Thursday, 5 March 2015

Time for Kent’s Orchid Spring. Bandstand of Shame pledges: Saturdays 2pm.

No Springtime for Hitler and Farage now, with UKKKIP fading in the polls amidst racists and old Tories prattling on about the EU and Negroes.

And even u-turning on deportations and even a cap on immigration.

Farage stands for nothing. A tuppenny racist scared to be racist. A Cityboy currency-twiddler prattling about the pound and Romanians.

And nothing in years from KCC UKKKIP and Little Corporal Latchford resigning then popping up again.

The Gang of Four have gone. Richboro power station and war crimes Total and Manston have gone.

Let 1,000 flowers bloom across Broken Kent.

Time for Kent’s Orchid Spring.

But we’ve only 30 minutes to talk on The Bandstand of Shame and many of you will have contaminated children or grandparents you need to tend to.

So I thought we could maybe sign some pledges on the Bandstand of Shame?

Here’s a few:
• We want Infratil arrests

• We want Carter and the Toxic Three at KCC out

• We want a Clearout of the East Kent toxic sludge of Latchford and Everitt and Campbell and wasn’t Farage saying the NF wouldn’t be allowed so why is Heale the Chair of Thanet UKKKIP?

• We want Garbutt to have the Pavillion for $1 not Wetherspoons with their Eileen Richford fake consultation for a megaboozer and ignoring the Grade 1 Listed damage

• We don’t want secret documents or Cllr Driver sued in Court – and we will all pay extra tax to cover his costs if needs be as long as the Judge is sacked

• We want lawyer permits to use our Courts – with proper scrutiny of cases and sentences and the return of jury trial and no closed courts

• We want store permits for tobacco and plain packs and fewer brands stocked

• We want Toni’s newsagents to stop having his radio blaring out into the street – play it inside why don’t you?

• No shops selling tramp lager in the High Street or clogging up the benches and no more jacking up heroin in the High Street or smoking crack in the library toilets

• We will buy up the machetes from Trade Station but can the police refund us for doing their job for them from their £300M budget - and 1.99% increase just under the amount required to trigger a referendum as with KCC jiggery-pokery too

• We want KCC from its £2BN budget to open libraries and street lights and fund Kent beyond Carterville and the Cement Group of the Kent Bleus: Blue Communists of ever more public funds and centralisation in gridlock Maidstone

• We want Climate Change policies like solar farms, orchards and trees and electric cars. Because of Climate Change. Climate Change.

• We are concerned about crap barristers and bent barristers like Lord Grabiner and Glick QC and Hollingworth at One Essex Court and their colleagues and clerks and High Court

• We want routine FOI and no parachute candidates and no doublehatter councillors

• We want zero tax haven policies for Kent public sector funds

• We want Tim on the Visit Kent and KCC International Group Boards to make sure east Kent gets its fair whack of tourism and export trade not just Carterville cronies

• We want open investigations into LIBOR fiddling, Sangcom MOD/Saudi guns-for-bungs
corruption, Deepcut barracks murder-suicides, Joshua French rotting in the Congo and a street named after the Hero of the Soviet Union Magnitsky – although technically it’s just Russia now

• We are concerned about Thor and Southern Water and the Environment Agency poisoning us – especially Matthew Wright who seems a slimy so-and-so stiffing us for compensation after 10 tons of shit on the Blue Flag beaches. And Tim says Myanmar British Council are rubbish too despite us funding them

• We want council oversight and permits for undercover cops and bailiffs and 1:1 frontline cops to backoffice staff seems far too high and should be nearer 5:1 possibly with backoffice mergers with 101 council services although this shouldn’t affect the 999 Cup fixtures or 112 number and website for global emergencies and Learmonth’s Learjet as no UK citizen should be stranded abroad

• We are disgusted at asbestos still in schools after over 30 years – and a 99% literacy rate for a reading age of 8 at 16 - and if we are to be contaminated through civil service idleness and coverup then it should only be by Thor or Southern Water

• We want reform of the CAA as they are probably the UK’s worst department – remember banned IranAir and KAM Afghan Air crashing – and Buchanan at Lydd jailed or banned from aviation

• We want Dreamland open and linked with Tim’s East Kent Film Office and Paramount to stimulate the Kent economy and Discovery park needs looking at again in terms of its science role and Gloag’s $1 purchase from those scoundrels Infratil and a Stagecoach review

• We want steps to a Free Economy: beginning with zero VAT, £50 capped rail fares, free tuition fees again, no BBC licence fee, no hospital parking charges, no rent deposits over 1 month, 10% capped interest rates as in Germany, Wonga banned and £1 prescriptions, military expenditure under the 2% EU cap and less losing of wars, review of public sector air and rail travel, Living Wage and Living Pension and a reduction in 44% of GDP in tax

* We want Thor and Manston Fire closed and dumped jets removed and Arlington demolished.

* We want food sugar, salt and fat and packaging reforms.

* We want live animal exports banned.

• We want Cambodia’s £30M in aid reinstated: it’s not very much especially with the new increase to £12BN 0.7% aid

• We want Kent’s universities and schools improved with compulsory European and Asian languages in primary school and language schools and CCU Broadstairs as a Tourism College not Beckham Studies

• We are concerned at Dungeness radiation and shipping air pollution and nuclear waste dumping in the Channel and the SS Richard Montgomery sunken explosives ship. What have the Bomb Squad been doing for 70 years? And we’d like more Air Ambulances through sensible organisation with Bristow and the cops and RNLI

* We want a Tourism Industry focus and Science industry and research for Discovery Park not relocation of existing businesses - and new industries such as Robotics and RFID Farming and even a Space elevator. Something a bit better than HM Prison Town Margate.

• Why is there still malaria when a net costs $3? Or HIV when condoms and vaccines are a few cents? And it is £12BN just in UK aid now? Should Tesco or Argos manage the aid budget?

• Tim says Barnes at PCC is just a rubberstamp for the cops so we want new elections and as with UKIP that C4 documentary just made Kent look like idiots, which we must be paying £2Bn in tax to have 2 of the worst High Streets in the UK?

* We want to know what's happening with Margate's Joshua French and Laos' Sombath?

* We are concerned about Aung San and Yingluck and want OneUKASEAN.

Public meeting: all welcome especially Negroes, Chinkies, Ting Tongs, UKKKipers, and 16 and 17 year olds wanting to give voting a dummy run.

Bring your council tax bill. We’ll pay East Kent tax in East Kent eg RTC before paying KCC in future.

Or not pay.

Bring a machete from the good folks at Trade Station who are not restocking: as MP and Mayor, and if the cops get funny about refunds, then I will refund any purchase made before 7th May from tax (please keep your receipt).

Time for a Drugs Den Raid every day.

Shall we sign this? Maybe in triplicate? Debate it for a year or three?

Bandstand of Shame: 2pm every Saturday in March derelict Eastcliff Bandstand above tax haven Pleasurama. (Bring a brolly if it’s raining, pensioners who’ve survived the winter wrap up warm, and don’t sue me if you trip over a paving stone or cut yourself on a machete please).

Time for Kent’s Orchid Spring.

Time for Change
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