Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Matt Clarke of Infratil to speak at Manston?


At Rotorua aerodrome most of the councillors never complained.

Jobs. Sheep farming. Tourists. Jobs. Night flights. Sometimes.

Not any pollution. No. None at all. Well, some, but jobs.

I'll let Paul Carter answer that.

Look at the shiny plane!

Oh. Drinking water supply. Under the runway. And all round the airport

And I'm drinking it too?

I'll let Paul Carter answer that.

And Thor mercury?! In the water! We only removed the noise monitors with the council.

We only polluted some of the drinking water. It wasn't me.

Deaths? Cancer? I don't know.

I've this letter from the Environment Agency since 2005: water. pollution. danger.

I'll let Paul Carter answer that.

Dumped jumbo jets - a few. I think they look nice rusting in the sun.

Can we fix another meeting?

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