Saturday, 27 June 2009

Poisoned water. Say it ain't so Leader Carter. Say it ain't so.

Here’s the EA pollution report to TDC just last month (!).

Most polluted water supply in Kent and South East: beware of pesticides etc such as: Atazine, Simazine and Diuron.

Check garden sheds, farm supply, shops, council industrial spray sites.

Do not use them.

They cause cancer and pollute the water supply.

Do not use them.

The chemicals again are: Atrazine, Simazine and Diuron.

The water supply is only 1M - 40M below the soil: 2-3 spade depths to little more than an on-end swimming pool depth.

As you can see from the slides showing the aquifer the reason Thanet’s towns are built in a thin strip around the coast - is that the rural land to the West of the towns is the aquifer: an underground water reservoir.

Building on these fields or “nibbling” at them, or siting the most polluting infrastructures (a cargo airport and fuel and stores and petrol stations) increases the risk of polluting the water from spills or general seepage.

But also, building prevents and reduces rainfall soaking into the land - and replenishing and cleaning the underground water reservoir.

This is exactly what our civil servants and councillors have been doing though. Hence the most polluted water supply in Kent.

The South East of England has less water available per head than Syria. The EA presentation shows 77% of that water in East Kent comes from underground supplies.

These are polluted: ask Harvey to visit Thor:

Do not use dangerous insecticides, pesticides or herbicides. Alert TDC of the danger of fuel spills, oil spills etc. Check if action has been taken within the service standard of 3 days.

Copy your email to:

Do not dump oil, paint or asbestos. If these are dumped – they need removing the same day or next day.

The presentation also refers to hydrocarbon inputs: this is civil service flannel for petrol stations, fuel tanks, oil stores etc.

The EA presentation bizarrely does not mention Thor, nor Richboro, nor Infratil nor Sericol - dumping mercury, aviation fuel, dumped jumbo jets and chemicals into the soil, water supply and sea.

There is no mention of outputs.

These would be lung cancer, throat cancer, genetic birth defects, damaged internal organs, internal bleeding and early death or lives spent in hospitals and GP surgeries.

These outputs are not good.

Except for the NHS and Undertakers: lots of jobs there.

Here’s what the Cato Ridge workers at Thor mercury said after it “closed but not closed” at Margate:

Ask your councillor their view on the Thor pollution, Infratil, pollution, Sericol pollution and Richboro site: why are these not mentioned in the TDC reports to KIACC, TDC reports to Council and council questions?

How fast and thorough is the cleanup? Decades more of “pilot schemes” or recording the decline and failure.

Ask your councillor for a – full and accurate - weekly report on Thor, Infratil and Sericol – where are the toxin reports?

If the civil servants can’t do it – which they can’t – and they can’t issue the paperwork to the private sector – which they haven’t or won’t - to take charge then the public should take control of the sites and civil service pay.

These toxin reports plus full water and air quality records need posting on the home page of TDC and KCC websites, GP surgeries, libraries, hospitals, beaches and rivers.

These need monitoring at every council meeting.
Are our councillors attempting to create a cargo airport on the quiet without enforcing the necessary controls for public safety?

Of course.

We have cheerleaders rather than reformers of the council.

A cancer job and cancer life for everyone who wants one.

Remember, the airport noise monitors were removed by Infratil and TDC. They have never been fully replaced and mobile noise monitors have never been provided.
This is not accidental. This is deliberate.

No noise monitors means no noise data. Means no problem in increasing flights.

An airport company and a council do not remove monitors for a few hundred quid and fail to replace them by accident.

The Board of Infratil do not request removal - by accident.

KCC when notified by MP’s and MEP’s do not replace the monitors - by accident.

Geoff Wild the public’s County lawyer and his 86 KCC lawyers do not refuse to remove dumped jumbo jets - by accident.

Civil service and political careers are locked into failure.

The TDC civil servants are running rings round the councillors and public.

Fake consultations over Xmas and short notice. Unscientific public opinion surveys. Misleading and downright false public statements and briefings. Political decisions to switch flights over the different towns as the complaints rise.

Perfect for expanding flights over the towns of East Kent.

And polluting all the water.

Say it ain’t so Leader Carter.

Say it ain’t so.

But more importantly tell us what you will do.

Do you not have the monitoring records for Thor, Infratil, Richboro and Sericol?

Can you get them?

Is it impossible?

Time to close Manston.

Time to protect the water.

Time for Change.

Failed. Failed. Failed.

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