Monday, 12 May 2014

Corruption Kent in Freefall:

Another TDC Council Leader resigns as Clive Hart goes amid the Local Government Association report on a toxic council both dysfunctional and corrupt.

Silence on mystery negotiations for a huge housing estate.

Secret elections and council meetings and meetings without minutes.

McGonigal the CEO and 0% fraudster Cllr Moores cling on for a vote of no confidence.

The worst of us.

Sandys resigns but Gale MP silent after the debacle of Manston and recruiting Tony Freudmann of Wiggins/EUjet to handle the Gloag sale.

Silence from the Toxic Three at KCC of Carter, Wil and King after millions of tax funds down the drain and the missing monitors scandal with Infratil and Buchanan.

Southern Water described as having "a persistent record of criminality" by the Court of Appeal.

Environment Agency's Andrew Pearce and Hannah Barber refusing EIR pollution reports on Thor mercury. Ask yourself:

The civil servants keeping their head down and taking the paycheck.

Only ashes left.

East Kent left an economic wasteland after the Dreamland and Pleasurama and Port and Manston and Discovery Park housing farce.

Ground Zero.

Year Zero.

The shame of a nation.

Details on the new Garbutt MP website: with PDF downloads of the manifesto.

Almost all my first manifesto now complete except for closure of toxic Thor mercury, toxic MOD Fire station, toxic asbestos in schools, Van Gogh museum and Arlington House demolition.

Cancel Albion House and Beach Resort.

Time for Meiji Kent reforms with Kent University and CCU and language schools.

Time for Pavilion and East Kent Film Office and studio - and Dreamland.

Time for Margate Town Council and East Kent council.

Time for Change

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