Monday, 30 January 2012

Airport cancer and air pollution: BBC South East tonight

The Inside Out programme by BBCTV on air pollution at airports:

In particular the health of airport workers jeopardised by fine pollution particles from jet engines.

Copenhagen Airport has 3x the air pollution than central Copenhagen’s busiest roads.

Heathrow and Gatwick refused to comment.

With Manston and Infratil already recorded at 4x the EU safety levels and removed air and noise monitors, the question now is when will the Police investigate this corprate manslaughter?

Why are the Police dragging their feet on raiding Infratil’s offices and arresting Buchanan? Every day simply causes more pollution requiring cleanup.

Cargolux - the last flights into Manston - remains silent on fines and why they are allowed to breach the overflight paths.

Similarly only silence from TDC on Thor mercury – surely Gale and Sandys should have a site visit as soon as possible with the Environment Agency and TDC.

The former specified how both sites posed no danger and how well-run the airport was.

Complete cobblers from beginning to end.

Let’s see them earn their MP salary and visit both Thor and Manston and view the pollution sites and figures.

No doubt these empty rosettes would rather be prepared to jeopardise any policeman or fireman who turns up to another fire and find barrels of mercury exploding all over them.

Or the toxic discharge leaving its legacy in their blood and bone for future generations.

Time to close Manston and Thor.

Time for a Police investigation into how the public have been endangered.

Time to jail Buchanan and extradite the Infratil Directors to face trial as Kent's Most Wanted criminals.

Time for Recall, Party deselection and P45's for our useless politicians and civil servants playing with the public's lives on the rates.

Time for Change.

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