Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Time for 10% recall of politicians and civil servants

Poisoned water and a cargo airport without any controls.

Bloated salaries and featherbedding for the liars and cheats that pass for some of our civil servants and councillors.

Some of the worst deprivation in Western Europe - and the worst council in Kent and Britain.

A disastrous council.

End the incompetence.

End the corruption, lies and delays.

A failed council.

No wonder nobody votes any more except by their feet: 30% turnout and 3,000 empty and derelict properties.

Do we have another 2 years of failure from the Gang of Four?

Sack ‘em. No payoffs. No pensions. Sack ‘em.

Removing noise monitors from an airport.

Refusing to provide mobile noise monitors in the towns.

Shredding complaints forms.

Wasting public funds on fraudulent 0% but 25% pay rises

Poisoned drinking water.

Time for a 10% recall vote and vote of no confidence for councillors and civil servants.

Time to publish all salaries, expenses and costs by department: if it's good enough for MP's and the Royal Family - where are TDC's costs, and the quangos?

Time for citizen webcams and mobile phone footage from the council chambers and meetings if webcams are impossible.

Time for Elected Police, NHS, Fire and Civl Service officials.

Time to close Manston and remove the dumped jumbo jets from the water supply before Infratil go bust and leave.

Time to publish the Thor toxin reports - if any have been done.

Jobs for life or jobs for four years or jobs for pensions are over: Thanet should lead the way and reform the incompetence and failure that we've accepted as one of Britain's bottom 10% councils.

What has been going on at TDC and KCC and our MP’s and quangos?

Failed. Failed. Failed.

Time for Recall.

Time for Change

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