Thursday, 11 June 2009

New Ramsgate Town Council: change or more of the same?

The first meeting of Ramsgate Town Council sounds positive to begin changes and improvements to Ramsgate.

I thought I’d jot down some of the key points to be discussed:

# New Mayor/Chair: the largest number of public votes – or a show of hands by the public - seems as good a system as any – the days of the political parties self-selecting should be gone

# regular monthly public meetings and minutes – transparency and accountability

# councillor roles/manifestos

# recall/dismissal of councillors and civil servants for poor performance

# rebates/reduction of council tax for poor performance

# Police/Ambulance/Fire/Coastguard updates and elections

# Thor mercury: how poisoned is the water, copies of toxin reports and what’s the cleanup schedule

# Sericol chemicals in the water: same

# Infratil chemicals in the water/sea: same

# Infratil Manston 106: update on breaches, fines, monitors etc – presumably KIACC will be held at Town Council meetings

# TDC/KCC funding for RTC

# Contaminated land: update on the missing register

# Museum reopening: confirmed dates

# Derelict buildings and Listed buildings: update

# Pleasurama: contract updates and details of SFP Ventures

# ChinaGateway/CGP: details of party donations and approval process

# Harbour dredging: update and regular schedule

# Councillor expenses and civil servant staffing levels and cost by dept: monthly costs/expenses update

# street sweeping and drain cleaning schedules/rota

# public toilets cleaning/repairs schedule

# missing Tram Shelter insurance money update

It’s almost like a series of basic repairs to a town isn’t it?

Clearly our councillors, civil servants and MP’s have done little except watch the towns fall down or burn down.

Can they reverse the trend? What have we been paying council tax for?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Change.

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