor drinking aviation-water to prove it’s safe.

You can’t boil mercury out of the water: it builds in the body tissues of fish and humans.

Pensioners go first then young children or the ill as the toxins take effect.

If you’d like the EA toxin reports ask Paul under “Your Right to Know: EIR”:

Has anyone seen the contaminated land register of toxin factories, petrol stations with buried fuel pipes or stores, asbestos sites? Ask Brian:

Filed next to the noise monitor reports?

Is it pointless asking the politicians and civil servants we employ?

It’s good for them to delay matters: more pensions and salaries before dismissal. Good for politicians too: 4 or 5 years before the next election.

Certainly tar and feathers is not ideal to increase the pace, nor hundreds of citizens waving bricks rather than placards.

And MP’s expenses and Fred the Shred means salaries, pensions and costs can be repaid.

Yet we can always find new politicians and civil servants if these ones can’t be bothered.

TDC is in the bottom 10% of the UK’s 440 councils after all: bumf and flannel doesn’t improve an area it merely records the decline.

But let’s ask them: “where are the toxin reports on the sites you control? How polluted is the soil and water and air? When is the fastest it can be cleaned up? What other dangerous sites are there? How much are we paying you?”

Thor closed in 1988 but was then kept open by the EA and councillors and MP’s

I’ve received the Deal Town Council corruption report: the usual petty shenanigans of bickering and childishness – yet TDC’s audit dept who produced the report sought an exemption under FOI and then under EIR.

Strange given the EIR Public Interest Test ie is it in the public interest to withold information from the public?

Bizarre as we pay them to do this stuff on our behalf.

And in Killer Kent there are clearly major problems with Planning and the Environment and Toxic Thanet is the result.

Isn’t it fraud to declare 0% public pay rises that are actually £25,000 increases?

Is KCC or TDC liable?

No wonder the water’s polluted and the museums closed: for £15M salaries out of the TDC £20M budget we’re funding a council to fund itself.

70% of council tax goes to KCC’s £2B budget and 30,000 staff: we seem to be funding the public sector quite literally at the expense of the private sector.

And the public sector is incapable of producing anything other than bumf – so the only jobs are cancer jobs outside of Maidstone.

Or reports: Margate: 2M visitors now zero.

Or signposting: pass the parcel to other quangos and government departments.

# Sack the Gang of Four – no pensions, no payoffs: are we really still paying for Samuel and White – and giving them payrises for failure? Our politicians are mere empty cheerleaders as the civil servants run rings round them.

# Close Manston: jail Infratil’s Board

# Clean-up Thor this year: seal the site with Police

# Remove asbestos from Richboro and schools

# Political reform: “recall” for councillors and MP’s

# Civil service reform: scores on the doors by dept, bank account reserves, investments: 100% of funding transparent for councils, quangos and national depts. – release the payroll Excel

And where are TDC councillors costs and expenses in Killer Kent?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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