Friday, 27 March 2015

Ramsgate Town Council collapses

The final nail in the coffin for the wrinklies and doublehatters on Ramsgate Town Council as The Gazette newspaper reports that not one member of the public turned up to the required town meeting.

Not one.

I couldn't be bothered. You couldn't be bothered. Quite right too.

In previous years there was always a large turnout of about 100 people although often the councillors wouldn't attend.

And now not one person in a town of c.40,000.

Because the pensioners have nothing to say except excuses. Even trying to ban questions on TDC and KCC given most of them are doublehatters in those organisations, and RTC is funded by TDC to c.£350k and both TDC and KCC have some responsibilities in the RTC area.

Desperate coverup and whitewash.


Even now there are no council nomination papers on the RTC or TDC websites.


As RTC Mayor I will:

1. Instigate Direct Mayor elections at RTC and KCC: Carter must go before the 2017 KCC election
2. Publish all FOI costs etc each month: we seem to have 4 clerks now to do nothing on the rates - never mind the Macgonigal payoff costs or missing monitors fines
3. Cancel Ramsgate council tax payments to TDC and KCC: your c.£17M tax will be paid to RTC and we'll then decide how it's spent and what KCC and TDC should receive
4. Publish all air and water and soil pollution eg Thor and Manston dumped jets
5. Instigate Infratil arrest warrants for corporate manslaughter and NZ trade boycott in Kent and Police inquiries into Manston and Thor and Southern Water failures

We have empty party cardigans on the councils content to ride the decline down, and lazy and scared cops hiding behind their pensions rather than making arrests in our corrupt and useless councils.

Time for Change

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